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Oh, this actually helps provide more information to some things that can be causing these ghost conversations to appear. As a follow-up here, did you receive multiple messages from anyone or were they all from unique sources or did you get several messages from members too. Did these conversations come in while you were on the site or between login sessions?

Thanks for helping us with this.


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Users are struggling to find threads made in the last few months/years after the migration.

TF stalwarts like Jorn are being forced to bump threads from 2004....
Why is this still an issue

I can't find the right thread... so post here..

Coco vs Venus is not on CC on Monday... :eek:

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There seems to be a new bug.

  • User posts a post
  • Post disappears
  • 'New post' alert for followers is triggered, but when you open the Alerts list there isn't any event connected to the alert
  • Email notification is sent as usual and contains the disappeared post
Example #1

Two email notifications. Post from the first notification doesn't exist in the thread and triggered a ghost alert.

Example #2

1621 - 1623 of 1623 Posts