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Cafe de Colombia Invitation

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Cafe de Colombia Invitation

Seedings :

#1 : Elena Bovina RUS
#2 : Alicia Molik AUS
#3 : Venus Williams USA
#4 : Tamarine Tanasugarn THA

Singles Main Draw

(1) Elena Bovina RUS vs. BYE/WC
Kirsten Flipkens BEL vs. Nathalie Dechy FRA
Marta Marrero ESP vs. Ai Sugiyama
Steffi Graf GER vs. (4) Tamarine Tanasugarn THA

(3) Venus Williams USA vs. Jelena Dokic YUG
Serena Williams USA vs. Daja Bedanova CZE
Anastasia Myskina RUS vs. Suchanan Viratprasert THA
Lindsay Davenport USA vs. (2) Alicia Molik AUS

Doubles Main Draw

(1) L.Davenport/V.Williams vs. BYE
J.Dokic/M.Marrero vs. (3) T.Tanasugarn/S.Viratprasert

(4) E.Bovina/A.Myskina vs. S.Williams/A.Sugiyama
D.Bedanova/K.Flipkens vs. (2) A.Molik/N.Dechy

Important information

#1 : Seedings is based on the ranking from 18th of August
#2 : Deadline to commit to the doubles draw is on Wednesday 8 a.m. GMT
#3 : Deadline to send points in singles (100 into three sets) is on Tuesday, 7 p.m. GMT
#4 : Deadline to send points in doubles (100 points into three sets) is on Thursday, 7 p.m. GMT GMT
#5 : Results will be done in colours :

Players from The Worst Bitches
Players from Silly Pussycats
Players from Absolute Fighters
Players from Sexy Beauties

Have fun and support your team!

Commit doubles teams (your partner can be from other groups)!
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Anyone with Flipkens 4 this tourney? :)
Serena Williams (USA) / Ai Sugiyama (JAP)

Are pairing up!
thecorrs said:
Anyone with Flipkens 4 this tourney? :)
Daja Bedanova/Kirsten Flipkens? :)
Elena Bovina and Serena Williams are a fulltime team Ai.

Or Serena do you want to play with someone else?!
I played with Serena in the last tourney! And she told me he wanted to be permanent double partners!
alextreiber03 said:
I played with Serena in the last tourney! And she told me he wanted to be permanent double partners!

:wavey: Thats fine.
anyone to play with Bovina?
Bovina said:
:wavey: Thats fine.
Thanks :D
Bovina practicing hard already

The number 1 seeded player from Russia, has had an excellent start to the season. She has made to career finals already and is clearly a player that can threaten the top 5 players in the world. Unfortunately her form recently hasn`t been to good. Elena has been making a few first round exits due to her inconsistent play when shes on the court bth in doubles and singles. "My start to the season was great, I would have liked to win a title but unfortunately it didn`t work out for me. After those 2 final losses I lacked in confidence and my game went a bit wild, but I see this tournament as a perfect oppurtunity to rake in some points and win the title."

Despite Elena Bovina having numerous first round loses in Australian Open and other current tournaments, by the looks of todays practice session it seems to me that shes back on track for success on the FLT. "My practice session today was good, I hit for 1hr doing drills then had 30min break and hit with my sister Irina for a further 1hr doing point play."

Elena Bovina has recieved a first round BYE in singles and is currently looking for a new doubles partner. "Im happy to get that bye, give me time to watch Kirsten Flipkens BEL vs. Nathalie Dechy FRA and see how they play."
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Sugiyama to Make Singles Debut

On Tuesday August 26th 2003 the "up-and-coming" star Ai Sugiyama will be making her debut in Singles at the Cafe de Colombia Invitational Tournament in Barcelona!

Ai Sugiyama commented to many reporters later today that she felt confident in her next match.

"I am really pumped! I have been training hard and thinking about my new strategy that I think will take me to the final maybe even the title! All I am going to do is go out there be positive and play my best! And if I don't win its not the end of the world because I've got doubles with Serena"

Last week Ai Sugiyama was not able to make her Singles Debut because she was hours late in sending in her application! Although there was an upside! Sugiyama was able to make her debut in doubles with Serena Williams where they lost in the first round to the No. 4 seeds Myskina and Flipkens. During the interview the question came up and Sugiyama shuddered

"That match really was bad I was not playing well at all! I had the jitters and I felt bad for Serena because I let her down I know I won't this me"

After finding out that Sugiyama was facing Marrero she commented on Marrero and how she think she'll do

"I haven't seen her around much but I know she'll be a tough player and I know I'll have to play my best to win! I think my chances are really good"

After being asked if she would win her match all she could do and say was "We'll see" and smile.

Sugiyama also stated that she wants to be the No. 1 player in the world and the No. 1 player in the Absolute Fighters

This reporter says look for this girl to make a great debut!

Chat Transcript to Be Posted soon....
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Daja Bedanova makes debut on FLT Tour

Czech and Absoulute fighter player Daja Bedanova will make her debut on the FLT tour, when the Cafe de Colombia Invitational kicks off on Monday. Bedanova will meet Serena Williams in the first round of the Singles tournement, and is playing doubles with Kirsten Flipkens.
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Tammy/Viratprasert!! :):)
Hope we can do very like we did in Yogi Bear Stockhom Chalenge.

Tammy's article coming soon.
Bedanova/Flipkens comfirmed :D
:) Tanasugarn / Viratprasert
:) Viratprasert
:hearts: Absolute Fighters

Cafe de Colombia Invitation Wednesday Schedule Of Play

Centre Court

Tamarine Tanasugarn vs. Steffi Graf
Venus Williams vs. Jelena Dokic
Marta Marrero vs. Ai Sugiyama

Court 1

Serena Williams vs. Daja Bedanova
Lindsay Davenport vs. Alicia Molik
Anastasia Myskina vs. Suchanan Viratprasert

Court 2

Nathalie Dechy vs. Kirsten Flipkens
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