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Welcome to the Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players. While this is very much a work in progress, we intend to create an A to Z Encyclopedia of women who have played competitive tennis.

Finding players:

Players are listed from A to Z alphabetically by last name. Thus Daphne Akhurst will be listed alphabetically under "Akhurst".

Daphne also played under her married name of Cozens. Cozens will be redirected to look under "Akhurst".

Example of the entry for Akhurst:

AKHURST, Daphne Jessie (Australia) [22 April 1903-9 Jan 1933] [Mrs. Royston Stuckey Cozens, from 26 Feb 1930] [Active 1919-31]

Last Name, First and Middle names. (Country) [Date of Birth-Date of Death] [other identities] [Years active]

Finding more biographical details,links, and pictures:

Notice the underlined name here: AKHURST, Daphne Jessie. Clicking on the name will work as a hyperlink, and will take you to a fuller biography.

Please enjoy using this as we grow, and don't hesitate to contact us with corrections, suggestions, pictures, or new entries.

Finding names by letter:

[Aa-Al] [Am-Az]
[Bi-Bo] [Br-Bz]
[Ci-Co] [Cr-Cz]
[Da-Dn] [Do-Dq] [Dr-Dz]
[Fm-Fq] [Fr-Fz]
[Hb-He] [Hf-Hq] [Hr-Hz]
[Ka-Kh] [Ki-Kz]
[Mb-Mi] [Mj-Mz]
[Pb-Ph] [Pi-Pz]
[Rh-Ri] [Rj-Rz]
[Sb-Sf] [Sg-Sl] [Sm-Ss] [St] [Su-Sz]
[Va] [Vb-Vz]
[Wb-Wh] [Wi] [Wj-Wz]

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AAGAARD, Charlotte (Denmark) [1 Dec 1977- ] [Active 1995-2001]

AALLONEN, Anne (Finland/Hong Kong) [15 July 1967- ] [Active 1986-1992]

AALTO, Hanna-Katri (Finland) [24 May 1978- ] [Married to Keski-Filppula] [Active 1994-2000]

ABADIE, Renée (France) [Active 1930s.]

Abbas, Mrs. (married between Dec 1950 and early 1952) [SEE VENTER, Betsy]

ABBES, Lynne (United States) [21 June 1949- ] [Mrs. Michael "Mike" G. Rolley, from 23 Dec 1967] [Active ????-1968]

ABE, Julia (Germany) [Active 1990s.]

A'BECKETT, Agnes Ellen "Nellie" (Australia) [25 May 1870-28 July 1963] [Mrs. Frederick L. Klingender, from 20 Sept 1895] [Active 1880s-90s.]

ABERCROMBIE, Mary Catherine (Great Britain) [5 Feb 1860-28 July 1912] [Active 1878-83]

Abraham, Mrs. L. A. (from 19 June 1890) [SEE MARTYN, Constance Palgrave]

Abrahams, Mrs. C. M. (from 1940) [SEE KRAMEROVA, Luisa]

ABRAMOVIC, Ivana (Croatia) [3 Sept 1983- ] [Active 1998-2010]

ABREU, Maria-Paula (Portugal) [11 Feb 1961- ] [Active 1980s.]

ACHENBACH, (Alice) Melanie (Germany) [31 Aug 1888-????] [Married to Carl Walther Bruns, from 17 Dec 1909] [Active c. 1905-14]

ACKER, Sherry L. (United States) [16 June 1959- ] [Active 1976-1985]

Ackland, Mrs. W. F. (from 26 June 1911) [SEE NOCKOLDS, Flora Louisa]

Acquarone, Signora (from c. 1937) [SEE ORLANDINI, Ivana]

ACRA, Vivian (Dominicana Rep.) [17 Mar 1978- ] [Active 1990s.]

ADAMKOVA, Hana (Czechoslovakia/New Zealand) [8 June 1969- ] [Married to Steve Guy, from 19 Dec 1991] [1986-1993]

ADAMOFF [ADAMIANTZ], Ida Vartanovna (Russia/France) [25 June 1910-5 June 1993] [Mme Claude Bourdet, from 1935] [Active 1920s-30s.]

"ADAMS, Miss / Mrs." [alias used by Countess Clara von der Schulenburg in the 1900s.] [SEE KUSENBERG, Clara Antonie]

ADAMS, (Miss) ??? (first name unknown) (Great Britain) [Active 1900s.]

Adams, Mrs. G. F. K. (from c. Sept 1911) [SEE LUCAS, Emily Muriel]

ADAMS, Katrina "Kat" Michelle (United States) [5 Aug 1968- ] [Active 1984-1999]

Adams, Mrs. R. P. (from circa 1 Aug 1927) [SEE HOWE, Lelia May Arita(Areta?)]

Adams, Mrs. C. W. (from 30 Oct 1908) [SEE OSTHEIMER, Louise B.]

ADAMS, Muriel (United States) [Active 1920s-30s.]

Adams, Mrs. R. (“J.”) (by Dec 1943) [SEE RAPPELL, Patricia “Pat”]

ADAMS, Tish (United States) [c. 1948/49- ] [Active 1960s.]

ADAMSEN, Signy (Norway) [Active 1920s.]

Adamson, Mrs. (maiden name unknown) [Active 1910s.] [SEE ???]

ADAMSON, Naomi Kathleen "Millie" (Great Britain) [1902-????] [Mrs. Clarence Aaron "Tod" Robbins, from 16 Jan 1934] [Active ???]

ADAMSON, Nelly Jeanne (Belgium/France) [7 Dec 1916-22 Feb 2010] [Mme Pierre H. Landry, Feb 1937-c. 1949; Mme Maurice (or Marcel) Renault, from ???] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Addie, Mrs. R. R. (from 2 Feb 1949) [SEE BETZ, Pauline May]

Addington, Mrs. J. R. (from 17 Nov 1954) [SEE BOYER, Virginia Lee]

ADDISON, Marion Lillian "Lily" (Australia) [23 Dec 1885-27 Nov 1982] [Active 1900s-20s.]

ADDISON, Muriel (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

ADELMAN, Lenore (United States) [Active 1930s.]

ADGER, Irene de Greffin (United States) [1896-1970] [Mrs. Robert Lee Scott, from 19 June 1918] [Active c. 1912-24]

Adkisson, Mrs. W. C. (from May 1962) [SEE HOPPS, Janet]

Adlerstråhle, Mrs. A. E. T. (by 1908) [SEE VON OELREICH, Anna Märta Vilhelmina)

ADRIEN, Jennifer (Haiti) [9 Sept 1980- ] [Active 1990s.]

Aeschlimann, Mrs. C. (from 16 Dec 1924) [SEE BANCROFT, Leslie]

AGASSI, Rita (United States) [18 Oct 1960- ] [Married to Ricardo Alonso "Pancho" Gonzales, 31 March 1984-1989] [Active 1970s.]

AGG, Beatrice Edith (Great Britain) [1872-March 1968] [Mrs. John Cecil Latham Bott, from 7 Nov 1936] [Active c. 1890-95]

AGG, Mary Elizabeth Goodrich (Great Britain) [1867-Jan 1936] [Mrs. Hugh Wilfred Gove, from 8 Nov 1906] [Active c. 1886-95]

Agnew, Mrs. I. C. F. (from 28 Feb 1922) {SEE JOHNSON, Lesley Katherine]

Agnew, Mrs. (from 1968) [SEE CROSKERY, Lorna]

AGUERO, Monica (Guatemala) [29 March 1971- ] [Active ???]

Aguirre, Senora de (by 1929) [SEE OBARRIO, Analia]

AGUIRRE, Lily (Guatemala) [16 March 1963- ] [Active ???]

AHL, Lucie A. (Great Britain) [23 July 1974- ] [Active 1991-2003]

AHLERT, Bärbel (Germany) [Active 1950s-60s.]

AHLUWALIA, Amreeta (India) [25 Oct 1960- ] [Mrs. Balachandran] [Active 1980s.]

Ahmed, Mrs. [SEE SHEIKH, Parveen]

AHONEN, Leena (Finland) [16 Sep 1943 - ] [Mrs. Mutanen, from c. 1969/70] [Active 1960s-70s.]

AIGHTON, R. (Great Britain) [Active 1910s.]

AIGUETINTE, Jeanne (France) [Active 1930s.]

Aimre, Maria (from 1976) [SEE KULL, Maria]

AITCHISON, Alice Mary (Great Britain) [1 March 1884-1950] [Mrs. George Stanley Coatsworth, 10 June 1912-24 Nov 1944] [Active 1900s-10s.]

AITCHISON, (Frances) Helen (Great Britain) [6 Dec 1881-26 May 1947] [Mrs. John Laurence Leisk, from 5 September 1914] [Active 1900s-20s.]

AITCHISON, Kathleen Bulkeley (Great Britain) [9 Feb 1886-6 March 1960] [Active ???]

Aitken, Mrs. W. M. (from 29 Jan 1906) [SEE DRURY, Gladys Henderson]

AITKEN, Vera Evelyn Rita (Great Britain) [1881-????] [Active 1900s-10s.]

AKAGI, Vanne (United States) [20 July 1964- ] [Active 1987-1989]

AKHURST, Daphne Jessie (Australia) [22 April 1903-9 Jan 1933] [Mrs. Royston Stuckey Cozens, from 26 Feb 1930] [Active 1919-31]

Akroyd, Mrs. G. (6 May 1947- before 6 June 1957) [SEE SEE BENNETT, Eileen Viviyen]

ALAVANTIC, Dora (Yugoslavia) [1 March 1957- ] [Active 1970s.]

ALBANO, Lisa (United States) [24 March 1970- ] [Active 1986-1997]

Alberga, Mrs. L. P. (from 1927) [SEE NUNES, Marie May]

Alberro, Senora de [SEE LOMBARDI, Graciela]

ALBERT, Jane Tyrell "Janie" (United States) [2 June 1946- ] [Mrs. Bradford M. Freeman, 16 Sept 1967-June 1969; Mrs. Ronald J. Willens, from 20 June 1970] [Active c. 1962-1967]

ALBERTAZZI, Simona (Italy) [14 March 1967- ] [Active 1986-1987]

Albertini, Signora (from c. 1945/46) [SEE QUINTAVALLE, Ida]

ALBINUS, Sofie (Denmark) [21 Sept 1972- ] [Active 1987-1997]

ALBURY, ??? (Great Britain) [Active 1900s.]

Alden, Mrs. (1935-c. 1937) [SEE HUNT, Marianne Teresa]

Alex, Mrs. C. C. (from 12 April 1945) [SEE RADEK, Mitzi]

ALEXANDER, Dorothy (Great Britain) [Active 1920s-30s.]

ALEXANDER, Susan "Sue" J. (Australia) [Mrs. Pedro Rodriguez, c. 1972/73-????; Mrs. Markus Pluss, from ????] [Active 1960s-70s.]

ALEXANDER-BROWER, Jillian (Canada) [2 April 1968] [Active 1980s.]

ALEXANDRE, (Mme) Josee (Belgium) [Mme Josee Alexandre in 1950, maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s.]

ALEXANDRI, Alice (Greece) [Active 1970s.]

ALEXANDROU, Elpis (Greece) [13 Feb 1976- ] [Active 1992-1999]

ALEXANDROVA, Ekaterina Yevgenyevna Alexandrova (Екатерина Евгеньевна Александрова) (Russia) [15 Nov 1994- ] [Active 2011- ]

ALEXANDROVNA, Elena Dmitrieva (Russia) [26 Nov 1903-16 Sept 1979] [Mrs. Poslavsky] [Active ???]

ALEXY, Vivienne June (India) [1917- ] [Actice 1950s.]

ALFERO, Margaret M. (United States) [20 Oct 1915-28 March 2010] [Mrs. Raymond S. Disco, from c. Dec 1940] [Active 1940s.-c. 1958]

ALGER, Alice (United States) [1906-2012] [Mrs. George Kladnik, from c. 1939] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Aliazzo, Mrs. B. [SEE MENCHER, Bonnie]

ALISON, Pauline (Belgium) [Active 1920s.]

ALISON, Roberta (United States) [13 Dec 1943-20 March 2009] [Mrs. Earl Baumgardner, from 14 August 1965] [Active 1960s.]

ALKEN, Anneliese (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Allanby, Mrs. T. A. C. (from 10 Dec 1907) [SEE MCGOUGH, Daisy Maria Marjorie Allister "Marjorie"]

ALLEN, (Agnes) Dorothy (Great Britain) [2 Dec 1886-Sept 1976] [Mrs. Reginald William Fowler Harding, 23 Feb 1913-????; Mrs. (Captain) Patrick Hill Normand, from ????] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Allen, Mrs. M. N. (by 1956) [SEE SCARLETT, Barbara Jane]

ALLEN, Heather Winser (Great Britain) [20 June 1944- ] [Mrs. Bob Barwick] [Active 1960s.]

ALLEN, Kathleen Margaret (Great Britain) [11 May 1889-Dec 1968] [Mrs. George Chudleigh Hampton, from 9 Jan 1914] [Active 1910s.]

ALLEN, Leslie E. (United States) [12 March 1957- ] [Active 1977-1987]

ALLEN, Louise K. (United States) [7 Jan 1962- ] [Active 1982-1993]

Allerdice, Mrs.T. [SEE HANSELL, Ellen Forde "Nellie"]

ALLERDICE, Louise E. "Louie" (United States) [5 May 1867-1960] [Mrs. Bradford Knight, from 1898] [Active 1880s.]

ALLERTOVA, Denisa (Czech Republic) [7 March 1993- ] [Active 2008- ]

ALLIATA, Ester (Italy) [1920- ] [Signora Fraschini, from c. 1947] [Active 1940s.]

Allin, Mrs. E. K. (from c. Jan/March 1929) [SEE MOON, Gwendoline Crichton]

ALLING, Charlotte (United States) [13 July 1920-19 March 2014] [Active 1950s.]

Allison, Mrs. W. L. (from early 1930) [SEE CASWELL, Anna Louise "Ann" / 'Annie"]

Allister, Mrs. R. (by 1935) [SEE DE SMIDT, (Millicent) Audrey]

ALLNATT, Yvonne Josephine (Great Britain) [1913- ] [Mrs. Robert S. Foss, from 1939] [Active 1930s.]

ALLPORT, N. R. (Great Britain) [Active 1950s.]

Allsopp, Mrs. M. P. (from 1927) [SEE KENYON, Nion Thelma]

ALMANSA, Ana (Spain) [24 August 1963- ] [Active 1980s.]

ALMEDA-SINGIAN, Tracy (United States) [6 Oct 1979- ] [Active 1994-2003]

ALMEIDA, Paola (Costa Rica) [18 Oct 1977- ] [Active 1990s.]

ALMGREN, Stina (Sweden) [12 December 1962- ] [Active ???-1985]

ALPENFELS, Ethel Josephine (United States) [1907-1981] [Active 1920s.]

Alston, Mrs. G. D. H. (from 21 March 1916) [SEE GADDUM, Ruth M. "Tiny"]

Alter, Mrs. L. (from 30 June 1919) [SEE LITT, Lillian Mercedes]

Alter, Rene (15 Sept 1990-????] [SEE SIMPSON, Noreen "Rene"]

ALVARENGA, Patricia (Portugal) [17 Oct 1961- ] [Active 1970s.]

ALVAREZ, Christina Lucy (United States) [26 Oct 1894-25 April 1983] [Mrs. George B. Stanwix, from c. 1922] [Active 1920s.]

ALVAREZ, Elia Maria "Lili" de [Elia Maria González-Álvarez y López-Chicheri] (Spain) [9 May 1905-8 July 1998] [Married to Comte Jean de Gaillard de la Valdène, from 14 Nov 1935] [Active 1910s-40s.]

ALVAREZ, Judy M. (United States) [2 April 1943- ] [Mrs. Fred Campbell, c. 1964/65-Oct 1968] [Active 1960s.]

ALVAREZ, Monica (Spain) [19 Dec 1955- ] [1970s-80s.]

Alvensleben, Mme L. von (from 30 June 1953) [SEE RIGOLLET, Violette]

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AMANMURADOVA, Akgul (Uzbekistan) [23 June 1984- ] [Active 2000- ]

AMAURY, Simone (France) [Mme Gorodnitchenko, from c. 1931] [Active 1925-1939]

Ambach, (Frau) Erna (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Ambanopoulos, Mme A. (from 10 March 1932) [SEE VLASTO, Régine]

AMBLARD, Blanche Matilde (France) [9 Sept 1896-25 Aug 1974] [Active 1910s-20s.]

AMBLARD, Suzanne Émilie (France) [9 Sept 1896-17 May 1980] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Ambrose, Mrs. C. N. (from 1911) [SEE FLEMMICH, (Eliza) Lina]

Ambrose, (Mrs.) Sue (Great Britain) [Married to Roger D. Ambrose; maiden name unknown] [Active 1960s.] [SEE ???]

AMBRUS, E. (Hungary) [Active 1970s.]

AMENDE, Gertrud "Gerta" (Czechoslovakia) [1 Nov 1902-4 Feb 1978] [Married to: Zdenko Horovsky who died 27 Nov 1937; Adam Sternberg] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Amende, Frau P. (from c. 1901) [SEE BERTRAND, Marie]

Amende-Horovska, Frau [SEE AMENDE, Gertrud "Gerta"]

AMIACH, Sophie (France) [10 Nov 1963- ] [Active 1980-1995]

Amman, Frau W. [SEE VON DOBENECK, Elisabeth "Lisa"]

AMORIN, Maria (Marie Helena de Amorin) (Brazil) [Active 1950s.]

AMOS, Helen J. (Australia) [30 June 1948- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Amouretti, Mme M. G. J. M. (from 1932) [SEE ASTRAUD, Josette Suzanne Marie Marguerite]

AMPUERO, Cecilia (Bolivia) [1 Sept 1974- ] [Active 1990-1996,2001]

ANASTASIADOS, Xenia (Greece) [Active 1970s.]

ANASTASIOU, Anna (Cyprus) [26 July 1973- ] [Active 1990s.]

Anawalt, Mrs. H. from (6 Aug 1960) [SEE HODGEMAN, Sue]

Ancincova (Ančincová), Maria (from c. 1950/51) [SEE RARKOVA (Rárková), Maria]

ANDERHOLM, Carin (Sweden) [16 March 1966- ] [Active ????-1986]

ANDERSEN, Ines (Argentina) [Active 1920s.]

ANDERSON, ??? (first name inknown) (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

ANDERSON, A. P. (Great Britain) [Active 1960s.]

Anderson, Mrs. J. (before 1968-April 1972) [SEE GAGEL, Cathie]

Anderson, Mrs. J. M. "M." (from Oct 1957) [SEE EMERSON, Daphne Jean]

ANDERSON, Dorothy (United States) [Active 1930s.]

ANDERSON, Dorothy Emily (Great Britain) [15 June 1908-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

ANDERSON, Dorothy Jesmond (Australia) [1911-3 Aug 1955] [Mrs. Eric Leslie Zschech, from 30 June 1945] [Active 1930s-50s.]

ANDERSON, (Gladys) Myrtle (South Africa/New Zealand) [1892-17 Aug 1964] [Mrs. William John "Bill" Melody, from 1916] [Active 1920s-30s.]

ANDERSON, Louise Christin (Great Britain) [1920-2005] [Mrs. David Hunter (G. H.?) Dick, 2nd half of 1949-????; Mrs. Bellshill] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Anderson, Mrs. I. W. (from 16 Sept 1944) [SEE OFFICER, Margaret]

ANDERSON, Margaret Ward (United States) [9 April 1910-29 Dec 1992] [Mrs. John Billingsley Duval] [Active 1930s.]

ANDERSON, Mary Ellen Murdoch (South Africa/Great Britain) [25 Dec 1898-????] [Mrs. John Seymour Heagerty, from c. June 1926] [Active 1920s.]

Anderson, Mrs. J. O. [SEE JACOBS, Maud]

ANDERSON, Michelle (South Africa) [27 January 1972- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

ANDERSON, Penelope Weddell (United States) [29 Nov 1902-27 April 1993] [Mrs. Frederick Bennett McBride, from 7 May 1932] [Active c. 1919-1937, 1956]

Anderson, Mrs. C. S. (from 15 Oct 1908) [SEE GREEN, Phyllis C.]

Anderson, Mrs. O. (1940-17 March 1953) [SEE JARVIS, Rita Anderson]

ANDERSSEN, Anna S. (Norway?) [Active 1930s.]

Ando, Miko (by 1994) [SEE HEMSI, Miko]

Andrade, Mrs. G. (c. late 1939-1946) [SEE BARNETT, Marta Marie]

Andre, Mrs. B. J. (from 1960) [SEE BRISACK, Jane]

ANDREESCU, Bianca Vanessa (Canada) [16 June 2000- ] [Active 2015- ]

"ANDREW, Mrs." (alias of Mrs. S. D. Stocks used at the Middlesex Championships in 1929) [SEE MCKANE, Margaret]

ANDREW, May (New Zealand) [Mrs. (Dr) Geoffrey Myers, from Feb 1933] [Active ???]

Andrews, Mrs. A. (Great Britain) (maiden name unknown) [Active 1900s.] [SEE ???]

Andrews, Mrs. J. (from 16 Oct 1901) [SEE KENDERDINE, Edith Flint]

ANDREWS, Enid Margaret Seymour (Great Britain) [23 April 1922- ] [Mrs. Derek Lewis, from c. Jan/March 1956] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Andrews, Mrs. S. (after 28 Oct 1927) [SEE DISSTON, Marie Steelman]

Andrews, Mrs. A. R. (c. 1943-before 27 May 1947) [SEE CHILDRESS, Sarah Elizabeth "Sally"]

Andrivet, (Mme) Madeleine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

ANDRIYANI, Liza (Indonesia) [12 Feb 1979- ] [Active 1993-2004, 2008]

ANDRUS, Dorothy Bourne (United States) [14 June 1908-29 Sept 1989] [Mrs. Walter Anthony Burke, 31 Aug 1931-13 Nov 1933; Mrs. Charles Edmund Voorhees, from 14 June 1941] [Active 1930s.]

ANDRUS, Helen Palmer (United States) [8 Aug 1912-18 Oct 1998] [Active c. 1930-35]

Andry, Mrs. H. [SEE MOORE, Peggy]


ANGELOVA, Galia (Bulgaria) [10 Nov 1972- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

ANGGARKUSUMA, Suzanna (Indonesia) [25 Nov 1963- ] [Active 1980s.]

ANGWIN, Helen (Australia) [1931- ] [Mrs. Graham Polkinghorne, from 19 Jan 1955] [Active 1940s-50s.]

ANI, Maret (Estonia) [31 Jan 1982- ] [Active 1997-2011]

ANISIMOVA. Amanda (United States) [31 Aug 2001- ] [Active 2016- ]

ANLIOT, Helena (Sweden) [26 Sept 1956- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Anlyan, Mrs. W. G. (after 1957) [SEE HUFTY, Alexandra "Alex" Page]

ANNIGONI, Giselda (Italy) [Active 1940s.]

ANNINGSON, Kate T. (Great Britain) [Active 1920s.]

ANSELM, Elizabeth L. (United States) [3 Sept 1909-7 March 1978] [Mrs. August W. Mahlstede, Jr., from 19 Dec 1959] [Active c. 1928-40]

ANSIO, Marianna (Finland) [14 Feb 1966- ] [Active 1980s.]

ANSTEY, ??? (Great Britain) [Active 1920s.]

ANTHONY, Julie Kathleen (United States) [13 Jan 1948- ] [Married to Richard "Dick" Butera, ????-by 1991; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active c. 1967-1979]

ANTHONY, Martha Beatrice (Australia) [Mrs. Michael Howson Walsh, from 29 March 1899] [Active ???]

ANTHONY, Youtha Constance (Australia) [1905-???] [Mrs. Edward Young, 1933-???; Mrs. Douglas Witcher, from 1950] [Active 1920s-30s.]

ANTOLKOVIĆ, Mira (Austria-Hungary/Yugoslavia) [20 Aug 1892-6 Sept 1966] [Married to Hinko Würth, by 1921] [Active 1912-c. 1932]

ANTONOPLIS, Lea (United States) [20 Jan 1959- ] [Married to Ken Inouye] [Active c. 1974-1991]

Antonoplis-Inouye, Lea [SEE ANTONOPLIS, Lea]

ANTROBUS, C. (Great Britain) [Active 1910s.]

Antrobus, Mrs. L. P. (from 17 Jan 1929) [SEE CONNELL, Eileen Copeland]

ANTYPINA, Olena (Ukraine) [19 March 1979- ] [Active 2000-2006]

AOYAMA, Shuko (Japan) [Active 2010s.]

Apostoli, Julia [SEE SALNIKOVA, Julia Sergeyevna]

APPEL, Elly (Netherlands) [27 July 1952- ] [Married to Jaap Vessies, from 1975] [Active 1970s-80s.]

APPELBAUM, Jodi R. (United States) [7 April 1956- ] [Married to John Richard Steinbauer, from 23 April 1988] [Active 1970s-80s.]

APPELMANS, Sabine (Belgium) [22 April 1972- ] [Married to Serge Haubourdin, from 20 September 1997; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1987-2001]

APPLEBY, Wendy (United States) [30 April 1952- ] [Active 1970s.]

Aquilon, Mrs. E. (by 1931) [SEE ENEGRAN, Eyvor]

Aragon, Senora de (from 18 July 1930) [SEE SALAS, Leonor “Nora” Goribar]

ARANYI, Magda (Hungary) [Active 1910s.]

ARAUJO, Beatriz (Argentina) [4 July 1955- ] [Active 1970s.]

ARBUTHNOT, Adolphine Mary "May" (Great Britain) [12 Jan 1868-18 Dec 1904] [Mrs. Charles Edward Brownrigg, from 22 December 1897] [Active 1890s.]

ARBUTHNOT, Alice Marion Caroline (Great Britain) [8 Nov 1869-????] [Mrs. Edward Herbert Fox, from 18 April 1900] [Active ???]

ARBUTHNOT, Ann (Great Britain) [Active 1890s.]

ARBUTHNOT, Ivy (Great Britain) [Active 1890s.]

Archbald, Mrs. F. F. (11 May 1911-1920) [SEE CLAY, Evelyn Ellen]

ARCHBOLD, Mary Lavinia (United States) [7 Nov 1871-25 Feb 1951] [Mrs. Michael Murray Van Beuren, from 25 Sept 1895] [Active 1910s.]

ARCHER, Nina Gladys (Great Britain/United States) [30 July 1883-10 Feb 1965] [Mrs. William Widdowson, from 1 Sept 1909] [Active ???]

Arcus, Mrs. R. W. (from 1950) [SEE GRACE, Margaret Joan "Margot"]

Ardoin, (Mme) Jeanne (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

ARENDT, Fernande (Belgium) [1891-????] [Mme Armand Jamar, from 1921] [Active c. 1919-25]

ARENDT, Nicole J. (United States) [26 Aug 1969- ] [Active 1986-2003]

Arengo-Jones, Mrs. A. J. (from 31 Aug 1940) [SEE WESTON, Gillian]

ARFARAS, Mary (United States) [1 Aug 1945- ] [Mrs. Jaime Annexy Fajardo] [Active 1960s]

ARGUIMBAU, Mariette Starr (United States) [4 Dec 1917-26 May 2008] [Mrs. Daniel Badger, from Sept 1942] [Active 1930s-40s.]

ARIAS, Ana Maria (Argentina/Chile) [24 July 1946- ] [Married to Jaime Pinto Bravo, from 1971/72] [Active 1960s-70s.]

ARILDSEN, Therese (Denmark) [25 June 1964- ] [Active 1980s.]

ARKBRANT, Marie (Sweden) [23 Aug 1974- ] [Active 1990-1994]

ARMING, Birgit (Austria) [24 Dec 1971- ] [Active 1987-1991]

ARMOR, Nancy (United States) [11 Oct 1930-9 May 2006] [Mrs. Bobby Gene Neeld, from 26 Dec 1958] [Active 1940s-70s.]

Armstrong, Mrs. F. H. (from 1896) [SEE BROADHURST, Margaret Ethel]

ARMSTRONG, Ruth Marjorie (Great Britain) [7 Jan 1904-7 Aug 1978] [Mrs. John Symons Kirk, 15 April 1926-???; Mrs. Sydney Alfred Barnett, from 14 Aug 1946] [Active 1930s.]

ARMSTRONG, Sheila M. (Great Britain) [14 July 1939-Jan 1979] [Mrs. Brown] [Active 1954-1960]

ARMSTRONG, Suzanne (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Armstrong, Mrs. B. R. (from 1903) [SEE BELL, Theodora Mary "Dora"]

ARN, Greta (Germany/Hungary) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Arnheim, Mrs. C. D. (by 1908-1911) [SEE LASCH, Edith "Rose"]

Arni, Maire (from c. 1948/49) [SEE HARLIN, Maire]

Arnold, Mrs. A. B. (from May 1931) [SEE BURKHARDT, Ethel]

ARNOLD, Mary (United States) [26 Oct 1916-29 Jan 1975] [Mrs. Raymond A. Prentiss, from 25 Oct 1945] [Active 1930s-50s.]

ARNOLD, Miriam "Mimi" G. (United States) [27 Feb 1939- ] [Mrs. John Harvey Wheeler, Jr., 21 Jan 1967-Sept 1970] [Active 1950s-70s.]

ARNOSO, Maria-Carmen (Portugal) [19 Nov 1944- ] [Active 1960s.]

AROSIO, Franca (Italy) [Signora Piemonte, from c. 1951] [Active 1950s.]

ARNOTT, S. (Australia) [Active 1970s.]

ARRAYA, Laura (Peru) [12 Jan 1964- ] [Married to Heinz Gildemeister, 1984-????] [Active 1980s-90s.]

ARROWSMITH, Frances E. (Great Britain/Canada) [1864-????] [Active c. 1890-99]

ARRUABARRENA, Lara [Lara Arruabarrena Vecino] (Spain) [20 March 1992- ] [Active 2007- ]

Arscott, Mrs. A. D. (from 2 Nov 1957) [SEE MURPHY, Joan A.]

Arsenault, Janyce [SEE RUBIN, Janyce]

ARTERBURN, Alice (United States) [1924-9 Nov 2011] [Mrs. C. L. Boden, from 1946] [Active 1940s.]

ARTH, Jeanne M. (United States) [21/25 July 1935- ] [Active 1949-59, 1965, 1971]

ARTH, Shirley Ernestine (United States) [17 Dec 1932-13 Aug 2009] [Mrs. Lyle Loeding, from 1 July 1961] [Active 1940s-50s.]

ARTIGIANI, Nicla (Italy) [30 April 1923-25 July 2008] [Married to Luigi Migliori, from c. 1946] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Arundell, Mrs. C. H. (from 1902) [SEE HOLE, Katharine Juliana]

ARVIDSSON, Sofia (Sweden) [Active 2000s-10s.]

ASAGOE, Shinobu (Japan) [28 June 1976- ] [Active 1997-2006]

ASCHNER, Marilyn Jane (United States) [8 March 1948- ] [Married to: Alan Rachleff, 27 Jan 1974-1974/75; Leonard Katz, from 1977] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Ashcraft, Mrs. E. M., Jr. (from 8 Oct 1903) [SEE STRAWBRIDGE, Anna Louise]

ASHFORD, Audrey Beulah May (Australia) [11 Aug 1915-16 May 1985] [Mrs. Arthur Cecil Barwick, from 27 Dec 1944] [Active 1930s.]

ASHFORD, Edna Barbara "Esme" (Australia) [6 Nov 1916-2 Feb 2004] [Mrs. Dawson] [Active 1934-1952, 1954, 1958]

ASHFORD, Verna Mabel "Vera" / "Valda" (Australia) [29 July 1919-20 Nov 1979] [Mrs. Jim Curley] [Active 1935-1952]

ASHLEY, Teryn (United States) [12 Dec 1978- ] [Married to Brian Fitch, from 16 Aug 2008] [Active 1996-2001]

Ashton, Mrs. P. J. (from c. Jan/March 1934) [SEE HEXTALL, Joan Margaret]

Askew, Mrs. G. (from 10 Nov 1917) [SEE GYTON, Lorna Gray]

Assur, Mrs. (from 1937) [SEE ELGAS, Edith]

ASTERI, Dionissia (Greece) [Active 1960s-70s.]

ASTILL, Peggy (Great Britain) [17 Nov 1905-5 Nov 1993] [Mrs. Percy G. Knight, from c. April/June 1932] [Active 1930s-50s.]

ASTLEY, Caroline (Australia) [Active late 1950s and early 1960s.]

ASTLEY, Helen (Australia) [c. 1933- ] [Mrs. Sherrard John Warnock, from 24 April 1954] [Active 1950s.]

Astor, Mrs. J. J., IV (9 Sept 1911-21 June 1916) [SEE FORCE, Madeleine Talmage]

ASTRAUD, Josette Suzanne Marie Marguerite (France) [5 March 1914- ] [Mme Marcel Gabriel Jean Marie Amouretti, from 1932] [Active c. 1946-1958]

Astraud, Mme P. M. A. (from 1907) [SEE DE ROBIGLIO, Robina Margherita Hamilton " Margherita"]

ASZLAN, Baba (Hungary) [Active 1930s.]

Athaide, Mrs. A. (from 1943) [SEE DE LIMA, Phyllis]

ATHERLEY, Edith (Great Britain) [1857-19 May 1923] [Active c. 1876-82]

ATHERLEY, Louisa Frances (Great Britain) [1848-30 March 1938] [Active c. 1876-82]

ATHERLEY, May (Great Britain) [10 Jan 1860-6 Jan 1947] [Mrs. Spencer Lynne, from 4 Oct 1884] [Active c. 1878-82]

Atkins, Mrs. G. J. M. (from 10 April 1902) [SEE JACKSON, Helen]

ATKINS, Lily Rose (Australia) [14 June 1888-21 Jan 1952] [Mrs. Charles Andrew La Nauze, from 12 Jan 1911] [Active c. 1920-30]

ATKINS, Minnie Eileen (Australia) [1883-????] [Mrs. Ralph Joseph Goodman, from 15 March 1905] [Active c. 1920-30]

ATKINSON, Juliette Paxton (United States) [15 April 1873(72?)-11 Jan 1944] [Mrs. Henry Hockery, c. 1905-????; Mrs. George B. Buxton, from 1918] [Active 1894-1902]

ATKINSON, Kathleen Gill (United States) [5(15?) Nov 1875-30 April 1957] [Mrs. George Partridge Richardson, from 1902] [Active 1890s.]

Atkinson, Mrs. [SEE HOBBS, Pamela "Pam"]

ATTERBURY, June "Judy" (United States) [13 June 1924-8 Sept 2003] [Mrs. Ralph Royal Jenne, after 1950- ????] [Active c. 1940-50]

ATTFIELD, Ethel Clare (Great Britain) [4 Dec 1870-2 May 1946] [Active c. 1895-1914]

ATTWOOD, Evelyn G. (New Zealand) [Active 1940s-50s.]

Aubert, Sylvia (France) [Mme Paul Aubert; maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

AUBET, Maria-Jose (Spain) [30 April 1943- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

AUBIN, C. (Switzerland) [Active 1930s.]

AUBIN, Marcelle (Switzerland) [Mme Jacquemoud, by July 1942] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Aucamp, Mrs. D. C. (from c. 1964) [SEE HANKS, Carol E.]

Audoin, (Mme) Hélène (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Audrain, (Mme) Raymonde (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Audras, Senora de (by 1932) [SEE BIDAL, Magdalena]

AUER, Sabine (Germany) [2 Oct 1966- ] [Active 1984-1993]

Aufermann, Mrs. (by 1906-before 11 Feb 1928) [SEE SCHULTZ, Marie]

AUGUSTUS, Amanda (United States) [Active 2000s.]

AULD, Mavis "Joy" (Australia) [1 Sept 1937- ] [Mrs. Roy Emerson, from c. 1958] [Active ???]

Auret, Mrs. A. A. (from 15 Nov 1892) [SEE HOFMEYR, Annie Caroline Brunt]

AUSSEM, Cäcilie Edith "Cilly" (Germany) [4 Jan 1909-22 March 1963] [Married to Count Fermo Murari Dalla Corte Bra', from 11 March 1936] [Active c. 1923-1935]

AUSTIN, Edith Lucy (Great Britain) [15 Dec 1867-27 July 1953] [Mrs. Turketil George Pearson Greville, from 18 Sept 1899] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

AUSTIN, Hazel B. (Great Britain) [8 Nov 1922-March 1999] [Mrs. Maurice C. J. Cheadle, from c. July/Sept 1946] [Active c. 1953-1974]

AUSTIN, Jane (United States) [30 July 1927-22 Aug 2016] [Mrs. Nathan P. Stauffer, Jr., from 7 March 1953] [Active c. 1943-1954]

AUSTIN, Joan Winifred (Great Britain) [23 Jan 1903-2 April 1998] [Mrs. Randolph Lycett, 12 Feb 1925-8 Feb 1935; Mrs. Frederick Royden Chiesman, 18 Sept 1936-????; Mrs. Derek Schofield Jepson, 22 Dec 1948-????; Mrs. Donald Alex Baker from 1 March 1973] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Austin, Mrs. H. B. (from 1938) [SEE STOREY, Mary]

AUSTIN, Pamela "Pam" J. (United States) [12 March 1950- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

AUSTIN, Tracy Ann (United States) [12 Dec 1962] [Married to Scott Kelly Holt, from 17 April 1993; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1970s-90s.]

Auxford, Mrs. P. (from 27 May 1947) [SEE CHILDRESS, Sarah Elizabeth "Sally"]

AVILA, Neus (Spain) [26 July 1971- ] [Active 1988-1997]

AVIS, Adrienne (Australia) [15 Nov 1950- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

AVIS, K. (Australia) [Active 1970s.]

Ayala, Senora de (from 3 Jan 1959) [SEE TORT, Maria]

Ayares, Mrs. H. (before 16 Jan 1948-before c. 1968) [SEE GOLDBERG, Adrienne]

Ayen, Elizabeth d'(Ayen) [SEE D'AYEN, Elizabeth Pauline Sabine Marie]

AYER, Bernice (United States) [Active 1930s.]

AYERS, Florence (Australia) [1877-????] [Active 1900s.]

AZARENKA, Victória Fyódorovna [31 July 1989- ] (Belarus) [Active 2003- ]

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Baars, Mrs. (by 1960) [SEE WIENESE, Jenny]

Baars-Wienese, Jenny (by 1960) [SEE WIENESE, Jenny]

Babbitt, Mrs. H. R. (by 1905) [SEE HATT, Ethel Mary]

BABCOCK, Carolin (United States) [26 May 1912-25 March 1987] [Mrs. Richard Salisbury Stark, from 27 Oct 1937] [Active 1920s-30s.]

BABOS, Timea (Hungary) [10 May 1993- ] [Active 2009- ]

BACHEVA, Lubomira (Bulgaria) [7 March 1975- ] [Married to Anatoli Stoyanov, by 2004; retained maiden name as a player after marriage?] [Active 1989-2004]

Backhouse, Mrs. H. W. (from c. May 1924) [SEE TOMKIN, Judith Royce]

BACSINSZKY, Timea (Switzerland) [8 June 1989- ] [Active 2003- ]

Badger, Mrs. D. (from Sept 1942) [SEE ARGUIMBAU, Mariette Starr]

Badgley, Mrs. H. G. (from 1 March 1881) [SEE LYON, Adelaide A. T.]

Bado, Mrs. A. J. (1930-before 30 April 1943) [SEE REISS-SMITH, Thora Vivian]

Baehr, (Mrs) Melicent (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

BAER, Virginia (United States) [6 May 1904-23 March 1993] [Mrs. Leonard J. Dueker, by 1930] [Active 1930s.]

BAGG, Edith Adele (United States) [1884-10 Sept 1961] [Active c. 1905-14]

BAGGE, Anne (Denmark / Brazil) [Married to Armando Vieira, from 1957] [Active 1950s.]

BAGH, Antoinette "Antoine" (Russia/Estonia/Germany) [20 May 1913-27 Oct 2007] [Active 1930s.]

BAGH, Elisabeth (Russia/Estonia/Canada) [1 July 1911-21 Oct 1994] [Mrs. Malvet, from 1938] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Bagnall, Mrs. W. E. M. (from 19 May 1921) [SEE O'HARA WOOD, Kathleen]

Bagnall-Wild, Mrs. R. B. (from 4 July 1871) [SEE PFEIL, Alice]

Bahr, Mrs. W. E. [SEE BROSIN, Margaret "Marge" Alice]

BAILEY, Alletta Nathalie Lorillard (United States) [1883-12 Jan 1935] [Mrs. Lewis Gouverneur Morris, from 20 April 1908] [Active 1900s-20s.]

Bailey, Mrs. Lewis E. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1910s-1920s.] [SEE ???]

BAILEY, Mary (United States) [Active 1940s.]

BAILEY, Pamela (Australia) [Active 1975-78]

BAILEY, Roylee (United States) [26 May 1949- ] [Married to (?) Armstead Arnold York] [Active 1960s.]

BAILEY, Ruth (United States) [Active 1920s-30s.]

BAILY, Carol (United States) [22 Oct 1950- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Bain, Mrs. W. (from 1914) [SEE TULLOCH, Olive]

Bain, Mrs. W. (from 13 Feb 1943) [SEE MOUTRAY, Rosemary A. "Roguie"]

BAIRD, Eva Marian (New Zealand) [1888-2 Feb 1940] [Mrs. Sydney Craven Hodges, from 1919] [Active ???]

BAITTROCK, Ica (Hungary) [Married to Lajos Göncz] [Active 1920s.]

Baker, Mrs. R. W. (from 17 Sept 1946) [SEE BURTON, Alison Violet]

BAKER, Allison "Ally" (United States) [10 April 1986- ] [Active 2000-2004]

Baker, Mrs. B. H. (from 24 Oct 1951) [SEE LAYFIELD, Anne]

BAKER, Annie Kellett (Australia) [15 June 1879-5 June 1953] [Mrs. Bertram "Bert" Willoughby Ford, from 11 March 1911] [Active 1900s-20s.]

Baker, Mrs. E. P. (from 28 June 1923) [SEE WELLWOOD, (Bessie) Doris]

BAKER, Beverly "Bev" Joyce (United States) [13 March 1930-29 April 2014] [Mrs. Scott "Scotty" H. Beckett, 28(29?) Sept 1949-31 May 1950; Mrs. John G. Fleitz, from 6 Oct 1951] [Active 1947-1959]

BAKER, Ceres (United States) [24(29?) Aug 1904-27 Feb 1982] [Mrs. Raymond Palmer Sackett, before Aug 1924-????] [Active 1918-1925]

BAKER, Emily (South Africa) [c. 1870-????] [Mrs. Harrison Fraser-Watson, from 5 Oct 1892] [Active c. 1890-1905]

BAKER, Eva (United States) [Active 1910s.]

BAKER, Helen (United States) [Active 1910s-1926]

BAKKER, Ada (Netherlands) [8 April 1948- ] [Married to Peter de Laive] [Active 1960s-70s.]

BAKKUM, Carin (Netherlands) [25 July 1962- ] [Active 1985-1994]

BAKSHEEVA, Galina Petrovna (Soviet Union) [12 July 1943- ] [Active 1960s-80s.]

Balachandran, Mrs. [SEE AHLUWALIA, Amreeta]

Balakrishnan, Nirupama (from 23 May 2002) [SEE VAIDYANATHAN, Nirupama]

Balas, Mme R. A. J. M. (from 2 Feb 1923) [SEE SEPTIER, Marcelle Marie Georgette]

BALBIERS, Alina (Mexico) [16 Dec 1957- ] [Married to Luis Baraldi] [Active 1970s.]

Balbiers, Senora de [SEE PINEDO, Alina]

BALBIERS, Jeannine (Mexico) [5 Sept 1959- ] [Married to Paul W. Sullivan, by 1987] [Active 1980s.]

Balderston, Mrs. H. W. (from 2 June 1902) [SEE BANKSON, Ethel Harper]

BALDOVINOS, Maria Victoria "Vicky" (Spain) [8 Feb 1953- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

BALDOVINOS-CIBEIRA, Maria Victoria [SEE BALDOVINOS, Maria Victoria "Vicky"]

BALENT, Jennifer Margaret (United States) [26 March 1960-22 Nov 2009] [Married to Oscar Henry Grandas, from 28 Dec 1994] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Balestrat, Dianne (from 26 Dec 1982) [SEE FROMHOLTZ, Dianne Lee]

BALKE, Leone (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Ball, Mrs. R. A. (from 12 Dec 1947) [SEE CLIFTON, Constance "Connie" Maxine]

BALLANTINE, Constance Margaret Neill (Australia) [26 Oct 1902-????] [Mrs. Rolfe Latimer, from 27 Dec 1928] [Active c. 1922-28]

BALLANTINE, Phyllis Estelle Marjorie (Australia) [28 March 1906-19 July 1933] [Mrs. Andrew Valentine "Pat" Shaw, from 7 June 1932] [Active c. 1925-30]

BALLANTYNE, Dorothy (United States) [31 May 1895-9 Dec 1967] [Mrs. Lloyd P. Jones, from 17 Nov 1915] [Active c. 1904-14]

Ballard, Mrs. [SEE HOGARTH, Kerry]

BALLARD, Margarette "Margie" (United States) [9 March 1867-1930] [Mrs. William Moore Stewart, from c. 1892/93] [Active 1880s.]

BALLIN, Florence Antoinette (United States) [27 April 1887-1 April 1975] [Active 1914-1931]

BALLING, Pia (Denmark) [20 June 1940-] [Married to Stockmann, by 1970 (later divorced?)] [Active 1950s.-60s.]

BALLING-STOCKMANN, Merete (Denmark) [10 Dec 1970- ] [Active 1990s.]

BALTACHA, Elena Sergeevna (Great Britain) [14 Aug 1983-04 May 2014] [Married to Nino Severino, from 8 Dec 2013] [Active 1997-2013]

Baltzell, Mrs. E. D. (from 1914) [SEE DUHRING, Caroline Adelaide "Lena"]

BAMBERGER, Nelly (Germany/Austria) [16 Sept 1898-8 May 1933] [Married to Robert Neppach, from c. 1919] [Active 1910s-30s.]

