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Brussels 1R: (LL)Bojana Jovanovski df. (WC)Tamaryn Hendler 7-5 7-5

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Bojana hits the jackpot and takes advantage :hearts: 60 points and back in Top 100 :drool: :lick:

This could be like 1R of a $25K not 1R of a Premier :eek: :oh:
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She's in RG Q draw and hit the jackpot with Alize Lim. :lol: Tank or no tank, she got lucky.
She was lucky she lost to Falconi in the qualifying...if she beat her she would lose to Kanepi in the first round,like Falconi did and this way she is going to lose in the second with 60 points in her bag ;)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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