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My little match report of Hendler vs Jovanovski:

To begin with, Tammy certainly wasn't the lesser player. If tennis was no mental sport, Tammy would have won this 6-4 6-2. But since tennis is also played between the ears, Jovanovski did the better job. It's not that Tammy choked that much, but it was Jovanovski who did a great job intimidating Tammy by being more present on court on the important points.

All in all Tammy's FH cross is very consistent and she played some nice winners from both sides. Good BH DTL as well. Nice first serves that are well placed.

In the first set Tammy got a break up by good play. However at the crucial points I felt it was Jovanovski who was more agressive and was more present on the court. Like I said, Jovanovski certainly played the mental game better than Tammy. For exemple: Jovanovski stepped 1,5m in the court to receive second serve and started moving a lot while waiting for the ball, showing Tammy she was there and ready. That's something Tammy still has to learn. Instead of feeling intimidated she should have tried to be more present herself. Second set was more of the same. Tammy was up 4-0* with some great returns but started to play less aggressive while Jovanovski kept believing in her chances. Especially Tammy's serve let her down with DF's on crucial points and hardly any first serves anymore.

Wath annoyed me the most was that Tammy still has the same flaws I saw 2 years ago. I believe her BH, FH and first serve (mostly well placed, but she should work on getting it 10 km faster) have gotten better, as well as her movement. The flaws I'm talking about are her second serve (still a disaster) and her fitness/movement. Allthough she is a bit quicker around the court, she'd better lose another 5 kg's + her footwork is not the best. I would advice her to take an exemple of Bartoli who always keeps moving between points, between first and second serve, while waiting for the ball, who activates herself, who is present on court...).

What I liked most about Tammy is that she is such a lovely girl. It's like she always kept smiling during the match.
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