BAMMER, Sybille (Austria) [27 April 1980- ] [Active 1995-2000, 2002-2011]

BANCROFT, Frances R. (United States) [Active 1930s.]

BANCROFT, Leslie (United States) [27 April 1894-Oct 1981] [Mrs. Charles Aeschlimann, from 16 Dec 1924] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Bandy, Mrs. L. H. (from 9 Oct 1943) [SEE WATTS, Valmai "Val" Esme]

BANKS, Beatrice Lilian Stopher (United States/Great Britain) [30 May 1886-30 Sept 1969] [Mrs. Ronald Donald, from c. April/June 1913] [Active 1900s.]

BANKS, Harriet Sketchley (United States) [1875-17 May 1917] [Mrs. (Dr) William Cogswell Clarke, from 10 Sept 1902] [Active c. 1894-1900]

BANKS, Maud(Maude?) Louise Stopher (United States/Great Britain) [9 Sept 1880-1 March 1958] [Active 1896-1902]

BANKSON, Ethel Harper (United States) [9 Aug 1871-6 Aug 1927] [Mrs. Henry "Harry" Ward Balderston, from 2 June 1902] [Active 1890s.]

BANNISTER, Norma Victoria Juliet "Naomi" (Ireland) [4 Feb 1897-11 June 1984] [Mrs. Harold Jackson Feilden, from 4 Feb 1920] [Active ????-1923]

Bantle, Mrs. [SEE LARINA, Yevgenia Konstantinovna]

Banzhaf, Mrs. W. H. [SEE PRITULA, Sharon]

Baraldi, Alina [SEE BALBIERS, Alina]

Barandon, Mrs. [SEE WOOLSTON, Pearl]

Baranski, Renata "Ren" (from 23 Feb 1985) [SEE MARCINKOWSKA, Renata]

BARAT, Huguette (France) [Active 1970s.]

BARBAT, Cecilia (Argentina) [Active 1970s.]

BARBER, Elizabeth Louise (United States) [12 Nov 1898-26 Feb 1974] [Mrs. James Dallas Corbiere, from c. 1920(1925?)] [1920s-1930s.]

Barber, Mrs. (c. 1940/41-before July 1952) [SEE TAUBELE, Norma]

BARBIER, Simone (France) [19 Jan 1903-????] [Active c. 1927-1951]

BARCLAY, Ann (Canada) [31 Jan 1940- ] [Active c. 1957-1964]

BARCLAY, Catherine (Australia) [12 June 1973- ] [Married to Christopher Reitz, from 16 July 2003] [Active 1989-2004]

Barclay, Mrs. T. L. (from 1953) [SEE RAFFAN, Isobel M.]

BARCLAY, Joyce Stewart (Great Britain) [22 July 1944- ] [Mrs. Gerald Martin Williams, 21 March 1964-???; Mrs. Ian Hume, 9 Dec(or 12 Sept?) 1973-???; Mrs. Anthony Devereux Engelfield, 2 Sept 1988-???; Mrs. J. Sacerdote, ????-????; Mrs. Reginald Donald Bennett, from 20 Nov 1998] [Active 1950s-80s.]

Barclay-Reitz, Catherine (from 16 July 2003) [SEE BARCLAY, Catherine]

BARDOCZY, Klara (Hungary) [Active 1950s-60s.]

BARDSLEY, Stephanie (Canada) [Active 1970s.]

"BAREFOOT" (Great Britain) [alias of an unknown contestant at Wimbledon in 1892]

Barfod, Mrs. A. I. T. (from 15 Sept 1915) [SEE HAMMER, Inger Marie]

BARG, Penny (United States) [11 April 1964- ] [Married to Hart Larry Mager, from 10 Dec 1989] [Active 1981-1990]

Barg-Mager, Penny (from 10 Dec 1989) [SEE BARG, Penny]

BARGER, Maud (United States) [15 June 1870-2 April 1954] [Mrs. Richard "Dick" Wallach, c. 1890-c. 1896; known as Mrs Barger-Wallach even after her divorce] [Active 1900s-20s.]

Barger-Wallach, Mrs. [SEE BARGER, Maud]

Barker, Mrs. E. S. (from 4 Sept 1895) [SEE WOODS, Beatrice Ethel Lydia Austin]

Barker, Mrs. M. (from 13 Nov 1954) [SEE FLETCHER, Helen Margaret]

BARKER, Marion Sandison (Australia) [c. 1889/90-12 Dec 1973] [Active c. 1922-30]

BARKER, Susan "Sue" Dorothy (Great Britain) [19 April 1956- ] [Married to Lance Paul Tankard, from 14 Oct 1988] [Active ???-1984]

BARKLEY, Florence Annie (Great Britain/Canada) [1859-30 Sept 1929] [Mrs. (Lieutenant Colonel) George Edward Barnes] [Active c. 1888-92]

Barkman, Mrs. N. B. (from 1922) [SEE POWDRELL, Margaret]

BARLOW, Wendy (Canada) [7 May, 1960- ] [Married to Brad Pattenden, by July 1983] [Active 1976-1980, 1983]

BARMAN, Shari [22 April 1949- ] (United States) [Active 1970s.]

BARNARD, Audrey (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Barnard, Mrs. J. (from 17 Dec 1976) [SEE HUNT, Margaret Lilian]

Barnes, Mrs. J. [SEE MACKAY, Bonnie]

Barnes, Mrs. G. E. [SEE BARKLEY, Florence Annie]

BARNES, Jean M. (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

Barnes, Mrs. C. D. (from 10 April 1907) [SEE BARNEY, Katherine Lansing]

Barnett, Mrs. H. S. (from 10 Dec 1924) [SEE HUMPHREYS, Anne "Annie" Edith]

BARNETT, Marta Marie (United States) [15 July 1918-3 April 2005] [Mrs. George Andrade, c. late 1939-1946] [Active 1930s-50s.]

BARNETT, Marilyn (United States) [Active 1940s-50s.]

Barnett, Mrs. S. A. (from 14 Aug 1946) [SEE ARMSTRONG, Ruth Marjorie]

BARNEY, Katherine Lansing (United States) [6 Feb 1885-21 Feb 1958] [Mrs. Cortland Dixon Barnes, from 10 April 1907] [Active 1910s.]

Barniville, Mrs. H. [SEE HOULIHAN, Geraldine]

Barr, Mrs. J. McF. (from 31 Aug 1918) [SEE CARRINGTON, Anita Lawton]

BARR, Helen Milne (Great Britain) [15 April 1909-18 Dec 1991] [Mrs. Reginald Marsh Turnbull, 14 Oct 1931-????; Mrs. Holding] [Active 1920s-30s.]

BARRACLOUGH, Sheila (Great Britain) [c. 1908-????] [Mrs. Ronald J. Hardy, from 1948] [Active 1940s-50s.]

BARRETT, Betty (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Barrett, Mrs. J. E. (from 3 April 1967) [SEE MORTIMER, Florence Angela Margaret]

Barrett, Mrs. J. B. (c. Jan/March 1924-before c. Jan/March 1934) [SEE HEXTALL, Joan Margaret]

Barrière-Fuchs, Nathalie [SEE FUCHS, Nathalie]

BARRIL, Pilar (Spain) [10 Oct 1931-30 Sept 2011] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Barron, Mrs. W. P. (from 23 Sept 1921) [SEE SHEPHERD, Dorothy Cunliffe]

Barry, Mrs. W. N. (from 1 June 1899) [SEE WRIXON-BECHER, Adelaide]

Barry, Mrs. A. R. (from 1 Aug 1896) [SEE BRISTOW, Edith Antonia]

Barry, Mrs. V. S. L. (from 1935) [SEE BUTCHERINE, Edith M.]

BARTAVIS, Helen (United States) [Active 1920s-50s.]

Bartels, Frau (from c. 1929) [SEE KALLMEYER, Irma]

Bartels-Kallmeyer, Irma (from c. 1929) [SEE KALLMEYER, Irma]

Barth, Mme Pierre (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

BARTHEL, Mona (Germany) [11 July 1990- ] [Active 2007- ]

Bartholdson, Katarina (by 1963) [SEE FRENDELIUS, Katarina]

Barting, Frau (from 1906 or after) [SEE BERTON, Luise]

BARTKOWICZ, Christine "Plums" (United States) [Active ???]

BARTKOWICZ, Jane "Peaches" (United States) [16 April 1949- ] [Married to: Don Krot, ???-???; B. Schafer, from ???; didn't play under married names?] [Active 1960-71 & the mid 1970s.]

Bartlett, Mrs. F. S. (from 1 Dec 1947) [SEE NICHOLAS, Beryl Olive]

BARTLETT, Lindsay (United States) [31 July 1962- ] [Married to Joseph Bernardo Montero] [Active 1986-1991]

BARTOLI, Marion (France) [2 Oct 1984- ] [Active 1999-2013]

BARTOS, Csilla (Hungary/Switzerland) [29 March 1966- ] [Married to D. Cserepy, from Sept 1985] [Active 1980-1991]

Bartosh, Mrs. G. (before July 1929-before 1940) [SEE HARE, Esther Mae]

BARTY, Ashleigh (Australia) [24 April 1996- ] [Active 2010-2014, 2016- ]

Barwick, Mrs. A. C. (from 27 Dec 1944) [SEE ASHFORD, Audrey Beulah May]

Barwick, Mrs. B. [SEE ALLEN, Heather Winser]

BASORE, Shirley Carlene [Carlene] (United States) [1945- ] [Married to: Fred Martin Petersen, before 1970-????; Byron Chrisman] [Active 1960s-70s.]

BASSETT, Carling (Canada) [9 Oct 1967- ] [Married to Robert Seguso, from 26 Sept 1987] [Active 1980s.]

Bassett-Seguso, Carling (from 26 Sept 1987) [SEE BASSETT, Carling]

BASSI, Lucia (Italy) [12 Dec 1936- ] [Active 1950s-70s.]

BASSOW, Grete (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

BASTIN, Charlotte J. (Great Britain) [1949- ] [Married to Gulu Moosa, from 1983] [Active 1970s.]

BASTING, Yvette (Netherlands) [8 June 1977- ] [Active 1993-2002]

BASUKI, Yayuk (Indonesia) [30 Nov 1970- ] [Married to Hary Suharyadi, from 31 Jan 1994; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Batchelor, Janan [SEE TRIMBLE, Janan]

Batchelor, Mrs. O. B. (1 June 1919-by 1925) [SEE STEINWAY, Marie Louise Millinet]

Bate, Mrs. I. (from 15 March 1950) [SEE CHAMBERLAIN, Anne]

BATES, Audrey Glenys (Great Britain) [4 April 1922-21 Nov 2001] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Bateson, Mrs. J. H. (from Oct 1915) [SEE SCOTT, Madeline de Vere]

BATHAM, Alithea Mary (New Zealand) [18 Aug 1879-1958] [Active c. 1905-14]

Bathurst, Mrs. H. M. (from 13 April 1947) [SEE HARTIGAN, Joan Marcia]

BATT, Elizabeth "Betty" (Great Britain) [7 Feb 1916-26 March 2003] [Mrs. Noel Passingham, c. March 1940-1949; Mrs. Frank Martin-Davies, from 21 May 1949] [Active 1930s-50s.]

BATTEN, Daisy Maud (Australia) [16 June 1903-7 July 2002] [Mrs. Allan Mann, from 7 Sept 1935] [Active c. 1919-30]

Battle, Mrs. D. [SEE KEMP, Cindy]

Battrick, Mrs. G. [SEE CAMP, Caroline]

BAUCHOP, Georgina (New Zealand) [1879-17 Sept 1962] [Mrs. Frederick James Reid Earl, from 30 April 1915] [Active c. 1900-14]

Baudin, (Mme) Hélène (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s-40s.] [SEE ???]

BAUDONE, Nathalie (Italy) [12 July 1972- ] [Married to Renzo Furlan, from 16 Nov 1996] [Active 1990s.]

Baudone-Furlan, Nathalie (from 16 Nov 1996) [SEE BAUDONE, Nathalie]

BAUDRY, Jeanne Georgette Edmée (France) [22 Nov 1892-????] [Mme André Vaussard, from c. 1910] [Active c. 1910-1932]

BAUMBACHER, Manya (United States) [4 April 1938- ] [Married to Ramez A. Atiya, from 30 Jan 1970] [Active 1950s.]

Baumgardner, Mrs. E. (from 14 August 1965) [SEE ALISON, Roberta]

Baurier, Senora de (from 19 Sept 1929) [SEE MARNET, Dolores Laurence Marguerite "Lola"]

BAVAY, Vera de (SEE de BAVAY, Vera]

BAWDEN, Amy Eva Terdrey (Great Britian) [1870-28 Dec 1942] [Mrs. (Reverend) Douglas Percival Hatchard, from 6 June 1916] [Active c. 1910-14]

BAWDEN, Nora Terdrey (Great Britian) [1878-8 March 1963] [Mrs. James Bevan Hopper, from 1917] [Active c. 1910-14]

BAYARD, Martha Pintard (United States) [15 Sept 1902-24 Dec 1970] [Mrs. Henry Rice Guild, from 1927] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Baylay, Mrs. W. L. (from 1897) [SEE WILSON, Georgina Fanny]

Bayley, Mrs. A. S. B. (from 16 Oct 1914) [SEE TEDMAN, Gladys]

BAYLON, Norma (Argentina) [9 Nov 1942- ] [Married to Bartolomé Puiggros, from 1967] [Active 1960s.]

Bayne, Mrs. D. (from 1938) [SEE MCCOLL, Edna Ida]

Bayon, Mrs. H. P. G. [SEE TOPHAM, Adèle Nelia]

Beach, Mrs. (from c. 1935/36) [SEE GRAY, Josephine]

BEALE, Doris (United States) [Active 1930s.]

BEALL, Gertrude Ann (United States) [24 Aug 1934- ] [Mrs. Peter G. Woods, from 4 June 1956] [Active 1950s.]

BEALL, Priscilla McKaig (United States) [26 Sept 1887-16 Dec 1967] [Mrs. Edwin Lewis Scofield, Jr., from 1918] [Active c. 1905-15]

Beamish, Mrs. A. E. (from 30 Sept 1911) [SEE RAMSEY, Winifred Geraldine]

Bean, Mrs. D. A. (from 1957) [SEE LOAKES, Barbara Joan]

Beard, Mrs. C. H. (from 1909) [SEE DAY, Alice]

Beard, Mrs. C. N. (from 15 Feb 1909) [SEE PARKER, Edythe]

Beatson, Mrs. C. B. (from 1936) [SEE SHERRIS, Marjorie]

Beattie, Mrs. D. (from 12 May 1972) [SEE EISEL, Mary Ann Clark]

Beatty, Mrs. E. I., Jr. (from 25 April 1936) [SEE HAHS, Edith Bushong]

Beatty, Mrs. H. B. (from 13 June 1903) [SEE MOUSTAKA, Orea E. Helen]

BEAUGE, Marcelle (France) [Active c. 1925-1932]

BEAUMONT, Emma Ruby (Australia) [Mrs. Richard Wilson Ragless, from 8 April 1891] [Active ???]

Beaupre, (Mrs.) L. C. (Canada) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

BEAVEN, Lindsey (Great Britain) [Jan 1950- ] [Active c. 1969-1978]

BEAZLEY, Barbara Gordon "Dora" (Great Britain) [10 Sept 1911-March 1999] [Active c. 1932-1966]

BECHERT, Cathrein (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Beck, Mrs. J. R. (from 28 July 1914) [SEE WATSON, Alice Laura]

BECK, Annika (Germany) [16 Feb 1994- ] [Active 2009- ]

Beck, Mrs. L. [SEE SAFFORD, Christine "Chris"]

Beck, Mrs. T. E. [SEE CHILDRESS, Madeline "Madge"]

BECK, Susan (United States) [1935- ] [Mrs. Wasch] [Active in the early 1950s.]

Beckett, Mrs. S. H. (28/29 Sept 1949-31 May 1950) [SEE BAKER, Beverly "Bev" Joyce]

BECKER, Lene (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

BECKINGHAM, Elma Mildred (Great Britain) [1903-????] [Mrs. Harry Suter, from 1929] [Active 1920s.]

BECKINGHAM, (Yolanda) Claire (Great Britain) [1903-1943] [Mrs. James Bird, from 10 Aug 1929] [Active 1920s.]

BECKWITH, Frances Amy Musgrave "Amy" (Jamaica) [16 July 1882-????] [Mrs. Gordon Edward Parr, from 20 April 1927] [Active c. 1900-25]

BECKWITH, Pearl D’Albany (Jamaica/Canada) [3 Sept 1891-1 Aug 1971] [Active c. 1915-25]

BECROFT, Elaine (New Zealand) [3 March 1931- ] [Mrs. Stephan] [Active 1950s.]

BEDANOVA (Bedáňová), Daniela "Daja" (Czech Republic) [9 March 1983- ] [Married to Jan Hajek, from 1 April 2010] [Active 1997-2005]

Bedard, Mrs. B. (from c. 1956/57) [SEE STACEY, Anne]

BEDGGOOD, Gwen (Australia) [Active 1920s-30s.]

Bedi, Mrs. [SEE PESHAWARIA, Kiran]

BEDIN, Christiane (France) [Active 1930s.]

Bedoret, Mme M. (by 1955) [SEE DELABY, Monique]

Bee, Mrs. J. W. (from c. April/June 1955) [SEE PETCHELL, Jean M.]

BEEBE, Heloise (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Beecroft, Mrs. C. (from 1887) [SEE MCKINLEY, Elizabeth Rebecca]

BEEGLING, Marie Ethel Blanche (Australia) [1900-13 Sept 1968] [Mrs. (Dr) Clifford Henry, from 27 Sept 1919] [Active ???]

Beer, Mrs. [SEE SEAGER, Doris]

BEGBIE, Cheryl (Australia) [c. 1944/45- ] [Active c. 1960-1966]

Begg, Mrs. [SEE TOYNE, Alma Merlyn]

Begg, Mrs. P. R. [SEE HAMILTON, Ellen "Nellie"]

BEGU, Irina-Camelia (Romania) [26 Aug 1990- ] [Active 2005- ]

BEHLMAR, Susan “Sue” (United States) [2 Jan 1942- ] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Behr, Mrs. H. E. F. (9 May 1944-1955) [SEE COSTERTON, Barbara E.]

Behram, Mrs. J. [SEE FONSEKA, Christobel "Coo-Coo"]

BEHRENS, Agnes Louise (Germany) [29 March 1877-1925] [Married to Edouard Charles Glardon, from 14 Sept 1899] [Active c. 1900-14]

BEHRENS, Inge (Denmark/Sweden) [c. 1912- ] [Married to Karl Kristian Anton "Kalle" Schröder, from c. Jan 1939] [Active 1930s.]

BEIER, Hanna (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

BEILLAN, Dominique (France) [24 May 1955- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

BELARDINELLI, Silvana (Italy) [Active 1970s.]

BELFIELD, Eveline Constance (Great Britain) [1860-8 Feb 1942] [Active 1880s.]

Belin, Mrs. C. A. [SEE STORRS, Elizabeth Scranton]

Belin, Mrs. P. (from 1939) [SEE COOTES, Mary Elizabeth Dickson]

BELL, A. (Great Britain) [Active 1900s.]

BELL, Alice (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

BELL, C. B. (Great Britain)[Active 1900s.]

Bell, Mrs. [SEE WILLIAMS, Carolyn]

Bell, Mrs. J. C., Jr. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Bell, Mrs. J. R. (from 1931) [SEE BOUCHER, Joan Constance]

Bell, Mrs. A. W. (from 1 March 1924) [SEE FENNO, Marion Hiller)

BELL, Theodora Mary "Dora" (Great Britain) [25 Feb 1876-6 Dec 1962] [Mrs. Blosse Richard Armstrong, from 1903] [Active ???]

BELLAMY, Dorothy "Dot" (Australia) [Mrs. Harold C. Patton, from 1938] [Active ???]

BELLAMY, Lynn M. (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

BELLANDER, Britt (Sweden) [1913- ] [Mrs. Erik Carlgren, from 1936] [Active 1930s.]

Bellani, (Signora) Annalisa [SEE ULLSTEIN, Anneliese]

BELLEGARDE, MARGHERITA (Margherita de Bellegarde de Saint Lary) (Italy) [c. 1881-????] [Active 1910s.]

BELLEGARDE, Rhoda "Rhodina" (Rhoda de Bellegarde de Saint Lary) (Italy) [8 Aug 1890-13 Oct 1918] [Active 1910s.]

BELLENS, Elza "Els" (Belgium) [14 May 1932- ] [Active c. 1953-1963]

BELLIARD, Edith (France) [Mme André Curdel, from c. 1937] [Active 1930s-50s.]

BELLIS, Catherine Cartan "CiCi" (United States) [8 April 1999- ] [Active 2014- ]

Bellshill, Mrs. [SEE ANDERSON, Louise Christin]

Belmar, Senora de (from c. 1961/62) [SEE OSUNA, Elena]

BELMAR, Esperanza (Mexico) [Senora Chavez] [Active ???]

BELONENKO, Nadezhda Mitrofanovna (Soviet Union) [22 Nov 1911-1964] [Married to Slavinski] [Active 1920s-50s.]

BELTON, Patsy A. (New Zealand) [23 March ????- ] [Mrs. Les Fleming, after 1963] [Active 1960s.]

BELTRAME, Roberta (Italy) [19 April 1938- ] [Married to Gerardo Bonardi] [Active 1960s.]

BELTRAME, Séverine Aurélie (France) [14 Aug 1979- ] [Married to Eric Brémond, Sept 2005-Nov 2008] [Active 1997- ]

BELZER, Els (Netherlands) [10 May 1909-27 March 2003] [Mrs. H.M.A. van Berkel, from 22 Sept 1936] [Active 1930s.]

BENCIC, Belinda (Switzerland) [10 March 1997- ] [Active 2011- ]

BENDEL, Helen (United States) [Active 1940s.]

BENDER, Margarita (Chile/Ecuador) [Signora Eduardo Zuleta, from c. 1964] [Active 1960s.]

Bender, Mrs. A. G. (from 1930) [SEE HOCKING, Sydney "Syd" Helston Stuart]

Bendixen, Mrs. J. E. (from July 1924) [SEE PERREN, Martha Alice]

Bendixen, Mrs. J. G. (from 20 May 1907) [SEE DOWNEY, Mary Elizabeth]

Bendlova, Mrs. (c. May/June 1975-????) [SEE KOZELUHOVA (Koželuhová), Miroslava “Mirka”]

BENEDICT, Eleanor (United States) [Active 1920s.]

BENESOVA(Benešová), Iveta (Czech Republic) [1 Feb 1983- ] [Married to Jürgen Melzer, from 14 Sept 2012] [Active 1998-2012]

BENGEN, Irma (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

Benham, Mrs. C. L. (from 1 March 1900) [SEE FOWKE, Emily Susan]

BENIGNI, Barbara (United States) [18 Dec 1940- ] [Active 1956-1961]

BENJAMIN, Camille (United States) [22 June 1966- ] [Active 1981-1994]

BENNETT, Bernice Beryl (Australia) [29 July 1928-1 Aug 2007] [Mrs. Ian Ray Faulkner, from Aug 1953] [Active c. 1946-1951]

Bennett, Mrs. J. A. (from c. Jan/March 1965) [SEE TUCKEY, Diane C.]

BENNETT, Eileen Viviyen (Great Britain) [16 July 1907-6 Nov 1979] [Mrs. Edmund Owen Fearnley-Whittingstall, 19 Nov 1929-16 March 1936; Mrs. Marcus Maskell Marsh, 28 Sept 1936-????; Mrs. Geoffrey Akroyd, 6 May 1947-????; Mrs. Carl Vyvyan(or Vivian) Forslind, from 6 June 1957] [Active c. 1925-1935]

BENNETT, Freda (New Zealand) [6 Sept 1906-26 Oct 1997] [Mrs. Robert Hope Milburn, from 1928] [Active c. 1924-40]

Bennett, Linda [SEE GEEVES, Linda]

Bennett, Lindsay [SEE MORSE, Lindsay]

BENNETT, Ruth M. (Great Britain) [18 Feb 1931- ] [Mrs. Douglas K. Illingworth, from c. April/June 1954] [Active 1950s-60s.]

BENNITT, Francis (United States) [1891-????] [Mrs. Harold Fleury Colson, from 8 Nov 1912] [Active c. 1910-14]

BENSON, Wilma (United States) [Active 1930s.]

BENTIVOGLIO, Francesca (Italy) [Active ???]

BENTLEY, Rita (Great Britain) [16 July 1931-26 Oct 2016] [Mrs. David Lauder, from c. Oct/Dec 1972] [Active c. 1953-1972]

BENTLEY, Sarah (Great Britain) [8 March 1973- ] [Active 1990s.]

Bentzer, Ingrid (from 1969) [SEE LÖFDAHL, Ingrid]

BERBERIAN, Yulia (Bulgaria) [6 Oct 1944- ] [Married to George Maleev] [Active 1960s.]

BERE, Margaret Ursula [Ursula] (Australia) [1901-30 June 1944] [Mrs. Arthur T. Price, from 27 Sept 1927] [Active 1910s-30s.]

BERESCU [BERECZKY], Magdalena "Magda" Maria (Romania/United States) [11 July 1918-9 May 1995] [Mrs. Vinicius "Vinni" E. Rurac, circa 1940/41-Nov 1966] [Active 1930s.-1952]

BERESFORD, Eileen May de la Poer (Australia) [11 May 1893-1 Sept 1978] [Mrs. (Dr) Harold Rischbieth, from 3 May 1916] [Active c. 1910-1932]

Berg, Mrs. M. W. (from 20 May 1939) [SEE SELWIN, Vera Celia Elizabeth]

BERG, Vivienne (Australia) [Active 1930s-40s.]

BERGEN, Agnes (United States) [Active 1920s.]

BERGH, Annie (Norway) [Active 1930s.]

Berglas, (Frau) Grete (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Bergmann, Frau [SEE HERDY, Edda]

Berkinshaw, Mrs. [SEE BORN, Dianne]

Bernard, Mme M. (from 18 Dec 1926) [SEE DE FONTVILLARS, Colette Bonnard]

BERNARD, Lise (France) [Active 1930s.]

Bernasconi, Mme [SEE ENDERLIN, Maria Pia]

BERNECKER, Erika (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

BERNEGGER, Sabine (Austria) [21 Aug 1954- ] [Active 1970s.]

BERNER, Vicky (Canada) [26 July 1945-21 June 2017] [Active c. 1961-1973]

Bernert, (Frau) Lilli (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

BERNHARD, Helen (United States) [Active 1910s.]

BERNHARD, Helen Irene (United States) [c. 1922- ] [Mrs. James George Whiteaker, from Feb 1945] [Active 1930s-40s.]

BERNHARD, Margit (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Bernheim, Mme (by June 1957) [SEE COESSENS, Poucette]

Berns, (Frau) Ursel (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

BERNSTEIN, Laura (United States) [17 March 1963- ] [Married to: Allan Kassirer, from 1989] [Active 1980-1988]

BERRY, Hester (Australia) [Active ???]

BERRY, Lena (United States) [1870-6 March 1942] [Mrs. Almond H. Ide, from 1889] [Active c. 1893-95]

BERRYMAN, Sadie Beryl (Australia) [12 Oct 1918-1 May 1972] [Mrs. Max Douglas Newcombe, 7 June 1941-16 May 1951; Mrs. Clive Malcolm Rogers, by Nov 1951] [Active 1930s-50s.]

BERSON, Jacqueline (France) [Active 1970s.]

BERTENS, Kiki (Netherlands) [10 Dec 1991- ] [Active 2006- ]

BERTHET, Rosie (France) [Mme Jacques Saoutchik, from 3 April 1933] [Active 1930s.]

Berthoud, Mrs. E. H. (from 1908?) [SEE COX, Phyllis Hamilton]

BERTON, Luise (Germany) [Frau Barting, from 1906 or after] [Active 1900s.]

BERTRAND, Cécile (France) [Active 1930s-40s.]

BERTRAND, Marie (Austria) [Frau Paul Amende, from c. 1901] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Bervid, Vlasta [SEE VOPICKOVA (Vopičková), Vlasta]

BES (Bes Ostáriz), Eva (Spain) [14 Jan 1973- ] [Active 1990-2003]

Bessemer-Clark, Mrs. R. F. (7 Jan 1936-????) [SEE BROOKES, Elaine Gertrude Balcombe]

BESSER, Traute (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

BEST, Florence (Canada) [Active late 1890s-early 1920s.]

BEST, Maria Fanny (Great Britain) [1868-11 Oct 1925] [Mrs. Edgar William Timmis, from 11 Dec 1895] [Active c. 1895-1910]

Beswick, Mrs. J. M. (from c. April/June 1949) [SEE FRY, (Doreen) Jacqueline]

BESWICK, Elsie Margaret Gertrude (Great Britain) [6 Sept 1885-c. Sept 1979] [Mrs. John W. Needham, from 1923] [Active c. 1905-14]

Bethlehem, Mrs. B. (from 20 March 1963) [SEE GERSON, Marlene]

Bett, Mrs. D. H. B. (from 9 Nov 1916) [SEE GORE, Olive Cholmeley]

Betts, Mrs. H. V. (from 1927) [SEE HUGHES, Linda V.]

BETTY, Dorothy [SEE KEMMIS-BETTY, Dorothy Alice]

Betz, Mrs. J. F., III (10 Dec 1906-by 1930) [SEE GILLIG, Emma]

BETZ, Pauline May (United States) [6 Aug 1919-31 May 2011] [Mrs. Robert "Bob" Richard Addie, from 2(5?) Feb 1949] [Active c. 1939-1961]

Beukema, Mrs. F. K. J. (from 1908) [SEE VAN AKEN, Adriana Theodora "Zus"]

Beutter, Frau (from c. 1936) [SEE HAMMER, Klara]

Beutter-Hammer, Klara (from c. 1936) [SEE HAMMER, Klara]

Beverley, Mrs. H. G. (from 29 April 1936) [SEE PIERREPONT, Kathleen Audrey]

BEVERLEY, Margaret (New Zealand) [Active 1930-50s.]

BEVERLEY, May (New Zealand) [Active 1930s.]

BEVERLEY, Nessie (New Zealand) [Active 1930s.]

Bevir, Mrs. O. (from 1924) [SEE RAIKES, Lilias Kathleen Cochrane]

BEVIS, Mary Renetta (Australia) [4 Sept 1924-16 Jan 1981] [Mrs. Keith Ernest Hawton, from 16 Oct 1948] [Active 1939-1971]

Beyer, (Mrs.) Florence J. (United States) [1880-????] [Married to Harold L. Beyer, by 1910; maiden name unknown] [Active c. 1910-16] [SEE ???]

BEYER, Mary Lou (United States) [c. 1921- ] [Mrs. Donald MacKay, from 12 July 1952] [Active 1930s-40s.]

BEYFUSS, Vera M. (United States) [30 April 1890-19 Oct 1957] [Mrs. Frederick W. Patterson, from 9 May 1917] [Active c. 1910-16]

Beyler, (Frau) Betty (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

BEYKO, Talina (Ukraine) [31 Aug 1970- ] [Married to Oleg Kostyuk] [Active 1990s.]

BEYT, Lucette (France) [Active 1930s.]

BHABHA, Meherbai "Mehri" (India) [10 Oct 1879-18 June 1931] [Married to (Sir) Dorabji "Dorab" Tata, from 14 Feb 1898] [Active c. 1918-30]

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BICKERTON, Dorothy (Australia) [Mrs. William Beverly Suttor, from 1932] [Active 1920s-30s.]

BICKERTON, Louie Mildred (Australia) [11 Aug 1902-6 June 1998] [Mrs. Royston Stuckey Cozens, from 25 May 1935] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Bickle, Mrs. (J.) H. (from 28 Sept 1912) [SEE MOYES, Lois Wilkie]

Bicknell, Mrs. H. F. (from 15 Dec 1928) [SEE LYON-HALL, Doris Maude]

Bicknell, Dolly (by 1972) [SEE SNOW, Dorothy Caroline "Dolly"]

BIDAL, Magdalena (Argentina) [Married to Audras, by 1932] [Active 1930s.]

Bidal de Audras, Senora (by 1932) [SEE BIDAL, Magdalena]

BIDDLE, Dorothy Sylvia Mary (Great Britain) [16 Aug 1907-1997] [Mrs. Francis de Winton, from 1930] [Active ???]

BIDDLE, Isabel (United States) [1888-1953] [Mrs. Anthony Joseph Drexel Paul, from 29 Dec 1908] [Active ???]

Biddle, Mrs. H. (from 1913) [SEE RASTALL, Mira Herbert]

Biddle, Mrs. N. [SEE CARPENTER, Virginia]

BIDDULPH, Frances Mary (South Africa) [18 Oct 1869-4 July 1947] [Mrs. Horace Owen Dold, from c. 1888] [Active c. 1890-1910]

BIDDULPH, L. (South Africa) [Active 1890s.]

BIDELEUX, Mary Jacqueline (France/Great Britain/Singapore) [24 Feb 1903-2002] [Mrs. William John McKendrick Warden, from 30 Dec 1928] [Active c. 1922-1940]

BIEDATSCH, Beatrice (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Bieler, Mrs. L. H. (from 28 Nov 1928) [SEE FERGUSSON, Margaret P.]

BIELIK, Beatrix "Bea" (Hungary/United States, from c. 2002) [28 Nov 1980- ] [Active 1997-1999, 2002-2005]

Bigard, (Mme) Gaby (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

BIGELOW, Mary Cleveland (United States) [29 Sept 1884-26 Jan 1968] [Mrs. John Lewis Bremer, from 29 Sept 1906] [Active 1910s-30s.]

BILL, Frances Myrtle (United States) [1878-22 April 1944] [Mrs. Frank Elwood Harrigan, from 12 Aug 1907] [Active c. 1910-20]

Billat, Mme (from 1962) [SEE DE LA COURTIE, Florence "Flo"]

BILLAZ, Josette (France) [1927- ] [Active c. 1946-62]

Billing, Mrs. R. L. (from 29 Sept 1915) [SEE MEYER, Elsie Josephine]

Billings, Mrs. S. (from 3 July 1906) [SEE STOCKTON, Eleanor]

BILLINGS, Ethel L. (United States) [7 Nov 1876-31 March 1957] [Mrs. Wilmarth Ingalls Northup, from c. 1903] [Active c. 1910-25]

Billington, Mrs. [SEE VERCOE, Beverley]

Billington, Mrs. H. (from 7 Jan 1944) [SEE HEMSTED, (Evelyn) Susan]

BILLINGTON, Susan Jane (Great Britain) [1947- ] [Mrs. Anthony John Shirley Henman, from 1968] [Active ???]

BILLOUD, Alice (France) [Active 1930s.]

Billout, Mme M. (16 April 1917-before 1925) [SEE BROQUEDIS, Marie Marguerite]

BILSE, Audrey I. (South Africa) [27 May 1927-31 Jan 2017] [Mrs. Wilson] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Bimes, Mme [SEE CAZAUX, Nicole]

BINGLEY, Blanche (Great Britain) [3 Nov 1863-6 Aug 1946] [Mrs. George Whiteside Hillyard, from 13 July 1887] [Active 1880s-1910s.]

BINZER, Berta (Austria) [Active 1930s.]

Birch, Mrs. L. (1 April 1934-1936) [SEE WHITE, Daphne Mary Steeds]

BIRCH, Dina (United States) [11 Dec 1971- ] [Married to Desi McBride, from c. 1999/2001] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

BIRCH, Sandra (United States) [3 Sept 1969- ] [Married to Denis Z. Krusos] [Active 1989-1991]

Bird, Mrs. T. C. (from 24 Sept 1943) [SEE WAITE, Marjorie]

Bird, Mrs. J. (from 10 Aug 1929) [SEE BECKINGHAM, (Yolanda) Claire]

Birkland, Mrs. O. (from 1948) [SEE PACKARD, Joan]

Birks, Mrs. C. (1913-before 1926) [SEE HONE, Alice May]

BIRTWISTLE, Olga Allison Madge (Great Britain/United States) [7 Jan 1927-3 Sept 2015] [Mrs. Robert Mahaney] [Active 1960s.]

BISHOP, Gertrude "Ruby" (United States) [6 Sept 1913-17 May 1984] [Mrs. Joseph Oliver "Joe" Bixler Jr., from 4 June 1935] [Active 1930s.]

BISHOPP, Hazel (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Bisley, Mrs. R. H. “J.” (1959-before 1965) [SEE MORGAN, Janet Rachael Margaret]

BIXLER, Barbara (United States) [11 Oct 1921-16 Oct 1968] [Mrs. William F. Koegel, from 1946] [Active 1940s.]

Bixler, Mrs. J. O., jr. (from 4 June 1935) [SEE BISHOP, Gertrude "Ruby"]

Bjerge, Mrs. T. (from 1931) [SEE GANDIL, Jonna Betty Simonia]

Björk, Mrs. (from c. 1938) [SEE SAMUELSSON, Alva]

BJURSTEDT, Anna Margareta "Molla" (Norway/United States) [6 March 1884-22 Nov 1959] [Mrs. Franklin Isaac Mallory, from 3 Sept 1919] [Active 1903-1929]

BJURSTEDT, Valborg (Norway) [7 Nov 1885-4 Sept 1968] [Mrs. Hans Andreas Hals, from 1917] [Active c. 1906-1914]

BLACK, Cara Cavell (Zimbabwe) [17 Feb 1979- ] [Married to Brett Stephens, from 2 Dec 2006; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1992-2015]

Black, Mrs. W. G. (from 17 March 1928) [SEE RAOUL-DUVAL, Madeleine]

BLACK, (Lieutenant) Margaret (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Black, Mrs. W. C. G. (from 9 Aug 1933) [SEE GRIMOND, Monica Bowman "Nancie"]

BLACKBURN, Delys Anne (Australia) [Mrs. Arthur Frederick Payne, from 1960] [Active 1950s.]

BLACKFORD, Elizabeth (United States) [Active 1960s.]

BLACKHALL, Florence I. "Florrie" (Australia) [Mrs. Charles J. Walker, from 1926] [Active 1930s.]

BLACKLOCK, Mary (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

BLACKMAN, Elizabeth "Liz" (United States) [Active c. 1929-1939]

Blackman, Mrs. R. E. C. (from 1943) [SEE ROBERTS, Gwendolene "Gwen"]

BLACKMAN, Jill Alison (Australia) [24 July 1942- ] [Mrs. Peter Emmerson, from 1968] [Active c. 1958-1973]

BLACKMAN, Louise (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Blackwell, Mrs. D. (from 9 Sept 1953) [SEE MACGIBBON, A. Jean]

BLACKWELL, Phyllis (United States) [26 March 1957- ] [Active ????-1984]

BLACKWOOD, Marjorie (Canada) [1 May 1957- ] [Married to Peter Schelling] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Blagé, Mme M. (from c. 1911/12) [SEE DUFRENOY, Marie]

BLAHOTOVA, Olga (Czech Republic) [24 Jan 1976- ] [Married to Vymetalk] [Active 1993-2008, 2012]

BLAIN, Vera (Australia) [1887-1964] [Mrs. Lewis Roland(Martin?) Wibmer, from 1912] [Active c. 1908-12]

BLAIR, Gloria (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

Blair, Mrs. W. E. (before 1939-before 1958) [SEE LAUDERBACH, Marjorie Leona]

Blair, Mrs. N. W. (from 27 July 1946) [SEE LINCOLN, Winifred Mary "Molly"]

Blair-White, Mrs. A. (from Dec 1918) [SEE NEWELL, Rosetta Phoebe]

Blaisse, Mrs. H. (from 1938) [SEE TERWINDT, Geertruida "Truid" / "Trudi"]

Blaisse-Terwindt, Truid (from 1938) [SEE TERWINDT, Geertruida "Truid"]

BLAKE, Kathleen “Kathy” A. (United States) [18 Dec 1946- ] [Married to: G. Thornbrough, ????-????; Wayne A. Bryan, from 2 Aug 1973] [Active 1960s-70s.]

BLAKE, Margaret (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Blake, Mrs. G. B. (from 30 June 1902) [SEE HUNNEWELL, Margaret Fassett]

BLAKE, Patsy (United States) [Active 1960s.]

BLAKELOCK, Robina "Robin" Averil (Great Britain) [21 Feb 1944- ] [Mrs. John Arthur Geoffrey Lloyd, 6 Oct 1962-????; Mrs. Graham Burton Primrose, from 14 Dec 1970] [Active 1960s.]

Blakstad, Mrs. W. L. (from 28 July 1933) [SEE HOLCROFT, Phoebe Catherine]

BLANAROVA, Anna (Czechoslovakia) ;Active 1920s-30s.]

Blanchard, Mrs. J. O. (from 30 July 1904) [SEE HOOPER, Elizabeth Amis Cameron "Bee"]

Blanchard, (Mrs.) Florence “Flo” L. (United States) [1920- ] [Married to Winslow "Mike" Blanchard, from 1950; maiden name unknown] [Active c. 1954-60] [SEE ???]

Blanchy, (Mme) Nadine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

BLAND, Evelyn Alice M. (Great Britain) [17 Aug 1901-13 April 1985] [Mrs. (Hon. Captain) Frank Guy Clavering Fison, from 23 Feb 1922] [Active 1920s.]

BLAND, Nina (Canada) [21 April 1959- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Blank, Mrs. [SEE MILLER, Bonnie]

BLANPAIN, Alice (Belgium) [1875-29 Jan 1935] [Mme Paul Eugène Comblen, by 1899] [Active c. 1896-1904]

BLACHFORD, Lindsay (Great Britain) [6 April 1953- ] [Active c. 1970-1977]

Blatter, Mrs. [SEE SIMMEN, Monica]

Bleazard, Mrs. W. J. (from 27 Jan 1948) [SEE JONES, Mary Patricia "Pat"]

BLENCOWE, Ada Blanche (Great Britain) [1859-4 Feb 1931] [Mrs. Robert Longman, from 4 Aug 1891] [Active c. 1880-90]

BLENCOWE, Evelyn Ada (Great Britain) [3 Sept 1869-11 Jan 1951] [Mrs. Graham Sheldon Dudley-Driver, from 4 Oct 1895] [Active c. 1890-1904]

BLENCOWE, Gertrude (Great Britain) [1861-16 Jan 1923] [Mrs. Frederick Chester Wells Durrant, from 1889] [Active c. 1880-88]

BLICK, May Caroline (Australia) [Mrs. James Stuart Menzies, from 23 Nov 1940] [Active 1930s-40s.]

BLIGH, Betty (Australia) [Mrs. Bull, by 1953] [Active 1940s.]

BLISS, Bertha Ames (United States) [18 Feb 1878-28 April 1931] [Mrs. Charles William Bumstead, 23 Oct 1901-1910; Mrs. Edward Burns Caulkins, from 12 June 1912] [Active c. 1905-14]

BLISS, Ethel Appleby (United States) [25 Oct 1881-18 July 1971] [Mrs. Dan Fellows Platt, from 1900] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

Blittersdorf, (Mrs.) Mary B. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

BLOCH-JØRGENSEN, Mari-Ann (Denmark) [27 April 1947- ] [Mrs. Klougart, from c. 1972] [Active ???]

BLODGETT, Dorothy (United States) [Active 1920s.]

BLODGETT, Ruth Hartwell (United States) [28 Aug 1894-10 Sept 1972] [Mrs. William Martindale Shedden, from 24 Aug 1918] [Active 1916-1937]

BLOEME, Marie Bernardien de (Netherlands) [Mrs. Arthur Diemer Kool, from 18 July 1918] [Active 1920s.]

BLOM, Nora (Netherlands) [22 Feb 1951- ] [Married to Maximiliaan Lauteslager] [Active 1970s.]

Blomberg, Mrs. S. [SEE KROCKÉ, Elly]

Blomberg-Krocké, Elly [SEE KROCKÉ, Elly]

BLOOMER, Shirley Juliet (Great Britain) [13 June 1934- ] [Mrs. Christopher William Brasher, from 28 April 1959] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Bloss, Mrs. W. G. (from 22 July 1969) [SEE VARNER, Margaret]

BLOUNT, Renee (United States) [12 May 1957- ] [Active 1975-1986]

BLOXSOME, Constance Schreiber (Great Britain) [1877-12 Oct 1936] [Active c. 1896-1914]

BLOXSOME, Nita May Schreiber [May] (Great Britain) [1872-31 Jan 1949] [Active c. 1890-1914]

Blue, Mrs. D. H. (from 21 May 1955) [SEE JENSEN, Doris]

Blumenthal, Mrs. H. W. (from 1935) [SEE ROSENBAUM, Maud]

BOADLE, Dorothy Whitfield (Dorothy Whitefield Boadle y Van Fowinkel) (Argentina) [12 Dec 1885-1972] [Mrs. Philip Leslie Brown, from 27 April 1925] [Active c. 1906-1917]

Boadle, Mrs. T. S. (from 15 Dec 1880) [SEE VAN FOWINKEL Y WHITFIELD, Leonora Damasia]

BOADLE, Marjorie Scott (Argentina) [12 Jan 1889-????] [Mrs. R.B. Learoyd, from 1912] [Active ???]

BOADLE, Winnifred Mary (Argentina) [26 March 1884-????] [Mrs. Herbert Bucknall, from 9 Nov 1911] [Active 1900s.]

Boag, Mrs. T. C. [SEE CRAWLEY, Jean Lesley]

BOAG, Susan Lesley (Australia) [20 July 1944-18 June 2018] [Mrs. Barry Strang] [Active c. 1958-70]

BOAS, Betty (Great Britain) [Active 1930s.]

BOBRINSKOY, Theodora "Bunny" (United States) [Mrs. William Geoffrey Shepherd] [Active 1950s.]


