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Just got in from the BOW tourney and am sunburnt from watching the tennis all day. I always appreciate hearing from others when they attend an event so wanted to give my two cents worth on the matches I saw today.

Amy Frazier (6), United States, def. Patty Schnyder (3), Switzerland, 6-3, 7-6 (4).
Amy was definately the better player - more consistent, deeper shots and more powerful too. Found some great backhand cross court angles. Patty looked very slim and attractive and looked stylish hitting her forehand but she didn't seem as if she knew where it was going. She also was determined to hit a drop shot winner despite flubbing 6 straight in the first set. She hit a dropsie winner in the second but then missed 3 more at least. Lose the drop shot Patty.
Amy is SO white in person. She almost looks as if she were dipped in talcum powder before the match- I'm serious. You'd think after playing tennis outdoors so much she 'd have somewheat of a tan but nope. Of course the visor was on the entire match.
Lindsay Davenport (2), United States, def. Mashona Washington, United States, 6-4, 3-6, 6-1.
I had never seen Mashona play before but still thought she'd lose quite easily especially after seeing Davenport play at such a high level last night. Woah!
Washington raced out to a 4-1 lead in about 20 minutes but LD came back to take the set. Mashona has GREAT groundies- accurate and powerful. Nice serve too. She is kinda on the short side and you can definately tell that her shots are like her brother Mals. Same service motion and same backhand too. Lindsay broke her early in the third set and then ran away with it there. The crowd loved Mashona and really showed their appreciation at the end with most of the crowd giving her a standing ovation. The stands were pretty full for this match despite the really high heat.
Lindsay by the way looks incredible. VERY attractive IMO and svelte. Lindsay' fastest serve was 113 mph. I read that her fastest serve in 2003 was 111. Not sure how fast she has served thus far in 2004. Mashona's serves were consistently between 100-108 and they both mixed in lower paced serves out wide, etc.
Maria Vento-Kabchi (8), Venezuela, def. Francesca Schiavone (4), Italy, 6-4, 6-1.
Maria plays a nice game- good grounies. She was getting annoyed with Schivaone's grunting and once thought that one of Francecsa's grunts was an out call and just let the ball go by her and she lost the point. She complained to the umpirde but the umpire just shrugged as if there was nothign she could do about it.
Schiavone's one handed backhand was all over the place. Vento had a high crowd support for some reason but once outside the stadium I don't think anyone knew who she was as she walked through the crowds without anyone asking for an autogrpah or anything. Her husband is kinda cute and he was there with her too.
Venus Williams (1), United States, def. Anna Smashnova-Pistolesi (5), Israel, 6-0, 6-3.
I nearly felt sorry for Smashnova here. She looked as if she were gonna start crrying at the end of the first set. Venus anhilated her 6-0 in 14 minutes! I doubt Anna got more than 10 points the first set. Venus hit a 119 mph ace at one point. The second set WAS closer and Venus even got broken once. It seemed Anna finally got over nerves or something and she made a match out of the second set. This was the first time I had ever seen Smashnova play and she has a nice one-handed backhand too.
Venus is SO tall in person- seems taller in person than on TV. She wore a tennis dress with the .."flair" bottom like Serena wore at Wimbledon and she kept on having to pull up the top part. She came to net several times in both sets and seemed to almost always get the point when she did that.
Anna's serve rarely got even close to 100 mph from what I recall.
Interesting that Venus received serve about a YARD inside the basline while Anna received Venus' serve about a yard BEHIND the baseline.
Eleni Daniilidou, Greece, and Nicole Pratt (2), Australia, def. Casey Dellaqua and Nicole Sewell, Australia, 6-3, 6-1.
The team of Dellawhatever and Sewell are challenger players from Oz and one of them is as big as a moose. I think I found the missing Marianne DeSwardt- she is inside one of these girls. Yikes!
Daniilidou is funny looking and kinda looks like a boy from a distance.
MADBOYgossip from the BOW:
Richard Williams is very nice. I talked to him a minute as he walked around the grounds. I asked for a picture and he stopped and smiled for me to take it. He was signing things left and right for kids AND adults. He smoked nearly non-stop though which is too bad. I noticed he smiled and greeted the other players on the practice courts too.
Besenova is TOO thin and wears short short shorts that are NOT appropriate for public but she didn't seem to mind.
Meilen Tu is another one who saran wrap like shorts. Perhaps she wore them so fans wouldn't notice she plays awful. ?
OK, so between day and night matches I walked to a local diner for dinner. I walked in and the host asked if I was a tennis player. I said yes but that today I was a tennis watcher. He whispered to me that they had a tennis pro IN THE RESTAURANT at that moment. HE was in back. I told him it was a women's tgournament in town and he pointed out Lindsay' Davenport's husband ! The waiter thought the big tennis pro in his place was Lindsay's husband not her. He and Lindsay were in a little diner within an hour after finishing her match with Washington with her sister and her niece and an unidentified woman and man. I asked to be sat near them and the guy put me at the next table!!!! (little did he know he placed the WTA stalker right next to Lindsay!)
I did NOT bother her- really. I did however try to eavesdrop and act nonchallant and unfortunately there was not even any talk of tennis right after Lindsay won a 3 set match. She just fits right in seemed more comfortable in a little "greasy spoon" diner than anyone. One would never know that this great tenni champion was sitting at the next table.
AFter they left the waiter showed me the receipt (I know I need help,whatever. I didn't ask he volunteered to show it to me)
Lindsay picked up the tab and gave less than a 20% tip.
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