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Does anyone think tennis australia pushes the young juniors too much??

Like Anabell Ellwood, Rachel Mcquillan had so much talent they were top juniors in the top ten and even Evie Dominikovic had lots of talent

But they have done nothing in their senior years

what happened to them, they were pushed too hard tennis australia gave them chances and keeped pushing them

When Hewitt was a junior he did nothing none knew him but he did get any help and went along with his won thing and made it it number one his sister has been pushed and where is she? ranked 500+

Poor Olivia Lucasewicz is just 14 the minum age you can be to play wta tornaments and she is already in her first gandslam qulifing I hope she does well but isn't she a bit young

what do you think?? will she get pushed to hard should tennis Australia back off??
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