BOCHRÖDER, Maria (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

BOCIO, Ana-Maria (Argentina) [19 Dec 1943-6 Jan 2016] [Active 1960s.]

Bocking, Mrs. R. (from 1953) [SEE HARPELL, Winnifred "Winnie"]

Bocquet, Mrs. D. R. (from May 1941) [SEE SEATON, Pamela “Pam” M.]

Boddington, Mrs. R. N. (from 1923) [SEE BURY, Louie Florence]

Boden, Mrs. C. L. (from 1946) [SEE ARTERBURN, Alice]

BOECK, Sieglinde (Germany/Canada) [Active 1950s.]

Boegner, Mme (from 1935) [SEE ROSAMBERT, Colette]

Boehm, Mrs. Charles (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Boehm, Mme (from c. 1949/50) [SEE SUTZ, Edith]

BOEUFVE, Alicette (France) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Böhm, Mme (from c. 1949/50) [SEE SUTZ, Edith]

BOHM, Nina (Sweden) [30 April 1958- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Böhm-Sutz, Edith (from c. 1949/50) [SEE SUTZ, Edith]

Böhmová, Katerina [SEE SKRONSKA, Katerina]

BOHMOVA, Katerina (Czech Republic) [18 Nov 1986- ] [Married name: Klapkova] [Active 2002-2011]

Bohn, (Frau) Else (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

BOILAIVE, Ninon (France) [c. 1905-????] [Active c. 1925-35]

Boissière, (Mme) Hélène (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

BOKER, Lillian (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Boland, Mrs. R. (from 3 Nov 1962) [SEE LAMPE, Carmen]

Boland, Mrs. (by 1937) [SEE SANDISON, Jenny]

BOLDT, Clover (United States) [Mrs. Alfred G. Miles] [1900s.]

BOLGER, ??? (first name unknown) (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

BOLL, Dorothy (United States) [Active 1930s.]

BOLLEGRAF, Manon Maria (Netherlands) [10 April 1964- ] [Active 1985-2000]

BOLLEN, Lorna Willoughby (Australia) [25 Sept 1900-1983] [Mrs. Arthur Wellesley Jack, from 21 April 1937] [Active c. 1919-36]

BOLOGNA, Manuela (Italy) [Signora Matteini, from circa 1956] [Active 1950s.]

BOLOGNA, Paola (Italy) [1889-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

BOLSTER, Maria (Ireland) [15 Nov 1957- ] [Active 1980s.]

Bolte, (Mrs) Pauline (Canada) [Mrs. Rene Bolte] [Active 1930s.] [maiden name unknown] [SEE ???]

Bolton, Mrs. G. F. "P." (from 6 July 1940) [SEE WYNNE, Nancye Meredith]

Bonardi, Signora [SEE BELTRAME, Roberta]

Bond, Mrs. E. (from 26 Oct 1921) [SEE GATEHOUSE, Birdie Louise “Bidy”]

BOND, Lucy Kathleen (Great Britain) [21 Feb 1904-Oct 1993] [Mrs. Reginald Pretty, from 1928] [Active ???]

Bond, Mrs. K. [SEE RIPPY, Patsy]

BONDER, Lisa (United States) [16 Oct 1965- ] [Married to: Thomas Kreiss, 10 Jan 1988-????; Kirk Kerkorian, 1999-????] [Active 1980s.]

Bonder-Kreiss, Lisa (10 Jan 1988-????) [SEE BONDER, Lisa]

BONICELLI, Fiorella (Uruguay/France) [21 Dec 1951- ] [Married to Philippe Duxin, from 19 Aug 1978] [Active 1970s-80s.]

BONIFACINO, Nora (Argentina) [8 Aug 1930-17 Jan 2013] [Married to José Somoza] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Bonifacino de Somoza, Senora [SEE BONIFACINO, Nora]

BONJOUR, Esther G. (India) [15 Aug 1907-????] [Active c. 1927-39]

Bonnard, (Mme) Henriette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

BONNETEAU, Pascale (France) [Active 1970s-80s.]

BONSIGNORI, Federica (Italy) [20 Nov 1967- ] [Active 1980s.-1998]

BONSTROM, (Gertrud) Margareta (Sweden) [7 April 1929- ] [Active c. 1952-1972]

BOOTH, Grace E. (United States) [Active 1890s.]

BOOTH, Helen (United States) [Active 1890s.]

BOOTHBY, (Penelope) Dora Harvey (Great Britain) [2 Aug 1881-22 Feb 1970] [Mrs. Arthur Cecil Geen, from 9 April 1914] [Active c. 1900-1922]

Boothman, Mrs. R. C. (from 1950) [SEE WILSON, Joyce F. T.]

Boppe, Mme A. (from 11 May 1905) [SEE PRÉVOST, Yvonne]

BORBA-DIAS, Maria-Cristina (Brazil) [26 June 1951- ] [Active 1960s.]

BORDA, Matilda (United States) [26 Jan 1888-????] [Mrs. Harold S. Cross, from 14 April 1910] [Active 1900s.]

Bordes, Mme P. R. M. (from 1925) [SEE BROQUEDIS, Marie Marguerite]

BORELLI, Carmen Juliette (Australia) [circa 1932- ] [Mrs. Brian Reginald Tobin, from 2 Feb 1954] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Borghini, Mme A. (by 1932) [SEE MARTIN, Juliette]

Borisova, (Mrs.) Klavdiya Alekseyevna (Soviet Union) [20 Oct 1915-13 Dec 1971] [married to Borisov; maiden name unknown] [Active ???] [SEE ???]

BORKA, Katalin (Hungary) [27 Jan 1952- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Borman, Mme Paul de (from c. 1909) [SEE DE SELLIERS DE MORANVILLE, Anne]

BORMAN, Geneviève de [SEE DE BORMAN, Geneviève]

BORMAN, Myriam de [SEE DE BORMAN, Myriam Leyle Adrianne Victorine Ghislaine]

BORN, Dianne (Australia) [30 March 1946- ] [Mrs. Berkinshaw] [Active 1970s.]

BORNEO, Belinda (Great Britain) [10 Nov 1966- ] [Active 1984-1992]

BORWELL, Sarah (Great Britain) [20 Aug 1979- ] [Married to Katie Dougherty] [Active 2000-2013]

BOSHOFF, Delina Ann "Linky" (South Africa) [12 Nov 1956- ] [Married to Peter Frederick Mortlock, from 4 Dec 1982] [Active c. 1973-1978]

BOSHOFF, Karin(Karen?) (South Africa) [18 May 1953- ] [Active 1970s.]

Bossi, (Signora) Annalisa [SEE ULLSTEIN, Anneliese]

Bostock, Mrs. E. W. A. (from 30 Jan 1943) [SEE NICOLL, Jean Addie Bisset]

BOSTROM, Patricia L. "Pat" / “Trish” (United States) [25 Nov 1950- ] [Active c. 1970-1980]

BOSWORTH, E. L. (Great Britain) [Active c. 1903-1908]

BOTHA, Daphne Hazel (South Africa/Rhodesia) [12 June 1948- ] [Mrs. Andrew Pattison, from 11 Sept 1971] [Active 1970s.]

Bott, Mrs. J. C. L. (from 7 Nov 1936) [SEE AGG, Beatrice Edith]

Botting, Mrs. R. F. (from 1910) [SEE CORNER, Alice May]

BOUCHARD, Eugenie "Genie" (Canada) [25 Feb 1994- ] [Active 2008- ]

BOUCHER, Edith Margaret (Great Britain) [28 Nov 1878-16 Jan 1951] [Mrs. Francis John Hannam, from 5 May 1909] [Active 1900s-20s.]

BOUCHER, Joan Constance (Great Britain) [1904-????] [Mrs. John R. Bell, from 1931] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Boucher, Mrs. John (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE Helen ???]

Boucher, Mrs. R. C. (from c. Aug 1942) [SEE HARRIS, Muriel I.]

BOUCHET, Marie-Odile (France) [Active 1956-1960]

BOULLE, Michelle (France/Chile) [Married to Patricio H. Rodriguez, from 1966] [Active c. 1962-1984]

BOULTER, Katie (Great Britain) [1 Aug 1996- ] [Active 2011- ]

BOULTON, Mabel Eleanor (Great Britain) [1861-27 Dec 1934] [Mrs. Harry Ernest Cradock, from c. 1 July 1890] [Active 1880s-90s.]

BOULTON, (Mary) Dorothy (Great Britain) [Dec 1869-8 May 1942] [Married to Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Edward Percy Fowler, from c. Dec 1894] [Active 1880s-90s.]

BOUMAN, Kornelia "Kea" (Netherlands) [23 Nov 1903-17 Nov 1998] [Mrs. Karl Alexander "Alex" Wilhelm Tiedemann, from 27 Jan 1931] [Active 1910s-30s.]

BOUNDY, (Julia) Marian (Great Britain/Canada) [c. Oct/Dec 1935- ] [Mrs. Karel Werner, from c. Oct/Dec 1970] [Active c. 1953-1969]

BOURBONNAIS, Michelle (France) [18 Nov 1926- ] [Active 1940s.]

Bourdet, Mme C. (from 1935) [SEE ADAMOFF (ADAMIANTZ), Ida Vartanovna]

Bourdon, (Mme) Marguerite (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

BOURGEOIS, Germaine (France) [c. 1890-c. 1969] [Mme Francis Pigueron, by 1920-1925?; Mme Gustave Gounouilhou, from 20 Dec 1926] [Active c. 1914-27]

BOURGEOIS, Madeleine Marie-Antoinette (France) [25 Aug 1896-25 Nov 1985] [Mme Alfred Antoine(Alfred Jean-Nicolas?) de Rauch, from 16 Dec 1916] [Active ???]

BOURGEOIS, Yvonne Renée Suzanne (France) [6 May 1902-12 June 1983] [Mme Yann le Quellec, from 2 July 1930] [Active 1920s.]

BOURGNON, Janine (Switzerland) [Active 1950s-60s.]

BOURGNON, Michele (Switzerland) [Active 1960s.]

Bourke, Mrs. L. E. (from c. Jan 1934) [SEE ROE, Esther Margaret]

BOURNE, Helen (Great Britain) [Mrs. Cecil Hubert Cooper, from 27 Aug 1931] [Active 1920s.]

BOUSCAREN, Evelyn (United States) [Active 1930s-40s.]

BOUSSUS, Marie Elisabeth "Liz" (France/United States, from 1927?) [12 March 1905-17 Sept 2004] [Mrs. Michael (Gold) Granich; Mrs. Richard Humeston] [Active c. 1925-35]

Bouteleux, Mme A. (from c. early 1964) [SEE WILD, Daniele]

Boutin, Mme (France) (from between July 1947 and June 1948) [SEE SALADIN, Jacqueline]

Bouvard, (Mme) Francine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Bouwens, (Mme) Simone (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s-40s.] [SEE ???]

BOVE, Mabel (Argentina) [10 March 1937- ] [Married to Jorge Eduardo Capurro] [Active c. 1953-1967]

BOWAN, Constance "Connie" Sybil (United States) [Mrs. Wilmer R. Cozens, from 22 Dec 1955] [Active 1950s.]

BOWDEN, Lynette (Australia) [Active c. 1951-1960]

Bowden, Mrs. K. A. T. (26 Oct 1935-before 1959) [SEE BURGESS-SMITH, Mary]

BOWDER, Irene Evelyn (India/South Africa) [27 July 1892-13 June 1978] [Mrs. Gerald Eustace Peacock, from 14 Nov 1917] [Active c. 1915-1932]

BOWEN, Ivy (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

BOWER, Winifred Mary C. (Great Britain) [13 Oct 1902-June 1981] [Active 1920s-30s.]

BOWES, Beverly (United States) [9 Sept 1965- ] [Married to Holt McPherson Hackney, from 20 Nov 1993] [Active 1983-1995]

BOWES, Cecile Marie (United States) [11 May 1914-14 Jan 1988] [Mrs. William "Bill" J. La Roche, from 3 March 1951] [Active 1930-50s.]

Bowes-Hackney, Beverly (from 20 Nov 1993) [SEE BOWES, Beverly]

BOWKER, Helen Aileen (Australia) [Mrs. Charles Joseph Donohoe, from 30 Nov 1938] [Active 1930s.]

BOWLER, Helen (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

BOWMAN, Jill (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

BOWMAN, Jocelyn (South Africa) [Mrs. John Richard Schomburgk "Jack" Evans, from 4 April 1934] [Active 1920s.]

BOWNESS, Ada Elizabeth (Australia) [16 June 1908-11 Nov 1977] [Mrs. (Sir) David "Dave" Longland, from 14 Dec 1935] [Active c. 1924-34]

Bowrey, Mrs. W. W. (from 23 Feb 1968) [SEE TURNER, Lesley Rosemary]

BOWYER, Joan E. (Rhodesia) [12 May 1935- ] [Mrs. Joseph John Herbert Walker, from 5 Oct 1957] [Active 1950s.]

BOY, Yveline (France) [Active 1960s.]

BOYCE, ??? (Australia) [Active 1910s.]

BOYCE, Althea Enid (Australia) [29 June 1908-29 Dec 2000] [Mrs. Brian William Hone, from 1 Aug 1933] [Active 1930s.]

BOYD, Esna Flora (Australia) [21 Sept 1900-13 Nov 1966] [Mrs. Angus Robertson, from 11 March 1929] [Active 1910s-30s.]

Boyd-Varty, Mrs. T. (from 10 Aug 1905) [SEE TURNBULL, Una Ethel Agathée Maud]

Boyer, (Mme) Christiane (France) [Married to Henry Boyer, by Sept 1932; maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

BOYER, Virginia Lee (United States) [9 Oct 1923-31 Dec 2003] [Mrs. James Roland Addington, from 17 Nov 1954] [Active 1940s.]

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BRACE, Margaret Frances "Peggy" (Great Britain) [Mrs. Edward Urlwin-Smith, from 2 March 1940] [Active 1930s.]

BRACEWELL, (Emily) Margaret (Great Britain) [1861-14 May 1940] [Mrs. George Moore, from 1890] [Active 1880s.]

BRACEWELL, Gertrude Mary (Great Britain) [1867-25 Feb 1949] [Active 1880s.]

BRADBURY, Beth Ann (Australia) [c. 1920- ] [Mrs. Jack Darlison] [Active c. 1940-55]

BRADFIELD, Betty (Australia) [c. 1937/38- ] [Mrs. Grigg, from c. 1956] [Active c. 1953-1956]

BRADLEY, Augusta (United States) [c. 1874-12 Feb 1949] [Mrs. George Lewis Chapman] [Active ???]

BRADLEY, Barbara J. (United States) [c. April/May 1919?- ] [Mrs. Samuel "Sam" Tracy Clarke, by Sept 1956] [Active c. 1937-1956]

BRADLEY, Marilyn (United States) [21 April 1921-28 Feb 2002] [Mrs. Howard R. Gould] [Active 1930s-40s.]

BRADLEY, Marian (Great Britain) [1853-3 April 1939] [Mrs. Ernst Greig von Glehn, from 8 Nov 1883] [Active c. 1876-83]

BRADLEY, Marion (Ireland) [Active 1880s.]

BRADLEY, Ruby Patricia (United States) [29 March 1928- ] [Mrs. Lee Sayre Hammel, from 27 Dec 1946] [Active 1950s.]

BRADSHAW, Dennis "Denise" Allene (United States) [14 Aug 1936- ] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Bradshaw, Mrs. R. [SEE DENING, Kaye]

BRADT, Virginia (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Bradtke, Nicole (from 27 Feb 1994) [SEE PROVIS, Nicole Anne-Louise]

BRADY, Eileen Eva Mary (New Zealand) [5 June 1907-3 Dec 1996] [Mrs. Donald Gunn France, from 1931] [Active c. 1925-35]

BRADY, Jennifer (United States) [12 April 1995- ] [Active 2010- ]

Bragdon, Mrs. R. E. (from 23 June 1910) [SEE KANTERS, Christine Roos]

BRALOWER, Susan "Sue" (United States) [6 July 1935- ] [Mrs. Harold "Harry" Richard Hart, from June 1957] [Active 1950s.]

BRAMBLETT, Barbara Christine "Barbie" (United States) [14 Sept 1964- ] [Married to Jesus Mayor, 8 March 2005-11 Sept 2005] [Active 1982-1985]

Brame Hillyard, Mrs. (from 7 Feb 1922) [SEE RICHARDS, Agnes Florence]

Bramley, Mrs. P. (from May 1956) [SEE GRIFFIN, Sheila]

Brand, (Frau) Erna (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

BRAND, Pamela (Australia) [5 Dec 1944- ] [Mrs. David Hatt] [Active 1960s.]

BRANDT, (Lieutenant) Barbara (United States) [1921- ] [Mrs. Leighton C. "Huck" Wood, from 8 Nov 1945] [Active c. 1940-1959]

Branfoot, Mrs. C. (from 1910) [SEE KENDAL, Lizzie Evelyn]

BRANKOVSKA, Barbara (Canada) [25 Sept 1952- ] [Active 1970s.]

BRARENS, Myra Beatrice (United States) [18 Nov 1897-18 Aug 1957] [Active c. 1915-20]

BRASHER, Katrina "Kate" J. (Great Britain) [2 Aug 1962- ] [Married to Edward V. Sabisky, from Sept 1990] [Active 1978-1986]

Brasher, Mrs. C. W. (from 28 April 1959) [SEE BLOOMER, Shirley Juliet]

Bray, Mrs. [SEE LOMAX, Flora]

BRAY, Muriel M. (Great Britain) [Active 1930s.]

BRAZIER, Pat (Great Britain) [Active 1930s.]

Breaugh, Mrs. [SEE STACK, June]

BREDEHOP, Sophie (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

BREED, Jane Harvey (United States) [8 July 1933-29 May 1990] [Mrs. Peter Emmet Fleming, from 2 June 1956] [Active 1950s.]

BREHM, Elsebeth (Denmark) [30 July 1901-14 July 1995] [Mrs. Jorgensen] [Active 1920s.]

BREIT, Barbara N. (United States) [30 Dec 1937- ] [Mrs. Gavin B. Gordon, 1 Feb 1958-July 1970; Mrs. Kenneth B. Frank, from 26 June 1973] [Active 1950s.]

BREMER, M. (Australia) [Active 1900s.]

Bremer, Mrs. J. L. (from 29 Sept 1906) [SEE BIGELOW, Mary Cleveland]

Brémond, Iryna (from Jan 2011) [SEE KURYANOVICH, Iryna]

Brémond-Beltrame, Séverine (Sept 2005-Nov 2008) [SEE BELTRAME, Séverine Aurélie]

Brendel, (Frau) Gertrud (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

BRENGLE, Madison (United States) [3 April 1990- ] [Active 2004- ]

BRENNAN, Maeve (Ireland) [c. 1925-26 June 2013] [Mrs. Mark Alexander Downey, from c. January 1951] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Brenneke, Mrs. H. H. (from 15 Dec 1928) [SEE SINCLAIR. Leah Alice]

BRENNER, Suzanne Rita (United States) [Mrs. Jack Geller, from c. 1947] [Active 1950s.]

Brent, Mrs. N. T. (by 1972) [SEE JONES, Meryl]

Bresson, (Mme) Andrée (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

BRETHERTON, Edith Grace (Ceylon) [12 Aug 1896-21 Jan 1973] [Mrs. Cyril Gilliat, from 17 June 1917] [Active c. 1919-30]

Brewer, Mrs. W. J. (June 1952-before 7 Sept 1957) [SEE NICHOLLS, Heather Mary Hope]

Brewer, Mrs. J. M. (from c. April/June 1957) [SEE PITT, Valerie Anne]

BREWSTER, Alice Lilian (New Zealand) [1885-????] [Active c. 1905-15]

BRICKA, Justina (United States) [14 Feb 1943- ] [Mrs. Richard "Dick" Horwitz, May 1966-????] [Active 1950s-60s.]

BRICOUT, Suzanne (France) [Active 1930s.]

Bridge, Mrs. A. V. (from 20 Oct 1924) [SEE LIDDERDALE, Kathleen Eleanora]

BRIDGE, Virginia (United States) [c. 1934/35- ] [Mrs. James Overman Welch, from 24 Feb 1957] [Active ???]

BRIDGER, Jean Barbara (Great Britain) [17 March 1924-3 Feb 2010] [Mrs. John J. Walker-Smith, from 18 Feb 1944] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Bridgford, Mrs. J. G. (from 30 Dec 1922) [SEE GANLY, Dorothea Maude]

Brigden, Mrs. F. L. (from 1939) [SEE OSBORNE, Gladys Kathleen]

Briggs, Mrs. B. F. (from 6 Sept 1913) [SEE GREEN, Dorothy Scott]

Briggs, Mrs. J. L. (from 28 Sept 1918) [SEE MOXON, Eva Phyllis Moran]

BRIGGS, Ruth (United States) [9 Oct 1928-26 Dec 2013] [Mrs. Kenneth Samuel Prosser] [Active c. 1945-50]

BRIGHAM, Elizabeth Davidge (United States) [28 Aug 1936- ] [Mrs. Donald M Tarbell, from 20 Aug 1957] [Active 1950s.]

BRIGHT, Elizabeth (United States) [10 May 1900-4 Nov 1986] [Mrs. Walter W. Weld, by April 1932] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Brighton, Mrs. A. C. (from c. Oct/Dec 1939) [SEE THORN, Leonie Mary]

Brimson, Mrs. F. W. (????-after 2006) [SEE PARROTT, Julie Kaye]

BRINTON, Katherine "Kitty" (United States) [Active 1910s-20s.]

BRISACK, Jane (United States) [Feb 1938-1 Sept 2010] [Mrs. Ben J. Andre, from 1960] [Active 1950s.]

BRISTOL, Winnifred "Winnie" C. (United States) [13 July 1869-7 June 1953] [Active 1890s.]

BRISTOW, Edith Antonia (Great Britain/Australia) [15 July 1871-24 Nov 1941] [Mrs. Arthur Redmond Barry, from 1 Aug 1896] [Active c. 1890-14]

Britten-Jones, Mrs. E. (from 4 Oct 1915) [SEE FISCHER, Hilda Madeleine]

BRIXHE, Peggy (Portugal) [12 April 1925- ] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Broadbridge, Mrs. H. G. (from 20 Aug 1925) [SEE HEAD, Enid Muriel]

BROADHURST, Margaret Ethel (Great Britain) [1871-????] [Mrs. Owen Dickins, 16 Aug 1891-????; Mrs. Francis Harold Armstrong, from 1896] [Active 1890s.]

BROCHARD, Marie-Christine (France) [Active 1970s.]

Brock, Mrs. H. L. K. (from c. July/Sept 1940) [SEE LONG, Sidney Kathleen]

BROCKHINKE, Toni (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

BROCKLESBY, Catherine Pattie (Great Britain) [1902-1979] [Mrs. John Trotter, from 25 July 1928] [Active 1920s.]

Brodská, Božena (by 1959-????) [SEE KREPELKOVA (Křepelková), Božena "Biba"]

Broese van Groenou, Mrs. A.(D.) (from 25 April 1905) [SEE HOLLE, Albertine Alexandrine "Noesy"]

BROESE VAN GROENOU, Jeannetta "Nettie" (Netherlands) [2 Dec 1884-10 Nov 1960] [Mrs. Herman Gerhard von Oven, from 4 April 1912] [Active c. 1902-12]

BROHM, Adeline (United States) [Active 1920s.]

BROKAW, Burmah (United States) [20 Oct 1890-15 Oct 1971] [Active c. 1910-14]

BROMFIELD, Edith Jane (Great Britain) [1874-1952] [Active c. 1897-1909]

Brook, Mrs. B. H. M. (from 12 Oct 1905) [SEE MOUNTAIN, Margaret Evelyn "Maggie"]

BROOKE, H. M. (Great Britain) [Active 1930s.]

BROOKER, Meg (Australia) [Active 1930s-40s.]

BROOKES, Elaine Gertrude Balcombe (Australia/Great Britain?) [1914-1986] [Mrs. Reginald "Reggie" Frederick Bessemer-Clark, 7 Jan 1936-????; Mrs. Frederick "Fred" G. Roe, from June 1949] [Active 1930s.]

BROOKES, May (Australia) [1874-17 May 1938] [Active c. 1890-95]

Brooks, Mrs. W. N. (from 20 Dec 1961) [SEE RAYMOND, Lorna Lynn]

BROOKSMITH, Mildred (Great Britain) [Active 1890s-1920s.]

BROQUEDIS, Marie Marguerite [Marguerite] (France) [17 April 1893-23 April 1983] [Mme Marcel Billout, 16 April 1917-???; Mme Pierre Raymond Marie Bordes, from 1925] [Active 1910s-30s.]

BROSIN, Margaret "Marge" Alice (United States) [30 Dec 1916-11 Dec 2012] [Mrs. William E. Bahr] [Active c. 1930-1936, 1940]

BROSSY, Lolette (France) [Active 1930s.]

BROSZMANN, Zsofia (Hungary) [27 Jun 1935 - ] [Active 1950s-60s.]

BROUGH, (Althea) Louise (United States) [11 March 1923-3 Feb 2014] [Mrs. Alan Townsend Clapp, from 9 August 1958] [Active c. 1939-1959]

Brouhgton, Mrs. A. R. (from c. 1900) [SEE HOWITT, Sarah Muriel Susannah]

Broun, Mrs. A. F. (from 1892) [SEE HOWARD, Emily Hilda Mahala]

BROWN, Amanda (Great Britain) [2 May 1965- ] [Married to Jason G. Michelow, from May 2001] [Active 1982-1986]

BROWN, Beatrice C. (Great Britain) [Active 1920s.]

Brown, Mrs. [SEE GOLBERT, Cindy]

Brown, Mrs. [SEE EVERS, Dianne]

Brown, Mrs. P. L. (from 27 April 1925) [SEE BOADLE, Dorothy Whitfield(Whitefield?)]

BROWN, Flora Headley (Great Britain/United States) [c. 1878-31 Aug 1954] [Mrs. Gilbert Alexander Harvey, from 4 Sept 1900] [Active 1910s.]

Brown, Mrs. E. (from 26 Dec 1910) [SEE STURTON, (Florence) Maud]

Brown, Mrs. [SEE HARRY, Gethyn Wareham]

Brown, Mrs. R. D. (from c. April/June 1968) [SEE SCOBLE, Janet]

Brown, Mrs. R. W., jr. [SEE PALFREY, Joanna Oakes "Joey"]

BROWN, Joyce (Great Britain) [Active ???]

BROWN, (Lilian) Evelyn (Great Britain) [10 April 1916-6 June 2015] [Mrs. Claude "Curly" Gascoinge Moeller, from c. July-Sept 1939] [Active c. 1950-1960]

Brown, Mrs. R. (from 1946) [SEE COOK, Louise]

Brown, Mrs. W. (from 1929) [SEE HAXBY, Marion Isobel]

Brown, Mrs. J. H. (from 1955) [SEE HARRISON, Mary Patricia "Pat"]

BROWN, Melissa (United States) [11 April 1968- ] [Married to Herb Subin] [Active 1980s.-1991]

BROWN, Muriel "Molly" (Singapore/Great Britain) [1907-11 Sept 1981] [Mrs. (Sir) John Huggins, from 1929] [Active c. 1930-38]

BROWN, N. (???) [Active 1920s.]

BROWN, Nina Borein (Great Britain) [21 Jan 1915-22 April 2018] [Mrs. Everett Rubicam Hamilton, from 23 August 1941] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Brown, Mrs. N. (from 1934) [SEE MCCOY, Patsy]

Brown, Mrs. [SEE ARMSTRONG, Sheila M.]

Brown, Mrs. G. (from 20 March 1950) [SEE LINEHAN, Veronica]

Brown, Mrs W. W. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

BROWN, Yvonne Mary Florence (Great Britain) [2 Dec 1900-18 Nov 1986] [Mrs. Edgar S. Law, from c. April/June 1925] [Active c. 1930-1950]

Browne, Mrs. E. de S. H. (from 2 Dec 1885) [SEE RAMSAY, Ellen Augusta]

BROWNE, Mary Kendall (United States) [3 June 1891-19 Aug 1971] [Mrs. Kenneth Kenneth-Smith, June 1958-???] [Active 1900s-20s.]

BROWNE, “Wynnie” (Australia) [Active 1890s.]

BROWNELL, Gladys (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

BROWNING, Adelaide Scott (United States) [31 March 1892-May 1971] [Mrs. Homer Stuart Green, from 13 Nov 1913] [Active 1910-1913, 1918-1925]

BROWNING, Barbara (United States) [20 Sept 1942- ] [Mrs. Dale A. Rohland, from 17 June 1961] [Active 1950s-60s.]

BROWNING, Elsie M. (Australia) [c. 1885-????] [Active 1910s.]

BROWNING, Natalie Hull (United States) [15 Sept 1896-July 1975] [Mrs. Grant D. Small, from c. 1919/20] [Active 1910s.]

Brownrigg, Mrs. C. E. (from 22 December 1897) [SEE ARBUTHNOT, Adolphine Mary "May"]

Broz, Frau (by 1949) [SEE FISCHER, Elizabeth "Lisl"]

Bruce, Mrs. B. O. (from 2 Sept 1902) [SEE SUTTON, Ethel]

Bruce, Senora [SEE SARNO, Lucia]

Bruckmeyer, (Frau) Grete (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

BRUMMER, Marianne (or Marianna) (South Africa) [24 Nov 1949- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Brunette, Mrs. E. C. (from 15 June 1940) [SEE CROWHURST, (Joan) Olga]

Brunie, Mrs. H. [SEE FULLER, Anna]

BRUNING, Anna-Marie "Bunny" (United States) [5 Sept 1957- ] [Married to Marla Frantum] [Active 1974-1980, 1982-1983]

BRÜNING, Martha (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

BRUNNARIUS, Myrtil (France) [5 Nov 1922-early 1960] [Mme Dubois, by 1950] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Brunner, (Frau) Laura (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Brunner, (Mme) Laure (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

BRUNOU, Anita (Finland) [Active 1910s-30s.]

Bruns, Frau (from 17 Dec 1909) [SEE ACHENBACH, (Alice) Melanie]

BRUNYATE, Annie Aileen Mary (Great Britain) [19 July 1905-1956] [Mrs. William Blow Gurney Collis, from 1935] [Active 1920s-30s.]

BRUNYATE, Elizabeth Christina May (Great Britain) [19 July 1905-Nov 1990] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Brusco, Mrs. C. H. (from 31 Aug 1957) [SEE STORY, Donna Joan]

Brusewitz, Mrs. E. (from 11 Sept 1900) [SEE HOLMSTRÖM, Ellen Maria]

Bruton, Mrs. H. N. (from 1936) [SEE KNOBLANCHE, Margaret Alice]

Brutton, Mrs. C. P. (June 1935-before 1943) [SEE MCALPINE, Gladys Gwendolyn "Jackie"]

BRUYN KOPS, Mme de (Netherlands) [Active ???]

BRYAN, Beatrice (United States) [1912- ] [Mrs. ????? – married name unknown, from 1935] [Active c. 1928-35]

BRYAN, Constance (Great Britain) [Active 1885-1894]

Bryan, Kathy (from 2 Aug 1973) [SEE BLAKE, Kathleen “Kathy” A.]

Bryan, Mrs. J. (April 1960-before Feb 1961) [SEE JAHN, Laura Lou]

Bryan, Mrs. [SEE O'SULLIVAN, Mary U.]

Bryans, Mrs. [SEE FILDES, Elaine Anna]

BRYANT, Dorothy Walrond (India) [5 Jan 1905-3 Oct 1964] [Married to (Sir) Walter Harold Strachan Michelmore, from 18 Feb 1933 (or 1935)] [Active ???]

BRYANT, Gwen (Australia) [Active 1940s-50s.]

BRYANT, Joan (Great Britain) [Active 1940s.]

Bryant, Mrs. J. [SEE WILLIAMS, Lorraine]

BRYN, Laura (United States) [Active 1920s.]

BRZAKOVA (Brzáková), Yvona (Czechoslovakia) [23 April 1953(1956?)- ] [Active 1970s-1986]

BUBB, J. "Cherie" (Australia) [Mrs. Claude Clark/Clarke, from 1945] [Active 1930s.]

Bucaille, Mme H. M. J. (22 July 1949-27 June 1955) [SEE JUCKER, Marie-Ginette "Ginette"]

BUCHANAN, Andrea (United States) [6 April 1955-29 Jan 1982] [Married to Archie Whitmore, by 1979-early 1980] [Active 1978-1981]

BUCHE, Veronika (Austria) [29 March 1949- ] [Active 1970s.]

Buck, Mrs. R. A. (from 1 March 1947) [SEE GLADMAN, Marjorie Kathleen "Midge"]

BUCK, Rosemary Blanch (United States) [21 Sept 1926-18 May 2007] [Active 1940s-50s.]

BUCKELL, Daphne Rose Teasdale (United States) [23 Nov 1922-3 March 2006] [Mrs. Francis Wilbur Moynihan, before 1949-before 1963] [Active c. 1935-45]

Buckley, Mrs. F. (from 1903) [SEE HILL, Constance Adeline]

Bucknall, Mrs. H. (from 9 Nov 1911) [SEE BOADLE, Winnifred Mary]

Bucknell, Mrs. A. C. (from 27 Nov 1922) [SEE GLYNN, Eleanor Serita]

Bucknill, Mrs. J. C. (from 1908) [SEE LISTER, Margaret Mary Maria]

Bucolo, Becky [SEE VARNUM, Becky]

BUDAROVA (Budařová), Iva (Czechoslovakia) [31 July 1960- ] [Married to Petr Simunek, from Oct 1984; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active c. 1977-1991]

Buderus, Frau (by June 1940) [SEE HOFFERT, Inge]

Budin, Mme C. (from 1927) [SEE HUCHEZ, Yvonne]

BUDING, Edda (Germany) [13 Nov 1936-15 July 2014] [Frau Düchting, from Aug 1969] [Active 1950s-70s.]

BUDING, Ilse Renate (Germany) [22 Nov 1939- ] [Mrs. Michael "Mike" G. Davies, July 1959-????; Mrs. Michael, from ????] [Active c. 1954-1970]

BUEHLER, Marlie (United States) [20 Nov 1950- ] [Active 1970s.]

BUENO, Maria Esther Andion (Brazil) [11 Oct 1939-8 June 2018] [Active c. 1954-1969, 1974-1977, 1980]

BUFFUM, Margaret Cope (United States) [14 May 1886-1978] [Mrs. Charles Carter Walbridge, from 10 Aug 1911] [Active 1910s.]

BUGAEVA, Valentina Denisovna (Soviet Union) [Born 14 Sept 1930- ] [Married to Vasilyev] [Active ???]

BUJA, Rosemarie (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

BULKLEY, Janet "Jan" Rogers (United States) [21 Oct 1913-4 April 1983] [Mrs. William Henry "Bill" Raye, Jr ., by 1938] [Active 1940s.]

Bull, Mrs. (by 1953) [SEE BLIGH, Betty]

Bull, Mrs. I. (from 25 Sept 1935) [SEE WEMYSS, Katherine "Kath" Ruth]

BULL, Lorna Mabel (Australia) [1904- ] [Mrs. Leslie Utz, from 5 June 1924] [Active 1920s.]

BULLEID, Rosemary "Ross" Janet (Great Britain) [5 Oct 1931-Oct 2001] [Married to Peyton Brown, from 1977] [Active 1950s.]

Bullock, Mrs. H. S. (from 1902) [SEE CARDWELL, Christina Lilian]

BULLOCK, Doris (Great Britain) [Mrs. Wilfrid H. Durose, from c. June 1936] [Active ???]

Bumstead, Mrs. C. W. (23 Oct 1901-1910) [SEE BLISS, Bertha Ames]

BUNCE, Elizabeth C. (United States) [Active 1900s-10s.]

BUNDY, Dorothy May Sutton "Dodo" (United States) [1 Sept 1916-23 Nov 2014] [Mrs. Arthur Charles Cheney, from 17 Oct 1946] [1930s-70s.]

Bundy, Mrs. T. C. (11 Dec 1912-1940) [SEE SUTTON, May Godfrey]

BUNDY, Sarah Elizabeth "Sadie" (United States) [9 Oct 1888-23 June 1940] [Active c. 1905-10]

BUNGE, Bettina (Germany) [13 June 1963- ] [Active c. 1976-1989]

Bunge, Senora de [SEE ZAVALIA, Margarita]

Bunting, Mrs. J. R. (from 12 Dec 1940) [SEE STURDY, (May) Hope]

BUNYAN, Winifred Rachel (Great Britain) [1890-????] [Mrs. Lionel Harold Chadwick Walker, from 22 Feb 1911] [Active c. 1912-24]

BURBACH, Mary (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Burchers, Mrs. S. (from 1959) [SEE HERNANDEZ, Marta]

BURDETTE, Annie(Ann?) W. (United States) [1874-1947] [Mrs. Louis Stevenson Coe, from c. 1894-95] [Active 1900s.]

Burdick, Mrs. J. W. (from 1917) [SEE OBERTEUFFER, Marjory Fitch]

Burdon, Mrs. H. L. (from 1915) [SEE MOODY, Nea]

BUREAU, Martine (France) [26 Jun 1960- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

BUREL, Maylis (France) [1 July 1943- ] [Mme Godefroy] [Active 1960s.]

BURGEMEISTER, Katja (Germany) [6 Jan 1948- ] [Married to: Dieter Ebbinghaus, ????-1974; Blöcker, from ????] [Active 1960s.-1982]

BURGESS-SMITH, Mary (Great Britain) [16 May 1912-????] [Mrs. Kenneth Alfred Thomas Bowden, 26 Oct 1935-before 1959] [Active 1930s.]

Burgess-Smith, Mrs. E. H. (from 1909) [SEE OPPENHEIMER, Victoria]

BURGIN, Elise (United States) [5 March 1962- ] [Active 1980-1993]

Burkart, (Mrs.) Linnea (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Burke, Mrs. W. A. (31 Aug 1931-13 Nov 1933) [SEE ANDRUS, Dorothy Bourne]

BURKE, Joan (Australia) [Mrs. David John Charlier, from 1941] [Active 1930s-40s.]

BURKE, Judith Frances "Judy" (New Zealand) [21 Feb 1931- ] [Mrs. William James Tinnock, from 16 May 1955] [Active 1940s-50s.]

BURKHARDT, Ethel (United States) [3 March 1909-10 Feb 1990] [Mrs. Albert B. Arnold, from May 1931] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Burkhardt, Frau (after 1951) [SEE HEINOVÁ, Gerda "Mini"(Minni?)]

BURLING, Dorothy Evelyn (Australia) [28 Dec 1907-????] [Mrs. Eric Hillard, from 13 Feb 1932] [Active 1930s-40s.]

BURN, Kathleen Pelham (Great Britain) [1887-18 March 1966] [Married to: Henry Charles Ponsonby Moore (10th Earl of Drogheda, from 1913), 3 March 1909-29 May 1921; Guillermo de Landa (Dellanda?) y Edcandon, 31 Aug 1922-16 April 1929] [Active 1910s.]

BURNS, Jessie (New Zealand) [Mrs. J. D. McKay, from 11 March 1941] [Active 1940s.]

BURNS, Margaret (Ireland) [c. 1945- ] [Mrs. Horner] [Active 1970s.]

Burr, Mrs. A. V. P.[SEE RAMSEY, Helen]

BURRELL, Penny M. (Great Britain) [c. April/June 1940- ] [Active c. 1956-1960]

BURRER, Emilie (United States) [1947- ] [Mrs. James Wesley "Ruby" Foster, from 27 June 1970] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Burrill, Mrs. W. V. (from 16 Nov 1894) [SEE CRAIG, Helena]

BURRITT, Jean Adele (Canada) [11 Oct 1908-????] [Active 1920s-40s.]

Burroughs, Mrs. N. M. (from 28 Dec 1938) [SEE CLUETT, Ann Bywater "Nancy"]

Burrows, Mrs. G. H. (from c. Jan/March 1954) [SEE CARLISLE, (Anna) Margaret]

BURROWS, Claudia Mary [Mary] (Great Britain) [Mrs. Harold "Harry" J. Sargeant, from c. Dec 1938] [Active 1930s.]

Burrows, Mrs. A. O. (from 8 Nov 1933) [SEE GORRINGE, Edna Alma Clara]

Burstall, Mrs. P. C. (from 19 Nov 1910) [SEE THURLOW, Eva]

Burston, Mrs. K.J. (from 17 May 1963) [SEE HELLYER, Margaret Batten]

Burt, Mrs. L. M. (by 1915) [SEE JESSUP, Gwendolyn]

BURTON, Alison Violet (Australia) [3 Nov 1921-9 June 2014] [Mrs. Robert "Bob" W. Baker, from 17 Sept 1946] [Active c. 1940-1957]

Burton, Mrs. E. W. (from 7 April 1887) [SEE SPIERS, Ellen]

BURTON, Veronica (Great Britain) [27 Jan 1952- ] [Married to Stuart Creed, from 1981] [Active 1969-1979]

BURY, Louie Florence (Australia) [1895-1971] [Mrs. Robert Noel Boddington, from 1923] [Active c. 1919-25]

BUSCH, Helga (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Bush, Mrs. P. S. (from 6 Aug 1921) [SEE WALKER, Dorothy "Dotty" Wear]

BUSHBY, Robina Eileen (Australia) [27 July 1891-10 Dec 1953] [Active 1910s-20s.]

BUSHELL, C. (Great Britain) [Active 1880s.]

BUSHELL, E. (Great Britain) [Active 1880s.]

BUSHELL, Maria Elena (Argentina) [Married to Moss between 1929 and 1932] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Bushell de Moss, Senora (married between 1929 and 1932) [SEE BUSHELL, Maria Elena]

BUSS, Annemarie (Anne-Marie) (Germany) [Active 1920s-30s.]

BUTCHERINE, Edith M. (Australia) [1901-25 Jan 1992] [Mrs. Vincent S. Lovell Barry, from 1935] [Active 1920s.-???]

BUTH, Dawn (United States) [29 May 1976- ] [Married to Steven Spirak, from 15 April 2000; retained maiden name as a player after marriage?] [Active 1996-2001]

BUTLER, Betty (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Butler, Mrs. L. T. (from 2 Feb 1924) [SEE PROPSTING, Caroline Bispham Coles]

BUTLER, Connie (Ireland) [Active 1880s.]

Butler, Mrs. C. H. (from 23 Aug 1922) [SEE EHRET, Gertrude Cathcart]

BUTLER, Gloria (United States) [12 April 1923- ] [Active c. 1947-1961]

BUTLER, Harriet M. (United States) [Active 1890s.]

BUTLIN, Patricia Marsh (Mexico/United States) [c. 1881-27 Sept 1936] [Mrs. Charles Vernon Hitchins, by 1913] [Active 1910-20s.]

BUTT, Susan (Canada) [19 March 1938- ] [Married to W. D. Liam Fin] [Active 1950s-60s.]

BUTTANSHAW, Geraldine (Great Britain) [22 May 1864-23 April 1959] [Mrs. Henry John Philpot, from 2 Oct 1890] [Active c. 1885-90]

BUTTANSHAW, Rosamond (Great Britain) [22 May 1864-11 Sept 1924] [Active c. 1885-90]

BUTTERFIELD, D. F. (United States) [Active 1880s-90s.]

Butterfield, Mrs. R. F. (from 1945) [SEE CATTON, Shirley Louise]

Buttle, Mrs. G. R. (from 17 Nov 1920) [SEE GORRIE, Gwen Buckland]

Buttsworth, Mrs. C. (from 1920) [SEE MCINNES, Coral Annabel "Corrie"]

BUXTON, Angela (Great Britain) [16 Aug 1934-14 Aug 2020 ] [Mrs. Donald W. Silk, 8 Feb 1959-????] [Active 1950s.]

BUXTON, Elizabeth (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Buxton, Mrs. G. B. (from 1918) [SEE ATKINSON, Juliette Paxton]

BUXTON-KNIGHT, Margaretta "Meg" (Great Britain/Egypt ) [c. Jan/March 1922- ] [Mrs. William J. Wilson, from 24 March 1951] [Active 1940s.]

BUZARNESCU (Buzărnescu), Mihaela (Romania) [4 May 1988- ] [Active 2004- ]

BYKOVA, Natalia (Soviet Union/Russia) [30/13? Sept 1966- ] [Married to N. Egorov] [Active 1985-2002]

BYRAM, Marjorie May (Australia) [17 Dec 1895-????] [Mrs. John "Jack" Stewart Lipscombe, from 26 March 1924] [Active 1920s.]

Byrne, Mrs. F. X. (from 19 June 1937) [SEE ROBERTS, Carolyn]

BYRNE, Jenny (Australia) [25 Feb 1967- ] [Active 1982-1990, 1992-1997]

Byrne, Mrs. B. J. le C. (from 1 June 1959) [SEE FITZPATRICK, June Ann]

BYRNE, Lucy Rachel (Great Britain) [21 Sept 1923-2005] [Mrs. James D. Campion, from 18 June 1955] [Active 1950s.]

Byrne, Mrs. [SEE POOLE, Olive]

Byrne, Mrs. J. (from 20 Oct 1892) [SEE HOBART, Victoria]

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Cable, (Mrs.) Marjorie (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Cabot, Mrs. T. H. (from 3 Oct 1898) [SEE PUMPELLY, Elsie]

CABOT, Pauline (United States) [Active 1920s.]

CABRAL-LENCASTRE, Maria-Manuel (Portugal) [30 June 1960- ] [Active 1970s.]

Caccia, Signora [SEE MAQUAY, Margery]

CACERES, Virginia (Peru) [19 July 1941- ] [Active 1960s.]

CACIC, Sandra (United States) [10 Sept 1974- ] [Active 1989-2006]

Cadell, Mrs. W. (from 1908) [SEE LARARD, Beatrice Helen]

CADLE, Lesley (Great Britain) [4 July 1889-1977] [Active 1920s.]

CADMAN, Susannah (Great Britain) [17 March 1884-c. Feb 1977] [Mrs. Neville Wilford, from 1 June 1910] [Active ???]

