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Jennifer was sleeping late after that fateful match
facing the day would be so hard to bear
She was woken by the phone ringing, persistantly in Her right ear
struggling awake,She answered drowsely,"Yeah, alright uh, who's there?

"It's serena,Jen" the voice came through,sounding positive,happy and clear
Jen thought, "What does that bloody bitch want?"
but answered,"Oh hi, uh like yeah?"

Serena said ,"Come on Jen Jen, I'll treat You to brunch at that place
just down the street
You know that little cafe where they serve great food
and is quiet and dark and discreet."

Jen said "Oh I guess, You know, ah OK
give Me some time to shower and paint up My face
when finished I,ll be down right away"

Serena rushed up to Jen, and gave Her a hug
said " You're looking great, My girl!"
Jen thought " You look like the cat with the cream
and about to break into a twirl!"

They sat at a dark corner ,in the cafe
Serena said,"I'll get Your food in for You"
Jen said,"I'll have---"
Serena interrupted,"I know what You need,really, it's the least I can do"

Jen sat there waiting, still in a bit of a mood
till Serena returned with two trays holding food
shock and surpise drained the tan from Her face
when She saw the contents of the tray put in Her place
the sight of two breadsticks and water made Her pulse Quicken
made worse to see Rena's plate piled high with hash browns and chicken
Serena sipped at Her late' with cinnamon and chocolate chips
made an appreciative sigh, and gently licked Her lips

"Why did You serve Me up this crap?" Jen asked
Her temper was starting to burn
"Oh steady down", said Rena"You only get back what You earn
You were the one serving crap yesterday
and as You can see, the results are on the tray"

Jen shouted"You've got My back up,I'll beat You next time We meet!
You'll eat bread and water, and I'll have the treat!"
Serena said "We'll carry this through till December,and see Who's best
and the One who eats less, will lose this strange test

She reached across and tweaked Our Jen's tummy
said "Right now You've a case of the flabs
after eating what I serve You from now till december
You'll end up with great washboard abs!
Your own fans,They won't recognise You
as You play, really racing around
so thin then,You'll have to stand twice in one place
just to make Your shadow show on the ground!"

Jen raced up to Her hotel room and Dad
said "Let Me tell You Mister, hell will freeze over before I forgive
That Younger Williams Sister!"
Jen grabbed the phone and rang, this made old Stefano nervous
could She be calling a hitman to give Re. a whack?
no ,Jen was just ringing room service
for a massive great comfort food Serena spiting snack!


Serena blames Her finals loss on that meal
it seems She came out the worst in the deal
eating piles of fried food just to spite Capriati
made Her bloated ,heavy gutted and farty
She slurped the coffee,and spooned hash browns down
for the purpose of making old Jennifer frown
She had brief satisfaction,but it didn't take long to spoil it
as She had to spend most of Her time sitting on the toilet
Her bad guts came right, long enough to give Momo a beating
but it soon returned ,all the belching and repeating
a big price to pay for deliberate over eating
when She faced young masha across that Wimbldon net
Serena still had Her Jenrevenge stomach upset
but I think even if She'd eaten Jen's meal in that cafe
She wouldn't have beaten the young russian today!

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