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Boris Back with Barbara

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Birthday dream comes true - 27 November 2001

Boris Becker’s dream of rekindling his relationship with his his ex wife, Barbara, looks like it might well come true. After the German tennis star told a magazine last week that his perfect 34th birthday present would be to spend some time with his wife and children, she flew to Munich and prepared a romantic surprise birthday party for him. According to the German press, Barbara spent the night at Boris’s villa. If further proof is needed that it is serious, the following evening, the couple dined with Becker’s mother. Since their divorce 11 months ago the couple have maintained a close relationship and Boris recently confessed, ‘I still love Barbara.’ The couple have two sons, Noah, seven, and Elias, two.
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Boris isn't one of my favorite personalities but their is something to be said when both parties are willing to give their relationship a second chance. I do belive that alot of people give up on their marraiges or relationships too soon. I hope that they both are in counseling and that Boris will see and love his other son and make him a part of his family. I also really ope that Barbara isn't taking him back because of her kids. I hope she is strong and really not some weak women who feels that she can't go on with her life alone and independant. Alot of women take their men back because they have low self esteem and are scared to be by themselves. Well time will tell and Boris I hope you really do love Babsi and aren't just speaking out of the side of your neck. Only time will tell and kudos for them and their family for working things out.
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