CAHILL, Mabel Esmonde (Ireland) [2 April 1863-31 Dec 1904] [Active 1886-1892]

Cain, Mrs. J. M. (from c. July/Sept 1959) [SEE LITHERLAND, Dorothy Millicent]

Cain, Mrs. R. A. [SEE SPESSARD, Susan]

CALAHAN, Mamie (United States) [Active 1890s.]

CALDECOTT, Ada Lilian (Great Britain) [1872-15 Jan 1952] [Active late 1880s-early 1890s.]

CALDECOTT, Florence Hilda (Great Britain) [1870-10 Oct 1945] [Active late 1880s-early 1890s.]

CALDER, Diana (Australia) [1931/32-1952/53] [Active ???]

Calder, Mrs. C. C. (from 1921) [SEE STUART, Gloria Mary MacKenzie]

CALDER, Marion Vassall (Jamaica/Great Britain) [19 July 1902-1994] [Active c. 1925-30]

CALDOW, Helen May (Australia) [13 Nov 1922-8 April 2006] [Mrs. Norman William Collins, from c. 1943/44] [Active c. 1946-55]

CALDWELL, Carole Ann (United States) [24 June 1943-19 Nov 2008] [Mrs. Clark Graebner, 11 July 1964-c. 1974] [Active 1960s.]

CALDWELL, Virginia (United States) [Active 1940s.]

CALLAWAY, Laurie (United States) [c. 1944/45- ] [Active 1960s.]

CALLE, Elfriede (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

CALLENS, Els Sidonia Hendrika (Belgium) [20 Aug 1970- ] [Active 1987-2005, 2011]

CALLINGHAM, Ida Bessie (Great Britain) [1884-1950] [Mrs. Ronald Kesterton Inman, from 27 Oct 1909] [Active ???]

Camerlo, Mme [SEE SPINOZA, Christiane]

Cameron, Mrs. D. (from 1936) [SEE STRETTELL, Catherine Joan]

Cameron, Mrs. (by 1966) [SEE MIDGLEY, Diana]

CAMERON, Flora (Australia) [12 Feb 1888-28 Feb 1975] [Active 1910s-30s.]

CAMP, Caroline (Great Britain) [Mrs. Gerald Battrick] [Active ???]

CAMPBELL, Ann (United States) [4 March 1910-8 July 2012] [Mrs. David W. Gray, from 3 Sept 1933] [Active 1940s-50s.]

CAMPBELL, Flora (New Zealand) [c. 1875-????] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

Campbell, Mrs. F. (c. 1964/65-Oct 1968) [SEE ALVAREZ, Judy M.]

CAMPBELL, Kath (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Campbell, Mrs. C. J. F. (23 May 1925-13 Jan 1934) [SEE LETTS, Lavender Lettice Lanet]

Campbell, Mrs. H. G. (from 1936) [SEE SOUTHAM, Violet Birkmyre]

Campbell-Harris, Mrs. C. (from 27 April 1927) [SEE MOBERLY, Mary Stuart]

Campion, Mrs. J. D. (from 18 June 1955) [SEE BYRNE, Lucy Rachel]

CAMPOS, Silvana (Brazil) [11 May 1966- ] [Active 1980s.]

CAMUS, Simone (France) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Camuset, (Mme) Denise (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Candee, Mrs. DeForest (from 23 March 1908) [SEE MAYHEW, Marie Louise]

CANDY, Frances (Great Britain) [3 Aug 1954- ] [Active c. 1972-1975]

CANE, Barbara (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

CANEPA, Alice (Italy) [30 April 1978- ] [Married to Daniele Musa, c. 2000/01-2005; didn’t play under married name?] [Active 1993-2007]

Canivet, Mme (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

"CANNING", Miss (Great Britain) [alias used by an unknown player in 1888]

CANNING, (Mary) Patricia “Pat” (United States) [22 July 1922-5 Sept 2015] [Mrs. Richard Bradburn Todd, from 25 Dec 1941] [Active 1930s-50s.]

CANNON, Ann Mary Josephine (Great Britain) [6 March 1882-1973] [Active c. 1900-1912]

CANSFIELD, Helen (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Cansler, Mrs. D. B. (31 Jan 1959-10 Jan 1972) [SEE TOLAN, Beverly “Bev”]

CANTENAT, Jacqueline (France) [Active 1920-30s.]

CANTERS, Margaretha Clementina "Mence" [Netherlands] [5 March 1900-14 Aug 1934] [Mrs. Adriaan Dros, Jr., from 1931] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Cape, Mrs. [SEE ROBINSON, Beryl]

CAPE, Mary Story "Vandy" (United States) [6 July 1895-25 March 1974] [Mrs. Walter Merrill Hall, 11 April 1925-12 Aug 1940; Mrs. Richard Tufts, from 1964] [Active ???]

CAPEL, Joan (Australia) [Mrs. Guy Williams] [Active ???]

Caplar, Mrs. (after 1956) [SEE CRNADAK, Marija "Marica"]

CAPOZZI, Concetta "Connie" (United States) [21 May 1951- ] [Married to Dennis Dyke Brown] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Capper, Mrs. B. B. (from 12 Nov 1912) [SEE CLIFT, Vera Kezia]

CAPRIATI, Jennifer [29 March 1976- ] [Active 1989-1994, 1996-2004]

Capurro, Senora [SEE BOVE, Mabel]

CAPWELL, Marion (United States) [1875-1967] [Mrs. Charles Homer Ring, from 8 April 1896] [Active c. 1892-95]

CARBONEL-TEQUI, Anne-Marie “Nanette” (France) [4 Jan 1896-20 Dec 1981] [Mme Jean-Richard Le Besnerais, 1 March 1918-????] [Active 1910s-30s.]

CARCARY, Ailsa Lyle (Australia) [c. 1915- ] [Mrs. Edward George Locke, from 22 June 1940] [Active c. 1932-40]

Carder, Mrs. [SEE SULLIVAN, Joan Elizabeth]

CARDINALL, Audrey Pamela (Great Britain) [14 Jan 1919-1 Nov 1985] [Mrs. Leonard J. Osborne, from c. May 1945] [Active c. 1937-1948]

CARDOSO, Graca (Portugal) [6 Dec 1959- ] [Active 1970s.]

Cardoza, Mrs. F. P. (after 1930) [SEE FOLLETT, Avery E.]

CARDWELL, Christina Lilian (Great Britain) [1878-5 Feb 1964] [Mrs. Herbert Somerset Bullock, from 1902] [Active ???]

Carew, Mrs. H. W. (from 28 April 1885) [SEE TAYLOR, Maude Eliza]

Cargill, Mrs. S. R. (from 11 Jan 1905) [SEE ORRETT, Agatha Adelaide]

CARGILL, Petronella Joan Elizabeth (Great Britain) [2 May 1911-Feb 2001] [Mrs. John McDermid, from 10 Feb 1934] [Active ???]

Cargin, Mrs. C. E. (from 6 April 1940) [SEE HARVEY-JOHNSTON, Hyacinth Emmeline]

CARILLO, Mary Jean (United States) [15 March 1957- ] [Married to William Anton "Bill" Bowden, 8 May 1983-1998] [Active 1970s.-1980]

Carlgren, Mrs. E. (from 1936) [SEE BELLANDER, Britt]

Carlheim-Gyllensköld, Mrs. B. G. A. (20 Aug 1912-1942) [SEE CASTENSCHIOLD, Thora Gerda "Sofie"]

CARLIER, (Sylvia) Ann (Great Britain/United States) [6 Feb 1933-14 April 1986] [Mrs. Harrison Ficks Rowbotham, Jr., by 1962] [Active c. 1958-1966]

CARLISLE, (Anna) Margaret (Great Britain) [c. Oct/Dec 1921- ] [Mrs. Geoffrey H. Burrows, from c. Jan/March 1954] [Active c. 1947-1954]

CARLSSON, Asa (Sweden) [16 June 1975- ] [Married to Niclas Svensson, from 8 Dec 2001] [Active 1990-2004]

CARNATZ, Anja (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Carne, Mrs. A. G. [SEE LAUGHTON, Lois]

Carnie, Mrs. R. H. (by 1929) [SEE KERRY, Margery]

Caroe, Mrs. E. A. G. (from c. June 1934) [SEE LYON, Frances Mary]

CARON, Lucette (France) [17 Feb 1898-????] [Mme Frederick Paul Culbert, c. 1920-????; Mme Cebra Quackenbush Graves, from c. late 1950] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Caron-Culbert, Mme (c. 1920-before 1950) [SEE CARON, Lucette]

CARPENTER, Gertrude Eugenie (Great Britain) [5 July 1910-May 1999] [Mrs. Geoffrey Preston, from Sept 1938] [Active c. 1951-1963]

CARPENTER, Virginia (United States) [1903-17 Dec 1993] [Mrs. Alfred Reeves Hunter; Mrs. (Retired Brigadier-General) Nicholas Biddle] [Active c. 1920-25]

CARR, Bernice (South Africa) [12 Jan 1938- ] [Mrs. V.L. Vukovich, from 1958/60?] [Active 1950s-70s.]

CARR, Phyllis Helen (Great Britain) [26 Jan 1886-20 Jan 1962] [Mrs. Clement Richard Satterthwaite, from 13 April 1912] [Active 1910s-40s.]

CARR, Syd (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Carrall, Mrs. B. (from 1933) [SEE DIVE, Grace L.]

CARRINGTON, Anita Lawton (United States) [21 Aug 1893-30 Dec 1975] [Mrs. John McFerran Barr, from 31 Aug 1918] [Active c. 1910-15]

Carris, Mrs. (before 1946-before 6 June 1948) [SEE WATSON, Beatrice “Bea” Mary]

Carroll, Mrs. R. (from c. 1940) [SEE KRIEGS-AU, Elfriede "Elfi" von]

Carroll, Halle [SEE CIOFFI, Halle]

CARSPECKEN, Margaret (United States) [1907-1983] [Mrs. Stanley Keith Robinson, Sr., from 1933] [Active 1920s-40.]

Carter, Mrs. G. [SEE CHILDRESS, Anne MacKay]

CARTER, Denise (United States) [31 July 1950- ] [Mrs. Triolo, from c. 1970] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Carter, Mrs. C. D. (from 27 Jan 1945) [SEE FROLLI, Geraldine “Gerry” M.]

Carter, Mrs. P. J. (from 1926) [SEE WOODD, Iris Dorothy Ottiwell Linton]

CARTER, Jessie (Great Britain) [8 July 1871-1972] [Mrs. Clement George Lumley-Ellis, from 6 Oct 1892] [Active 1920s.]

Carter, Mrs. R. R. C. (before Sept 1939-before 1946) [SEE GRENIER, Joyce]

CARTER, Margaret (Australia) [c. 1938-1969] [Active 1950s.]

CARTER, Mary Margaret (Australia) [29 Nov 1934- ] [Mrs. Stanley John Reitano, from 1958] [Active 1950s-60s.]

CARTER, Molly (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

CARTER, Ruth (United States) [Active 1940s.]

CARTLAND, Katherine "Katie"(or "Kate") Howard (Great Britain) [Jan 1862-June 1945] [Mrs. John Reid Walker, from c. Oct/ Dec 1885] [Active 1880s.]

Cartwright, Mrs. D. F. (3 Dec 1938-before 19 April 1969) [SEE HEELEY, Gertrude Mary]

CARY, Margaret (United States) [10 May 1925-28 Feb 2015] [Mrs. William Reynolds Lieb, from 1949] [Active 1940s.]

CASABIANCA, Claudia (Argentina) [21 March 1960- ] [Married to ???] [Active c. 1977-1981, 1983-1985]

Casado, Mme (from c. late 1970/early 1971) [SEE STUDER, Anne-Marie]

CASALE, Pamela "Pam" (United States) [20 Dec 1963- ] [Married to Telford] [Active 1980s.]

Casale-Telford, Pam [SEE CASALE, Pamela "Pam"]

CASALS, Rosemary "Rosie" (United States) [16 Sept 1948- ] [Married to Connie Spooner, from 13 Dec 2014] [Active c. 1962-1991]

CASARETTO, Silvana (Uruguay) [30 Jan 1965- ] [Active 1980s.]

Casati, Michelle [SEE TORRES, Michelle]

CASE, Ettie G. M. (Australia) [Mrs. Edward Travers, from 1922] [Active 1910s.]

CASE, Nancy C. (Great Britain) [6 July 1909-????] [Active 1930s.]

Cash, Mrs. P. [SEE GONNERMAN, Louise]

CASONI, Giulia (Italy) [19 April 1978- ] [Active 1993-2006]

CASSAIGNE, Anne-Marie (France) [14 Mar 1951- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Cassebeer, Mrs. C. F. T. (from 1913) [SEE KUTTROFF, Clara]

CASSEL, Clare (Great Britain/United States) [5 March 1883-13 Dec 1969] [Active 1906-1916, 1918-1928]

CASSEL, Margarete (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

CASSELL, Linda (Australia) [24 April 1962- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Cassidy, Mrs. J. E. (from 19 Dec 1928) [SEE WATERHOUSE, Gwynneth "Gwen" Jeanette]

CASSIDY, Rowena Marjorie (Australia) [1905-1974] [Mrs. Horace Walter Rice, from 24 April 1940] [Active c. 1932-40]

CASTENSCHIOLD, Thora Gerda "Sofie" (Denmark) [1 Feb 1882-30 Jan 1979] [Married to Bengt Gustaf Adolf Carlheim-Gyllensköld, 20 Aug 1912-1942] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Castiglioni, (Frau) Nelly (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Castro, Senora de (from c. 1955) [SEE RAMIREZ, Imelda "Melita"]

CASWELL, Anna Louise "Ann" / 'Annie" (United States) [13 Dec 1905-14 Nov 1993] [Mrs. Wilmer Lawson Allison, from early 1930] [Active ????-1934]

CATALDI, Marcela Viviana (Argentina) [2 Dec 1955- ] [Active 1970s.]

CATER, Irene (Great Britain) [c. 1910-????] [Mrs. Leonard Edward Shackleford, from 3 Dec 1938] [Active 1930s.]

Cater, Mrs. W. R. (from 1899) [SEE HOWITT, Phoebe]

CATLIN, Teresa (Great Britain) [13 Feb 1969- ] [Active 1985-1990]

CATT, Deidre (Great Britain) [4 July 1940- ] [Mrs. John G. Keller, Nov 1964-????; Mrs. N. McMahon, from ????] [Active 1960s.]

CATTON, Brenda (Australia) [4 Jan 1962- ] [Married to Foster, after Nov 1985] [Active 1980s.]

CATTON, Shirley Louise (United States) [16 June 1924- ] [Mrs. Robert Francis Butterfield, from 1945] [Active c. 1939-1958]

Cattori, Mme G. [SEE WIETING, Renata]

Caulkins, Mrs. D. P. (17 Sept 1927-Oct 1938) [SEE PROSSER, Anna Fay]

Caulkins, Mrs. E. B. (from 12 June 1912) [SEE BLISS, Bertha Ames]

CAULLEY, Valerie (Australia) [Active 1960s-70.]

CAVADAY,Naomi (Great Britain) [24 April 1989- ] [Active 2005-2010, 2014-2015]

CAVALLAR, Nora (Austria/Italy) [11 Nov 1886-4 Aug 1929] [Married to (Baron) Ambrose Ralli, from 17 June 1922] [Active c. 1900-06]

CAVERZASIO, Cathy (Italy/Switzerland) [28 Sept 1972- ] [Married to Feldbausch] [Active 1987-95]

Cawley, Mrs. R. A. (from 19 June 1975) [SEE GOOLAGONG, Evonne Fay]

Cawley, Mrs. R. L. (22 Jan 1977-before 26 Oct 1986) [SEE GOURLAY, Helen Florence]

Cawthorn, Mrs. J. W. "P." (18 Feb 1953-before July 1966) [SEE CORNELL, Lorna M.]

Cazalet, Mrs. C. H. L. (from 1922) [SEE ROURKE, Mildred]

CAZALET, Thelma (Great Britain) [28 May 1899-13 Jan 1989] [Mrs. David Keir, from 3 Aug 1939] [Active 1929-1932]

CAZAUX, Martine (France) [Active 1969-82]

CAZAUX, Nicole (France) [18 Sept 1948- ] [Married to: Bimes; Yannick Hesse] [Active 1960s-80s.]

CECCHINI, Anna-Maria “Sandra” (Italy) [27 Feb 1965- ] [Active 1981-1998]

CEDERSCHIOLD, Margareta Cordelia (Sweden) [30 Dec 1879-29 July 1963] [Active 1910s-20s.]

CENKOVA (Cenková), Lenka (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [24 Jan 1977- ] [Married to David Mazanec, ????- 2014] [Active 1992-2001]

CEPEDE ROYG, Verónica (Paraguay) [21 Jan 1992- ] [Active 2006- ]

CEPKOVA (Čepková), Emma (Czechoslovakia) [4 Sept 1914-26 May 2000] [Married to Eduard Outrata, from 1935] [Active c. 1930-35]

Cerf, Mme Jean Bernard (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

CERNE, Tanja (Yugoslavia) [10 April 1971- ] [Active 1980s.]

CERRI, Maria Teresa (Italy) [Active 1950s-60s.]

CEURVORST, Helen C. (United States) [29 May 1908-4 March 2005] [Active 1920s.]

CEURVORST, Mae Catherine (United States) [29 May 1908-12 July 2001] [Active 1920s-30s.]

CHABALGOITY, Claudia (Brazil) [13 March 1971- ] [Active 1990s.]

CHABOT, Katherine D. “Kathy” (United States) [21 Nov 1943- ] [Mrs. Larry L. Willette, from 4 Oct 1963] [Active 1950s-60s.]

CHAFFEE, Nancy (United States) [6 March 1929-11 Aug 2002] [Mrs. Ralph Kiner, 13 Oct 1951-1968; Mrs. Jack Whittaker, from 1991] [Active 1940s-50s.]

CHAKAROVA, Maria (Bulgaria) [17 March 1938- ] [Active 1960s.]

CHALIER, M. (France) [Active 1890s.]

CHALLENGER, Eileen Mary (Great Britain) [1913-????] [Mrs. Edward K. Hossell, from c. Dec 1938] [Active 1930s.]

CHALLOVE, Esther Molly (24 July 1911-27 Dec 1999] [Mrs. Edward Joseph Politzer] [Active 1930s.]

Chaloner, Mrs. J. D. [SEE CONNOR, Judith "Judy"]

Chamberlain, Mrs. R. A. (from Sept 1933) [SEE KNAPP, (Aline) Mary]

CHAMBERLAIN, Anne (Australia) [Mrs. Ian Bate, from 15 March 1950] [Active 1945-1953]

Chamberlain, Mrs. E. L. (from 3 May 1924) [SEE GOULD, Corinne Osgood]

Chamberlain, Mrs. (after June 1949) [SEE PERCIVAL, Erica]

CHAMBERLAIN, Fay E. (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

CHAMBERLAIN, Jennifer (Great Britain) [Active 1960s.]

CHAMBERLAIN, (Mabel) Violet (Great Britain) [15 Feb 1902-Oct 1998] [Mrs. Llewelyn G. Owen, from 28 Jan 1930] [Active 1920s-30s.]

CHAMBERLIN, Fay E. (Australia) [c. 1928-1960] [Mrs. Ian Occleshaw, from March 1950] [Active 1940s-50s.]

CHAMBERS, A. M. (Great Britain) [Active 1880s.]

Chambers, Mrs. R. L. (from 6 April 1907) [SEE DOUGLASS, Dorothea Katherine]

Chambonnat, (Mme) Jeannine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

CHAMBURE, Béatrice de (France) [16 May 1936- ] [Mme Francois A'Weng; Mme Jean Gueroult] [Active 1950s.]

Champagne, Mrs. (from c. 1975?) [SEE RICHMOND, Pamela “Pam” D.]

Champanhac, (Mme) Jeanne (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

CHAMPLIN, Hallie Elizabeth (United States) [1 Oct 1872-19 Dec 1935] [Mrs. Edward "Henry" Breckenridge Hyde, from 4 Oct 1904] [Active c. 1895-1905]

CHAN, Hao-Ching (Taiwan) [19 Sept 1993- ] [Active 2007- ]

CHAN, Yung-Jan (Taiwan) [17 Aug 1989- ] [Active 2003- ]

CHANCELLOR, Eileen (Australia) [8 June 1900-1995] [Mrs. Eric John Carl Stopp, 23 May 1927-????; Mrs. Norman Alexander Jones, from 1976] [Active c. 1922-30]

CHANCELLOR, (Kathleen) Joyce (Australia) [1 Sept 1903-11 Sept 1957] [Mrs. Stanley Douglas Trethewey, from 10 Nov 1927] [Active c. 1922-35]

Chandler, Mrs. G. (from c. May 1948) [SEE KRASE, Barbara L.]

Chandler, Mrs. R. A. (from 5 Dec 1922) [SEE CUMMINS, Daisy Gertrude]

Chandler, Mrs. R. F. (from c. April/June 1932) [SEE MOORHOUSE, Gabrielle Goodwin "Gay"]

Chanfreau, Mme J.-B. (17 Dec 1968-before 12 Feb 1976) [SEE SHERRIFF, Gail Vivian]

CHANNELS, Isadore (United States) [1 Feb 1900-30 June 1959] [Active 1920s.]

CHANOVE, Marguerite (France) [Active 1930s.]

Chapin, Mrs. A. H., Jr. (from 18 Jan 1926) [SEE HOSMER, Charlotte M.]

Chapin, Mrs. A. H., Sr. [SEE NEIL, Julia]

CHAPIN, Julia Neil (United States) [9 Dec 1905-22 March 1979] [Mrs. Joseph J. Morrill, Jr., from 1929] [Active 1920s.]

Chapman, Mrs. G. L. [SEE BRADLEY, Augusta]

Chapman, Mrs. J. W. (from 21 May 1942) [SEE PEACH, Bertha Louise Harwood "Beth"]

Chapman, Mrs. H. A. B. (from 7 Oct 1891) [SEE PINCKNEY, Frances Beatrice]

CHAPMAN, Ida E. A. (Australia) [1901-???] [Mrs. Cecil Gardyne, from 1924] [Active ???]

Chapman, Mrs. P. J., Jr. [SEE CLUETT, Margaret Fisher]

CHAPMAN, Marion (United States) [c.1897/98-????] [Mrs. H. Russell Downe, by July 1927] [Active 1910s-20s]

CHAPMAN, Mary (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Chapman, Mrs. (from c. April/June 1940) [SEE THOMSON, Patience Lilian F.]

Chapuis, (Mme) Steffi ???? (Switzerland) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

CHARBONNIER, Alice (Switzerland) [Mme Wavre] [Active 1940s-60s.]

CHARLES, Lesley (Great Britain) [15 July 1952- ] [Active 1970-1981]

Charlier, Mrs. D. J. (from 1941) [SEE BURKE, Joan]

Charlton, Mrs. S. E. (from 21 June 1905) [SEE SEED, Hilda]

CHARLTON, Peggy Primrose (Great Britain) [19 April 1913-25 March 1996] [Mrs. William Hubert Lionel Lister, from 3 Sept 1937] [Active 1930s.]

CHARNELET, Germaine Marie Louise (France) [12 March 1900-????] [Mme Marcel Prosper Ernst Pillette, from 13 Feb 1933] [Active c. 1923-1936]

Charnock, Katie (by 1995) [SEE HOWDEN, Katie]

Charpenel, Mme J. (by 1927) [SEE COCHET, Aimée]

Chase, Mrs. M. M. (from 1 Dec 1899) [SEE CROUCH, Bertha]

CHASE, Carmelita (United States) [20 April 1890-16 Jan 1983] [Mrs. Sebastian Hinton, from 29 April 1916] [Active c. 1910-15]

CHASE, Clara Townley (United States) [6 Jan 1873-13 Aug 1943] [Active 1900s-10s]

Chase, Mrs. C. T. (4 June 1955-????) [SEE WELSH, Deborah "Debbie"]

CHASE, Dorrance "Dorrie" (United States) [13 Sept 1910-22 Aug 2012] [Mrs. Raymond Deston, from 1937] [Active c. 1930-56]

Chatfield, Mrs. A. H. (from 1916) [SEE HENRY, Elizabeth Wolcott]

CHATFIELD-TAYLOR, Adelaide (United States) [3 April 1891-2 Jan 1982] [Mrs. Hendricks Hallet Whitman, 29 June 1912-1932; Mrs. William Davies Sohier, from 22 Sept 1940] [Active 1910s.]

Chatrier, Mme P. (23 April 1953-before 25 Oct 1973) [SEE PARTRIDGE, Joan Susan Vernon]

Chaudoir, Mme J. C. E. (from 30 Sept 1905) [SEE TRASENSTER, Marguerite]

Chauvreau, (Mme) Louise (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

CHÁVARRI, Josefa "Pepa" de [Josefa de Chávarri Rodríguez-Codes] (Spain) [13 Dec 1911-8 May 1993] [Active c. 1927-1947]

Chavez, Senora [SEE BELMAR, Esperanza]

CHAZAL, Jeanne Alexandrine Elisabeth Marie Thérèse Ghislaine (Belgium) [26 March 1879-????] [Married to Baron Paul du Sart de Molembaix, from 1903] [Active c. 1902-14]

Cheadle, Mrs. M. C. J. (from c. July/Sept 1946) [SEE AUSTIN, Hazel B.]

CHENERY, Annie "Trixie" (Australia/Great Britain) [1867-10 Nov 1949] [Mrs. (Captain) John MacNeill Walter, from 20 July 1891] [Active c. 1885-90?]

CHENERY, Ellen "Nellie" (Australia/Great Britain) [1869-12 Jan 1947] [Mrs. Ernest Henry Gordon, from 20 Dec 1890(1891?)] [Active c. 1895-90?]

Cheney, Mrs. A. C. (from 17 Oct 1946) [SEE BUNDY, Dorothy May Sutton "Dodo"]

CHERNEVA, Svetlana Germanova (Soviet Union/Russia) [8 Oct 1962- ] [Married to Alexander Parkhomenko, from 1 Sept 1984] [Active 1980s-90s.]

CHESNEY, (E.) Marguerite (United States) [12 Aug 1893-March 1981] [Active c. 1910-1931]

Chester, Mrs. W. M. (from c. 1915) [SEE MILLER, Alice]

CHESTON, ELizabeth Morris "Lily" (United States) [7 June 1894-Dec 1948] [Active 1910s.]

Chetwynd-Stapylton, Mrs. E. (from 27 Sept 1879) [SEE COWIE, Mary Beatrice]

CHEVALIER, Catherine (France) [Active 1976-77]

Cheverton, Mrs. F. A. (from 1921) [SEE TANKARD, Muriel Kathleen]

Chew, Mrs. (from 1932) [SEE PETCHELL, Eden]

CHEW, Marsha (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

CHICHESTER, Mary Richard (United States) [2 June 1878-20 Jan 1965] [Mrs. Alexis Felix du Pont, Sr., 9 April 1902-3 Sept 1937; Mrs. Dudley Clark, from ????] [Active 1900s.]

Chiesman, Mrs. F. R. (18 Sept 1936-before 22 Dec 1948) [SEE AUSTIN, Joan Winifred]

CHILDRESS, Anne MacKay (United States) [12 Dec 1905-15 May 2003] [Mrs. Edward Gillett Selden, 5 Oct 1929-????; Mrs. Gray Carter] [Active 1920s.]

CHILDRESS, Madeline "Madge" (United States) [1907-1991] [Mrs. Thaddeus Edmund Beck] [Active 1920s.]

CHILDRESS, Mary Adair "Adair" / "Maizie" (United States) [1909-27 July 2003] [Mrs. Oscar Moore, from 1933] [Active 1920s to early 1960s.]

CHILDRESS, Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" (United States) [16 June 1916-6 March 1999] [Mrs. Andy Russell Andrews, c. 1943-????; Mrs. Peyton Auxford, from 27 May 1947] [Active 1930s-40s.]

CHILDS, Dorothea Maude (Great Britain) [1869-22 June 1959] [Mrs. Francis Edward Goddard, from 15 July 1910] [Active c. 1890-1900]

CHIPLIN, Gwendoline "Gwen" May (Australia) [30 June 1900-1979] [Mrs. Harold Stewart "Barney" Utz, from 16 Dec 1920] [Active 1920s.]

Chisholm, Mrs. S. (from 1922) [SEE DELLA TORRE, Gertrude]

CHITTICK, Thora Mary (Australia) [Mrs. Ivor W.J. Geddes, from 20 April 1935] [Active 1930s.]

CHITTY, Barbara Elizabeth (Australia) [c. 1917-8 May 2014] [Active c. 1937-50]

CHITTY, Nancy Kate (Australia) [1910-before 2014] [Active c. 1930s-40s.]

CHITTY, Ruth Victoria (Australia) [c. 1919- ] [Active c. 1936-55]

Chmelinová, Gabriela [SEE NAVRATILOVA (Navrátilová), Gabriela]

CHMYREVA, Natalia "Natasha" Yurievna (Soviet Union) [28 May 1958-16 Aug 2015] [Active 1973-1983]

Chobillon, (Mme) Paulette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Cholmondeley, (Lady) Mrs. G. H. C. (from 6 Aug 1913) [SEE SASSOON, Sybil]

CHOTKOVA [CHOTEK], Karolina "Cara" Maria Olga (Austria) [19 Nov 1865-29 Nov 1919] [Frau (Grafin) Leopold Abraham von Nostitz-Rieneck, from 2 Oct 1886] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

Chrisman, Carlene [SEE BASORE, Shirley Carlene]

CHRISTENSEN, Roselle (United States) [Active 1930s.]

CHRISTENSON, Maricaye (United States) [11 Jan 1948- ] [Mrs. Don Daniels] [Active 1960s-70s.]

CHRISTER, Alice (United States) [5 June 1944- ] [Mrs. Hartman, c. 1965-30 Sept 1968; Mrs. Peter Hume, from 20 July 1978] [Active 1960s.]

CHRISTIAN, Carol (United States) [9 Oct 1962- ] [Active 1982-1989]

CHRISTIANSEN, Liv (Norway) [25 Feb 1943- ] [Mrs. Finn Dag Jagge, by 1965] [Active 1959-1982]

Christie, Mrs. H. B. (from 16 Sept 1882) [SEE MORRIS, Frances Matilda "Fanny"]

CHRISTLIEB, Carmen (Mexico) [24 July 1924- ] [Married to Raul Fernandez Rangel, from c. 1948] [Active 1940s.]

CHRYSTAL, Ethyl (Australia) [Mrs. Ian Hamilton, from 1942] [Active 1930s.]

CHRYSTMAN, Beatrice (Brazil) [5 April 1953- ] [Active 1970s.]

Chua, Mrs. [SEE LOKE, Gladys]

CHUNG, Lorna (Jamaica) [Mrs. Wood, from c. 1966] [Active c. 1960-70]

CHURCHER, Lalage (Great Britain) [7 May 1923-30 April 2019] [Mrs. Thomas Drower, from c. July/Sept 1947] [Active 1940s.]

CHURCHER, Pamela (Great Britain) [Mrs. Arthur V. Walker, from c. Dec 1932] [Active ???]

Churchill, Mrs. W. L. S. (from 12 Sept 1908) [SEE HOZIER, Clementine Ogilvy]

CHUTE, Kerryl Dawn (Australia) [20 April 1945- ] [Active c. 1969-1974]

CHUTER, Sheila Grace (Great Britain) [16 July 1915-2015] [Mrs. A. T. "Thomas" Kenyon, from c. April/June 1939] [Active c. 1933-1947]

Chyuvyrina, (Mrs.) Elisabeta Mikhailovna (Soviet Union) [5 Sept 1914-30 Oct 1988] [maiden name unknown] [Active ???] [SEE ???]

CHUVYRINA, Marina (Soviet Union) [10 June 1947- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

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CIBULKOVA, Dominika (Slovakia) [6 May 1989- ] [Married to Michel Navara from 9 July 2016; retained maiden name as player after marriage] [Active 2004- ]

CICCONE, Elena L. (United States) [c. 1918/19-17 March 2003] [Mrs. Russell] [Active 1930s.]

CIOFFI, Halle (United States) [5 August 1969- ] [Married to Carroll] [Active 1980s-90s.]

CIRSTEA, Sorana (Romania) [7 April 1990- ] [Active 2004- ]

Clapp, Mrs. A. T. (from 9 August 1958) [SEE BROUGH, Althea Louise]

Clark, Mrs. H. W. (from 22 April 1929) [SEE JENNER, Cecily Marian]

CLARK, Daisy Eleanor (Great Britain) [1877-29 June 1950] [Mrs. Douglas Kercheval-Hole, from 1903] [Active c. 1905-1920]

Clark, Mrs. S. D. (from 18 July 1947) [SEE DONNELLY, Doris Mae]

Clark, Mrs. R. F. B. (7 Jan 1936-????) [SEE BROOKES, Elaine Gertrude Balcombe]

CLARK, Ethel Sargeant (United States) [Feb 1885-1975] [Mrs. Hoxie Harrison Smith, from 11 May 1914] [Active 1910s.]

Clark, Mrs. A. L. (from 4 Dec 1895) [SEE ROOSEVELT, Grace Walton]

Clark, Mrs. S. P. (from 26 May 1928) [SEE MUMFORD, Isabella Lee]

Clark, Mrs. C. (from 1945) [SEE BUBB, J. "Cherie"]

CLARK, J. (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

CLARK, Jean B. (United States) [Mrs. Jacques-André Fouilhoux, from 7 July 1908] [Active c. 1899-1901]

Clark, Mrs. C. (from 12 Dec 1928) [SEE HAYMEN, Margaret]

Clark, Mrs. C. T. (after June 1956) [SEE LEWIS, Valerie M.]

CLARKE, Angela K. B. (Great Britain) [c. 1932- ] [Mrs. Findlay] [Active c. 1950-60]

CLARKE, Audrey (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

Clarke, Mrs. S. T. (by Sept 1956) [SEE BRADLEY, Barbara J.]

CLARKE, Caroline (United States) [c. 1948- ] [Active 1960s.]

CLARKE, Edith (United States) [Active 1930s.]

CLARKE, Edith R. (Great Britain) [Active 1920s-30s.]

Clarke, Mrs. W. C. (from 10 Sept 1902) [SEE BANKS, Harriet Sketchley]

CLARKE, Jean (United States) [Mrs. Johnson, after 1959] [Active 1945-1959]

Clarke, Mrs. G. C. (from c. Nov/Dec 1948) [SEE EARLE, Viola Diana]

CLARKE-JERVOISE, Gladys Agnes (Great Britain) [18 March 1909-March 2001] [Mrs. (Dr) Kenneth Swire Southam, from 3 Sept 1936] [Active 1930s.]

CLARKSON, Adelaide L. (United States) [1870-after 1940] [Active 1890s.]

Class, (Frau) Anni (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

CLAUDE, Andrée (France) [Active 1930s.]

CLAUDE-ANET, Leila (aka Madeleine Leila Schopfer) [France] (10 June 1912- ] [Mme Paul Edouard Agid de Verrier, c. 1934-????; Mme Jean Mabilleau, from ????] [Active 1930s.]

CLAUSEN, Myrtle (United States) [Active 1930s.]

CLAVIJO, Mariela (Uruguay) [1 April 1961- ] [Active 1980s.]

CLAY, Eveline Ellen (Great Britain/Canada) [23 Sept 1876-1 Jan 1965] [Mrs. Frederick Frothingham Archbald, 11 May 1911-1920; Mrs. Richard Stancliffe, from 1920] [Active c. 1898-1914]

Clay, Mrs. R. (from 1961) [SEE KNOWLES, Sylvia]

Clayton, (Lady) Mrs. H. B. (from 1915) [SEE NEPEAN, Annie Blanch]

Clayton, Mrs. R. C. (from 1916) [SEE DAVY, Mabel Hope]

Clayton, Mrs. W. ("B.") F. (from 22 Aug 1946) [SEE RENDEN, Sally]

Clegg, Mrs. J. W., Jr. (from 12 May 1936) [SEE KENDIG, Catherine Lillian]

Clegg, Mrs. C. W. (from 24 April 1903) [SEE SLATER, Katie May]

Cleland, Mrs. G. F., jr. (from 12 April 1915) [SEE DISHER, Gladys Amy]

Cleland, Mrs. J. D. (from 1946) [SEE IRWIN, Hilda M.]

Clement, Mrs. H. L. G. (1942-1970) [SEE STROBHAR, Barbara]

Clément, (Mme) Suzanne (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

CLEMENTS, Elizabeth "Betty" Evelyn (Great Britain) [12 Feb 1920-3 July 2017] [Mrs. Raymond Hilton, 2 Sept 1942-19 June 1950; Mrs. Andrew James Christopher Harrison, 19 June 1950-????; Mrs. Lesley Raymond Smart, from 19 Sept 1973] [Active 1930s-50s.]

CLEMENTS, Kathleen Mary (Great Britain) [18 Feb 1882-1970] [Active 1900s-10s.]

CLEMONS, N. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

CLETO, Vera Lucia (Brazil) [13 March 1950- ] [Mrs. Giugni, by 1976] [Active c. 1967-1982]

Cleverley, Mrs. R. H. (from 4 April 1944) [SEE DEARMAN, Evelyn Mary]

CLIFT, Vera Kezia (Australia) [1884-15 Jan 1975] [Mrs. Basil Belgrave Capper, from 12 Nov 1912] [Active c. 1898-1905]

CLIFTON, Constance "Connie" Maxine (United States) [1 Nov 1924-Nov 2010] [Mrs. Roland A. Ball, from 12 Dec 1947] [1940s-50s.]

CLIJSTERS, Kim Antonie Lode (Belgium) [8 June 1983- ] [Married to Brian Lynch, from 13 July 2007; retained maiden name as a player] [Active 1997-2007, 2009-2012]

CLOSTERMAN, Winona E. “Nona” (United States) 15 Sept 1877-23 July 1944] [Mrs. Robert Brookes Neff, from 26 April 1905][Active 1890s-1900s.]

Clothier, Mrs. W. J. (from 21 Feb 1906) [SEE PORTER, Anita]

CLOUTIER, Madeleine (France) [Active 1930s.]

CLOW, Marion (United States) [Active 1920s-30s.]

CLUBBE, Nancy Bird Harrison (Australia) [1889-8 Feb 1979] [Mrs. Roger Berkeley Fitzhardinge, from 18 Feb 1909] [Active c. 1919-25]

CLUETT, Ann Bywater "Nancy" (United States) [1 April 1912-5 June 2010] [Mrs. (Rev.) Nelson M. Burroughs, from 28 Dec 1938] [Active 1930s.]

CLUETT, Margaret Fisher (United States) [28 Feb 1910-Oct 1981] [Mrs. Page J. Chapman, Jr.] [Active c. 1928-35]

CLUZEAU, Janine (Belgium) [Active 1950s.]

Coan, Mrs. T. L. [SEE TIPTON, Sally]

COATE, Constance "Connie" Anne(Ann?) (Australia) [April 1916-11 May 2012] [Mrs. James Gordon Wilson, from 24 Aug 1940] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Coates, Mrs. B. (from 7 April 1904) [SEE MORRIS, Anna Lloyd]

Coatsworth, Mrs. G. S. (from 10 June 1912) [SEE AITCHISON, Alice Mary]

Cobb, Mrs. H. F. (from 20 April 1907) [SEE WIX, Annie Margaret]

COCHET, Aimée (France) [15 Oct 1898-????] [Mme Jean Charpenel, by 1927] [Active c. 1922-1946]

Cochet, Mme H. (from 16 April 1926) [SEE DESTHIEUX, Germaine]

COCHRANE, Ethel (Great Britain) [1870-21 Jan 1958] [Active 1890s.]

COCHRANE, Ina Leila Maud (Australia) [1906-????] [Mrs. Marcus Claude Thorpe, from 10 Aug 1929] [Active c. 1924-39]

COCHRANE, J. (Great Britain) [Active 1890s.]

COCHRANE, Maud (Great Britain) [1870-12 March 1958] [Mrs. George Barkley Raikes, from c. May 1905] [Active 1890s.]

Cock, Mrs R. J. (from 1945) [SEE FLEET, Doreen]

COCKING, Hazel (Australia) [Mrs. T. Elliget, from between June 1938 and Jan 1939] [Active 1930s-1952]

CODY, Patricia "Pat" (United States) [9 Jan 1940-24 Aug 2004] [Active c. 1965-1970]

COE, Annette (Great Britain) [4 March 1954- ] [Active c. 1972-1979]

Coe, Mrs. L. S. (from c. 1894/95) [SEE BURDETTE, Annie(Ann?) W.]

COESSENS, Poucette (Belgium) [Mme Bernheim, by June 1957] [Active 1950s.]

COESSENS, Suzanne (Belgium) [Active ???]

COETZER, Amanda (South Africa) [22 Oct 1971- ] [Active 1986-2004]

COFFIN, Sarah (United States) [10 March 1876-31 March 1966] [Mrs. William Walgrove Van Voorhis, from 12 Sept 1907] [Active c. 1900-1906]

COGELS, Anne-Antoinette "Anne" / "Annette" (Belgium) [28 May 1900-18 Oct 1953] [Mme Edouard Guyot de Mishaegen, from 2 May 1922] [Active c. 1920-35]

COGHLAN, Lorraine Georgina (Australia) [23 Sept 1937- ] [Mrs. John Douglas Gair Robinson, 19 Dec 1959-???; Mrs. Gordon Stanley Green, from 10 Sept 1990] [Active 1950s-60s.]

COHEN, Céline (Switzerland) [5 March 1967- ] [Married to Meinecke] [Active 1984-1991]

COHEN, Eleanor F. (United States) [29 March 1885-????] [Active 1900s-10s.]

COHN, Betty Mae (United States) [c. 1925-20 Oct 2002] [Mrs. David L. Spiegelman, from c. 1948] [Active 1940s.]

Cohn-Lobenthal, (Frau) Alice (Germany) [maiden name unknown?] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

COIN, Julie (France) [2 Dec 1982- ] [Active 1999-2015, 2017]

COKE, Frances Margaret "Fanny" (Great Britain) [1871-1925] [Mrs. Sydney Albert Gooch, from 27 April 1909] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

COKE, Maud Beatrice (Great Britain) [1872-????] [Mrs. Walter Coke Kerr, from 6 Feb 1896] [Active c. 1900-10]

COLAHAN, Eleanor (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Cole, Mrs. B. E., 2nd (late 1915-1948) [SEE SHEAFE, Ann Wentworth]

COLE, Doreen Mary (South Africa) [1 Sept 1907-Sept 1981] [Mrs. Roy J. Malcolm, from 9 Dec 1933] [1920s-30s.]

Cole, Mrs. C. J. (from 16 April 1884) [SEE COLERIDGE, Edith Mary Hutchinson]

COLE, Heather (Ireland) [c. 1932- ] [Mrs. Donald Patrick Flinn, from 19 Aug 1953] [Active c. 1947-1960]

COLE, Lilian Mary Olivia (Ireland/Great Britain) [1864-16 June 1919] [Mrs. Charles Edward Pine-Coffin, from 1885] [Active 1880s-90s.]

Cole, Mrs. E. (from 7 Feb 1905) [SEE GOWARD, Lucy Muriel]

Cole, (Mrs.) Marion (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Colegate, Mrs. R. P. (from June 1906) [SEE RUSSELL, Jessie Lagar]

COLEMAN, Augusta (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Coleman, Mrs. C. E. (c. July/Sept 1915-before 1929) [SEE PETCHELL, Dorothy Gwendolyn]

COLEMAN, Katherine (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

COLEMAN, Patricia "Patti" (Australia) [13 May 1953- ] [Mrs. Gregg, by 1974] [Active 1970s.]

COLERIDGE, Edith Mary Hutchinson (Great Britain) [10 Sept 1862-22 Oct 1945] [Mrs. Charles John Cole, from 16 April 1884] [Active 1881-1890]

COLES, Glynis (Great Britain) [20 Feb 1954- ] [Married to Henry Bond] [Active 1971-1986]

COLES, Jessie Mary (Great Britain) [29 Jan 1871-11 Sept 1918] [Active c. 1907-1913]

COLES, Mildred (Great Britain) [9 April 1876-1954] [Mrs. Davis, from c. 1914] [Active c. 1902-1925]

COLES, Winifred Gladys (Great Britain/Switzerland) [23 June 1894-11 Nov 1972] [Mrs. Guy Auguste Alexandre Sautter, from Nov 1916] [Active c. 1919-25]

Coles-Bond, Glynis [SEE COLES, Glynis]

COLLESS, June (Australia) [Active ???]

COLLETT, (S.) Candace (Great Britain) [Active c. 1950-1955]

Collier, Mrs. J. A. F. (from 1957) [SEE PENROSE, Beryl Ethel Jean]

Collier, Mrs. J. A. (from c. July/Sept 1942) [SEE FRENCH, Denise Mary]

COLLIN, Hannah (Great Britain) [18 Feb 1982- ] [Active 1997-2005]

COLLINGE, Marjorie (Great Britain / Canada) [c. 1902-????] [Mrs. Eustace] [Active 1920s-40s.]

COLLINGE, Nancy (Canada) [Active 1950s.]

COLLINGS, Eva (Australia) [Active 1910s-20s.]

Collingwood, Mrs. J. (by 1921) [SEE KERR, Helen]

COLLINS, Danielle (United States) [13 Dec 1993- ] [Active 2009- ]

Collins, Mrs. N. W. (from c. 1943/44) [SEE CALDOW, Helen May]

Collins, Mary (from c. 1980/81) [SEE SAWYER, Mary]

COLLINS, Sandy (United States) [13 Oct 1958- ] [Active 1978-1994]

Collis, Mrs. W. B. G. (from 1935) [SEE BRUNYATE, Annie Aileen Mary]

COLLIS, E. (Australia) [Active 1900s.]

COLLISON, Edna (Australia) [1920s-30s.]

