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Bombshell: Equal prizemoney is a myth

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So a few ATP players are grumbling about women getting paid the same as the men. Newsflash: equal pay is a myth. It doesn't exist. This isn't pointed out very often, but male players are still better paid than women. Here are some stats relating to prizemoney earnings this year (as of August 20, 2012)

Highest earner

Men: Roger Federer $6,023,741
Women: Victoria Azarenka $5,095,643
Tournaments played: Roger - 15, Vika - 13
Difference: Roger has earned 18% more than Vika

Players who have earned over $1 million in singles

Men: 11 players
Women: 9 players
Difference: 22% more male players have earned $1 million in singles

Players who have earned over $1 million in total

Men: 11 players
Women: 10 players
Difference: 10% more male players have earned $1 million in total

10th highest earner

Men: John Isner $1,100,379
Women: Sam Stosur $1,057,242
Difference: Isner has earned 4% more that Sam
Tournaments played: Isner - 20, Stosur - 17

Highest earning doubles-only specialists

Men: Bryan Brothers $570,469 each
Women: Raymond/Huber $381,324 each
Rankings: Bryan Brothers - 3, Raymond/Huber - 1
Tournaments played: Bryan Brothers - 17, Raymond/Huber - 17
Difference: The Bryan brothers have earned 50% more than Raymond/Huber

Doubles-only specialists who have earned over $250,000

Men: 11 players
Women: 2 players
Difference: 450% more male doubles-only specialists have earned over $250,000

Players who have earned over $500,000 in total

Men: 38 players
Women: 27 players
Difference: 41% more male players have earned over $500,000 in total

50th highest earner

Men: Andy Roddick $420,951
Women: Sorana Cirstea $325,138
Tournaments played: Andy - 18, Sorana - 21
Difference: Andy has earned 29% more than Sorana

100th highest earner

Men: Yen-Hsun Lu $227,754
Women: Mandy Minella $164,458
Tournaments played: Lu - 19, Mandy - 23
Difference: Lu has earned 38% more than Mandy

Players who have earned over $100,000 in total

Men: 169 players
Women: 136 players
Difference: 24% more male players have earned over $100,000 in total

200th highest earner

Men: Tom Smyczek $76,993
Women: Kirsten Flipkens $39,087
Tournaments played: Smyczek - 14, Flipkens - 14
Difference: Smyczek has earned 97% more than Flipkens

I could go on but you get the picture. Every way you look at it, male tennis players earn more than female players. Can someone please tell this to male players who want to have a whinge about equal prizemoney?
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Those are interesting stats. The Int'ls just dont pay much. You can get to the quarters and only make about $7,000. Which is like 1st round for IW.

The WTA has to bump up prizemoney at Intls & Tier 2's (Premiers).

Even more important, ITF has to raise 25k, 50k, 100k to 100k, 150k, 200k
Most important qualies and early rounds at majors and mandatories are way too low. Its run by 1%ers for 1%ers
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