Collmann, Mrs. C. F. (from 1912) [SEE SALUSBURY, Rosamund Victoria]

Colloredo-Mannsfeld, Mrs. J. L. H. A. von (from 25 March 1939) [SEE RABL, Anna Maria "Bucky"]

COLMAN, Claire S. (Great Britain) [13 Feb 1952- ] [Active c. 1970-1974]

Colquhoun, Mrs. P. B. (from 30 April 1897) [SEE SHAW, Mabel Ann]

Colson, Mrs. H. F. (from 8 Nov 1912) [SEE BENNITT, Francis]

Colston, Mrs. E. M. (from 28 April 1904) [SEE DUDDELL, (Blanche) Gladys du Bois]

COLTHART, Anne Jane "Annie" (New Zealand) [17 Sept 1867-12 May 1899] [Mrs. Walter Wright, from 30 June 1897] [Active c. 1890-95]

Colthorpe, Mrs. R. W. (from 27 Feb 1971) [SEE MULLER, Esme Fay]

COLVILLE, Mary-Ann (United States) [24 April 1956- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

COLYER, Evelyn Lucy (Great Britain) [16 Aug 1902-4 Nov 1930] [Mrs. Hamish Munro, from 13 Feb 1930] [Active 1920s.]

Colyer, Mrs. B. H. (by 1951) [SEE HODGSON, Patricia]

Comblen, Mme P. E. (by 1899) [SEE BLANPAIN, Alice]

Comer, Mrs. A. H. (from 1935) [SEE FORD, Sara]

COMMINS, Kathleen “Kath” (Australia) [1909- ] [Active 1920s.]

COMPTON-LUNDIE, Margaret Clere (D.?) (Great Britain) [1880-8 Dec 1960] [Mrs. John Cecil Snowden, from 1905] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Condon, Mrs. W. B. (from 1940) [SEE WOLCOTT, Willa]

Condostavlo, Mme A. (from 30 Sept 1897) [SEE SCARAMANGA, Julie Jean]

CONGDON, Judy (Great Britain) [3 Dec 1948- ] [Active 1966-1975]

CONGREVE, Minnie Martha (Great Britain) [1856-21 Sept 1929] [Mrs. James Harrop Dransfield, from summer 1884] [Active c. 1880-83]

Connell, Mrs. Charles D. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

CONNELL, Eileen Copeland (Great Britain) [31 May 1901-1981] [Mrs. Lionel Philip Antrobus, from 17 Jan 1929] [Active ???]

Connolly, Mrs. (by April 1947) [SEE YOUNG, Eleanor]

CONNOLLY, Maureen Catherine "Mo" (United States) [17 Sept 1934-21 June 1969] [Mrs. Norman Brinker, from 11 June 1955] [Active ???-1954]

CONNOLLY, Virginia (United States) [23 July 1938- ] [Active 1950s.]

Connor, Mrs. T. F. (19 Oct 1914-4 Aug 1925) [SEE ESMOND, Catherine "Kitty"]

CONNON, Hester (New Zealand) [c. 1865-15 May 1953] [Mrs. Samuel Hurst-Seager, from 16 Dec 1887] [Active c. 1892-94]

CONNOR, Judith "Judy" (New Zealand) [18 Nov 1953- ] [Mrs. J. D. Chaloner] [1970s.]

CONNORS, Patricia A. (United States) [15 March 1933- ] [Active 1950s.]

Connors, Mrs. J. J. [SEE THOMPSON, Gloria]

CONQUET, Marie (France) [Active 1920s.]

CONROY, Dorothy (United States) [Active 1940s.]

CONSIDINE, Helena (Ireland) [1853-27 Oct 1943] [Active c. 1878-84]

Constable , Mrs. P. (from 1 Sept 1962) [SEE DODGE, Eleanor]

Constantinidi, Mrs. S. (from 30 April 1927) [SEE RODOCANACHI, Ariadne Alexandra]

CONTOSTAVLOS, Hélène Alexander (Greece/France) [6 Aug 1902-3 Feb 1963] [Mme Jean (Dimitrios) Nicolopoulo, from 19 May 1928] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Contostavlos, Mme A. (from 30 Sept 1897) [SEE SCARAMANGA, Julie Jean]

CONTOSTAVLOS, Mina (France) [24 Jan 1901-????] [Mme Demetriades Cleon Demetriadi, from 26 Nov 1925] [Active c. 1920-25]

CONVERSE, Mary (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Conway, Mrs. R. (from 16 April 1927) [SEE SAINT GEORGE, Floris Eva Sterne]

CONWAY, Nora (or Norah) Margaret (Ireland) [c. 1925-3 Aug 1997] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Cook, Mrs. W. M. (from 1897) [SEE HOYT, Louise]

COOK, Louise (Canada) [19 Nov 1922-24 Nov 2003] [Mrs. Ross Brown, from 1946] [Active 1940s-60s.]

COOKE, (Frances) Betty (Great Britain) [26 May 1912-15 Oct 2006] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Cooke, Mrs. A. E. (from 1937) [SEE WILLIAMS, Mavis]

Cooke, Mrs. E. T. (2 Oct 1940-29 April 1949) [SEE PALFREY, Sarah Hammond]

COOKSON, Isabel Clifton (Australia) [1893-1973] [Active ???]

Cooling, Mrs. H. C. (from 1915) [SEE JOHNSON, Mary Jane Bernadette]

Coombe, Mrs. R. G. (by 1921) [SEE GOOLDEN, Dorothy Augusta]

COOPER, Anthea (Great Britain) [7 Feb 1959- ] [Married to David Stewart] [Active 1976-1981]

COOPER, Betty (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

COOPER, Charlotte "Chattie" Reinagle (Great Britain) [22 Sept 1870-10 Oct 1966] [Mrs. Alfred Sterry, from 12 Jan 1901] [Active ???]

Cooper, Mrs. R. (from c. April/June 1949) [SEE HENSHALL, Dorothy M.]

Cooper, Mrs. C. H. (from 27 Aug 1931) [SEE BOURNE, Helen]

Cooper, Mrs. G. J. (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1880s.] [SEE ???]

COOPER, Jill P. (Great Britain) [14 April 1949- ] [Active 1967-1973]

COOPER, Louise/Louisa (Australia) [Mrs. John Thomas Gilligan, from 1867] [Active ???]

COOPER, Margie (United States) [13 April 1950- ] [Active c. 1968-73]

COOPER, Maude Helen (Ireland/Great Britain) [12 Sept 1898-1978] [Mrs. Raymond Roper Washington Jackson, from 1918] [Active 1920s.]

Cooper, Mrs. (after Aug 1940) [SEE MAGNUSSON, Muriel]

COOPER, Nancy (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

COOPER, (Oriana) Valerie (Great Britain) [3 June 1917-22 July 1979] [Mrs. Peter Hindley Weatherill, from 1948] [Active 1930s-40s.]

COOTE, Joy M. (Great Britain) [Active 1920s.]

COOTES, Mary Elizabeth Dickson (United States) [9 May 1912-10 Jan 1996] [Mrs. Peter Belin, from 1939] [Active 1930s-40s.]

COPELAND, Caryn (United States) [14 March 1961- ] [Married to Stan Wilson] [Active 1979-1987]

Copeland, Mrs. E. (by 1950) [SEE HOBLITZELL, Julianna "Julie" Brown]

COPELAND, Kyle (United States) [19 May 1961- ] [Married to Muse] [Active 1980s.]

Copeman, Mrs. F. G. (from 1954) [SEE PROCTOR, Clara Harrington "Clare"]

COR, Francoise (France) [Active 1940s.]

Corbett, Mrs. J. (from 1928) [SEE FREUDENSTEIN, Dulcie Ethel]

Corbett, (Mrs.) Eileen Catherine Veronica (Great Britain?/Australia) [Married to Maxwell Campbell Corbett, by 1930; maiden name unknown] [Active c. 1930-35] [SEE ???]

Corbett, (Hon.) Mrs. T. G. P. (from 14 Aug 1918) [SEE GRIMOND, Gwyn Mervyn]

CORBETT, Nancy (United States) [20 Feb 1924-19 Nov 2011] [Mrs. Robert "Lefty" Dillon, from early 1948] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Corbiere, Mrs. J. D. (from c. 1920) [SEE BARBER, Elizabeth Louise]

CORBIN, Elizabeth "Betty" (Great Britain) [2 June 1906-30 April 1983] [Mrs. Herbert Septimus Uber, from 12 Sept 1925] [Active c. 1928-1946]

Corbrick, Mrs. L. [SEE HART, Mary Melinda]

CORDER, Jane Maria (Great Britain) [Jan 1874-29 Sept 1965] [Mrs. John Wardle Donald, from c. April/June 1899] [Active 1890s.]

Cordes, Mrs. H. F. (from 14 Aug 1917) [SEE SANDERS, Ruth]

CORDS, (Alwina) Julie (Netherlands) [9 July 1890-9 Dec1962] [Mrs. Willem Stroink, from 3 Nov 1911] [Active 1910s-20s.]

CORDWELL, Belinda Jane (New Zealand) [21 Sept 1965- ] [Married to Collier Isaacs, by 1998] [Active 1982-1991]

Cornell, Mrs. K. [SEE SANDVIG, Carol]

CORNELL, Lorna M. (Great Britain) [3 Jan 1933- ] [Mrs. John W. "Peter" Cawthorn, 18 Feb 1953-????; Mrs. W. D. Greville-Collins, before July 1966-????; Mrs. Anthony Densham, from c. July/Sept 1971] [Active 1940s-60s.]

CORNER, Alice May (Great Britain/South Africa) [1880-1968] [Mrs. Robert Frederick Botting, from 1910] [Active c. 1905-14]

CORNET, Alizé (France) [22 Jan 1990- ] [Active 2004- ]

CORNFORD, (Henrietta) Kate (Great Britain) [April 1862-23 May 1955] [Mrs. Frederick Harvey Trevithick, from 19 Nov 1896] [Active c. 1882-86]

CORONADO, (Maria) Carmen (Spain) [16 June 1940- ] [Married to José Edison “Ed” ("Eddy") Mandarino, from 6 Nov 1965] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Coronado de Mandarino, Senora (from 6 Nov 1965) [SEE CORONADO, (Maria) Carmen]

CORRIGAN, Erla (Australia) [Mrs. William C. Holley, from 1942] [Active 1930s.]

CORRY, Hilda Kathleen Stuart (Great Britain) [1 May 1910-11 March 1992] [Mrs. William Charles Tuke, from 4 Sept 1935] [Active c. 1930-35]

CORRY, Patricia Glendinning (Ireland/Northern Ireland) [7 Feb 1906-9 June 2005] [Mrs. Arthur Gotto Webb] [Active c. 1925-35]

CORSATO, Luciana (Brazil) [21 Jan 1966- ] [Married to Owsianka] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Corsato-Owsianka, Luciana [SEE CORSATO, Luciana]

CORSE, Nancy Ruth (United States) [21 April 1933-25 July 2009] [Mrs. W. T. Reed] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Corsini, Mme G. [SEE KUPFER, Lisa]

COSENS, Marjorie (Great Britain/India?) [6 July 1897-Nov 1988] [Mrs. Herbert Cecil S. Stork, from 8 Sept 1919] [Active c. 1920-33]

Cosens, Mrs. F. R. S. (from 16 Nov 1932) [SEE LERMITTE, Violet Hilary]

Costallat, (Mme) Suzette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Coste, Mme (before 1952-before 13 May 1963) [SEE HAMELIN, Monique]

COSTELLO, ??? (Miss) (Ireland/Australia) [first name unknown] [Active 1890s.]

COSTERTON, Barbara E. (Great Britain) [c. Oct/Dec 1921- ] [Mrs. Henry Edward Francis Behr, 9 May 1944-1955; Mrs. Riseley, from ????] [Active c. 1939-1950]

COTT, Ruth (United States) [Active 1880s.]

COTTMAN, Eleanor Brooks (United States) [5 Oct 1898-July 1979] [Active c. 1920-31]

Cottrill, Mrs. J. A. [SEE GIBSON, Joan]

Couch, Mrs. H. E., Sr. [SEE TOMLINSON, Evelyn]

COUCHMAN, (Phyllis) Joan (Great Britain) [25 Feb 1909-31 Jan 1998] [Mrs. Charles T. C. Ennals, from 10 March 1934] [Active 1930s.]

Coulby, Mrs. F. R. (from 10 Sept 1888) [SEE SNOOK, Charlotte Bracher]

Couleaux, (Mme) Marinette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Coulter, (Mrs.) Lydia (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

COULTER, Paula (United States) [29 June 1956- ] [Active 1970s-90s.]

COUMBE, Elizabeth "Betty" Gardner (United States) [30 Aug 1926- ] [Active c. 1946-1960]

Couper, Mrs. J. N. C. (from 1 Feb 1936) [SEE SOAMES, Elizabeth "Betty"]

COUQUERQUE, Madzy [SEE ROLLIN COUQUERQUE, Magdalena Ferdinanda Maria "Madzy"]

COURT, Elizabeth (Australia) [Active late 1950s-early 1960s.]

Court, Mrs. B. M. (from 28 Oct 1967) [SEE SMITH, Margaret Jean]

COURTEIX, Françoise (France) [1944- ] [Active c. 1960-1964]

COURTEIX, Paule (France) [25 Oct 1937- ] [Mrs. Emmet McNulty Ferguson, from 17 Feb 1968] [Active c. 1957-1962]

COURTEIX, Simone (France) [Active 1930s.]

COURTOIS, Laurence (Belgium) [18 Jan 1976- ] [Active 1991-2002]

COUSIN, Genevieve (France) [Active 1920s.]

Cousins, Mrs. J. I. (from c. Oct/Dec 1957) [SEE POOL, Sandra F. "Sonia"]

COUTO, Tania (Portugal) [5 July 1972- ] [Active 1990s.]

Coutts, Mrs. D. L. (from c. March 1941) [SEE SMITH, Elizabeth "Betty" M.]

Couturie, Mme J. (from 19 Jan 1927) [SEE RAOUL-DUVAL, Elisabeth]

COVELL, Doris Kate (Great Britain) [26 Feb 1885-5 March 1963] [Mrs. Albert Chase Craddock, from 23 Feb 1909] [Active ???]

Covell, Mrs. B. C. (from 23 Sept 1921) [SEE HOWKINS, Phyllis Lindrea]

COVER, Ivy (Jamaica/United States) [7 March 1921- ] [Married to: Alva Pagiel Ramsay(or Ramsey), 12 Sept 1938-by 1954; Stanley Rosenthal, from ????] [Active c. 1938-1955]

Cover-Ramsay(or Cover-Ramsey?), Ivy (12 Sept 1938-by 1954) [SEE COVER, Ivy]

COVEY, Effie M. (United States) [19 June 1891-Jan 1983] [Mrs. Alva H. Poage, from 13 Sept 1916] [Active ???]

COVI, Maria (Italy) [Signora Forlanini, from c. 1923] [Active1930s.]

Cowan, Mrs. (before June 1937-before 1939) [SEE HOFKIN, Rose]

COWARD, Gabrielle Rose (Great Britain/Australia) [1899-1972] [Mrs. Edward Grindrod Welsby, from 1920] [Active c. 1946-55]

Cowie, Mrs. T. W. (from c. July/Sept 1969) [SEE SOADY, Alexandra "Alex"]

COWIE, Mary Beatrice (Great Britain) [4 Feb 1860-13 Nov 1923] [Mrs. Edward Chetwynd-Stapylton, from 27 Sept 1879] [Active c. 1885-90]

COWLEY, Nancy (Australia) [Mrs. Harry Martin, by Oct 1930] [Active ???]

Cowlishaw, Mrs. E. B. O. (from 1915) [SEE THURLOW, May]

COWNEY, Patricia "Pat" Laura (Great Britain) [1921-22 June 2007] [Mrs. (Dr) Dudley William Fram Gotla, from 6 Sept 1950] [Active 1940s.-c. 1964]

Cox, Mrs. M. (5 July 1966-????) [SEE STROUD, Alison Jane T.]

COX, Alma C. (Australia) [Active ???]

COX, B. (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

Cox, (Mrs.) Elizabeth Maria (Australia) [3 April 1879-19 Aug 1963] [maiden name unknown; Married to Thomas Henry Cox, by 1903] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Cox, Mrs. M. H. (from 28 Dec 1957) [SEE WOODGATE, Georgiana "Georgie" Elizabeth]

COX, Joy (Great Britain) [1920- ] [Mrs. (Flying Officer) Peter Pickering] [Active 1950s.]

Cox, Mrs. H. H. (from 16 April 1891) [SEE HILL, Katherine Louisa]

COX, Marjorie Elizabeth (Australia) [1903-1983] [Mrs. John Herbert "Jack" Crawford, from 27 Feb 1930] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Cox, Mrs. G. M. (from 1969) [SEE TITCHENER, Pauline M. "Vera"]

COX, Phyllis Hamilton (India/Great Britain) [8 April 1887-1975] [Mrs. Edward Henry Berthoud, from 1908?] [Active 1920s.]

COX, Sonia H. (New Zealand) [25 Dec 1936-2001] [Active 1950s-60s.]

COX, Sonia M. (Great Britain) [18 Aug 1938- ] [Mrs. Thomas H. Preston, from c. April/June 1959] [Active 1950s.]

COX, Truda (Australia) [Mrs. John Knight] [Active ???]

COX, Vivienne Russell (Great Britain/Canada) [1940- ] [Mrs. Lawrence "Laurie" Franklin Strong, from 22 Sept 1962] [Active 1950s-60s.]

COXE, Eliza (United States) [c. 1909- ] [Mrs. Jackson] [Active c. 1926-30]

Coyne, Mrs. F. (from 1929) [SEE TAYLOR, Etta]

COYNE, Thelma Dorothy (Australia) [14 Oct 1918-13 April 2015] [Mrs. Maurice Newton Long, 30 Jan 1941-c. 1946/47; retained married name as a player even after her divorce] [Active 1930s-1959]

Cozens, Mrs. W. R. (from 22 Dec 1955) [SEE BOWAN, Constance "Connie" Sybil]

Cozens, Mrs. R. S. (26 Feb 1930-9 Jan 1933): [SEE AKHURST, Daphne Jessie]; (from 25 May 1935): [SEE BICKERTON, Louie Mildred]

COZENS, Clarice May (Australia) [1887-????] [Mrs. Stanley Joseph Saunders, from 19 Nov 1913] [Active c. 1905-13]

COZENS, Irene Estelle (Australia) [1890-1971] [Mrs. Henry Forbes-Smith, from 1919] [Active 1910s-20s.]

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CRABBE, Renée (Belgium) [23 May 1894-3 Sept 1944] [Mme Albert Leclercq, from 6 June 1912] [Active c. 1910-12]

Craddock, Mrs. A. C. (from 23 Feb 1909) [SEE COVELL, Doris Kate]

Cradock, Mrs. H. E. (from c. 1 July 1890) [SEE BOULTON, Mabel Eleanor]

CRADY, (Margaret) Elizabeth (United States) [23 Nov 1941- ] [Active 1960s.]

CRAGIN, Adele Calhoun (United States) [Sept 1886-28 Nov 1940] [Active 1907-1929]

CRAGIN, Louise W. (United States) [1882-20 Nov 1955] [Mrs. Lansing Y. Lippincott, from 22 Sept 1909] [Active c. 1907-1909]

Craemer, (Frau) Lilli (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

CRAIG, Alva Mae (United States) [Active 1930s.]

CRAIG, Diane (Ireland) [16 May 1964- ] [Active 1980s.]

CRAIG, Helena (United States) [12 Feb 1860-27 April 1950] [Mrs. William Vermilye Burrill, from 16 Nov 1894] [Active c. 1895-1905]

Craig, Mrs. D. [SEE SAYWELL, Lorraine]

CRAIG-SMITH, Marion (Great Britain) [Mrs. John Lewis Hobbs from 6 Dec 1958] [Active 1950s.]

CRAMER, Marion (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

CRAMP, Florence B. (United States) [19 Feb 1884-15 Sept 1965] [Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt Pell, from 25 Nov 1903] [Active c. 1905-14]

CRAVEN, (Dr) Jane Wells "Jennie" (United States) [25 Jan 1875-after 1947] [Active c. 1895-1915]

CRAWFORD, Jean Findley (Great Britain/Jamaica) [c. 1903-1984] [Mrs. Oliver Gordon McNair, from 22 March 1929] [Active c. 1925-50]

CRAWFORD, Lottie Janet (Australia) [2 April 1911- ] [Mrs. Cyril H. Gibson, from 1932] [Active c. 1926-36]

Crawford, Mrs. J. H. (from 27 Feb 1930) [SEE COX, Marjorie Elizabeth]

CRAWFORD, Marjorie Florence "Pat" (Australia) [16 May 1904-????] [Mrs. Victor Allan Kendall, from 1927] [Active ???]

Crawford, Mrs. S. G. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

CRAWLEY, Jean Lesley (Australia) [28 Aug 1917-6 Sept 2016] [Mrs. Thomas Charles Boag] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Crawshay Williams, Mrs. E. (from 1924) [SEE DONALDSON, Weeta]

CRAYBAS, Jill (United States) [4 July 1974- ] [Active 1992-2013]

CRAZE, Doris (South Africa) [c. 1916- ] [Active c. 1932-41]

Craze, (Mrs.) Myra Matilda (South Africa) [1890-7 July 1949] [Married to J. Craze, by 1916; maiden name unknown] [Active c. 1920-35] [SEE ???]

CRAZE, Olive Maitland (South Africa) [1918-????] [Mrs. René Louis Plessis, from 27 Jan 1941] [Active c. 1932-1950]

Cremonin, Mrs. J. V. (from 1 June 1921) [SEE PRIESTER, Henrietta Christine]

Cremonin, Mrs. Ly H. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active c. 1944-1953] [SEE ???]

CRESSY, Helen Wilkinson "Ellen" / "Ella" (Great Britain) [c. Nov 1877-19 Sept 1949] [Mrs. Roger Thorpe Green, from c. May 1898] [Active 1890s.]

CRESSY, Ida Maud (Great Britain) [c. Nov 1870-8 Feb 1951] [Active 1890s.]

CRESSY, Lilian Mabel (Great Britain) [c. May 1872-12 Nov 1958] [Active 1890s.]

CREVENNA, Hilde (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Creydt, (Frau) Kora (from c. 1972) [SEE SCHEDIWY, Kora]

CRICHTON, Dorothy Hannah (Great Britain) [4 Jan 1905-6 Sept 2009] [Mrs. Richard C. Beckett, from 24 Aug 1968] [Active 1930s.]

Cripps, Mrs. A. T. H. (from 11 Nov 1944) [SEE LESLIE-BREDÉE, Cynthia Mary Danford]

CRISP, Ellinore (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

CRISTIANI, Marion (France) [c. 1949/50- ] [Mme Patrick Proisy, c. 1968?- ????] [Active ???]

CRISTLER, Connie (United States) [16 June 1940- ] [Active 1960s.]

CRNADAK, Marija "Marica" (Yugoslavia/Croatia) [4 April 1922- ] [Mrs. Caplar, after 1956] [Active 1930s-50s.]

CROCKER, Hope (United States) [11 Sept 1943- ] [Active 1960s.]

CROCKER, Jeanne Adeline (United States) [1887-1974] [Mrs. Malcolm D. Whitman, 1912-1924; Mrs. Robert E. Henderson, by 1931] [Active 1920s.]

CROFT, Annabel Nicola (Great Britain) [12 July 1966- ] [Married to Mel Coleman, from 1993] [Active c. 1980-1988]

Croft, Mrs. M. R. (c. Jan/March 1945- before c. April/June 1950) [SEE DORE, Daphne J. "Gem"]

Crones, (Frau) Dorothea (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Crooke, Mrs. K. W. (from c. 1969/70) [SEE KENNY, Alexis "Lexie"]

CROOKS, Marguerite “Mickey” (United States) [1899-16 Oct 1990] [Mrs. Eugene “Genie” Lincoln Falkenburg; Mrs. LeRoy Wagstaff] [Active 1920s.]

Crooks, Mrs. [SEE WELSBY, Rosemary Gabrielle]

CROSBY, Catherine "Kate" (Great Britian) [1861-????] [Active c. 1882-95]

CROSBY, Cathy Lee (United States) [2 Dec 1944- ] [Mrs. Alexande W. Ingle, 30 July 1966-???; Mrs. ???, 1969-1973] [Active 1960s.]

Crosby, Mrs. A. B. (from April 1893) [SEE PAGE, Ellinor Jane Seymour]

CROSBY, Linda Lou (United States) [13 Oct 1943- ] [Married to Hart Broesel, from 4 Dec 1994] [Active 1960s.]

CROSBY, Lucinda (United States) [17 July 1952- ] [Active 1970s.]

CROSBY, Marion Caroline (Great Britian) [1 Feb 1868-28 May 1945] [Mrs. Percy Neville Morton, from 1 June 1895] [Active c. 1888-1910]

Crosfield, Mrs. A. H. (Lady) (from 2 Dec 1907) [SEE ELLIADI, Domini]

CROSKERY, Lorna (Great Britain) [6 July 1946- ] [Mrs. Agnew, from 1968] [Active c. 1962-72]

Crosnier, Mme J.-R. (from 25 Oct 1973) [SEE PARTRIDGE, Joan Susan Vernon]

CROSS, Edith Ann (United States) [2 Aug 1907-15 July 1983] [Mrs. Carroll E. Jensen, from 9 Sept 1933] [Active c. 1925-1936]

CROSS, Joan (South Africa) [9 March 1941- ] [Mrs. Johnson, by Oct 1964] [Active 1950s-60s.]

CROSS, Karen (Great Britain) [19 Feb 1974- ] [Active 1991-2001]

Cross, Mrs. H. S. (from 14 April 1910) [SEE BORDA, Matilda]

CROSS, Virginia (United States) [1 Nov 1908-25 Oct 1993] [Mrs. Carleton Raymond Mabley, from 9 Feb 1935] [Active ????-late 1935]

CROTHERS, Betsy (United States) [Active 1940s.]

CROUCH, Bertha (United States) [16 Aug 1874-8 July 1957] [Mrs. Martin M. Chase, from 1 Dec 1899] [Active 1890s.]

Crouch, Mrs. L. P. (1928-before 1945) [SEE HAYDON, Dorothy Maude]

Crow, Mrs. B. L. (1 Feb 1939-by 23 Nov 1950) [SEE HOLMES, June Annys]

CROW, Ruth Kesler (United States) [26 Nov 1908-18 March 2000] [Mrs. Hugh J. Nelson, from 31 July 1941] [Active 1920s-30s.]

CROWE, Heather (United States) [12 July 1961- ] [Married to Thomas "Ryan" Conner, from 23 April 1994] [Active 1982-1988]

CROWE, Mildred Louise (United States) [14 Sept 1914-17 July 1940] [Mrs. Walford, from c. 1939] [Active ???]

CROWET, Anne-Marie (Belgium) [Active 1950s.]

CROWHURST, (Joan) Olga (South Africa) [29 Jan 1915-1990] [Mrs. Eric Clemens Brunette, from 15 June 1940] [Active c. 1935-1950]

CRUICKSHANK, Josephine (United States) [18 Jan 1909-12 March 1997] [Active 1920s-30s.]

CRUMP, Helen (United States) [Active 1890s.]

Crundall-Punnett, Mrs. R. (from 13 June 1913) [SEE FROUDE-BELLEW, Eveline Maude "Betty"]

Cserepy, Csilla (from Sept 1985) [SEE BARTOS, Csilla]

CSERY, Katalin (Katalin Ida Laura Cséry Madarász de Nemeskisfalud) (Hungary) [1 March 1887-8 April 1967] [Married to István Mannó, by 1910] [Active in the early 1900s.]

CSERY, Sarolta (Sarolta Cséry de Cséry et Szentlőrinc) (Hungary) [17 Jan 1895-12 June 1977] [Married to Mihaly Széchenyi de Sárvár-Felsövidek, by 1924] [Active in the early 1900s.]

Csonth, Klari [SEE DOMOTOR, Klari]

Csonthne, Laszlone (Mrs.) [SEE DOMOTOR, Klari]

CSURGO, Virag (Hungary) [10 Nov 1972- ] [Married to N. Tamas] [Active 1980s-90s.]

CUETO, Isabel (Germany) [3 Dec 1968- ] [Married to Oliver Baumann] [Active 1980s-90s.]

CUFF, Nancy Gordon (Australia) [1 June 1904-22 Sept 1940] [Mrs. Harold Gervase "Bill" Doolan, from 6 Feb 1930] [Active c. 1924-30]

Culbert, Mme F. P. (c. 1920-before 1950) [SEE CARON, Lucette]

CUMMING, Patricia “Pat” Carnighan (Unites States) [20 April 1919-20 Dec 2000] [Mrs. Robert ("Bob") Harry Stuhler, from 10 Aug 1943] [Active 1930s-50s.]

CUMMINGS, Carol (United States) [27 Aug 1937- ] [Active 1950s.]

CUMMINGS, Kathleen (United States) [5 Sept 1961- ] [Active 1980-1987]

CUMMINS, Daisy Gertrude (Australia) [14 Nov 1887-????] [Mrs. Robert Andrew Chandler, from 5 Dec 1922] [Active c. 1925-30]

CUNNINGHAM, Carrie (United States) [28 April 1972- ] [Active 1987-1994]

CUNNINGHAM, Joy (Great Britain / Ireland) [3 March 1912-18 Jan 1996] [Mrs. Cyril Frederick Myerscough, from 9 July 1936] [Active c. 1937-1941]

CUNNINGHAM, Mary (United States) [c. 1928- ] [Mrs. Joseph Hoover] [Active 1940s.]

CUNNINGHAM, Patricia "Pat" Marie (Australia) [c. 1930- ] [Mrs. Harold Bernard Holmes, after Nov 1952] [Active c. 1946-1955]

Curdel, Mme A. (from c. 1937) [SEE BELLIARD, Edith]

Curl, Mrs. H. G. (from 1949) [SEE JOHNSON-TAYLOR, Margaret Annie]

CURLEY, Dorothy (Ireland) [10 March 1919-23 Dec 2005] [Mrs. Ralph Ince, from 9 Feb 1944] [Active c. 1939-1965]

Curley, Mrs. J. [SEE ASHFORD, Verna Mabel "Vera" / "Valda"]

CURRAN, Claire (Ireland/Great Britain) [10 March 1978- ] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

CURRIE, May M. (United States) [????-Aug 1965] [Active 1910s.]

CURRY, (Patricia) Joan C. (Great Britain) [Dec 1918- ] [Mrs. George E. Hughesman, from c. July/Sept 1958] [Active 1930s-60s.]

CURTIS, (Adelaide) Gaby (Great Britain) [31 July 1909-19 Nov 2000] [Active 1930s.]

Curtis, Mrs. R. M. (from 9 June 1945) [SEE WOOD, Diana Margaret]

Curtis, Mrs. M. G. (by 1910) [SEE WARREN, Emma Forest]

CURTIS, Evelyn (Great Britain) [Mrs. Murdoch] [Active 1930s-40s.]

CURTIS, Margaret (United States) [8 Oct 1883-24 Dec 1965] [Active 1900s.]

Curtis, Mrs. P. W. (1969-before June 1972) [SEE EISEL, Mary Ann Clark]

CURTIS, Nancy Ella (New Zealand) [5 May 1894-13 June 1958] [Mrs. Walter F. Sturman, from 23 April 1924] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Curtis-Whyte, Mrs. J. (1899-1909) [SEE GRAY, Mary "Molly"]

Cushingham, Mrs. J. (c. April/June 1943-1951) [SEE PURDY, Eleanor]

CUYPERS, Brigitte (South Africa) [3 Dec 1955- ] [Married to: Ferreira, by 1984-????; Fourie, from ????] [Active 1971-1985]

CZARNOWSKY, Charlotte (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Czolowska, Mrs. (c. 1947-1948) [SEE PROUDFOOT, Helen McKendrick]

CZOPEK, Sylwia (Poland) [24 April 1970- ] [Active 1980s.]

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da Costa, (Mme) Germaine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

DABEK, Tiffany (United States) [14 March 1980- ] [Married to Christopher Davis] [Active 1998-2006]

DABROWSKI, Gabriela (Canada) [1 April 1992- ] [Active 2006- ]

DACE, Vera Sybil (Great Britain) [3 Dec 1921-9 July 1995] [Mrs. Arthur H. "Tommy" Thomas, from Aug 1947] [Active c. 1946-1960]

Dahl, Mrs. K. (from 1913) [SEE PETER, Caroline “Caro” Lucia Maria]

DAHLMAN, Nanne (Finland) [7 Sept 1970- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

DAILEY, Flora Jane (Australia) [c. 1876-April 1952] [Mrs. Walter Tydd Rowe, from 5 March 1896] [Active ???]

DAKIN, Edna M. (Australia) [1895/99-???] [Mrs. Noel G. Gardyne, from 1924/25] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Dale, Mrs. J. B. (from 1879) [SEE FENWICK, Helena]

Dale, Mrs. [SEE FISHER, Margaret E.]

Dally, Mrs. V. H. [SEE PATE, Ruth]

Dalton, Mrs. D. E. (from 18 Nov 1969) [SEE TEGART, Judith "Judy" Anne Marshall]

DALY, Norah Margaret (Ireland) [16 July 1900-8 May 1965] [Mrs. (Dr) Richard Edward Tottenham, from 16 Oct 1925] [Active c. 1920-30]

Daly, Mrs. G. L. (from 23 Sept 1917) [SEE OBERLANDER, Stella A.]

DALZELL, B. (United States) [Active 1970s.]

DAM, Else (Denmark) [2 Dec 1901-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Dammova, Vlasta [SEE VOPICKOVA (Vopičková), Vlasta]

Damster, Mme J. [SEE DE RIDDER, Janine "Nany"]

Dando, Mrs. M. D. M. (from 23 Sept 1922) [SEE ROYLANCE, Sybil Flora]

Danet, Mme E. C. ("H.") (from 25 April 1898) [SEE ENGRAND, Augustine Marcelle "Marie"]

Danger, Mrs. L. C. (from 1897) [SEE PARR, Winifrid Isabel Barbara]

DANIELL, Agnes Katharine Raymond (Great Britain) [8 July 1877-13 May 1972] [Mrs. Charles Orpen Tuckey, from 17 April 1906] [Active ????-1930s.]

Daniels, Mrs. D. [SEE CHRISTENSON, Maricaye]

Daniels, Mary Lou (from 17 Oct 1987) [SEE PIATEK, Mary Lou]

DANIELSON, Molly Juliane (United States) [6 Oct 1943- ] [Active 1960s.]

Danilevsky, Mrs. [SEE MARTINOVA, Nadezhda Viktorovna]

DANILOVICH, Jean (United States) [29 July 1946- ] [Active 1960s.]

Danzig, Mrs. J. A. (from 27 April 1951) [SEE PALFREY, Sarah Hammond]

Darben, Mrs. W. A. (17 October 1965-1976) [SEE GIBSON, Althea]

DARDEL, Simone (France) [Active 1930s.]

DARLING, Charlotte Upton McNabb (United States) [13 May, 1911-10 May 1979] [Mrs. John Butler Prizer, from 16 Oct 1937] [Active ????-1960s.]

Darlison, Mrs. J. [SEE BRADBURY, Beth Ann]

Darmon, Mme P. (from 28 Jan 1960) [SEE REYES, Rosa Maria Delgado "Rosie"]

DARVALL, ??? [first name unknown] (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Dassier, (Mme) Paulette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

DATE, Kimiko (Japan) [28 Sept 1970- ] [Married to Michael "Mike" Krumm, 1 Dec 2001-16 Sept 2016] [Active 1988-1996, 2002, 2008-2016]

Date-Krumm, Kimiko (1 Dec 2001-16 Sept 2016) [SEE DATE, Kimiko]

DAUMAS, Solange (France) [Active 1930s.]

DAVAR, Rita (India) [3 June 1935- ] [Active 1950s.]

Davenport, Mrs. G. C. (from 18 July 1921) [SEE SOUTER, Dorothy Fyffe]

DAVENPORT, Joyce (United States) [23 Feb 1942-2012] [Active 1960s.]

DAVENPORT, Lilian (Great Britian) [22 Aug 1885-2 Sept 1973] [Active c. 1905-14]

DAVENPORT, Lindsay Ann (United States) [8 June 1976- ] [Married to Jonathan Leach, from 25 April 2003; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1991-2010]

David, Mrs. W. D. (c. Sept 1941-before 14 Aug 1950) [SEE PHYSICK, Joan D. “Joey”]

DAVID, Marcelle (Belgium) [1923- ] [Active in the 1940s-50s.]

Davidson, Mrs. G. C. (16 April 1951-????) [SEE SCOFIELD, Barbara Van Alen]

DAVIDSON, Judy (New Zealand) [7 July ????- ] [Active 1960s.]

DAVIDSON, Lucille (United States) [11 July 1924-10 Feb 2009] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Davie, Mrs. W. R. (from 19 Sept 1948) [SEE HEINE, Esther Annie Laurie "Bobbie"]

DAVIES, Barbara (Great Britain) [c. 1914- ] [Mrs. Bernard Walton, from c. Oct/Dec 1938] [Active c. 1932-47]

DAVIES, Edith Mary (Great Britain) [1862-20 June 1949] [Mrs. Ernest Webb, from 1898] [Active c. 1880-90]

Davies, Mrs. M. G. (July 1959-????) [SEE BUDING, Ilse Renate]

Davies, Mrs. C. (from 22 May 1937) [SEE WILSON, Jean]

DAVIES, Joan (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

DAVIES, Mabel Laura (Great Britain) [21 Oct 1874-24 Feb 1945] [Mrs. Alexander Frederick Fellowes, from 23 Aug 1904] [Active 1900s-10s.]

DAVIES, Mary P. (Great Britain) [Active 1920s.]

DAVIS, Emma Jane "May" (Australia) [????-15 Nov 1932] [Married to Sergeant-Major (Brigade Surgeon) Richard James Quinnell, from 28 June 1879] [Active in the late 1880's and early 1890s.]

Davis, Mrs. B. (from 1938) [SEE MCLENNAN, Evangeline M.]

DAVIS, Helen (Australia) [23 June 1960- ] [Married to Dorricott] [Active 1980s.]

DAVIS, Lauren (United States) [9 Oct 1993- ] [Active 2009- ]

DAVIS, Marguerite (United States) [1890-16 March 1963] [Active 1910s-30s.]

Davis, Mrs. (from c. 1914) [SEE COLES, Mildred]

DAVISON, Doris (Great Britain) [Mrs. Heppenstall, by June 1946] [Active 1940s-50s.]

DAVREUX, Delia (Argentina) [Active 1920s-30s.]

DAVY, Bernadette (Ireland) [21 Sep 1956- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

DAVY, Mabel Hope (Great Britain) [10 Oct 1896-22 July 1952] [Mrs. Robert Cecil Clayton, from 1916] [Active 1920s-1939]

Davy, Mrs. K. A. (from 1962) [SEE MORRISON, Ruia Mereana]

DAWES, Catherine (Great Britain) [1830-19 May 1901] [Mrs. Edward Blakeway Steedman, from 3 July 1849] [Active c. 1885-89]

Dawes, Mrs. A. (from 14 March 1953) [SEE WILFORD, Elizabeth M. "Betty"]

Dawson, Mrs. [SEE ASHFORD, Edna Barbara "Esme"]

Dawson, Mrs. E. S. [SEE WILSEY, Eloise]

DAWSON, F. (United States) [Active 1970s.]

Dawson, Jennifer (from c. spring 1989) [SEE LARKING, Jennifer]

Dawson, Mrs. [SEE MCCRORY, Marilyn]

Dawson-Scott, Mrs. E. W. (from c. Oct/Dec 1945) [SEE MCCORKINDALE, Peggy Leila]

DAY, Alice (United States) [Mrs. Charles Henry Beard, from 1909] [Active 1900s-10s.]

DAY, Helen Marie (United States) [10 Dec 1860-25 May 1962] [Mrs. Alan Hale Harris, from c. 1876] [Active 1880s-90s.]

Day, Mrs. E. (by 1929) [SEE WEBB, Nancy]

Day, Mrs. C. F. (from 15 Sept 1933) [SEE GREENWOOD, Olga Mary]

DAY, S. (United States) [Active 1890s.]

Dayal, Mrs. H. (by Jan 1950) [SEE ROW, Leela "Leila"]

D'AYEN, Elizabeth Pauline Sabine Marie (France) [27 Oct 1898-7 Dec 1969] [Mrs. Gordon Nevil Macready, from 23 Nov 1920] [Active 1919-1932]

DE ALVAREZ, Lili [SEE ALVAREZ, Elia Maria "Lili" de]

De Bailleul, Mme J. P. (from 7 July 1887) [SEE DE BRETTES-THURIN, Louise-Marie-Madeleine]

de Bary, Mme G. E. (from 3 April 1934) [SEE DE GROOTE, Nadine]

DE BAVAY, Vera (Australia) [c. 1896-11 April 1979] [Mrs. John Higgs, from 27 June 1933] [Active 1920s.]

De Borman, Mme Paul (from 29 June 1907) [SEE DE SELLIERS DE MORANVILLE, Anne]

DE BORMAN, Geneviève (Belgium) [Active 1920s-30s.]

DE BORMAN, Myriam Leyle Adrianne Victorine Ghislaine (Belgium) [23 May 1915-1975] [Mme André van Cutsem, from 28 April(24 Aug?) 1949] [Active 1930s-50s.]

DE BOURDINEAU, Anne (France) [c. 1905- ????] [Mme Henri Esseiva, from c. 1929] [Active c. 1927-36]

DE BRETTES-THURIN, Louise-Marie-Madeleine (France) [12 April 1865- ????] [Mme (Marquise) Jean Paul De Bailleul, from 7 July 1887] [Active 1893-1897]

de Bruijn Kops, Mrs. G. F. ("F.") (from 12 Nov 1917) [SEE VAN VLIET, Adé]

de Bruyn Kops, Mrs. G. F. ("F.") (from 12 Nov 1917) [SEE VAN VLIET, Adé]

DE CARITAT, Claire (Belgium) [Mme J. P. de Wasseige, from c. 1933] [Active ???]

de Cazalet, (Mme) Arlette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s-50s.] [SEE ???]

DE CHAMBURE, Béatrice (France) [SEE CHAMBURE, Béatrice de]

de CHÁVARRI, Josefa (Spain) [SEE CHÁVARRI, Josefa de]

De Fegely, Mrs. C. S. (from 24 Oct 1888) [SEE RIDDELL, Annie Carre]

de Fenelon, Mme (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1890s.] [SEE ???]

DE FINA, Stephanie [SEE DEFINA, Stephanie]

de Fonblanque, Mrs. C. E. (from 2 Feb 1891) [SEE KETTLEWELL, Annette Phoebe Sutherland]

de Fonscolombes, (Mme) Geneviève (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

de Fontvillars, Mme Bernard (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

DE FONTVILLARS, Colette Bonnard (France) [1904-1963] [Mme Michel Bernard, from 18 Dec 1926] [Active c. 1923-1949]

de Gersdorff, Mrs. G. B. (from 21 Nov 1907) [SEE LAWRENCE, Isabella Cleaveland]

DE GROOTE, Nadine (Belgium) [6 March 1913-24 Oct 2003] [Mme Georges Ernest de Bary, from 3 April 1934] [Active c. 1930-1948]

De Jong, Eva (from 1962) [SEE DULDIG, Eva]

de Kerjégu, Mme R. L. J. M. [SEE GALTIER, Solange]

de Kermel, (Countess) Mme O. J. T. (from 30 Sept 1899) [SEE VILLARD, Thérèse Germaine Charlotte]

DE LA COURTIE, Florence "Flo" (France) [13 Nov 1935- ] [Mme Billat, from 1962] [Active 1950s-70s.]

de La Ferrière, (Mme) Simone (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

de la Porte (or de Laporte), Karin (from c. 1966/67) [SEE HERICH, Karin]

DE LA PRYME, Dorothy Violet Mary (Great Britain) [28 Feb 1912-2003] [Active 1930s]

DE LA PRYME, Sybil Gwendoline (Great Britain) [1910-July 1996] [Mrs. Ithel Glendwr Owen, from 4 Aug 1937] [Active 1930s]

de la Valdene, Countess (from 14 Nov 1935] [SEE ALVAREZ, Elia Maria "Lili" de]

de Laive, Ada [SEE BAKKER, Ada]

de Laporte (or de la Porte), Karin (from c. 1966/67) [SEE HERICH, Karin]

DE LATTE, Lucy Agnes [SEE DELATTE, Lucy Agnes]

DE LAVELEYE, Marie-Rose Julie “Marie” (Belgium) [23 Aug 1856-24 Jan 1936] [Mme Paul Jean Jacques Trasenster, from 2 May 1878] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

DE LIMA, Phyllis (India) [6 Aug 1914-1 Aug 2004] [Mrs. Alexander “Alec” Athaide, from 1943] [Active c. 1935-42]

De Little, Mrs. J. E. (from 19 March 1928) [SEE WINTER-IRVING, Quentin]

de Lobel-Mahy, Mme R. (from 6 Feb 1893) [SEE DE MARCÉ, (Hortense Marie) Cécile]

De Lone, Mrs. L. S. (from c. 1910) [SEE LANG, Helen (or Helena)]

DE LORME, Catherine (France) [Active 1970s.]

DE LOS RIOS, Rossana (Paraguay) [16 Sept 1975- ] [Married to Gustavo Neffa, from 26 Dec 1994] [Active 1989-2010]

DE MARCÉ, (Hortense Marie) Cécile (France) [4 Dec 1869-27 Feb 1911] [Mme Raymond de Lobel-Mahy, from 6 Feb 1893] [Active c. 1908-10]

DE MENDOZA, Zoe (Cuba) [Active 1950s.]

de Meulmeester, Mme J. M. L. É. (from 7 Oct 1933) [SEE SIGART, Josane]

DE MOGGIO, Maria-Victoria (Colombia) [26 Nov 1943- ] [Active 1970s.]

de Montaigu, Mme P. [SEE SOISBAULT, Annie Marie Blanche]

de Montebello, Mme G. J. G. L. (from 19 April 1927) [SEE DESCLERCS, Nicole]

DE MORSIER, Renée Marguerite Émilie (Switzerland/Great Britain) [1892-11 Jan 1964] [Mrs. Leonard Harding Wimble, from c. Jan/March 1920] [Active 1910s-20s.]

DE NIGRIS, Sara (Italy) [Active 1960s-70s.]

DE NIORT, Eliane (Spain) [9 Oct 1933- ] [Married to José Luis Salvat Ferrer] [Active ???]

DE PFEFFEL, Marie-Louise (France/Great Britain) [15 Aug 1882-29 Nov 1944] [Mrs. Stanley Fred Williams, from 24 Jan 1906] [Active 1900s.]

DE PFEFFEL, Yvonne (France) [30 July 1883-1957] [Active 1900s.]

DE PRELLE DE LA NIEPPE, Christine Elise Ghislaine (Belgium) [11 June 1889-8 Nov 1978] [Mme Louis Georges Raphael Rigano, from 5 April 1921] [Active 1910s.]

DE PRELLE DE LA NIEPPE, Madeleine Germaine Augusta Ghislaine
(Belgium/Netherlands) [5 Feb 1893-4 June 1960] [Mrs. Ewout Prins van Westdorpe, from 10 Nov 1926] [Active c. 1923-1935]

de Rauch, Mme A. (from 16 Dec 1916) [SEE BOURGEOIS, Madeleine]

DE RIBA, Maria-Josefa "Josefa" (Spain) [20 July 1913-7 March 2008] [Active 1940s-50s.]

DE RIDDER, Janine "Nany" (Belgium) [16 Aug 1924-18 Oct 1998] [Mme Jean Damster] [Active 1940s-50s.]

DE ROBIGLIO, Robina Margherita Hamilton "Margherita" (Italy/France) [c. 1886-????] [Married to Colonel Paul Marie Alexandre Astraud, from 1907] [Active c. 1900-06]

DE ROMANCE, Colette (France) [Active 1930s.]

de Saint-Ferréol, Mme (from c. 1932) [SEE MARJOLLET, Paulette]

de Saram, Mrs. F. C. "D." (from c. 1940) [SEE OBEYSEKERA(OBEYSEKERE?), Nedra]

DE SARAM, Neva (Ceylon/Great Britain) [1879-23 March 1944] [Mrs. John Russell Manners, by 1896] [Active c. 1891-1900]

DE SARAM, Nina Treherne (Ceylon) [23 June 1870-????] [Active c. 1880-1900]

DE SELLIERS DE MORANVILLE, Anne (Belgium) [3 Feb 1881-30 Sept 1962] [Mme Paul de Borman, from 29 June 1907] [Active 1900s-20s.]

de Silva, Shalini [SEE PEREIRA(PERERA?), Shalini]

DE SMIDT, Millicent Audrey (Audrey) (South Africa) [3 Jan 1908-????] [Mrs. R. Allister, by 1935] [Active 1930s.]

De Soet, Mrs. J. F. A. (from 3 March 1956) [SEE TEN BOSCH, Fenny Jeanne Ida "Fanny"]

De Soet-ten Bosch, Fenny (from 3 March 1956) [SEE TEN BOSCH, Fenny Jeanne Ida "Fanny"]

DE SOLA, María África García (Spain) [????-c. 1965] [Active 1930s-40s.]

DE SOLA, Pilar García (Spain) [Married to Ramon del Rio] [Active ???]

DE SWARDT, Mariaan (South Africa) [18 March 1971- ] [Active 1986-2001]

de Thoisy, Mme J. (from 18 March 1939) [SEE PERSONNAT, Gisèle]

de Verrier, Mme P. E. A. (c. 1934-????) [SEE CLAUDE-ANET, Leila]

de Wasseige, Mme J. P. (from c. 1933) [SEE DE CARITAT, Claire]

DE WATTEVILLE (VON WATTENWYL), Elisabeth-Cécile-Lilian "Lilian" (Switzerland) [25 July 1886-2 March 1955] [Mme Charles R. Paravicini, from 1910] [Active 1920s.]

de Winton, Mrs. F. (from 1930) [SEE BIDDLE, Dorothy Sylvia Mary]

de Zoysa, Mrs. L. E. (1940-????) [SEE ROCK, (Etta) Jean Myra]

DEACON, Caroline (Canada) [Active 1930s.]

Deacon, Mrs. H. P., III (from 7 Oct 1959) [SEE SHAFFER, Patricia “Pat” Jean]

DEAN, Eunice (United States) [24 March 1905-10 Oct 1987] [Mrs. George C. Grote] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Dean, Mrs. [SEE SCHACHT, Maree Ann]

Deane, Mrs. W. W. (from 1896) [SEE DYAS, Mary Edyth Anne "Edyth"]

DEANE, Una (Great Britain/India) [c. 1883-after 1932] [Mrs. Stephen William Gracey, from 18 Feb 1909] [Active 1900s-20s.]

DEANINO, Irene (Austria/Germany) [Active 1930s.]

DEARMAN, Evelyn Mary (Great Britain) [8 Sept 1908-2 Dec 1993] [Mrs. Ralf Harold Cleverley, from 4 April 1944] [Active 1920s-30s.]

DEBOUEF, Jehanne (France) [Active 1930s.]

DEBUS, Käte (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

DEBUSSMAN, ???? [first name unknown] (Germany) [Active 1940s.]

DECHAUME, Alexia (France) [3 May 1970- ] [Married to Bernard Balleret, from 13 Nov 1993] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Dechaume-Balleret, Alexia (from 13 Nov 1993) [SEE DÉCHAUME, Alexia]

DECHY, Nathalie (France) [21 Feb 1979- ] [Married to Antoine Maître Devallon, from 18 Sept 2004; retained maiden name after marriage] [Active 1994-2009]

DECKER, Shirley (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Decugis, Mme M. O. M. (from 15(16?) May 1905) [SEE FLAMENG, (Cornélie Gilberte) Marie]

DEFINA, Stephanie (United States) [8 March 1946- ] [Mrs. Johnson, c. Aug/Sept 1969-????; Mrs. John Hagan, from ????] [Active 1960s-80s.]

DEGEN, Lea (Yugoslavia) [Active 1970s.]

DEIKE, Elizabeth Harriet (United States) [9 Feb 1910-11 July 2000] [Active c. 1930-40]

DEINERT, Elizabeth Flora (United States) [12 Dec 1895-31 Jan 1985] [Active c. 1920-25]

Del Amo, Mrs. L. R. (25 Jan 1936-Dec 1938) [SEE HERRON, Frances]

del Rio, Senora [SEE DE SOLA, Pilar García]

DELABY, Monique (Belgium) [25 Oct 1932- ] [Mme Max Bedoret, by 1955] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Delagrave, Mme A. (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

DELATTE, Lucy Agnes (United States) [13 Dec 1910-20 Feb 2010] [Mrs. Alfred Eugene Mouledous] [Active 1930s.]

Delaunay, (Mme) Georgette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Delevaque, Mme Louis (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

DELGADO, Loris Fay (Jamaica) [12 April 1910-27 July 1985] [Mrs. Noel Hewett Leyden, from 9 Dec 1933] [Active c. 1930-62]

Delhalle, Mme Andre (Belgium) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s.] [SEE ???]

DELHEES, Petra (Switzerland) [28 March 1959- ] [Married to Peter Jauch, from 1983] [Active 1980s.]

Delhees-Jauch, Petra (from 1983) [SEE DELHEES, Petra]

DELLACQUA, Casey (Australia) [11 Feb 1985- ] [Active 2002-2018]

DELL'ANGELO, Laura (Italy) [17 May 1981- ] [Active 1996-2004]

DELLA TORRE, Gertrude (United States) [Mrs. Seymour Chisholm, from 1922] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Dellar, Mrs. N. O. (from 28 Nov 1959) [SEE VAN TONDER, Estelle]

Dellepiane, Senora de (1927-before 1935) [SEE EASTMAN, Julieta Ezcurra]

DELMESTRE, Nenni (Yugoslavia) [Active 1970s.]

Deloford, Mrs. J. L. (from 10 Sept 1955) [SEE WALSH, Rosemary]

DeLord, Mrs. (by Aug 1953) [SEE SULLIVAN, Doris Marie]

DELPORT, Margarethe "Greta" (South Africa) [29 April 1945- ] [Active c. 1965-1972]

DELVAUX, Madeleine (France) [Active 1930s.]

DEMAREST, Maude Adams (United States) [c. 1884-????] [Mrs. Harold H. Hackett, from 26 April 1916] [Active 1920s.]

DEMENTIEVA, Elena Viatcheslavovna (Russia) [15 Oct 1981- ] [Married to Maxim Afinogenov, from 16 July 2011] [Active 1995-2010]

Demetriadi, Mme D. C. (from 26 Nov 1925) [SEE CONTOSTAVLOS, Mina]

DEMKO, Esther (Hungary) [Active 1920s-30s.]

DEMONGEOT, Isabelle (France) [18 Sept 1966- ] [Active c. 1983-1996, 2005, 2011]

Demuth, (Mme) Brigitte (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

DENARIE, ??? (France) [first name unknown] [Active 1940s.]

DENEGRE, (Louisa) Marie (United States) [1884-????] [Mrs. Edward "George" Lavino, from c. 1907/08] [Active 1900s.]

DENING, Kaye (Australia) [1941/46?- ] [Mrs. R. Bradshaw] [Active ????-1965]

Denison, Mrs. A. J. (from 30 July 1903) [SEE KELLY, Kathleen Louise]

DENNIS, Vivienne Helen (Great Britain) [14 Oct 1943-3 Sept 2012] [Mrs. John Forrester, from c. April/June 1972] [Active c. 1961-1968]

Densham, Mrs. A. (from c. July/Sept 1971) [SEE CORNELL, Lorna M.]

Dent, Mrs. P. C. (by June 1980-????) [SEE GRUBB, Elizabeth "Betty" Ann]

DEODHAR, Tara (India) [1924- ] [Active 1940s.]

DERHAM, Mary (Australia) [Mrs. Richardson] [Active 1930s.]

Dermer, Mrs. L. H. C. (from 1918) [SEE REID, Mabel Egerton]

Derouen, (Mme) Madeleine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

DES LANDES DE DANOET, Simone (France) [Mme Edward Kleinadel, from Dec 1926] [Active 1920s-40s.]

DESCLERCS, Nicole (France) [Mme Gerard Jean Gustave Lannes de Montebello, from 19 April 1927] [Active 1920s.]

DESFOR, Diane (United States) [15 June 1955- ] [Married to Curt Stalder] [Active 1970-82]

Desloges, Mme (from 1926) [SEE DÉVÉ, Suzanne]

Dessair, (Mme) Raymonde (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

DESSART, Annaluise (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

DESSE, Janine (France) [Active 1930s.]

DESTHIEUX, Germaine (France) [Mme Henri Cochet, from 16 April 1926] [Active 1920s.]

Deston, Mrs. R. (from 1937) [SEE CHASE, Dorrance "Dorrie"]

Deutschová (Deutsch), (Mrs.) M. "Greta" (Czechoslovakia) [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

DÉVÉ, Suzanne (France) [14 Dec 1901-????] [Mme Desloges, from 1926] [Active 1920s.]

DEVRIES, Ann (Belgium) [27 Feb 1970- ] [Active 1985-1994]

Dew, Mrs. P. S. M. (from c. Oct/Dec 1940) [SEE THACKARA, Helen Mary Salter]

Dewhurst, Mrs. G. J. (from 1925) [SEE MARSHALL, Maud Evelyn Ray]

DEWIS, Karen (Canada) [19 Sept 1962- ] [Active 1980s.]

Dexter, Mrs. F. P. (from c. July/Aug 1939) [SEE PALFREY, Mary Anne "Mianne"]

DEYKIN, Ann Ethel (Great Britain) [5 Sept 1872-25 Nov 1959] [Active c. 1890-95]

D'HANNONCELLES, Emilie (France) [Active 1930s.]

di Maso, (Signora) Monique [SEE SALFATI, Monique]

Diamond, Mrs. R. (from 25 Oct 1937) [SEE TAUBELE, Elsa "Elsie" R.]

DIAS, Niege (Brazil) [5 Dec 1966- ] [Married to Luis Enck, from 6 Jan 1989; didn’t play under married name] [Active ????-1989]

DIBAR, Judith (Romania) [10 May 1945- ] [Mrs. Gohn] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Dick, Mrs. D. H.(G. H.?) (2nd half of 1949-????) [SEE ANDERSON, Louise Christin]

Dick, Mrs. W. K. (22 June 1916-21 July 1933) [SEE FORCE, Madeleine Talmage]

DICKENS, ??? (Australia?) [Active 1930s.]

DICKIN, Evelyn Nancy Stopford [Nancy] (Great Britain) [3 Oct 1915-18 Nov 1998] [Mrs. Ewan George MacPherson-Grant, from 18 Dec 1937] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Dickins, Mrs. O. (16 Aug 1891-before 1896) [SEE BROADHURST, Margaret Ethel]

DICKSON, Raewyn (New Zealand) [24 March 1934- ] [Mrs. Ferkins] [Active ???]

Diederich, Mrs. [SEE TOMLINSON, Evelyn]

Diedrich, (Frau) Eveline (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Diehl, (Frau) Hildegard (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Diemer Kool, Mrs. A. (from 18 July 1918) [SEE BLOEME, Marie Bernardien de]

Dienne, (Mme) Geneviève (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Diepraam, Mrs. K. (from 9 April 1965) [SEE WATERMEYER, Pamela "Pam"]

DIERCXENS, Josepha Pauline Marie (Belgium) [19 March 1895-????] [Mme Frédéric Gustave Marie van Strydonck, from 31 Jan 1921] [Active c. 1918-25]

Diergardt, (Frau) Grete von [SEE von Diergardt, (Frau) Grete]

Dietel, (Frau) Isolde (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

DIETL(DIETEL?), Many (Germany) [Active 1920s-30s.]

DIETRICH, Ann (United States) [1931- ] [Mrs. Charles Wetzel, after 1949] [Active ???]

Dietz, Frau (from c. 1938/39) [SEE HAMEL, Thilde]

Dietz-Hamel, Thilde (from c. 1938/39) [SEE HAMEL, Thilde]

Diggle, Mrs. J. N. (from 16 May 1951) [SEE MORAN, Dorothy "Dot" P.S.]

DIGHT, Alice Mary (Australia) [8 May 1878-12 July 1959] [Active 1930s-40s.]

DIGHT, Dorothy Thurlbourn (Australia) [8 June 1897-1974/80?] [Mrs. George W. R. Millington, from 1917] [Active 1900s-10s.]

DIGHT, Violet Kathleen (Australia) [1878-1965] [Mrs. Francis "Frank" Raymond Kelynack, from 1911/17?] [Active 1900s.]

DIGNAM, Erin (United States) [20 July 1955- ] [Active c. 1975-78]

DIJAN, Denise (France) [Active 1930s.]

Dillenbeck, Mrs. J. (by July 1951) [SEE EVANS, Gloria]

DILLON, Alice Maud (Great Britain) [c. Nov 1880-3 July 1949] [Active 1900s-10s.]

DILLON, Evelyn Drake (Great Britain) [c. Nov 1880-8 Oct 1951] [Mrs. Lancelot Joseph Hicks, from 3 Nov 1916] [Active 1900s-10s.]

DILLON, M. (Great Britain) [Active 1900s-10s.]

Dillon, Mrs. R. (from early 1948) [SEE CORBETT, Nancy]

Dimitrijevic, Mrs. W. J. (c. 1932/33-before 1941) [SEE MARLOWE, Helen]

Dimitriou, Brenda (1975-????) [SEE KIRK, Brenda]

DIMOND, Jenny (Australia) [13 Nov 1955- ] [Mrs. Alvin Gardiner, from 18 Dec 1976] [Active c. 1973-1976, 1978]

DINGLE, Dorothy P. S. "Dot" (Australia) [Mrs. William Brace Gale, from 1934] [Active 1920s-30s.]

DINOPOULOS, Elizabeth (France) [Active 1970s-80s.]

DINSHAW, Mucca H. (India/Pakistan) [4 Dec 1916- ] [Active c. 1932-39]

DINSHAW, Parin G. (India/Pakistan) [11 April 1914- ] [Active c. 1930-39]

Disco, Mrs. R. S. (from c. Dec 1940) [SEE ALFERO, Margaret M.]

DISHER, Gladys Amy (Australia) [21 Feb 1892-13 Sept 1972] [Mrs. George Fullerton Cleland, jr., from 12 April 1915] [Active c. 1920-25]

Dishun, Mrs. T. (from 1965) [SEE WIKOFF, Carolyn]

DISSTON, Dorothy (United States) [5 Sept 1891-Jan 1982] [Mrs. Richard Tilghman Nalle, from 1917] [Active c. 1902-12]

DISSTON, Lucy Fleming (United States) [17 Sept 1884-????] [Mrs. John Clayton Gilpin, from 25 May 1914] [Active 1904-1913]

DISSTON, Marie Steelman (United States) [7 April 1890-1971] [Mrs. Patrick Grant, 17 Sept 1912-????; Mrs. Schofield Andrews, after 28 Oct 1927] [Active c. 1908-12]

DITTMEYER, Margot (Germany) [7 Aug 1935- ] [Married to Manfred Dohrer, from circa 1962] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Ditzer, (Frau) Lonny (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

DIVE, Gladys E. (Australia) [1902-????] [Mrs. Alfred Goldthorp, from 1925] [Active ???]

DIVE, Grace L. (Australia) [1909-????] [Mrs. Bertie Carrall, from 1933] [Active ???]

DIX, M. E. "Betty" (Great Britain) [Active 1920s-30s.]

Dixon, Mrs. G. D., Jr. (from 1 Oct 1908) [SEE GROOME, Agnes Roberts]

DIXON, Eugenia A. (United States) [5 Sept 1882-27 Nov 1972] [Mrs. Clement Reeves Wainwright, from 19 Oct 1904] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Dixon, Mrs. C. G. (from 4 Jan 1922) [SEE EHRET, Helen Sidney]

DIXON, Helen Trotter (United States) [21 Dec 1886-14 Dec 1968] [Mrs. (Dr.) Edward Bell Krumbhaar, from 14 March 1911] [Active 1910s.]

DIXON, Judy (United States) [16 Aug 1949- ] [Active c. 1967-1973]

DIYAS, Zarina (Kazakhstan) [18 Oct 1993- ] [Active 2007- ]

DMITRIEVA, Lyudmila Grigorievna (Soviet Union) [13 May 1948- ] [Mrs. Shklyar] [Active ???]

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DOBBS, Gertrude Lilian (United States) [9 Nov 1906-31 March 1993] [Active c. 1926-35]

Docker, Mrs. (Australia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

DOCKSTADER, Gertrude (United States) [Mrs. Irish] [Active ???]

DOD, Ann (Great Britain) [20 Nov 1863-24 Aug 1927] [Mrs. Ernest Taylor Worssam, from 2 Sept 1889] [Active 1880s.]

DOD, Charlotte "Lottie" (Great Britain) [24 Sept 1871- 27 June 1960] [1880s-90s.]

Dodd, Mrs. R. J. S. C. (from 9 Nov 1922) [SEE EVE, Ella Muriel]

DODD, Marjorie L. (United States) [14 Jan 1894-Aug 1968] [Mrs. Frederick Clayton Letts, Jr., 5 Feb 1916-12 Nov 1930, retained her married name] [Active c. 1905-16]

DODDEMEADE, Esmé Alice Maude (Australia) [11 May 1893-1 June 1973] [Mrs. Bruce Sheen Dowling, from 8 Dec 1926] [Active c. 1918-28]

DODGE, Eleanor (Canadian) [Mrs. Peter Constable , from 1 Sept 1962] [Active c. 1956-1967]

Dodge, Mrs. D. D. (from 1920) [SEE HENRY, Gertrude Houston]

Dodge, Mrs. K. (from 16 Nov 1904) [SEE GREENE, Helen Peterson]

Dodille, Mme R. (from 1937) [SEE PAYOT, Lolette]

DODIN, Océane (France) [24 Oct 1996- ] [Active 2011- ]

DOEG, Doris Hope (United States) [20 May 1910-19 Aug 1997] [Mrs. James L. McGinty, from 15 July 1943] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Doeg, Mrs. J. H. (30 Jan 1931-6 May 1938) [SEE SCUDDER, Dorothy S.]

DOEG, May Hope (United States) [29 May 1916-3 Jan 2004] [Mrs. Garnett Addison Smith, Jr., ????-Feb 1970] [Active 1930s.]

Doeg, Mrs. H. H. (from 4 Nov 1905) [SEE SUTTON, Violet]

DOEG, Violet Hope (United States) [25 Oct 1911-21 Feb 2011] [Mrs Hugh Norman Perram, from 2 April 1934] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Doerner, Cynthia (from 26 June 1972) [SEE SIELER, Cynthia]

DOHERTY, Lisa Ann (United States) [5 March 1959- ] [Married to John Christopher Preeg, from 6 August 1983] [Active c. 1978-1982]

Dohrer, Frau (from c. 1962) [SEE DITTMEYER, Margot]

DOI, Misaki (Japan) [29 April 1991- ] [Active 2008- ]

DOLAN, Ann Lennox (United States) [18 April 1904- ] [Mrs. Joseph R. Walker, from 29 Sept 1921] [Active 1950s.]

Dold, Mrs. H. O. (from c. 1888) [SEE BIDDULPH, Frances Mary]

Doleschell, Frau (from Nov 1939) [SEE WALTEROVA (WALTER), Hilde]

Dolgonenko, Mrs. (1925-1938) [SEE SIDORENKO, Ksenia Platonovna]

DOLLEMAN, Emilie Elise Christine (Netherlands) [2 Aug 1884-10 Jan 1981] [Mrs. Pieter Nicolaus Quarles van Ufford, from 11 June 1912] [Active c. 1905-10]

DOLLEMAN, Louise Henriette (Netherlands) [17 Dec 1880-2 Dec 1969] [Mrs. Herman Hendrik Roell, from 16 May 1917] [Active c. 1900-10]

Dolonts (Dolonc – since May 2012), Vesna (from 1 Oct 2010) [SEE MANASIEVA, Vesna Ratkovna]

Dombois, (Frau) Charlotte (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

DOMBOS, Kathleen "Kathy" (United States) [Mrs. John Schlukebir] [Active 1960s.]

DOMKEN, Geneviève (Belgium) [1927- ] [Active 1940s.]

DOMMER, Hilde Germany) [Active 1930s.]

DOMOTOR, Klari (Hungary) [Married to Laszlo Csonth] [Active 1930s.]

DON, Gwenda (Australia) [Mrs. John David McIntosh] [Active c. 1962-1966]

Donald, Mrs. R. (from c. April/June 1913) [SEE BANKS, Beatrice Lilian Stopher]

Donald, Mrs. J. W. (from c. April/June 1899) [SEE CORDER, Jane Maria]

DONALDSON, Elsie (United States) [Active 1890s.]

DONALDSON, Weeta (Great Britain) [Mrs. Eliot Crawshay Williams, from 1924] [Active 1920s.]

Donegan, Mrs. [SEE KANAREK, Mimi]

Donnalley, Mrs. K. G. (from 1 Jan 1944) [SEE METCALF, Mary Jane]

DONNELL, Blanche (United States) [April 1882-????] [Active c. 1898-1905]

DONNELL, Orrilla M. (United States) [May 1876-????] [Active c. 1896-1905]

DONNELLY, Doris Mae (United States) [c. 1926-21 April 2009] [Mrs. Stanley Dimock Clark, from 18 July 1947] [Active 1940s.]

DONNELLY, Elaine (United States) [c. 1927- ] [Mrs. Kennedy] [Active 1940s.]

DONNELLY, Marcheta Ruth (United States) [18 Aug 1924- ] [Mrs. George William Steiskal, from 1944] [Active 1940s.]

DONOGHUE, Joy (Australia) [c. 1933/34- ] [Mrs. Graeme Fair, by 1963] [Active 1950s.]

Donohoe, Mrs. C. J. (from 30 Nov 1938) [SEE BOWKER, Helen Aileen]

Doolan, Mrs. H. G. "B." (from 6 Feb 1930) [SEE CUFF, Nancy Gordon]

DOOLITTLE, Jane "Jennie" E. (United States) [Dec 1882-????] [Active c. 1900-20]

DOOLITTLE, Sarah O. "Sadie" (United States) [1 March 1884-June 1946] [Active c. 1900-20]

DOPFER, Sandra (Austria) [25 May 1970- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Doran, Mrs. T. (from 25 Aug 1909) [SEE PRATTEN, (Maria) Amy]

DORE, Daphne J. "Gem" (Great Britain) [c. Jan/March 1922-26 July 1958] [Mrs. William H. Gillis, c. Jan/March 1942-????; Mrs. Morris R. Croft, c. Jan/March 1945-????; Mrs. Ronald A. Gilbert, c. April/June 1950-????; Mrs. George Joseph Patrick Kerswell, from c. April/June 1958] [Active 1950s.]

Doremus, Mrs. [SEE JOHNSON, Madeline]

Dorey, Mrs. R. [SEE MATISON, Christine "Chris"]

DORODNOVA, Jana (Yana) (Russia / United States) [27 Oct 1976- ] [Married to Kurt A. Ruegsegger, by 2007] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Dorr, Mrs. [SEE VOIKOS, Andrea]

Dorricott, Helen [SEE DAVIS, Helen]

Douglas, Mrs. T. (from 27 Oct 1910) [SEE GARFIT, (Helen) Maude]

DOUGLASS, Christina Margaret (Great Britain) [21 May 1881-1973] [Active 1900s-20s.]

DOUGLASS, Dorothea Katherine (Great Britain) [3 Sept 1878-7 Jan 1960] [Mrs. Robert Lambert Chambers, from 6 April 1907] [Active 1898-1928]

DOUSLIN, Nina Mataura (New Zealand) [1864-????] [Mrs. Cornelius O'Leary, from 1910] [Active 1890s.]

DOUST, Edith Lucy (Australia) [1875-28 July 1947] [Mrs. Harry Wolstenholme, from 8 Jan 1902] [Active c. 1892-1902]

DOVE, Gillian (South Africa) [28 Jan 1949- ] [Active c. 1967-1969]

Dovett, (Mrs.) Clara (Canada) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.]

Dow, Mrs. L. (from 27 Sept 1924) [SEE DURLACHER, Nora Ruth]

Dowdeswell, Mrs. R. M. (before 1949-????) [SEE PATERSON, Sheila Marguerite]

Dowling, Mrs. B. S. (from 8 Dec 1926) [SEE DODDEMEADE, Esmé Alice Maude]

Downe, Mrs. H. R. (by July 1927) [SEE CHAPMAN, Marion]

DOWNER, May Lillian Lucy (Jamaica/Great Britain) [21 Nov 1866-25 July 1959] [Mrs. Edward William Lucie-Smith, from 18 Feb 1890] [Active c. 1905-25]

Downey, Mrs. H. A. (from 1933) [SEE HOLLY, Elizabeth Louise "Betty"]

Downey, Mrs. M. A. (from c. January 1951) [SEE BRENNAN, Maeve]

DOWNEY, Mary Elizabeth (Australia) [1887-22 Jan 1953] [Mrs. Julius Gottfried Bendixen, from 20 May 1907] [Active c. 1920-30]

DOWNS, Barbara (United States) [4 March 1954- ] [[Active c. 1971-1975]

Doyle, Mrs. A. V. (from c. 1905) [SEE MORRIS, Anna]

DOYLE, Ellen Frances "Nellie" (Australia) [1853-25 Jan 1922] [Mrs. Sydney Want, from 1873] [Active ???]

Doyle, Mrs. [SEE UTZ, Helen]

DOYLE, Jean (United States) [18 June 1927-2 Dec 2013] [Mrs. Richard J. Lareau, 25 Aug 1952-????; Mrs. Howard S. Steinwinter, 12 Dec 1964-????; Mrs. Walter Eugene Garrett, by 1983] [Active 1940s-50s.]

DOYLE, Yvonne (Ireland) [7 Dec 1974- ] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

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Draffen, Mrs. G. A. (from c. April/June 1892) [SEE WOOD, Beatrice Mary Ann]

DRAGOMIR, Ruxandra (Romania) [24 Oct 1972- ] [Married to Florin Ilie, from 14 March 2001] [Active 1990-2005]

Dragomir-Ilie, Ruxandra (from 14 March 2001) [SEE DRAGOMIR, Ruxandra]

DRAKE, Frances "Fran" / "Fan" (United States) [20 March 1899-19 Feb 1926] [Mrs. Jacob "Jake" Charles Nesbitt, from 24 Jan 1925] [Active ???]

DRAKE, Maureen Elizabeth (Canada) [21 March 1971- ] [Active 1987-2011, 2014-2016)

Dransfield, Mrs. (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1880s.] [SEE ???]

DRANSFIELD, M. (Australia) [Active 1900s.]

Dransfield, Mrs. J. H. (from summer 1884) [SEE CONGREVE, Minnie Martha]

DRANSFIELD, P. (Australia) [Active 1900s.]

DRANSFIELD, Peggy H. (Great Britain) [Active 1910s-30s.]

Drayton, Mrs M. B. (Great Britain/Uruguay) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

DRESCHER, Lilian (Switzerland) [23 May 1965- ] [Married to Kelaidis] [Active 1980s.]

DREW, Barbara (Great Britain) [Active 1960s.]

DREW, Barbara I. E. (Great Britain) [29 Oct 1906-????] [Mrs. John E. Tew, from 1935] [Active c. 1926-35]

DREW, Pauline (Great Britain) [c. April/June 1937- ] [Mrs. John R. White, from c. July/Sept 1960] [Active 1950s.]

Drew-Bear, Mrs. T. (by 1950) [SEE PIETRI, Andreina]

Drexel Paul, Mrs. A. J. (from 29 Dec 1908) [SEE BIDDLE, Isabel]

DREYER, Gladys Irene (South Africa) [30 March 1893-19 July 1977] [Mrs. Bertram Robert Greenhalgh, from c. early 1914] [Active c. 1919-30]

DREYFUS, Alice (Switzerland/United States) [1920-27 March 2014] [Mrs. Kurt Fred Netter, from 1942] [Active ????-1960s.]

DRIGGS, Nancy (United States) [Married to Mike Hougland, from Aug 1982] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Drisaldi, Signora (Frau) (from Nov 1966) [SEE OSTERMANN, Renate]

Driscoll, Mrs. S. [SEE ZEESE, Sandra Gillette "Sandy"]

Driver, Mrs. G. S. D. (from 4 Oct 1895) [SEE BLENCOWE, Evelyn Ada]

Drobny, Mrs. J. (from 19/20? May 1953) [SEE JARVIS, Rita Anderson]

Drogheda, Lady (1913-29 May 1921) [SEE BURN, Kathleen Pelham]

Dros, Mrs. A., jr. (from 1931) [SEE CANTERS, Clementina Margaretha "Mence"]

Dros-Canters, Margaretha (from 1931) [SEE CANTERS, Clementina Margaretha "Mence"]

Drower, Mrs. T. (from c. July/Sept 1947) [SEE CHURCHER, Lalage]

DRUMMOND, Mary K. "Kitty" (Australia) [Mrs. James Leslie McGough] [Active ???]

DRURY, Cathy (Great Britain) [25 March 1960- ] [Married to Gordon Birt, from Nov 1993] [Active c. 1977-1984]

DRURY, Gladys Henderson (Great Britain) [????-1 Dec 1927] [Mrs. William Maxwell Aitken, from 29 Jan 1906] [Active ???]

Drysdale, Mrs. E. C. (from 6 July 1967) [SEE FORBES, Jean Rosamund]

Dschenfzig, (Frau) Maria (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

DU FRESNE-GIRARD, Elisabeth (France) [Active 1970s.]

DU MONCEAU, Marguerite (Belgium) [1909-1979] [Active 1930s-40s.]

du Pont, Mrs. A. F., Sr. (9 April 1902-3 Sept 1937) [SEE CHICHESTER, Mary Richard]

DU PUY, Perrine (France) [11 Apr 1958- ] [Active 1970s.]

du Sart de Molembaix, Mme P. (from 1903) [SEE CHAZAL, Jeanne Alexandrine Elisabeth Marie Thérèse Ghislaine]

DUAN, Ying-Ying (China) [3 July 1989- ] [Active 2006- ]

DUBASH, Mehar (Pakistan) [Active 1930s.]

DÜBBERS, Lulu (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Dubieńska, Wanda (before 1924-after 1945) [SEE NOWAK, Wanda]

DUBLANC, Jeanne (France) [Active 1930s.]

Duble, Mrs. E. C. (by 1920) [SEE LANSDOWNE, Therese]

DUBOIS, Aline (France) [10 May 1933- ] [Mme Nenot] [Active c. 1950-60]

Dubois, Mme (by 1950) [SEE BRUNNARIUS, Myrtil]

Dubois, Mme S. (Belgium) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Düchting, Edda (from Aug 1969) [SEE BUDING, Edda]

DUDDELL, (Blanche) Gladys du Bois (Great Britain) [4 Sept 1879-1 Oct 1969] [Mrs. Edward Murray Colston (Lord Roundway), from 28 April 1904] [Active c. 1900-1928]

Dudgeon, Mrs. A. E. T. (from 1900) [SEE HURLBATT, Mabel]

Dudley, Mrs. T. H. (from 6 July 1922) [SEE RIDDELL, Louise]

Dudley-Driver, Mrs. G. S. (from 1895) [SEE BLENCOWE, Evelyn Ada]

Duechting, Edda (from Aug 1969) [SEE BUDING, Edda]

Dueker, Mrs. L. J. (by 1930) [SEE BAER, Virginia]

Duesbury, Mrs. L. S. (from 1921/22) [SEE LLOYD, Dorothy]

DUFF, Dorothy "Dot" (Australia) [c. 1938/39- ] [Active 1960s.]

Duffy, Mrs. C. F. (from 14 Aug 1924) [SEE KILLEY, Barbara]

DUFRENOY, Marie (Belgium) [27 July 1887-10 Nov 1979] [Mme Marcel Blagé, from c. 1911/12] [Active 1900s-10s.]

DUHAYON, Antoinette (France) [Active 1930s.]

DUHAYON, Marie-Louise (France) [Active 1930s.]

DUHRING, Caroline Adelaide "Lena" (United States) [18 July 1886-????] [Mrs. Edward D. Baltzell, from 1914] [Active 1900s.]

DUHRING, Lucy Bryant (United States) [17 Sept 1882-after 1950] [Active 1905-1908]

Duke, Mrs. S. (from 1875) [SEE MELLERSH, Harriet]

Dukeminier, Mrs. J. P. (1924-before 1953) [SEE SUGGS, Ethel Roosevelt "Teddy"]

DULDIG, Eva (Australia/Netherlands) [1938- ] [Married to Henri de Jong, from 1962] [Active 1950s-60s.]

DULKO, Gisela (Argentina) [30 January 1985- ] [Married to Fernando Gago, from 27 July 2011; retained maiden name as a player after marriage?] [Active 1999-2012]

DULLEY, Kathleen (Ceylon) [c. 1888-????] [Mrs. Gordon Burton Denis Windus, from 5 Nov 1908] [Active c. 1908-14]

Dummermuth, Mrs. D. [SEE SANDVIG, Chris]

Dunbar, Mrs. C. E. (from 6 June 1925) [SEE LEGENDRE, Ethelyn]

DUNCAN, Dawn (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

DUNN, Virginia (United States) [30 May 1915-28 Aug 2005] [Mrs. Lathan Smith, 1939-1959; Mrs. Ralph J. Kraut, from 1963] [Active 1930s.]

DuPlooy, Mrs. J. (by the spring of 1968) [SEE VAN ZYL, Annette]

Dupont, Mrs. B. C. (1936-before 1951) [SEE WHITE, Daphne Mary Steeds]

DUPONT, Laura (United States) [4 May 1949-20 Feb 2002] [Active 1971-1983]

DuPont, Mrs. W., jr., (26 Nov 1947-c. 1965) [SEE OSBORNE, Margaret Evelyn]

DuPont, Mme E. L. J. (from 15 Oct 1911) [SEE TRASENSTER, Marthe]

du Pont, Mrs. A. F., Sr. (9 April 1902-3 Sept 1937) [SEE CHICHESTER, Mary Richard]

DUPUIS, Annette Caroline (Great Britain) [1868-15 Dec 1953] [Mrs. Montague Hay Lushington, from 1909] [Active c. 1895-1905]

DUPUY, Perrine [SEE DU PUY, Perrine]

DURAND-MERCIER, Cécile (France) [Active 1930s.]

DURCHMAN, Elina (Finland) [24 Nov 1956- ] [Active 1970s.]

DURIE, Joanna "Jo" Mary (Great Britain) [27 July 1960- ] [Active 1970s.-1995]

Duriez, (Mme) Marie (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Durlac, Mrs. W. H. (from circa Sept 1937) [SEE WEEKES, Penelope Mary "Penny"]

DURLACHER, Nora Ruth (Great Britain) [19 Oct 1900-Dec 1970] [Mrs. Leslie Dow, from 27 Sept 1924] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Durlacher, Mrs. N. J. (from 17 Dec 1898) [SEE DYAS, Ruth]

Durose, Mrs. W. H. (from c. June 1936) [SEE BULLOCK, Doris]

DUROSE, Honor J. M. (Great Britain) [March 1939- ] [Mrs. Incorvaja, from Sept 1970] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Durr, (Mme) Delphine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

DURR, Françoise Germaine (France) [25 Dec 1942- ] [Married to Boyd James Browning, from 31 Dec 1975; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Durrant, Mrs. F. C. W. (from 1889) [SEE BLENCOWE, Gertrude]

Dusapt, Mme (by 1960) [SEE GALLARD, Marie-Jeanne]

DUTTON, Marie Celine Isabel "Bella" (Great Britain/Spain) [2 Dec 1899-22 May 1982] [Married to Alejandro Pons, c. 1924-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Dutton de Pons, Senora (c. 1924-????) [SEE DUTTON, Marie Celine Isabel "Bella"]

Duval, Mrs. J. B. [SEE ANDERSON, Margaret Ward]

DUVALL, Jeanne (United States) [12 July 1959- ] [Active c. 1977-1981]

Duxin, Fiorella (from 19 Aug 1978) [SEE BONICELLI, Fiorella]

DVORNIK, Magdalena "Lena" (Yugoslavia) [1952-29 Nov 2016) [Active 1967-1975]

DYAS, Mary Edyth Anne "Edyth" (Ireland) [19 Nov 1873-31 Aug 1908] [Mrs. William Worth Deane, from 1896] [Active c. 1892-98]

DYAS, Ruth (Ireland) [22 July 1876-21 Sept 1944] [Mrs. Neville John Durlacher, from 17 Dec 1898] [Active 1894-1907]

Dyde, Mrs. J. F. (from 10 July 1971) [SEE ROSE, Anne D.]

Dyer, Mrs E. (Australia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Dyhrenfurth, (Frau) Hedy (or Hetty) (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Dykes, Mrs. H. M. (from 1929) [SEE SPIERS, Mary Hamilton "May"]

Dyson, Mrs. W. J. (from 16 May 1929) [SEE FOSTER, Helen Muriel]

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Discussion Starter #13 (Edited)
Earl, Mrs. F. J. R. (from 30 April 1915) [SEE BAUCHOP, Georgina]

Earle, Mrs. F. (from c. 1972) [SEE TOLAN, Beverly "Bev" Ann]

EARLE, Viola Diana (Australia) [28 Dec 1926-20 Feb 2016] [Mrs. Geoff C. Clarke, from c. Nov/Dec 1948] [Active c. 1941-1951]

EASTBURN, Diane (Australia) [Active 1970s.]

EASTBURN, Norma Marie (Australia) [Mrs. Whatmore] [Active c. 1964-1973]

EASTLAKE-SMITH, Gladys Shirley (Great Britain) [14 Aug 1883-18 Sept 1941] [Mrs. (Dr) Henry Wharram Lamplough, from 13 May 1908] [Active 1900s-10s.]

EASTLEY, Doris Vivienne (Great Britain) [21 July 1906-Dec 1981] [Active 1920s-30s.]

EASTMAN, Julieta Ezcurra (Argentina) [Married to: José Antonio (or Luis) Dellepiane, 1927-????; Antonio Miranda Naon Gari, from 1935] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Easton, Mrs. R. H. (by 1940) [SEE HEISE, Gertrude]

EASY, Caroline(Carolyn?) "Carol" (Australia) [Mrs. Ian "Roy" Langsford, by 1966] [Active c. 1962-1970]

Eaton, Mrs. H. T. (from 31 March 1917) [SEE KISSEL, Ina Alice]

EBBERN, Robyn Ann (Australia) [2 July 1944- ] [Mrs. Edward John Vincenzi, from 6 April 1968] [Active 1960s.]

EBBERS, Constance (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Ebbinghaus, Katja (????-1974; even after she divorced, still played under her married name) [SEE BURGEMEISTER, Katja]

Ebers, Mrs. Floyd (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

EBY, Margaret "Peggy" (United States) [1 July 1925-18 May 2002] [Mrs. Howard McLane Startzman, from 14 Sept 1951] [Active 1940s-50s.]

EDDIS, Helen Linnie (Great Britain) [c. 1 June 1892-23 Feb 1974] [Active 1920s.]

Eddis, Mrs. B. U. (from 1896) [SEE KINDERSLEY, Margaret Anna]

EDES, Norah Christine (Great Britain) [6 Nov 1903-6 Aug 1982] [Active 1930s.]

Edgar, Mrs. G. (from 28 Nov 1928) [SEE ELLIOTT, Mary Barnes]

Edgar, Mrs. J. J. (from 1902) [SEE HITCHINGS, Una Mildred]

Edgington, Mrs. H. (from 10 Dec 1907) [SEE FARRINGTON, Aurea]

EDMONDSON, Jennifer R. (Australia) [1932- ] [Active c. 1951-1956]

EDMUNDS, Edith (Australia) [Mrs. Frederick Goldsmith, from c. 1891] [Active ???]

Edmunds, Mrs. C. A. (from 25 April 1908) [SEE FULTON, Maggie Ramsay]

Edrich, Mrs. J. H. (23 Sept 1961-July 1965) [SEE STEWART, Patricia "Pat" Ann]

EDTL, Alberta J. (United States) [15 Oct 1905-????] [Active c. 1923-30]

Edwardes, Mrs. (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1890s.] [SEE ???]

Edwards, (Mrs.) Beatrice (Uruguay) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

Edwards, Mrs. R. (from 1944) [SEE KELYNACK, Betty]

EDWARDS, Cornelia Esther (United States) [6 May 1911-13 Jan 2004] [Mrs. (Dr) Paul A. Harper, from 1938] [Active 1930s.]

EDWARDS, Helen (United States) [Active 1940s.]

EDWARDS, I. D. (Great Britain) [Active 1940s.]

Edwards, (Mrs.) Mary (Australia) [c. 1920- ] [maiden name unknown] [Active c. 1940-55] [SEE ???]

EDWARDS, N. (South Africa) [Active 1920s.]

Edwards, Mrs. H. V. (by June 1928) [SEE PALMER, Nancy B.]

EDWARDS, Patricia A. "Pat" / "Trisha" (Australia) [Mrs. Errol Hill, from 1973] [Active c. 1968-1972]

EDWARDS, Pauline (Great Britain) [1937- ] [Active c. 1955-1959]

Edwards, Mrs. C. A. (from c. July/Sept 1931) [SEE JOHNSON, Sybil K.]

Edwards, Mrs. R. (from 1 Aug 1960) [SEE WOLFENDEN, Virginia May]

Egan, Mrs. R. F. (from 8 Sept 1952) [SEE O'REILLY, Pamela “Pam”]

EGAR, Joan (Australia) [Active c. 1947-1955]

EGER, Marie (Norway) [Active 1920s.]

Eggleston, Mrs. F. W. (from 1904) [SEE HENRIQUES, Louisa]

Egnell, (Mme) Jacqueline (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Egorova, Natalia [SEE BYKOVA, Natalia]

EHRET, Gertrude Cathcart (United States) [Aug 1893-????] [Mrs. Charles H. Butler, from 23 Aug 1922] [Active 1920s.]

EHRET, Helen Sidney (United States) [12 Oct 1888-1926] [Mrs. Isaac Schlichter Jr., 8 Nov 1913-????; Mrs. Clayton Gilbert Dixon, from 4 Jan 1922] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Ehritt-Vanc, Andreea (from Jan 2007) [SEE VANC, Andreea]

EICHENBERGER, Susi (Switzerland) [24 Jun 1946- ] [Active 1970s.]

EICK, Christiane (Germany) [Frau Fleischer] [Active c. 1950-60]

EID, Andrea (Egypt) [Active 1950s.]

Eilemann, Frau (from 1948) [SEE ROSENOW, Ursula "Ulla" Anna Elise]

EILENBERGER, Mary Ann (United States) [12 March 1935- ] [Active 1950s.]

Einstein, Mrs. C. J. (from early 1962) [SEE MANDEL, Madeline "Mandy"]

EINY, Rina L. (Great Britain) [29 March 1965- ] [Married to Manu Margulies] [Active 1981-1985]

EISEL, Mary Ann Clark (United States) [25 Nov 1946- ] [Mrs. Peter W. Curtis, 1969-before June 1972; Mrs. Donald "Don" Beattie, from 12 May 1973] [Active 1960s-70s.]

EISENMENGER, Hilde (Austria) [Frau Winkler] [Active 1920s-30s.]

EISTERLEHNER, Heidi M. (Germany) [25 Oct 1949- ] [Active c. 1970-1986]

Ejlerskov, Mrs. (by 1967) [SEE GRAGE, Birgit "Gitte"]

EKBLOM, Elizabeth (Sweden) [Active 1970s-80s.]

EKNER, Dorte (Denmark) [2 May 1951- ] [Active 1970s.]

ELDREDGE, Leigh-Anne (United States) [14 Dec 1964- ] [Married to Baxter] [Active 1982-1989]

Eleey, Aileen (by 1991) [SEE SMITH, Aileen]

ELGAS, Edith (Estonia) [23 Dec 1913-23 Feb 1995] [Mrs. Assur, from 1937] [Active ???]

ELGOOD, (Miss) (???) [Active 1890s.]

Eliaeson, Mrs. [H. I.] Å. (from 1944) [SEE LETTSTRÖM, Meta]

Eliel, (Frau) Trude (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Eliopoulo, (Mme) Geneviève (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

ELISEENKO, Elena Pavlovna (Soviet Union) [5 May 1959- ] [Active 1980s.]

ELLIADI, Domini (Greece/Great Britain) [c. 1885-16 Jan 1963] [Mrs. Arthur Henry Crosfield, from 2 Dec 1907] [Active 1900s-20s.]

ELLIADI, Dorothy (or Dorothea) (Greece/Great Britain) [c. 1889-????] [Mrs. Dmitri Papalexopoulo, from 1921] [Active 1910s.]

Elliget, Mrs. T. (from between June 1938 and Jan 1939) [SEE COCKING, Hazel]

Elliot, Mrs. I. F. L. (from 1916) [SEE FISON, (Florence Elizabeth) Vere]

ELLIOT, R. (Great Britain/Ceylon) [Active 1900s.]

ELLIOTT, Amanda (Great Britain) [Active 2000s.]

Elliott, Mrs. M. B. (from 29 Feb 1972 ) [SEE HANSEN, Gail]

ELLIOTT, Mary Barnes (United Kingdom/Australia) [29 Jan 1903-10 June 1992] [Mrs. Grahame Edgar, from 28 Nov 1928] [Active c. 1922-30]

ELLIOTT, Nicole (United States) [1 Oct 1974- ] [Married to Peter Herrmann, from 25 July 1998] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

ELLIOTT, Pauline (New Zealand) [15 Oct 1955- ] [Mrs. Jack Hanson, from c. 1993] [Active 1970s.]

ELLIOTT, R. (Great Britain) [Active 1900s.]

ELLIOTT, Sydney Dunlap (United States) [2 Oct 1925-8 Oct 1977] [Active 1940s.]

Elliott-Herrmann, Nicole (from 25 July 1998) [SEE ELLIOTT, Nicole]

Ellis, Mrs. R. T. (from 14 July 1938) [SEE LIZANA, Anita]

ELLIS, Anne H. (United States) [27 Jan 1917-4 May 2010] [Mrs. William Garth Symmers, from 20 March 1946] [Active 1930s.]

ELLIS, Effie Irene (United States/Malaya?) [29 Nov 1909-20 Sept 2003] [Mrs. Percival Harry Swinchatt, from 2 Dec 1931] [Active 1930s.]

ELLIS, M. F. (South Africa) [Active 1920s.]

ELLIS, Norma Jean (Australia) [c. 1930] [Mrs. Keith John "Peter" Nethersole, from 3 June 1955] [Active 1950s.]

ELLIS, Virginia (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Ellis, Mrs. Walter R. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active c. 1917-1921] [SEE ???]

ELLISSEN, Lilly von (Austria) [????-17 May, 1933] [Active 1920-1929]

ELLISSEN, Margot von (Austria) [Active ???]

Ellissen, Mrs. R. (from c. 1947) [SEE KALLOS, Olga]

ELLSWORTH, Clare (United States) [9 Nov 1884-22 Feb 1929] [Mrs. Bernon Sheldon Prentice, from 29 Dec 1908] [Active ???]

ELLWOOD, Annabel (Australia) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

ELPHINSTON, Henrietta Maria (Great Britain) [1870-10 Oct 1944] [Active c. 1896-1900]

ELTON, Margery Alys Eveline “Anita” (Great Britain) [7 Oct 1907-13 Jan 1992] [Mrs. Clement Willoughby Walker, from 27 April 1932] [Active 1930s.]

ELTON, Violet Helen Strachan (Great Britain) [13 Feb 1886-4 March 1969] [Active 1920s.]

Elwell, Mrs. R. [SEE MORRILL, Mary "Polly"]

EMANUEL, Esme (South Africa) [14 June 1947- ] [Mrs. Faerber] [Active 1960s-70s.]

EMBRY, Jennifer (United States) [Active 2000s.]

EMERSON, Daphne Jean (Australia) [Aug 1934- ] [Mrs. James Malcolm "Mal" Anderson, from Oct 1957] [Active 1950s.]

EMERSON, Margaret A. (Great Britain) [28 July 1930- ] [Mrs. Paul Delanoix Tointon, from c. April/June 1954] [Active 1950s.]

Emerson, Mrs. R. (from c. 1958) [SEE AULD, Mavis "Joy"]

EMERY, Germaine (France) [Active 1930s.]

Emmerson, Mrs. P. (from 1968) [SEE BLACKMAN, Jill Alison]

EMMONS, Jessica (United States) [Active 1990s.]

ENDE, Gertrude (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

ENDERLIN, Maria Pia (Switzerland) [Mme Bernasconi] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Endicott, Mrs. W. A. (from 27 March 1919) [SEE MACK, Ellice]

ENDO, Mana (Japan) [6 Feb 1971- ] [Active 1989-1998]

ENEGRAN, Eyvor (Sweden) [1903-1952] [Mrs. Enar Aquilon, by 1931] [Active 1920s.]

ENGEL, Margaret Julia Frederica (Great Britain) [16 Nov 1908-1951] [Mrs. William Edgar Witt, from c. Sept 1939] [Active 1930s.]

ENGER, (P.) Gisela (Germany) [6 Aug 1911-????] [Frau Hamann, from c. 1941] [Active 1920s-40s.]

Engerand, (Mme) Germaine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s-40s.] [SEE ???]

ENGLISH, Margaret (Great Britian/Southern Rhodesia) [c. 1900-????] [Mrs. Arthur B. Webb, from 1920] [Active c. 1920-35]

ENGRAND, Augustine Marcelle "Marie" (France) [c. 1880-????] [Mme Eugène Charles "Henri" Danet, from 25 April 1898] [Active c. 1910-1934]

Ennals, Mrs. C. T. C. (from 10 March 1934) [SEE COUCHMAN, (Phyllis) Joan]

Enticott, Mrs. E. G. (c. July/Sept 1950-????) [SEE WEBSTER, Yyonne L.]

Entz, Mrs. T. B. (from 15 April 1902) [SEE STANLEY VON SAMUELS, Alice]

ENZEN, Heidi(A.?) (Switzerland) [Active 1944–1958]

Ephraums, Mrs. A. C. (from 21 Jan 1943) [SEE SCHARENGUIVEL, Audrey]

Epstein, (Mme) Alice (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

EPSTEIN, Lynn A. (United States) [28 March 1958- ] [Active 1970s.]

ERAKOVIC, Marina (New Zealand) [Active 2000s-10s.]

ERCEGOVIC, Nadin (Yugoslavia/Croatia) [02 Feb 1973- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

ERCKLENTZ, Erika (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

EREAUT, Monica (Great Britain) [c. 1921- ] [Mrs. Cecil Majella Sheridan, from 1949] [Active 1940s-50s.]

ERICKSON, Jean (United States) [Active 1940s.]

ERMOLOVA, Irina (Soviet Union) [1938- ] [Mrs. Ryazanova/Riazanova] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Ernest, Mrs. K. M. (from c. April/June 1941) [SEE WILLIAMS, (Ada) Barbara]

ERNEST, Elizabeth M. (Great Britain) [15 May 1946- ] [Mrs. Kerry R. James, from c. Oct/Dec 1970] [Active 1960s-70s.]

ERRANI, Sara (Italy) [29 April 1987- ] [Active 2002- ]

ERSKINE, Judith Mary "Judy" (Great Britain) [1959- ] Married to William Barron "Willie" Murray, 1988-c. 1999/March 2005?] [Active 1970s-80s.]

ESCOBAR, Gloria (Colombia) [5 April 1962- ] [Active 1980s.]

Eshmanova, Lyudmila (1984-1986) [SEE MAKAROVA, Lyudmila Nikolaevna]

ESMOND, Catherine "Kitty" (Australia) [27 Sept 1890-6 May 1981] [Mrs. Thomas Francis Connor, 19 Oct 1914-4 Aug 1925; Mrs. Cyril Carrington Stanners, from 5 Aug 1925] [Active c. 1919-40]

Esperonnier, (Mme) Madeleine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

ESPINASSE, Marie (France) [Active 1930s.]

Esseiva, Mme H. (from c. 1929) [SEE DE BOURDINEAU, Anne]

ESTALELLA, Ana María (Cuba/Spain) [5 May 1933-14 Nov 2015] [Active c. 1956-1974]


ESTRELLA, Valenzuela (Argentina) [c. 1949-July 2013] [Married to Molina] [Active 1960s.]

Estrella de Molina, Senora [SEE ESTRELLA, Valenzuela]

ETCHEMENDY, Pascale (France) [Active 1990s.]

Eustace, Mrs. [SEE COLLINGE, Marjorie]

EUTIN, Betty (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Evans, Mrs. D. M. (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

EVANS, Gill M. (Great Britain) [March 1938- ] [Mrs. Michael S. MacGregor, from c. July-Sept 1961] [Active c. 1955-1961]

EVANS, Gloria (United States) [Mrs. Joseph Dillenbeck, by July 1951] [Active ???]

Evans, Mrs. J. R. S. (from 4 April 1934) [SEE BOWMAN, Jocelyn]

EVANS, Mary Constance “Connie” (United States) [6 July 1884-28 Dec 1958] [Mrs. Willard Parker Sullivan, from 29 June 1910] [Active c. 1902-1914]

EVANS, Phyllis Caitloch (Australia) [6 Nov 1900-1 Sept 1997] [Mrs. Charles Roland Rischbieth, from 24 April 1924] [Active c. 1919-24]

Evans, Mrs. R. (after 31 May 1956) [SEE PATERSON, Sheila Marguerite]

EVANS, Una Eleanora May (Great Britain) [24 Sept 1893-1969] [Mrs. Henry G. Giffard, from 1911] [Active 1910s.]

EVE, Ella Muriel (Great Britain/India) [21 Dec 1894-1991] [Mrs. Roderick James Shuter Care Dodd, from 9 Nov 1922] [Active c. 1920-40]

EVELYN-JONES, Helen (Great Britain) [1904-after 1960] [Mrs. Paul Gilbert, from 1934] [Active c. 1924-32]

EVENS, W. (Great Britain) [Active 1900s.]

EVERARD, Charlotte Mabel (Great Britain) [1875-3 Oct 1933] [Active c. 1900-1920]

EVERARD, Laura Mildred (Great Britain) [1879-1954] [Active c. 1900-1914]

Evered, Mrs. G. E. (from 1899) [SEE THYNNE, Ellen Martha]

Everett, Mrs. J. (from 20 June 1929) [SEE SLOANE-STANLEY, Lavender Elizabeth]

EVERETT, Nancy Evelyn (Australia) [1905-1967] [Mrs. Geoffrey Lyford Mackenzie, from 5 Oct 1927] [Active c. 1925-30]

Everett, Mrs. A. (from 25 April 1925) [SEE MURRAY, Vera Kathleen]

Everitt, Mrs. J. G. (from c. 1924) [SEE MOUNTAIN, Doris Rae]

EVERS, Dianne R. (Australia) [9 Nov 1956- ] [Married to Brown] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Evers, Mrs. R. D. M. (c. April/June 1940-before c. Jan/March 1943) [SEE MARRIOTT, Joy Irene]

Evers, Mrs. (from c. 1964/66) [SEE SØRENSEN, Lise Kaae]

EVERT, Christine "Chris" Marie (United States) [21 Dec 1954- ] [Married to: John Michael Lloyd, 17 April 1979-14 April 1987; Andrew "Andy" Raymond Mill, 30 July 1988- 4 Dec 2006; Gregory "Greg" John Norman, 28 June 2008-5 Dec 2009] [Active 1969-1989]

EVERT, Jeanne C. (United States) [5 Oct 1957- ] [Married to Brahm Dubin, from 1979] [Active c. 1972-1978]

Evert-Lloyd, Chris (17 April 1979-14 April 1987) [SEE EVERT, Christine "Chris" Marie]

EVERTS, Loes "Bom" (Netherlands) [c. 1890-197?] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Ewald, (Frau) Clara (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

EWEN, Erna (Germany) [3 June 1909-????] [Active c. 1928-1939]

EXELBY, Jean (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

EXELBY, Madge Irene (Australia) [17 June 1931- ] [Mrs. Rex Hartwig, from 19 April 1952] [Active ???]

Eyre, Mrs. J. (from c. Oct-Dec 1921) [SEE LIDDERDALE, Margaret Elizabeth]

EYRE, (Margaret) Mary (Great Britain) [1924-7 Nov 2013] [Active 1940s-50s.]

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Discussion Starter #14 (Edited)
Fabbricotti, Mrs. (Countess) A. (from 25 Nov 1903) [SEE SCOVEL, Cornelia Roosevelt]

FABER, Donna L. (United States) [Active 1980s-90s.]

Fabyan, Mrs. M. (6 Oct 1934-20 July 1940) [SEE PALFREY, Sarah Hammond]

Facilides, (Frau) Martha (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Faerber, Mrs. [SEE EMANUEL, Esme]

FAGEROS, Karol (United States) [27 April 1934-12 April 1988] [Mrs. Eugene Short, from 1962] [Active 1950s.-1961]

FAILLACE, Claudia (Brazil) [1 May 1969- ] [Active 1980s.]

Fair, Mrs. G. (by 1963) [SEE DONOGHUE, Joy]

FAIRBAIRN, Rhea Beatrice (Canada) [15 Jan 1890-24 April 1953] [Mrs. Francis "Frank" C. Marty, from 4 Dec 1912] [Active 1900s-10s.]

FAIRBANK, Rosalyn “Ros” Doris (South Africa/United States) [2 Nov 1960- ] [Married to Robert Nideffer, from 6 May 1989] [Active 1970s-90s.]

Fairbank-Nideffer, Ros (from 6 May 1989) [SEE FAIRBANK, Rosalyn “Ros” Doris]

FAIRBURN, Bettina "Betty" Alberta (Australia) [3 June 1906-14 Feb 1977] [Mrs. Ross Grey-Smith, from 14 Jan 1932] [Active c. 1924-32]

FAIRNSWORTH (or Farnsworth?), M. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

FAITHFUL, Constance Cecilia (Great Britain) [31 Oct 1864-29 Dec 1940] [Active late 1880s.]

Faithfull, Mrs. A. F. (from 1883) [SEE SCOTT, Elizabeth Emily]

FAITHFULL, Katharine Frances (Great Britain) [6 Feb 1863-7 July 1917] [Mrs. William Frederick Felton, from July 1890] [Active late 1880s.]

Fajardo, Mrs. J. A. [SEE ARFARAS, Mary]

FALCONI, Irina (United States) [Active 2010s.]

FALCONIERI, Laura (Italy) [Active 1970s.]

Fales, Mrs. H. G. (from 8 Dec 1962) [SEE FLOYD, Donna]

Falk, Mrs. E. A. (from c. 1920/21-????) [SEE POLLAK, Helene]

FALKENBERG, Nancy Louise (United States) [27 Sept 1945- ] [Mrs. James C. Muller] [Active 1960s]

FALKENBURG, Eugenia Lincoln “Jinx” (United States) [21 Jan 1919-23 Aug 2003] [Married to Lieutenant Colonel John Reagan "Tex" McCrary, from 10 June 1945] [Active 1940s.]

Falkenburg, Mrs. E. L. [SEE CROOKS, Marguerite “Mickey”]

Fallot, Mrs. L. R. (from 19 Oct 1950) [SEE FRENCH, Jean Marion]

Fancutt, Mrs. T. T. (from 14 April 1957) [SEE SEENEY, Daphne Grace]

FARINA, Silvia (Italy) [27 April 1972- ] [Married to Francesco Elia, from 22 Sept 1999] [Active 1988-2005]

Farina-Elia, Silvia (from 22 Sept 1999) [SEE FARINA, Silvia]

Farlee, Mrs. H. S. (c.1910-1917) [SEE WILDEY, Natalie]

Farquhar, Mrs. R. D. (29 Sept 1903-c. 1918/20) [SEE JONES, Marion]

Farquharson, Mrs. N. G. (from 20 Dec 1938) [SEE WOODS, Frances Gertrude]

FARR, Marion Elinor "May" (Great Britain) [1874-1958] [Mrs. Douglas Edmund Kelly, by 1903] [Active 1900s.]

FARRELL, Diane (United States) [5 Nov 1961- ] [Active 1985-1988]

FARRER, Margaret (South Africa) [11 Nov 1935- ] [Mrs. Barry Hawthorne, from 15 Dec 1956] [Active 1960s.]

Farrer, Mrs. S. E. P. (from 15 Dec 1934) [SEE STREET, Norah]

FARRINGTON, Aurea (Great Britain) [21 Feb 1878-27 April 1967] [Mrs. (Major) Herbert Edgington, from 10 Dec 1907] [1900s-20s.]

Farrington, Mrs. H. (from 28 Oct 1944) [SEE THOMPSON, Isabelle]

Farris, Mrs. [SEE PRUITT, Sheryl "Sherrie"]

Faschingbauer, Nataša [SEE PISKACKOVA (Piskáčková), Nataša]

FASS, Betty (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Fath, Mme (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

FAUCHE, Christelle (Switzerland) [Active 1990s.]

Faulkner, Mrs. I. R. (from Aug 1953) [SEE BENNETT, Bernice Beryl]

Faulkner, Mrs. R. N. (from c. 1965/66) [SEE MCCLENAUGHAN, Patricia R. "Pat" / "Trish"]

FAULL, Jo-Anne (Australia) [Active 1980s-90s.]

FAYTER, Jackie (Great Britain) [10 June 1951- ] [Married to Robert G. Hough, from c. April/June 1980] [Active c. 1969-1979]

Fearnley-Whittingstall, Mrs. E. O. (19 Nov 1929-16 March 1936; divorced, but still played under married name?) [SEE BENNETT, Eileen Viviyen]

FEBER, Nancy (Belgium) [Active 1990s.]

FEDAK, Juliana / Yuliana (Ukraina) [Active 2000s.]

FEDOROVSKAYA, Olga Pavlovna (Soviet Union) [18 June 1899-2 July 1982] [Active ???]

Feilden, Mrs. H. J. (from 4 Feb 1920) [SEE BANNISTER, Norma Victoria Juliet "Naomi"]

FEIRON, (Aileen Ruby) Nathalie (Great Britain) [15 Aug 1909-Nov 1994] [Active 1940s.]

FEISE, Jane (United States) [16 April 1940-22 March 2014] [Mrs. Henry Stewart Young, after April 1963] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Feistel, Magdalena [SEE MRÓZ, Magdalena]

Felan, Mrs. A. J. (from 1944) [SEE GROGAN, Pearl Josephine]

Feldman, Mrs. M. (from 1960) [SEE HERR, Suzanne "Susie"]

Feldmann, (Frau) Hilde (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

FELIX, Lois L. (United States) [1 June 1927-23 Dec 2001] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Fellowes, Mrs. A. F. (from 23 Aug 1904) [SEE DAVIES, Mabel Laura]

FELTHAM, (Mary Hilda) Beatrice [Beatrice] (Great Britain) [9 May 1907-13 Sept 1997] [Mrs. Malcolm Alwyn Valentine Russell, from 22 July 1933] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Felton, Mrs. W. F. (from July 1890) [SEE FAITHFULL, Katharine Frances]

FENDICK, Patricia "Patty" Ann (United States) [31 March 1965- ] [Married to Scott Lawrence McCain, from 20 Dec 1997] [Active 1980s-90s.]

FENNO, Marian (United States) [16 Feb 1903-18 Oct 1987] [Mrs. William Brown McIlvaine, from Dec 1925] [Active 1920s-early 1930s.]

FENNO, Marion Hiller (United States) [5 Oct 1878-1967] [Mrs. Arthur Wellington Bell, from 1 March 1924] [Active 1905-1925]

Fenno, Mrs. E. N. (from 1940) [SEE NEWTON, Rosamond A.]

FENTON, Mary (Australia) [c. 1938- ] [Active c. 1957-1962]

FENWICK, Alice (Great Britain) [31 July 1858-29 Dec 1911] [Active 1880s.]

FENWICK, Catherine (Great Britain) [Active 1930s.]

Fenwick, Mme R. F. (from 19 March 1906) [SEE GILLOU, Catherine Marie Blanche "Kate"]

FENWICK, Helena (Great Britain) [1853-19 April 1921] [Mrs. James Backhouse Dale, from 1879] [Active c. 1880-85]

FENWICK, Julia Margaret "May" (Great Britain) [1851-16 Oct 1925] [Active 1880s.]

FENWICK, Winifred (Great Britain) [c. 15 Oct 1856-4 June 1932] [Active 1880s.]

FERGUS, M. M. (Great Britain) [Active 1900s-20s.]

FERGUSON, Alice Maud Mary (Great Britain) [1879-1965] [Mrs. Wilfred Edward Hudleston, from 1908] [Active 1900s-20s.]

FERGUSON, Helen (United States) [Active 1920s.]

FERGUSON, J. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Ferguson, Mrs. E. McN. (from 17 Feb 1968) [SEE COURTEIX, Paule]

FERGUSON, Winifred Maxwell (Great Britain) [1877-???] [Mrs. Thomas Herriot, from 1910] [Active 1900s-20s.]

FERGUSSON, Margaret P. (United States) [5 March 1901-Dec 1972] [Mrs. Louis H. Bieler, from 28 Nov 1928] [Active 1930s.]

Ferkins, Mrs. [SEE DICKSON, Raewyn]

FERNANDEZ, Anna-Maria (United States) [22 October 1960- ] [Married to Ray Ruffels, by 1997] [Active c. 1978-1989]

FERNANDEZ, "Gigi" (Beatriz Cristina Fernández) (Puerto Rico/United States, from 1989) [22 Feb 1964- ] [Active 1970s.-1997]

Fernandez, Senora [SEE IBARRA, Carmen]

FERNANDEZ, Cecilia (United States) [28 June 1963- ] [Married to Parker] [Active late 1970s- early 1980s]

FERNANDEZ, Clarisa (Argentina) [Active 2000s.]

FERNANDEZ, Liliana (Colombia) [6 June 1962- ] [Active 1980s.]

FERNANDEZ, Magdalena (Spain) [Active 1960s-70s.]

FERNANDEZ, María-Isabel "Isabel" / "Isa" (María-Isabel Fernández de Soto) [Colombia) [18 Sept 1950- ] [Active c. 1965-1976]

FERNANDEZ, Mary Joe (born María José Fernández) (United States) [19 Aug 1971- ] [Married to Anthony Lewisohn Godsick, from 8 April 2000; didn’t play under married name] [Active 1984-2000]

FERNANDEZ-DE SOTO, Isabel [SEE FERNANDEZ, María-Isabel "Isabel" / "Isa"]

Fernandez-Parker, Cecilia [SEE FERNANDEZ, Cecilia]

Fernie, Mrs. A. J. (from 1909) [SEE WARD, Alice Elizabeth]

FERRANDO, Linda (Italy) [12 Jan 1966- ] [Active 1980s.-1995]

FERRANTE DI RUFFANO, Gloria (Italy) [27 Nov 1921-28 April 2013] [Married to Carlo Gasparini, from 19 Jan 1946] [Active 1930s.]

Ferrante di Ruffano, Mrs. A. (from 21 Aug 1913) [SEE MACVEAGH, Virginia Cameron "Mia"]

FERRAZ DE OLIVEIRA, Wanda (Brazil) [7 June 1949- ] [Active 1970s.]

Ferreira, Brigitte (by 1984-????) [SEE CUYPERS, Brigitte]

Ferrer, Senora de [SEE DE NIORT, Eliane]

FERRIER, Lilla (Great Britain) [2 March 1867-30 June 1929] [Active 1890s.]

FERRIS, Caroline "Carrie" (United States) [20 Dec 1870-????] [Mrs. Newman Neave, from 17 May 1900] [Active c. 1894-99]

FERRIS, Mabel Livingstone (United States) [6 Oct 1873-6 Feb 1959] [Mrs. Edward Newman Mennell, from 12 Feb 1907] [Active c. 1894-1900]

FERRO, Fiona (France) [12 March 1997- ] [Active 2012- ]

FETT, Jana (Croatia) [2 Nov 1996- ] [Active 2013- ]

FETTERMAN, Gertrude (United States) [Active 1900s.]

Feuerheerdt, Mrs. F. (from 29 March 1902) [SEE HODGE, Marion(Marian?) Isabella]

FICHMAN, Sharon Elizabet (Canada) [Active 2010s.]

FICK, Bonnie (South Africa) [Mrs. Jackson, by 1946] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Fick, Sigrid (1910-1929) [SEE FRENCKELL, Sigrid]

Field, Mrs. M. S. (from 4 Feb 1937) [SEE GRIFFITHS, Gwenyth "Gwen" Bernice]

FIELD, Helen (United States) [Active 1890s.]

Field, Mrs. D. B. D. (from 2 Dec 1933) [SEE SQUIRRELL, Joan D.]

FIELD, Louise (Australia) [25 Feb 1967- ] [Active 1983-1995]

FIELD, Robyn (South Africa) [27 June 1966- ] [Married to Mark Wayne Jones, from 12 Dec 1998] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Fielding, Mrs. M. (3 Nov 1898-1942) [SEE WILLIAMS, Amy Reeve]

Fiermonte, Mrs. E. (27 Nov 1933-11 June 1938) [SEE FORCE, Madeleine Talmage]

Figgis, Mrs. J. A. L. (from 18 July 1909) [SEE HOLLINS, Flora Paget]

FIGUERAS, Agnes (France) [Active 1970s-80s.]

FILDES, Elaine Anna (Canada) [31 Aug 1926- ] [Mrs. Bryans] [Active c. 1944-1950]

FILIPPOVA, Vera Viktorovna (Soviet Union) [25 Sept 1921-3 Oct 1966] [Active ???]

FILKY, Marion (United States) [Active 1930s.]

FINCH, Florence Emelda (Australia) [Mrs. Frank Jackson, by 1923] [Active 1920s.]

Finch, Mrs. R. H. L. (from 1919) [SEE LUCIE-SMITH, (Lilian) Moira]

Findlay, Mrs. [SEE CLARKE, Angela K. B.]

FINDLAY, Gillian F. (Great Britain) [Active 1950s.]

Findlay, Mrs. H. (from 2 Feb 1946) [SEE RATHBUN, Grace Chesbrough]

FINE, Mary Etta (United States) [April 1924-Aug 2007] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Finger, (Frau) Paula (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Fink, Mrs. R. H. L. (from 1919) [SEE LUCIE-SMITH, (Lilian) Moira]

FINLAYSON, Christine (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

FINLAYSON, Christobel (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

FINN, Phyllis May (Australia) [Mrs. Lyall M. Morris, from 1951] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Finney, Mrs. (by 1949) [SEE NIEMEYER, Edith "Edie"]

Finney, Victoria "Vickie" [SEE PAYNTER, Victoria "Vickie"]

FIORE, Sally (South Africa) [????-2014] [Active 1960s.]

FISCHER, Elizabeth "Lisl" (Austria) [Frau Broz, by 1949] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Fischer, (Frau) Erna (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

FISCHER, Ethel (???) [Active 1920s.]

FISCHER, Hilda Madeleine (Australia) [31 Aug 1892-14 Feb 1965] [Mrs. Edmund Britten-Jones, from 4 Oct 1915] [Active c. 1920-35]

Fischer, Mrs. A. (c. 1946-before 1949) [SEE VIRGIL, Jacque]

FISCHER, Laura (United States) [Jan 1880-????] [Mrs. Robert A. Pope, from 1911] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Fischer, Mrs. W. G. (Oct 1899-before 1921) [SEE HENSON, Laura L.]

FISCHER, Liesel (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

FISCHER, Marianne (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

FISCHER, Nora Margaret (India/Great Britian) [29 July 1894-1988] [Mrs. Sydney Trepess Polley, from 1915] [Active 1920s.]

FISCHER, Susi (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

FISCHER, Tineke E. (Netherlands) [Married to Lubbers, by 1947] [Active 1940s.]

Fishburne, Diane (before 1987-before summer 2011) [SEE GILRUTH, Diane]

FISHER, Adria (United States) [Sept 1938- ] [Mrs. (Dr.) Stephen Price, from 1960] [Active 1950s-60s.]

FISHER, Dorothy (United States) [Active 1930s.]

FISHER, Emily (United States) [20 Dec 1951-27 Nov 1976] [Active 1960s.]

FISHER, M. W. (Great Britain) [Active 1900s.]

FISHER, Madeline Alice (Great Britain) [2 Sept 1867-3 June 1934] [Mrs. Edward Armstrong O'Neill, from 9 Oct 1890] [Active 1900s-20s.]

FISHER, Margaret E. (Australia) [4 May 1930- ] [Mrs. Dale] [Active 1950s.]

Fisher, Mrs. H. F. T. (from 21 Dec 1901) [SEE LANGRISHE, Maria Cecilia 'Beatrice" / “Bee”]

FISHER, Pauline (Great Britain) [c. 1927/28- ] [Active 1940s.]

Fisher, Mrs. F. H. [SEE ROBERTS, Ruby]

FISLOVA, Eva (Slovakia) [Active 2000s.]

Fison, Mrs. F. G. C. (from 23 Feb 1922) [SEE BLAND, Evelyn Alice M.]

FISON, (Florence Elizabeth) Vere (Great Britain) [1894-1 March 1927] [Mrs. Ian Frederick Lettsom Elliot, from 1916] [Active 1910s-20s.]

FISON, Madeleine Lucy (Great Britain) [1891-1988] [Mrs. Francis L. Guays, from 1920] [Active c. 1912-14]

FISON, Sylvia Mary (Great Britain) [1895-June 1987] [Mrs. Hugh Thompson Wells, from July 1927] Active 1920s.]

FITCH, Joyce Mary (Australia) [30 March 1925-26 July 2012] [Mrs. John Oliver Rymer, from 23 May 1951] [Active 1941-1951, 1955]

FITCH, Margaret (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Fitchett, Mrs. F. W. (from 2 Sept 1903) [SEE RATTRAY, Gertrude Vivian]

Fitting, Marga de (by 1937) [SEE TREDE, Magdalena “Marga”]

Fitzgerald, Mrs. G. B. (from 17 Feb 1951) [SEE MURPHY, Bernice]

Fitzgerald, Mrs. E. (from 1957) [SEE TISSOT, Judith "Judy" Louise]

FITZGERALD, L. (Australia) [Active 1980s.]

Fitzgibbon, Mrs. J. J. (from 4 Sept 1947) [SEE NICHOLS, Mary]

Fitzhardinge, Mrs. R. B. (from 18 Feb 1909) [SEE CLUBBE, Nancy Bird Harrison]

FITZPATRICK, Anna (Great Britain) [Active 2000s.]

FITZPATRICK, June Ann (Ireland) [9 June 1933- ] [Mrs. Bernard J. le Cesne Byrne, from 1 June 1959] [Active late 1940s-50s.]

FIUZA, Deborah (Portugal) [19 Aug 1954 - ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Five, Mme J.-P. [SEE RUQUOIS, Micheline]

FIX, Katherine Isabella Lillian (United States) [1889-19 March 1919] [Mrs. Winfield Scott Rodgers] [Active c. 1911-19]

FJEREM, Ruth (United States) [12 Aug 1898-5 June 1973] [Active c. 1918-22]

FLAMENG, (Cornélie Gilberte) Marie (France) [7 Aug 1884-4 May 1969] [Mme Maxime "Max" Omer Mathieu Omer-Decugis, from 15(16?) May 1905] [Active c. 1906-1920]

Flavelle, Mrs. J. M. (from 1907) [SEE RECKITT, Helen Margaret]

FLEET, Doreen (Australia) [Mrs. Ray J Cock, from 1945] [Active 1940s.]

Fleischer, Frau [SEE EICK, Christiane]

Fleitz, Mrs. J. G. (from 6 Oct 1951) [SEE BAKER, Beverly "Bev" Joyce]

FLEMING, Carrie (United States) [26 Oct 1957- ] [Married to Cromartie] [Active 1970s.]

FLEMING, Cecilie (New Zealand) [Mrs. McIntyre] [Active 1960s.]

FLEMING, F. M. (Great Britain) [Active 1920s.]

FLEMING, Frances Mary (Ireland) [9 Jan 1899-11 May 1987] [Active c. 1920-39]

Fleming, Mrs. P. E. (from 2 June 1956) [SEE BREED, Jane Harvey]

FLEMING, Laurie (United States) [14 June 1955- ] [Mrs. Pike Rowley] [Active 1970s.]

Fleming, Mrs. L. (after 1963) [SEE BELTON, Patsy A.]

FLEMMICH, (Eliza) Lina (Great Britain) [1878-14 Jan 1959] [Mrs. Charles N. Ambrose, from 1911] [Active 1900s-10s.]

FLEMMICH, Ellen Letitia (Great Britain) [c. 1875-19 May 1959] [Mrs. Edward Webb, from 1906] [Active 1900s.]

Fletcher, Mrs. (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1910s-20s.] [SEE ???]

Fletcher, Mrs. E. S. (from 3 Dec 1912) [SEE MARDALL, Florence Louisa]

FLETCHER, Helen Margaret (Great Britain) [24 Aug 1931- ] [Mrs. Michael Barker, from 13 Nov 1954] [Active 1950s.]

Fletcher, Mrs. R. H. (from 19 July 1899) [SEE SWEET-ESCOTT, Mary Salomé Hay]

Fletcher, Mrs R. (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1910s-20s.] [SEE ???]

Fleurian, Sybile [SEE NIOX-CHÂTEAU, Sybile(Sybille?)]

FLICKIER, Diana (Argentina) [Active 1968-78]

Flinn, Mrs. D. P. (from 19 Aug 1953) [SEE COLE, Heather]

FLIPKENS, Kirsten (Belgium) [10 Jan 1986- ] [Active 2001- ]

Floquet, (Mme) Janine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Florand, Mme (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active c. 1922-1926] [SEE ???]

Floresco, Mme A. (???) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.]

FLORIAN, Alice (or Alicia) (Yugoslavia/Hungary/Germany) [c. 1921-13 May 2016] [Married to Denes Von Tarnay, from 1945] [Active c. 1934-1950]

Flowerdew, Mrs. F. D. M. (from 10 Jan 1942) [SEE STEWART, Margot]

FLOYD, Donna (United States) [14 Sept 1940- ] [Mrs. Herbert Gordon Fales, from 8 Dec 1962] [Active c. 1959-1966]

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FOG, Eva Munthe [SEE MUNTHE FOG, Eva]

Fogarty, Mrs. T. E. (from 16 Feb 1946) [SEE MCGILL, Dorn(or Dawn)]

FOKINA, Galina (Russia) [Active 2000s.]

FOLDENYI, Annamaria (Hungary) [Active 1990s.]

FOLDINA, Marion (Germany) [Active 1975-79]

FOLGER, (Claire) Dean (United States) [6 June 1931-20 July 1985] [Mrs. Raymond Bok Reitzel, from 22 March 1958] [Active 1950s.]

FOLLETT, Avery E. (United States) [28 Oct 1904-30 Sept 1951] [Mrs. Frank P. Cardoza, after 1930] [Active c. 1920-28]

FOLLOWS, Isabel (Great Britain) [1920- ] [Mrs. Albert Redvers Greatrex, from c. July/Aug 1949] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Follweider, (Mme) Odette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

FOLTZ, Shawn Patricia (United States) [21 Dec 1967- ] [Married to Todd Emmons, by 2003] [Active 1983-1986, 1988-1990]

FONRODONA, Angeles (Spain) [Active 1910s-20s.]

FONRODONA, Isabel (Spain) [c. 1904-????] [Active 1910s-20s.]

FONRODONA, Mariana (Spain) [Active 1910s-20s.]

FONSEKA, Christobel "Coo-Coo" (Ceylon) [c. 1932- ] [Mrs. Jilla Behram] [Active 1950s-60s.]

FONSEKA, Doris (Ceylon) [c. 1934- ] [Mrs. Somander] [Active c. 1950-1960]

Fontes, Mrs. R. V. (from 30 Jan 1935) [SEE KIDSON, Nancy]

Foote, Mrs. E. A. (from 10 March 1941) [SEE SCUDDER, Dorothy S.]

FOOTMAN, Farel (United States) [17 Aug 1941- ] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Foottit, Mrs. R. L. C. (from 6 Oct 1933) [SEE SIMON, Lolita]

FORBES, Jean Rosamund (South Africa) [23 Sept 1939-31 March 1984] [Mrs. Eric Clifford "Cliff" Drysdale, from 6 July 1967] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Forbes, Mrs. Ogilvie (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Forbes, Mrs. G. L. (12 Dec 1956-before 13 Nov 1974) [SEE KOORTZEN, Valerie "Val"]

Forbes, Mrs. D. T. (by 1932) [SEE HOLLIS, Violet Rosamund]

Forbes-Smith, Mrs. H. (from 1919) [SEE COZENS, Irene Estelle]

FORCE, Katherine Emmons (United States) [12 March 1891-8 Sept 1956] [Mrs. Lorillard Suydam Spencer, from 6 Dec 1922] [Active 1910s.]

FORCE, Madeleine Talmage (United States) [19 June 1893-27 March 1940] [Mrs. John Jacob "Jack" Astor IV, 9 Sept 1911-21 June 1916; Mrs. William Karl Dick, 22 June 1916-21 July 1933; Mrs. Enzo Fiermonte, 27 Nov 1933-11 June 1938] [Active 1900s.]

Ford, Mrs. B. W. (from 11 March 1911) [SEE BAKER, Annie Kellett]

Ford, Mrs. R. D. (by 1931) [SEE SPENCER, Bessie Edna]

FORD, Florence S. (Great Britain) [Mrs. George A. Smith, from c. Sept 1938] [Active 1930s-50s.]

FORD, Helen Elizabeth (Great Britain) [14 Sept 1870-1942] [Mrs. Clement Burnett Weir, from 8 Aug 1900] [Active ???]

Ford, Mrs. E. C. (from 3 Oct 1952) [SEE RODGERS, Patsy]

FORD, Sara (United States) [7 Sept 1912-1 Feb 1987] [Mrs. Archie H. Comer, from 1935] [Active 1930s-50s.]

FORDING, Stella Abilene (United States) [14 Aug 1878-25 Dec 1967] [Active c. 1900-31]

Fordyce, Patti (from 19 Dec 1976) [SEE HOGAN, Patricia "Patti" St. Anne]

FORETZ, Stéphanie (France) [3 May 1981- ] [Married to Benoit Gacon, from 12 July 2010] [Active 1997- ]

Foretz-Gacon, Stéphanie (from 12 July 2010) [SEE FORETZ, Stéphanie]

Forlanini, Signora (from c. 1923) [SEE COVI, Maria]

Forman, Mrs. G. R. (from 1933) [SEE PROCTER, Dorothy Kyme]

FORMAN, Jane V. (United States) [21 Jan 1962- ] [Active 1982-1988]

FOROOD, Lele K. (United States) [9 Oct 1956- ] [Active c. 1975-1983]

FORSELL, Karin (Sweden) [Active 1930s.]

Forsgårdh, Mrs. [SEE STRANDBERG, Margaretta]

Forshall, Mrs. F. S. H. (from 1897) [SEE SCRIMGEOUR, Isabella]

FÖRSTENDORF, Brigitte (Germany) [Frau Kortüm, from c. 1960] [Active 1950s-60s.]

FORSTER, Anne C. (Great Britain) [Mrs. John Paul Durrell Mallinson, from 1955] [Active ???]

Fort, Mme F. [SEE HOLZSCHUCH, Françoise]

FORUM, Vera Gerda (Denmark) [29 July 1900-????] [Active 1920s.]

FOSDICK, Norah (Great Britain) [1881-????] [Mrs. Robert Carrington Middleton, from 1908] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Foss, Mrs. R. S. (from 1939) [SEE ALLNATT, Yvonne Josephine]

Foster, Brenda (after Nov 1985) [SEE CATTON, Brenda]

Foster, Mrs. J. W. "R." (from 27 June 1970) [SEE BURRER, Emilie]

Foster, Mrs G. B. (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1910s.] [SEE ???]

FOSTER, Helen Muriel (Great Britain) [1903-????] [Mrs. William Johnston Dyson, from 16 May 1929] [Active 1920s-30s.]

FOSTER, Judith "Judy" M. E. (Great Britain) [16 Aug 1919-Dec 2005] [Mrs. Thomas S. Wallace, c. Jan/March 1944-????; Mrs. Oswald Gradon, from c. Jan/March 1955] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Foster, Mrs. A. C. (from 19 Sept 1922) [SEE THITCHENER, Marjorie Evelyn]

Foster, Mrs. E. M. (by 1928) [SEE KERRY, May]

FOTTRELL, Moira (Ireland) [1888-????] [Mrs. Simon Frederick Scroope, from c. Feb 1915] [Active 1920s.]

Fouilhoux, Mrs. J.-A. (from 7 July 1908) [SEE CLARK, Jean B.]

FOULGER, (Ursula) Ruth (Great Britain/India) [31 Jan 1896-11 Dec 1956] [Mrs. Charles Hugh Landale, from 3 June 1922] [Active c. 1920-35]

FOULKES-TAYLOR, Marjorie Sophy (Australia) [8 June 1903-15 Sept 1972] [Mrs. (Dr) Douglas Reginald Gawler, from 2 Feb 1928] [Active c. 1920-28]

Fourcade, Mme J. (17 Oct 1927-c. 1929) [SEE HOLZSCHUCH, Françoise]

FOURIE, Marie (South Africa) [6 Jan 194(?)- ] [Active 1960s.]

FOURNIER, Germaine (France) [Active 1930s.]

FOURRIER, Marguerite (France) [Active 1900s.]

FOWKE, Emily Susan (Ceylon) [27 Feb 1873-????] [Mrs. Charles Lawson Benham, from 1 March 1900] [Active c. 1900-14]

FOWLER, Louise (United States) [Active 1940s-50s.]

Fowler, Mrs. C. E. P. (from c. Dec 1894) [SEE BOULTON, (Mary) Dorothy]

Fox, Mrs. E. H. (from 18 April 1900) [SEE ARBUTHNOT, Alice Marion Caroline]

Fox, (Mrs.) Betty Joe (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

FOX, Elizabeth "Eliza" Middleton (United States) [23 Feb 1890-24 April 1961] [Mrs. Benjamin Chew Tighlman, from 1916] [Active 1910s.]

FOX, Mary (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Fox, Mrs. A. R. (from 22 June 1933) [SEE LESTER, Phyllis Irene]

FOX, Rayni S. (United States) [24 May 1956- ] [Married to Arthur D. Borinsky, from 10 Oct 1980] [Active c. 1973-1980]

FOX, Rosalie A. (Jamaica) [Mrs. Lindo, by 1958] [Active 1950s.]

FOXWORTH, Kathy (United States) [Active 1980s.]

FOY, Jacqueline (France) [20 Aug 1916- ] [Active c. 1938-1951]

FOY, Nicole (France) [Active 1930s.]

FOY, Simone (France) [Active 1930s.]

FOYE, Alice (United States) [Active 1930s.]

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FRAISSE, Irene (France) [29 June 1936- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

France, Mrs. D. G. (from 1931) [SEE BRADY, Eileen Eva Mary]

FRANCIS, ??? (Great Britain) [first name unknown] [Active 1900s.]

FRANCIS, Alice Constant (United States) [6 Jan 1907-11 April 1990] [Mrs. Harry Florian Wolf, from April 1934] [Active c. 1922-34]

Francis, Mrs. K. D. (from 25 Jan 1939) [SEE PEACH, Norma Jean Harwood "Paddie" / "Paddy"]

FRANCISCO, Florence "Flo" Margaret (Australia) [1912-25 Nov 1981] [Active c. 1928-1938]

FRANKE, Agnes (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

FRANKE, Fanny (France) [9 Feb 1894-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

FRANKE, Jeanne (France) [10 May 1902-30 Aug 1976] [Mme Louis Grinda, from 1932] [Active 1920s-30s.]

FRANKL, Silke (Germany) [Active 1990s.]

FRANKLIN, Leila (Rhodesia) [c. 1915- ] [Mrs. Holland, after 1940] [Active c. 1938-1948]

Franks, Mrs. A. E. (from 1925) [SEE GARLAND, Daisy B.]

Fraschini, Signora (from c. 1947) [SEE ALLIATA, Ester]

FRASER, Alice (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Fraser, Mrs. J. (by March 1967) [SEE SLATTERY, Helen]

Fraser, Mrs. D. C. A. (from 1946) [SEE GRENIER, Joyce]

FRASER, Marie Antoinette "Toni" (United States) [18 Sept 1926-18 April 2011] [Mrs. Earl Leonard Rosell, by 1958] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Fraser-Watson, Mrs. H. (from 5 Oct 1892) [SEE BAKER, Emily]

FRASER-WATSON, Millicent Maude (South Africa) [27 April 1896-6 Jan 1952] [Mrs. Charles Kidder Pitt, from 31 March 1919] [Active 1920s.]

FRATER, (Ellen) Alison (South Africa) [c. 1905-????] [Mrs. (Captain) Harold G. Willmott, from 7 Jan 1930] [Active c. 1925-30]

FRAZIER, Amy (United States) [Active 1980s-2000s.]

FRAZIER, Corinne (United States) [Active 1920s.]

FREED, Jo (United States) [5 Feb 1939- ] [Mrs. Mark Rose] [Active 1950s.]

Freedman, Mrs. M. J. (by 1964) [SEE WARSHAW, Sandra "Sandy"]

FREELAND, Betty (United States) [Active 1930s.]

FREEMAN, Debbie (Australia) [Active 1980s.]

Freeman, Mrs. B. M. (16 Sept 1967-June 1969) [SEE ALBERT, Jane Tyrell "Janie"]

Freeman, Mrs. W. F. (from c. 1934/35) [SEE NONWEILER, Mildred Edith]

Freisenbruch, Mrs. W. [SEE ROBINSON, Barbara "Babs"]

Frelleson, Mrs. F. J. (by 1940) [SEE SWARTZ, Dorothea M.]

Fremont-Smith, Mrs. P. (after 21 Nov 1941-????) [SEE STAFFORD, Margery]

Fremont-Smith, Mrs. M. (from 4 Oct 1928) [SEE THAYER, Mary Dixon "Molly"]

FREMY, Jeanne (France) [Active 1930s.]

FRENCH, Denise Mary (Great Britain) [6 Sept 1921-17 March 2006] [Mrs. John A. Collier, from c. July/Sept 1942] [Active c. 1950-1957]

FRENCH, Jean Marion (United States) [Mrs. L. Robert Fallot, from 19 Oct 1950] [Active c. 1948-1955]

FRENCH, Mary Penrose (Ireland) [9 March 1908-2006] [Active c. 1922-35]

FRENCH, Phyllis L. (Great Britain) [Active 1920s.]

FRENCKELL, Sigrid (Sweden) [28 March 1887-4 June 1979] [Married to Henrik Ernst Vilhelm Fick, 1910-1929] [Active 1910s-1933]

FRENDELIUS, Katarina(Katrina?) (Sweden) [25 Feb 1941- ] [Mrs. Bartholdson, by 1963] [Active c. 1960-1968]

Frere, Mrs. E. C. (from 25 April 1895) [SEE GRANT, Marion Edith]

Frere, Mrs. L. C. (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active ???] [SEE ???]

FRETZ, Tory Ann (United States) [8 Aug 1942- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

FREUDENSTEIN, Dulcie Ethel (Australia) [1898-8 Feb 1961] [Mrs. James Corbett, from 1928] [Active 1920s-30s.]

FREUDENSTEIN, Edith Mary (Australia) [15 March 1903-????] [Mrs. Albert Hague, from 1930] [Active 1920s.]

FRÉVILLE, Andrée (France) [13 Jan 1912- ] [Mme Roger Varin, from 8 July 1933] [Active 1920s-c. 1965]

FREYE, Kirstin (Germany) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

FRĘCH, Magdalena (Poland) [15 Dec 1997- ] [Active 2012- ]

FRIDENZI, Eva (Hungary) [15 Oct 1951- ] [Active 1970s.]

FRIEDELL, Hélène (France) [Active 1930s.]

Friedleben, Frau (from 30 April 1919) [SEE WEIHERMANN, Ilse]

FRIEDSAM, Anna-Lena (Germany) [Active 2010s.]

FRIGERIO, Maria (Italy) [10 Oct 1925- ] [Signora Parri, from c. 1964] [Active 1950s-60s.]

FRIIS, Agnete (Denmark) [Active 1950s.]

FRINGES, Carolyn (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Fripp, Mrs. C. E. (from 1901) [SEE RENWICK, Lois Gertrude]

FRISACCO, Anna Maria (Italy) [1916-25 July 2012] [Signora Kozmann, from c. 1939] [Active 1930s.]

FRISCH, Anneliese (Germany) [Frau Timme] [Active 1930s.]

Fritsch, (Frau) Luise (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

FRITZ, Anne (United States) [Active 1970s.]

Fritz, (Mme) Jeanne (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s-40s.] [SEE ???]

Fritz, Kathy [SEE MAY, Kathryn "Kathy"]

Fritz, Mme (by 1945) [SEE IRIBARNE, Paulette]

FRIZZELL, Ella Shelby [Shelby] (United States) [21 Oct 1923-30 Oct 2004] [Mrs. Torrance] [Active 1940s.]

FROHLING, Ingrid (South Africa) [Active early 1960s.]

FRÖLICH, Liselotte (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

FROLLI, Geraldine “Gerry” M. (United States) [24 March 1924- ] [Mrs. Clarence Dale Carter, from 27 Jan 1945] [Active 1950s-60s.]

FROMHOLTZ, Dianne Lee (Australia) [10 Aug 1956- ] [Married to Claude Maurice Balestrat, from 26 Dec 1982] [Active 1971-1990]

FROOM(Froome?), Henrietta Maud (Great Britain) [1871-????] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

FROOM(Froome?), Violet Alice (Great Britain) [1876-????] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

Frost, Mrs. G. P. H. (from 1915) [SEE HOLDER, Bertha Mary]

FROST, E. M. (???) [Active 1940s.]

FROUDE-BELLEW, Eveline Maude "Betty" (Great Britain) [1872-1965] [Mrs. Sidney Nutcombe-Quicke, 1897-12 June 1913; Mrs. Reginald Crundall-Punnett, from 13 June 1913] [Active 1900s-10s.]

FRY, (Doreen) Jacqueline (Great Britain) [9 Sept 1920-1 Oct 1973] [Mrs. John M. Beswick, from c. April/June 1949] [Active 1940s-50s.]

FRY, Evelyn (United States) [Active 1930s.]

FRY, Joan Cradock (Great Britain) [6 May 1906-29 Sept 1985] [Mrs. Thomas Ashley Lakeman, from 12 Nov 1930] [Active 1920s-30s.]

FRY, M. G. (Great Britain) [Active 1950s.]

FRY, Shirley June (United States) [30 June 1927- ] [Mrs. Karl Eugene Irvin, from 15 Feb 1957] [Active 1941-1957, 1960s.]

FRYE, Barbara Everton (Great Britain) [5 July 1908-1983] [Active 1930s.]

Frye, Mrs. G. J. (from 25 July 1959) [SEE RIELLEY, Sallie Ann]

FUCHS, Eugenie (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

FUCHS, Eva (Switzerland) [Active 1950s.]

FUCHS, Jennifer (United States) [2 July 1967- ] [Active 1982-1983, 1988-1993]

FUCHS, Lotte (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

FUCHS, Nathalie (France) [3 Sept 1952- ] [Married to Barrière] [Active c. 1970-1982]

Fuesers, Frau Fritz (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

FUJIWARA, Rika (Japan) [Active 2000s-10s.]

FUKUOKA, Kayoko (Japan) [1 Aug 1949- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

FULCO, Bettina (Argentina) [23 October 1968- ] [Married to Pablo Villella, from 9 Nov 1991] [Active 1985-1998]

Fulco-Villella, Bettina (from 9 Nov 1991) [SEE FULCO, Bettina]

FULLER, Anna (United States) [Mrs. Charles J. Hubbard, 1925-????; Mrs. Henry Brunie, from ????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

FULLER, Edna (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Fuller, Mrs H. (Australia) [Active 1910s.]

FULLER, Julia (United States) [Active 1920s.]

FULLER, Lottie (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Fullerton, Mrs. H. W. (from 30 Aug 1934) [SEE PALFREY, Elizabeth Howland “Lee”]

Fullwood, Mrs. L. L. (from c. 1956) [SEE MITCHELL, Barbara]

FULTON, Angela (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

FULTON, Evelyn Joan Lesley (Great Britain) [Dec 1936- ] [Mrs. Peter J. Hustwit, from Sept 1960] [Active 1950s-60s.]

FULTON, Helen (United States) [25 Feb 1914-5 Dec 1983] [Mrs. Chester B. Shockley] [Active 1929-1943]

FULTON, Joyce A. (Great Britain) [16 Feb 1938- ] [Mrs. Roger Howden, from Sept 1966] [Active 1950s-60s.]

FULTON, Maggie Ramsay (Australia) [19 March 1885-????] [Mrs. Charles Augustus Edmunds, from 25 April 1908] [Active c. 1919-30]

FUNAKI, Satoyo (Japan) [Active 1970s.]

FUNCKE, Grete (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

FUNK, Mary Janet (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Furlong, (Mrs.) Violet (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

FURNEY, Hope Lemuel (Ireland) [17 Feb 1907-????] [Active c. 1930-35]

FURNIVALL, Dorothy M. (Great Britain) [c. 1907-28 Jan 1931] [Active 1920s-30s.]

FURTH (Fürth), Marie "Mädi" (Austria) [3 Feb 1895-24 April 1965] [Married to Anton Hugo Redlich, by 1922] [Active c. 1910-1930]

FURUHASHI, Fumiko (Japan) [22 April 1959- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Furzer, Mrs. C. (from 1939) [SEE HUNT, Ella]

FUSAI, Alexandra (France) [22 Nov 1973- ] [Married to David Crochu, from 13 July 2002; retained maiden name as a player after marriage?] [Active 1989-2003]

FUSANO, Christina A. (United States) [Active 2000s.]

Fyfe, Mrs. W. V. (from 1917) [SEE THOMPSON, Venetia]

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Discussion Starter #17 (Edited)
GADDA. Angelina "Lina" (Italy) [Active 1920s-30s.]

GADDA, "Lalla" (Italy) [Active 1920s-30s.]

GADDA, Oda (Italy) [Active 1920s-30s.]

Gaden, Mrs. F. H. B. (from 27 Oct 1898) [SEE GARNSEY, Theodora Kinglake "Dora"]

GADDUM, Ruth M. "Tiny" (Ceylon/Great Britain) [c. 1895-after 1934] [Mrs. George Douglas Hamilton Alston, from 21 March 1916] [Active c. 1918-1934]

GADUSEK, Bonnie (United States) [11 Sept 1963- ] [Married to James Edward Foulds, 9 May 1992-????] [Active c. 1982-1986]

Gaertner, (Frau) Gertrud (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

GAERTNER, Ottilie (United States) [1 June 1906-June 1991] [Active c. 1925-39]

Gage, Mrs. J. B. (from 12 Sept 1922) [SEE HIRES, Marjorie]

GAGEL, Cathie (United States) [1 Dec 1942- ] [Mrs. James Anderson, before 1968-April 1972] [Active 1960s-70s.]

GAGLIARDI, Emmanuelle (Switzerland) [9 July 1976- ] [Active 1994-2008]

GAGLIARDI, Rosetta "Rosina" Laura (Italy) [9 Feb 1895-31 July 1973/75] [Married to George Stanley Prouse, from c. 1931] [Active 1920s-1932]

GAJDOSOVA (Gajdošová), Jarmila "Jarka" (Slovakia/Australia) [26 April 1987- ] [Married to Samuel Groth, from 3 Feb 2009; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 2001- ]

GALADOVA, Eleonora (Czechoslovakia) [7 Nov 1946- ] [Mrs. Sopkova, after 1971] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Gale, Mrs. W. B. (from 1934) [SEE DINGLE, Dorothy P. S. "Dot"]

GALE, Elfie (New Zealand) [Active 1920s.]

Gallagher, Mrs. F. J. (from 1938) [SEE NICHOLLS, Dulcie]

Gallagher, Mrs. [SEE STANTON, Jane E.]

GALLARD, Marie-Jeanne (France) [1940- ] [Mme Dusapt, by 1960] [Active 1960s.]

Gallatin, Mrs. F., jr. (by 1912-by June 1915) [SEE TROWBRIDGE, Emily C.]

Gallay, Mme R. G. M. (from 19 Oct 1901) [SEE VILLARD, Abeille Jacqueline]

GALLAY, Jacqueline (France) [19 March 1903-????] [Mme Pierre Liotard-Vogt, from 1944] [Active 1920s-30s.]

GALLAY, Violette Abeille Jacqueline (France) [14 Sept 1902-20 Nov 1990] [Active 1920s-30s.]

GALLE, Elfriede (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

GALLINAL, Maria-Marta (Uruguay) [13 Sept 1966- ] [Active 1980s.]

GALLINDERS, Elsa Elinor (Australia) [13 Oct 1905-24 Aug 1980] [Mrs. Newton] [Active 1930s.]

Gallou, (Mme) Germaine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

GALLOVITS, Edina (Romania) [10 Dec 1984- ] [Married to Bryce Hall, from c. 20 Nov 2010] [Active 1999- ]

Gallovits-Hall, Edina (from c. 20 Nov 2010) [SEE GALLOVITS, Edina]

GALLWEY, Ann Mary (Ireland) [1856-????] [Mrs. William G. Mulcahy, from 25 Feb 1895] [Active c. 1877-80]

GALLWEY, Frances (Ireland) [1858-????] [Active c. 1877-80]

GALPHIN, Elizabeth (United States) [26 Aug 1968- ] [Active 1987-1989]

GALT, Gretchen (United States) [1 Feb 1956- ] [Active 1970s.]

Galtier, Mme A. (from c. 1940/43) [SEE MOTTEZ, Maud]

GALTIER, Solange (France) [Mme Régis Louis Jules Monjarret de Kerjégu] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Galvao, Frau (8 June 1916-by the beginning of 1953) [SEE RIECK, Magdalene Anna Ottilie Quinta "Mieken"]

Galvao-Rieck, Mieken [SEE RIECK, Magdalena "Mieken"]

GANDIL, Jonna Betty Simonia (Denmark) [12 May 1908-????] [Mrs. Torkild Bjerge, from 1931] [Active 1920s.]

GANLY, Dorothea Maude (Australia) [c. 1900-22 July 1988] [Mrs. John Gordon Bridgford, from 30 Dec 1922] [Active c. 1922-30]

GANNON, Joyce "Joy" Irene (Great Britain) [21 March 1928-12 Aug 2018 ] [Mrs. Anthony John "Tony" Mottram, from 10 Sept 1949] [Active c. 1946-55]

GANNON, Pearl Iris (Great Britain) [6 Sept 1922(or 1921)- ] [Mrs. Robert C. Panton, by 1947] [Active 1940s-60s.]

GANTENBERG, Marjorie (United States) [Active 1940s.]

GANZ, Donna (United States) [9 Nov 1954- ] [Active c. 1971-1978]

Ganzenmuller, Mrs. A., Jr. (by July 1941) [SEE RAYMOND, Louise]

GARBIN, Tathiana (Italy) [30 June 1977- ] [Active 1993-2011]

GARBRECHT, Sibylla (Columbia) [1928- ] [Active 1950s.]

GARCIA, Brenda J. (United States)

GARCIA, Caroline (France) [16 Oct 1993- ] [Active 2009- ]

GARDINER, Elizabeth "Betty" Neil (Great Britain) [11 March 1903-????] [Mrs. James Lee, from 1932] [Active c. 1928-1939]

Gardiner, Mrs. A. (from 18 Dec 1976) [SEE DIMOND, Jenny]

Gardiner, Mrs. J. F. (from c. late 1926-early 1927) [SEE WILLARD, Mildred H.]

GARDNER, Katherine(Katharine?) Lucretia (United States) [21 June 1901-15 Jan 1956] [Active c. 1919-1926]

Gardner, Mrs. G. P. (from Jan 1913) [SEE GROSVENOR, Rose Phinney]

Gardner, Mrs. P. L. B. (from c. July/Sept 1949) [SEE MILES, Valerie M.]

Gardyne, Mrs. N. G. (from 1925) [SEE DAKIN, Edna M.]

Gardyne, Mrs. C. (from 1924) [SEE CHAPMAN, Ida E. A.]

GARFIT, (Helen) Maude (Maud?) (Great Britain) [15 Feb 1874-23 Aug 1948] [Mrs. Thomas Douglas, from 27 Oct 1910] [Active c. 1898-1910]

Gari, Senora de (from 1935) [SEE EASTMAN, Julieta Ezcurra]

GARKE, Ellen (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

GARLAND, Daisy B. (Australia) [1907-????] [Mrs. Arthur E. Franks, from 1925] [Active ???]

GARLING, Daisy Aileen "Diz" (Australia) [1901-1988] [Mrs. Russell Waddington, from 1926] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Garneir-Longère, (Mme) Lise (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

GARNER, Jenny A. (South Africa) [Active 1960s.]

Garnier, Mme (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

Garnier, (Mme) Gisèle (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

GARNSEY, Theodora Kinglake "Dora" (Australia) [1871-1956] [Mrs. Francis "Frank" Hart Baker Gaden, from 27 Oct 1898] [Active c. 1888-98]

GARRISON, Deborah (United States) [Active 1960s.]

GARRISON, Zina Lynna (United States) [16 Nov 1963- ] [Married to Willard Jackson, 21 Sept 1989-1997] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Garrison-Jackson, Zina (21 Sept 1989-1997) [SEE GARRISON, Zina Lynna]

GARRONE, Laura (Italy) [15 Nov 1967- ] [Active 1980s.-1997]

Garvan, Mrs. J. S. (from 18 June 1915) [SEE TROWBRIDGE, Emily C.]

GASKILL, C. S. (United States) [Active 1890s.]

Gasparini, Signora (from 19 Jan 1946) [SEE FERRANTE DI RUFFANO, Gloria]

GASSMANN, Nelly (Germany) [Married to Richard Stephanus, by 1924] [Active 1920s-30s.]

GATEHOUSE, Birdie Louise “Bidy” (Australia) [26 Oct 1904-????] [Mrs. Ernest Bond, from 26 Oct 1921] [Active 1920s-40s.]

GATES, Linda (United States) [1 Oct 1963-] [Married to Peter Morris] [Active c. 1983-1986]

GATES, Lou (United States) [Active 1930s-1960?s.]

GAUCKIER, Andrée (France) [Active 1930s.]

Gaussorgues, (Mme) Hélène (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s-40s.] [SEE ???]

GAUTHIER, Simone (France) [Active 1930s.]

GAUTIER, Didy (France) [Active 1930s.]

Gautier, Mme (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active in 1910s.] [SEE ???]

GAVALDON, Angelica [Angélica Gavaldón Loaiza] (Mexico) [3 Oct 1973- ] [Married to Tyler Verdieck, from 29 Sept 2007] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Gaviraghi, Signora (from c. 1940) [SEE RIBOLI, Elsa]

GAVRILOVA, Daria Alexeyevna (Russia/Australia, from 2015) [5 March 1994- ] [Active 2008- ]

Gawler, Mrs. D. R. (from 2 Feb 1928) [SEE FOULKES-TAYLOR, Marjorie Sophy]

Gazdiková, Mrs. (late1951-before late 1959) [SEE MISKOVA (Mišková), Olga]

Geddes, Mrs. I. W. J. (from 20 April 1935) [SEE CHITTICK, Thora Mary]

Geen, Mrs. A. C. (from 9 April 1914) [SEE BOOTHBY, (Penelope) Dora Harvey]

GEEVES, Linda (Great Britain) [21 June 1954- ] [Married to Bennett] [Active 1970s.]

GEIGER, Meredith (United States) [4 June 1972- ] [Married to Matt Walton] [Active 1990s.]

Geller, Mrs. J. (from c. 1947) [SEE BRENNER, Suzanne Rita]

GENCIC (Genčić), Jelena (Yugoslavia) [9 Oct 1936-1 June 2013] [Active 1950s-70s.]

GENGLER, Louise (United States) [c. 1952- ] [Married to Henry Hoen Thomas, from 23 Oct 2010] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Gengler, Marion (United States) [Active 1970s-80s.]

GENGLER, Marjory "Margie" (United States) [3 May 1951- ] [Mrs. Stanley "Stan" Roger Smith, from Nov 1974] [Active 1960s-70s.]

GENT, Joan Margaret (Australia) [c. 1920- ] [Mrs. Kirwan A. R. Short, from 17 April 1949] [Active 1940s.]

Gentien, Mme P. (from 3 May 1904) [SEE GILLOU, Antoinette Marie Jeanne]

Gentry, Mrs. C. A. (from 24 July 1970) [SEE PHILBRICK, Jill Louise]

GEORGE, Linda (United States) [1 Jan 1944-24 July 2011] [Married to Guido P. Tai, from 16 Jan 1973] [Active 1960s.]

GOERGES, Julia (Germany) [2 Nov 1988- ] [Active 2005- ]

Geranton, Mme E. (from 26 April 1930) [SEE VILLIER, Maggy]

GERMAINE, Helen E. (United States) [Active 1930-50]

GERSI, Adriana (Czech Republic) [26 June 1976- ] [Married to David Rikl, from 14 June 2003] [Active 1992-2002]

GERSON, Marlene (South Africa) [21 June 1940- ] [Mrs. Brian Bethlehem, from 20 March 1963] [Active 1957-1962]

GERULAITIS, Ruta (United States) [18 Nov 1955- ] [Married to: John Martin, 1983-????; William P. Jaget, from 24 May 1997] [Active c. 1976-1980]

Gesteira, Suzana (from c. 1973) [SEE PETERSEN, Suzana]

GETSCHMANN, Dora (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

Geyer, (Frau) Hilde (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

GEYER, Maria (Austria) [13 July 1952- ] [Active 1980s.]

Geznenge, Maria [SEE GUSHEVA, Maria]

Gfroerer, Almut (from c. 1972) [SEE STURM, Almut]

GHIRARDI, Lea (France) [10 Feb 1974- ] [Married to Rubbi, from c. 1995/96] [Active 1990s.]

Ghirardi-Rubbi, Lea (from c. 1995/96) [SEE GHIRARDI, Lea]

GIANFRANCESCHI, Lilly (United States) [Active 1920s.]

GIBB, Anthea (Great Britain) [1935- ] [Mrs. Ivor J. Warwick, from 11 May 1957] [Active 1950s-60s.]

GIBBS, Gertrude Beatrice (Great Britain) [1860-24 Sept 1949] [Active c. 1880-86]

GIBBS, Mary Bartlett (United States) [6 Nov 1910-6 Dec 1991] [Mrs. Lawrason Riggs, from 1933] [Active 1930s.]

GIBSON, Althea (United States) [25 Aug 1927-28 Sept 2003] [Mrs. William A. Darben, 17 October 1965-1976; Mrs. Sydney Llewellyn, 11 April 1983-1988] [Active 1940s-50s.]

GIBSON, Annie (Australia) [24 Aug 1867-1949] [Active c. 1890-95]

Gibson, Mrs. J. (from 1895) [SEE KENDAL, Annie Wilhelmina]

Gibson, (Mrs.) Florence (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

GIBSON, Frances "Fanny" (New Zealand) [1863-18 Dec 1908] [Mrs. Walter Morton Ollivier, from 1885] [Active c. 1885-90]

GIBSON, Joan (Australia) [Mrs. J. A. Cottrill] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Gibson, Mrs. J. B. (from 14 Nov 1899) [SEE MILLETT, Kate Child]

Gibson, Mrs. C. H. (from 1932) [SEE CRAWFORD, Lottie Janet]

GIBSON, M. (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

Gibson, Mrs. N. [SEE WHITE, Rosemary]

GIERSBERG, Annegrete (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Giffard, Mrs. H. G. (from 1911) [SEE EVANS, Una Eleanora May]

GILBANE, Virginia "Ginny" (United States) [10 Oct 1944- ] [Mrs. Mahoney] [Active 1960s.]

GILBERT, Dana (United States) [26 Nov 1959- ] [Married to Geoffrey Heinemann] [Active 1978-1984]

Gilbert, Mrs. F. B. (from 24 June 1903) [SEE RASTALL, Elizabeth Juana]

Gilbert, Mrs. R. A. (c. April/June 1950-before c. April/June 1958) [SEE DORE, Daphne J. "Gem"]

Gilbert, Mrs. P. (from 1934) [SEE EVELYN-JONES, Helen]

Gilbert, Mrs. A. J. (from 14 Feb 1930) [SEE GUNZBERGER, Johanna Rosalie]

Gilbert, Nathalie (from 27 July 1992) [SEE HOUSSET, Nathalie]

Gilbert, Mrs. J. B. (from 27 Nov 1937) [SEE MONTGOMERY, Vera Hermione]

Gilchrist, Mrs. W. J. (from 1942) [SEE KELSO, Beryll Esme "Beris"]

GILCHRIST, Susan (United States) [12 April 1971- ] [Married to Theodore J. Lakoski] [Active 1989-1994]

GILCHRIST, Wendy (Australia) [17 May 1950- ] [Mrs. John Paish, from 16 Nov 1972] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Gildemeister, Laura (1984-???) [SEE ARRAYA, Laura]

GILDER, G. J. (Great Britain) [Active 1920s.]

GILLEAUDEAU, Grace (United States) [Active 1910s.]

GILLEAUDEAU, Helen C. (United States) [27 Dec 1896-before Jan 1968] [Mrs. Clifford "Cliff" J. Lockhorn, from c. July 1923] [Active 1910s-30s.]

GILLESPIE, Dorothy “Dot” (Canada) [Mrs. Patrick, by Aug 1933] [Active 1920s-30s.]

GILLETT, Phyllis [SEE JILLETT, Phyllis]

Gilliat, Mrs. C. (from 17 June 1917) [SEE BRETHERTON, Edith Grace]

Gilligan, Mrs. J. T. (from 1867) [SEE COOPER, Louise]

Gillis, Mrs. W. H. (c. Jan/March 1942- before c. Jan/March 1945) [SEE DORE, Daphne J. "Gem"]

GILLOU, Antoinette Marie Jeanne (France) [19 Jan 1883-16 Feb 1949] [Mme Paul Gentien, from 3 May 1904] [Active 1900s.]

GILLOU, Catherine Marie Blanche "Katie" (France) [19 Feb 1887-1 Jan 1964] [Mme René Francis Fenwick, from 19 March 1906] [Active c. 1900-1914]

Gilpin, Mrs. J. C. (from 25 May 1914) [SEE DISSTON, Lucy Fleming]

GILRUTH, Diane (United States) [23 Dec 1957- ] [Married to: Mark C. Hane, before 1982-????; John Barnwell Fishburne, before 1987-????; Jack Barker, from summer 2011] [Active ????]

Gilson, Mrs. W. R. (15 June 1968-April 1975) [SEE SHRADER, Sue Ellen]

GIMMIG, Christine (France) [23 May 1957- ] [Active 1970s.]

GIORGI, Camilla (Italy) [30 Dec 1991- ] [Active 2006- ]

GIORGI, Monica (Italy) [3 Jan 1946- ] [Married to Ticino Cerutti, after 1979] [Active c. 1967-1979]

Girod, Mme P. (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1890s-1900s.] [SEE ???]

GISBERT, Carmen (Spain) [Active 1960s-70s.]

GISBERT, Elisa (Spain) [Active 1960s-70s.]

Gisbert, Senora de [SEE SCHULTZE, Margit “Margot”]

GISCAFRE, Raquel (Argentina) [15 May 1949- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

GITTINGS, Gillian "Gill" M. (Great Britain) [1923-25 Jan 2008] [Mrs. Brian S. Worrall, from c. April/June 1948] [Active 1950s.]

Giugni, Mrs. (by 1976) [SEE CLETO, Vera Lucia]

GIUSSANI, Liliana (Argentina) [27 April 1959- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

GIUSTI, Leonilda (Argentina) [Active 1920s.]

GIUSTI, Nélida (Argentina) [Active 1920s.]

GIUSTO, Sabrina (Brazil) [31 Aug 1971- ] [Active 1990s.]

GLADMAN, Marjorie Kathleen "Midge" (United States) [23 June 1909(21 June 1908?)-9 Nov 1999] [Mrs. John William Van Ryn, 22 Oct 1930-????; Mrs. Richard Albin Buck, from 1 March 1947] [Active 1920s-50s.]

Gladstone, Mrs. R. (from c. Aug 1933) [SEE TRENTHAM, Naomi]

Glanvill, Mrs. C. R. [SEE PHILLIPS, Geraldine]

Glardon, Frau (from 14 Sept 1899) [SEE BEHRENS, Agnes Louise]

Glaser, Mrs. I. [SEE GREENSPAN, Clara]

GLASSPOOL, Vivien (Ireland) [Active 1920s.]

GLENNON, Lila F. (United States) [c. 1910/11- ] [Mrs. William F. Porter, by 1935] [Active c. 1934-40]

GLIETENBERG, Solveig (South Africa) [c. 1932- ] [Active 1950s.]

GLOVER, Jean (Australia) [Active ???]

Glover, (Hon) Mrs. P. F. (20 April 1938-before 20 Dec 1969] [SEE LYLE, Nancy Margaret]

GLYNN, Eleanor Serita (South Africa/Malaya?) [1897-????] [Mrs. Archibald Charles Bucknell, from 27 Nov 1922] [Active c. 1930-40]

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Discussion Starter #18 (Edited)
GOBBO', Alessandra "Sandra" (Italy) [7 March 1939- ] [Married to Carlo Pennisi, by 1970] [Active 1960s.-70s.]

Goddard, Mrs. F. E. (from 15 July 1910) [SEE CHILDS, Dorothea Maude]

Godefroy, Mrs. L. M. (Netherlands) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

Godefroy, Mme [SEE BUREL, Maylis]

Godfree, Mrs. L. A. (from 18 Jan 1926) [SEE MCKANE, Kathleen "Kitty"]

Godfrey, Mrs. F. H. (from 16 Oct 1913) [SEE TOWNSEND, Anna Jerome]

GODFREY, Jane (Great Britain) [7 July 1932-21 April 1981] [Mrs. Peter Rushton, from 1 June 1957] [Active c. 1956-1965]

GODWIN, (L.) Maryna (South Africa) [9 Sept 1944- ] [Mrs. Michael "Mike" J. Procter, from c. April/June 1969] [Active 1960s-70s.]

GODWIN, Noelle (or Noell) (Australia) [1901-????] [Mrs. Malcolm Keith Macdonald, from 13 Oct 1937] [Active c. 1925-35]

GOELTZ, Cynthia "Cindy" (United States) [23 March 1944- ] [Mrs. Dieter Willkomm] [Active 1960s.]

GOERGES (GÖRGES), Julia (Germany) [2 Nov 1988- ] [Active 2005- ]

GOHL, Judith (Australia) [Active 1960s-70s.]

Gohn, Judith [SEE DIBAR, Judith]

GOLARSA, Laura (Italy) [27 Nov 1967- ] [Active 1985-1999, 2001]

GOLBERT, Cindy (Puerto Rico) [1942- ] [Mrs. Villanueva; Mrs. Brown] [Active ???]

GOLDBERG, Adrienne (United States) [5 Feb 1930- ] [Mrs. Harold Ayares, before 16 Jan 1948-????; Mrs. Edward J. Hoffman, from c. 1968] [Active c. 1946-1961]

GOLDER, Jamie (United States) [21 Feb 1962- ] [Married to: Richard Albert Runco, 20 July 1995-????; Art Metrano, by Jan 2013] [Active 1983-1989]

Goldie, Mrs. G. N. (from 1900) [SEE RYDER, Mabel Agnes]

Golding, Mme (by 1914) [SEE RÉGNIER, (A.) Germaine]

GOLDSACK, Elsie Alice (Great Britain) [21 Jan 1904-28 March 1975] [Mrs. John Bernard Pittman, 4 Jan 1930-1939; Mrs. Gordon Fordell Rowbottom, 5 Feb 1942-????; Mrs. Geoffrey Warren Furlonge, from 21 June 1952] [Active 1920s-30s.]

GOLDSCHMIDT, Agnete (Denmark) [4 Aug 1899-1965] [Mrs. Carl Johan Rasch, from 1932] [Active 1920s.]

GOLDSCHMIDT, Anna (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

GOLDSCHMIDT, Jacqueline (France) [16 Feb 1912-12 March 2000] [Mrs. Milton H. Wallach, by 1949] [Active c. 1931-1941]

Goldsmith, Mrs. F. (from c. 1891) [SEE EDMUNDS, Edith]

GOLDSWORTH, Evelyn Annie (Great Britain) [11 Sept 1902-31 July 1977] [Mrs. George Gordon Honeyman, from 28 Dec 1933] [Active 1920s-30s.]

GOLDSWORTHY, Anne J. (Australia) [c. 1933- ] [Mrs. Philip Wooldridge, from 10 Dec 1955] [Active c. 1952-1954]

Goldthorp, Mrs. A. (from 1925) [SEE DIVE, Gladys E.]

Goldtwhaite, Mrs. B. W. (from between 1938 and 1940) [SEE SUHR, Winifred Anne]

GOLES (Goleš), Sabrina (Yugoslavia) [3 June 1965- ] [Active 1981-1990]

GOLESCU, Nini (Romania) [Active 1920s.]

GOLUBIC, Viktorija (Switzerland) [16 Oct 1992- ] [Active 2008- ]

GOMER, Sara (Great Britain) [13 May 1964- ] [Married to John Palombo, from July 1994] [Active 1982-1992]

GOMPERT, Katherine "Kate" Annette (United States) [11 Jan 1963- ] [Active 1980-1987, 1989-1990]

Göncz, Ica [SEE BAITTROCK, Ica]

Gönczne, Lajosne (Mrs.) [SEE BAITTROCK, Ica]

GONGORA, "Lulu" / "Lourdes" / "Lucia" (María de Lourdes Góngora Barba) (Mexico) [23 Oct 1946- ] [Active c. 1963-1972]

GONNERMAN, Louise (United States) [21 March 1947- ] [Mrs. Paul Cash] [Active 1960s.]

GONZALES, Fernanda (Argentina / France) [30 Oct 1963- ] [Married to Franck Rosseeuw] [Active ???]

GONZALEZ, Viviana (Argentina) [22 April 1958- ] [Married to Fernando Segal, from 9 Feb 1980] [Active c. 1976-1980, 1983-1984]


Gooch, Mrs. S. A. (from 27 April 1909) [SEE COKE, Frances Margaret "Fanny"]

GOOD, Barbara (Ireland) [c. 1922- ] [Active c. 1940-45]

Good, Mrs. F. (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1910s.] [SEE ???]

Goode, Mrs. G. B. (Australia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Goodhart, Mrs. G. (from c. 1926) [SEE HONE, Alice May]

Goodlake, Mrs. H. S. (from 1887) [SEE MORRIS, Lucy Emily]

GOODLING, Jennifer (United States) [26 April 1962- ] [Active 1980-1991]

GOODMAN, B. M. "Betty" (Great Britain) [Active 1950s.]

Goodman, Mrs. R. J. (from 15 March 1905) [SEE ATKINS, Minnie Eileen]

Goodwyn, Mrs. [SEE READE, Pamela]

GOOLAGONG, Evonne Fay (Australia) [31 July 1951- ] [Mrs. Roger Anson Cawley, from 19 June 1975] [1966-1983, 1985]

GOOLASS, Elsie Mary (Great Britian) [1890-1965] [Mrs. William Percival Holtby, from 26 April 1911] [Active c. 1919-26]

GOOLDEN, Dorothy Augusta (Ceylon) [1885-????] [Mrs. Robert Gorton Coombe, by 1921] [Active c. 1905-25]

GORDIGIANI, Francesca "Cecca" (Italy) [20 Dec 1940- ] [Active c. 1961-1968]

Gordon, Mrs. G. B. (1 Feb 1958-July 1970) [SEE BREIT, Barbara N.]

GORDON, Davina (Great Britain) [Mrs. Townsend, from c. 1930/31] [Active 1930s.]

GORDON, Elizabeth "Liz" (South Africa) [16 May 1957- ] [Married to Graham Xavier Ford, from 19 Dec 1989] [Active 1980s.]

GORDON, Elizabeth Philippa Patricia (Great Britain/Denmark) [17 March 1915-15 April 1991] [Mrs. Finn Bekkevold] [Active c. 1935-40]

Gordon, Mrs. E. H. (from 20 Dec 1890/91?) [SEE CHENERY, Ellen "Nellie"]

GORDON, Emma (New Zealand) [c. 1870-after 1934] [Active c. 1888-95]

GORDON, Flora Hamilton (Australia) [1882-1954] [Mrs. Edwin George Paget Sayers, from 1911] [Active ???]

Gordon, Mrs. W. H. L. (from 27 Nov 1944) [SEE LUMB, Margarita Evelyn "Margot"]

GORDON, Shannon (United States) [27 May 1967- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

GORDON, Sybil (Great Britain) [1918- ] [Mrs. Camille "Cam" Enright Malfroy, 17 Nov 1939-????; Mrs. Ernest J. Hunterford, from 1949] [Active ???]

GORE, May Constance (New Zealand) [1873-12 March 1937] [Mrs. James Marchbanks, from 18 Aug 1897] [Active 1900s.]

GORE, Olive Cholmeley (New Zealand) [24 Nov 1880-13 July 1957] [Mrs. (Dr) Douglas Home Bett, from 9 Nov 1916] [Active 1900s.]

Gorina, (Mrs.) Antonina Ferdinandovna (Soviet Union) [11 June 1905-22 Nov 1982] [maiden name unknown] [Active ???] [SEE ???]

GORINA, Elena (Soviet Union) [9 Oct 1953- ] [Mrs. Granaturova] [Active 1970s.]

GORINA (GORINOVA), Larisa(Larissa) Dmitrievna (Soviet Union) [3 Oct 1929/30(?)- ] [Married to Preobrazhensky] [Active 1950s.]

GÖRING, Lisbeth (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

GORODETSKI, Mualla (Turkey) [Active 1950s.]

Gorodnitchenko, Mme (from c. 1931] [SEE AMAURY, Simone]

GORRIE, Gwen Buckland (New Zealand) [1884-1969] [Mrs. George Raymond Buttle, from 17 Nov 1920] [Active c. 1905-14]

GORRIE, P. (New Zealand) [Active ???]

GORRINGE, Edna Alma Clara (Australia) [1909-26 May 2000] [Mrs. Arthur Owen Burrows, from 8 Nov 1933] [Active c. 1930-40]

GORROCHATEGUI, Inés (Argentina) [13 June 1973- ] [Active 1989-1999]

Gosbell, Mrs. A.(K?) (Australia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

Gosling, Mrs. F. G. (from 3 Nov 1896) [SEE TRIMINGHAM, Alice Emily]

GOSLING, Bessie (Bermuda) [1876-????] [Mrs. Eugenius "Eugene" Harvey, from 29 April 1903] [Active ???]

GOSS, Eleanor A. (United States) [18 Nov 1895-6 Nov 1982] [Mrs. Charles Edward Lanning, from 11 Jan 1934] [Active c. 1917-1939]

GOSS, Joan (Great Britain) [Active 1930s.]

Gostisa, (Mrs.) Vlasta (Yugoslavia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Gotla, Mrs. D. W. F. (from 6 Sept 1950) [SEE COWNEY, Patricia "Pat" Laura]

GOTO, Hideko (Japan) [30 March 1949- ] [Active 1970s.]

Gottesman, (Mrs.) Minna (Uruguay) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

GÖTTSCH, Anni (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Gough, Mrs. W. G. H. (by 1924) [SEE MACKINNON, Yolande Jeanie]

GOULD, Corinne Osgood (United States) [20 Feb 1900-15 July 1994] [Mrs. Edward Leroy Chamberlain, from 3 May 1924] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Gould, Mrs. J. F. (from 10 Feb 1923) [SEE LACAZE, Florence]

GOULD, Florence Evelyn (Great Britain) [5 Nov 1871-????] [Active c. 1892-1900]

GOULD, Lisa (Great Britain) [27 May 1967- ] [Married to Warren Bradley Green, from 11 Jan 1992] [Active 1980s.]

Gould, Mrs. H. R. [SEE BRADLEY, Marilyn]

Gould, Mrs. S. G. (Australia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Gounouilhou, Mme G. (from 20 Dec 1926 [SEE BOURGEOIS, Germaine]

GOURLAY, Helen Florence (Australia) [23 Dec 1946- ] [Mrs. Richard Leon Cawley, 22 Jan 1977-????; Mrs. William Timothy Cape, from 26 Oct 1986] [Active c. 1964-1980]

Gourlay, Mrs. B. I. S. (from Dec 1948) [SEE ZINOVIEFF, Natalia(Natalie?)]

GOURLEY, Hortense (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Gouverneur Morris, Mrs. L. (from 20 April 1908) [SEE BAILEY, Alletta Nathalie Lorillard]

Gove, Mrs. H. W. (from 8 Nov 1906) [SEE AGG, Mary Elizabeth Goodrich]

GOVETT, Mollie E. (Great Britain) [1932- ] [Mrs. Ryan G. Gill, from 1976] [Active 1950s.]

GOVEY, Henrietta (Great Britain) [1859-1940] [Mrs. Walter Radcliffe Horncastle, from 19 March 1878] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

Gow, Mrs. V. (New Zealand) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s.] [SEE ???]

Gowans, Mrs. A. (25 July 1959-Aug 1971) [SEE OMERLY, Martha]

GOWARD, Lucy Muriel [Muriel] (Canada) [9 June 1876-????] [Mrs. Edwin Cole, from 7 Feb 1905] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

GOY, Marie-Christine (Luxembourg) [26 March 1973- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

GRAAS, Josiane (Luxembourg) [26 April 1948- ] [Active 1970s.]

GRACE, Margaret (Great Britian) [c. 1915/16- ] [Active c. 1951-1965]

GRACE, Margaret Joan "Margot" (Australia) [c. 1926- ] [Mrs. Raymond Walter Arcus, from 1950] [Active c. 1940-50]

Gracey, Mrs. S. W. (from 18 Feb 1909) [SEE DEANE, Una]

GRACZOL, Agnes (Hungary) [21 April 1950- ] [Active ???]

GRACZOL, Erzsebet (Hungary) [13 April 1948- ] [Active ???]

Gradon, Mrs. O. (from c. Jan/March 1955) [SEE FOSTER, Judith "Judy" M. E.]

Graebke, (Frau) Elsbeth (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Graebner, Mrs. C. (11 July 1964-c. 1974) [SEE CALDWELL, Carole Ann]

Graf, (Frau) Else (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

GRAF, Stefanie "Steffi" Maria (Germany) [14 June 1969- ] [Married to Andre Kirk Agassi, from 22 Oct 2001] [Active 1980s-90s.]

GRAGE, Birgit "Gitte" (Denmark) [12 Jan 1944- ] [Mrs. Ejlerskov, by 1967] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Graham, Mrs. H. (from 23 June 1906) [SEE RIMINGTON, Alice Margaret Emma]

Graham, Mrs. L. H. (from 1940) [SEE WEBB, Ida]

GRAHAM, M. (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

GRAHAM, Margaret (United States) [Active 1940s.]

GRAHAM, N. (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

GRAHAM, Sara Mae (United States) [24 Feb 1919-28 April 2005] [Mrs. Charles Franklin Turber] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Graham, Mrs. W. P. (from c. July/Sept 1968) [SEE HANNAH, Shirley]

Graham-Murray, Mrs K. E. (South Africa) [c. 1921- ] [maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s.] [SEE ???]

GRALKA, Daryl (United States) [4 May 1954- ] [Married to: Gregory S. Dounis, 1 Feb 1984-????; Bernard H. Lerner, from 19 Aug 1990] [Active 1970s.]

Gram, (Mrs.) Ann (United States) [maiden name unknown; Married to Gram, by May 1947] [Active 1940s-50s.] [SEE ???]

Gram-Andersen, Lisa (from c. 1945) [SEE GRANHOLM, Lisa]

Granaturova, Elena [SEE GORINA, Elena]

GRANDE, Rita (Italy) [23 March 1975- ] [Married to Silvio Moine, from 23 April 2005; didn’t play under married name?] [Active 1990-2005]

Grandguillot, Mme P. A. T. (from c. 1958/59) [SEE JUCKER, Marie-Ginette "Ginette"]

GRANGEL, Judy (Australia) [Mrs. Purdy] [Active ???]

GRANHOLM, Lisa (Denmark) [22 Oct 1919-5 Jan 2014] [Married to Gram-Andersen, from c. 1945] [Active c. 1936-1962]

Granich, Mrs. M. [SEE BOUSSUS, Marie Elisabeth "Liz"]

GRANT, Beatrice (South Africa) [18 March 18??-????] [Active ???]

GRANT, Fay (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

GRANT, H. “Mabel” (South Africa) [1865-1958] [Mrs. Edmund Neville(Nevill?) Nevill (Neison), from 4 June 1894] [Active 1880s-1900s.]

Grant, Mrs. M. (Australia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Grant, Mrs. P. (17 Sept 1912-????) [SEE DISSTON, Marie Steelman]

GRANT, Marion Edith (India/Great Britain) [29 July 1867-13 Oct 1936] [Mrs. Eustace Corrie Frere, from 25 April 1895] [Active ???]

GRANT, Shirley (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

GRANT, Stephanie (United States) [3 July 1950- ] [Married to Miles G. Phillips, from 2 April 1977] [Active 1960s.]

GRASSET, G. (France) [Active 1920s.]

GRASSICK, Hazel Joan (Australia) [1907-1976] [Mrs. Duncan Hector, from 1945] [Active 1920s.]

Gratiaen, Mrs. E. F. N. (from 1940) [SEE WEINMANN, Zillah]

Grau, (Frau) Gertrude (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Gray, Mrs. D. W. (from 3 Sept 1933) [SEE CAMPBELL, Ann]

GRAY, Annie Maud Matilda (Australia) [29 April 1898-7 Nov 1972] [Mrs. Leonard Percy Martin, from 28 Feb 1923] [Active c. 1914-28]

GRAY, Elizabeth Brownlow "Bessie" (Bermuda) [1854-????] [Active 1870s.]

Gray, Mrs. O. E. (from 25 Oct 1920) [SEE WADE, Elsie May]

GRAY, Grace Louisa (Australia) [10 July 1896-15 April 1984] [Mrs. Arthur Robert William Littlewood Jones, from 28 Feb 1923] [Active c. 1918-22]

Gray, Mrs. A. C. (18 May 1925-before 12 Jan 1935) [SEE OUTHWAITE, Helen Margaret]

GRAY, Joan (Australia) [c. 1941- ] [Active c. 1954-1960]

GRAY, Josephine (United States) [Mrs. Beach, from c. 1935/36] [Active 1930s-40s.]

GRAY, Mary "Molly" (Great Britain) [4 June 1878-????] [Mrs. James Curtis-Whyte, 1899-1909; Mrs. Robin Welsh, from 1909] [Active 1900s-20s.]

GRAY, Mary Gray (Bermuda) [c. 1860/61-14 June 1947] [Active 1870s.-????]

Gray, Mrs. A. (24 April 1931-before 1932) [SEE SCHWAB, Teresa Gunn]

Gray, Mrs Carl A. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Greader, Mrs P. H. (from c. Nov 1939) [SEE KNAPP, Dorothea Frances]

Greatrex, Mrs. A. R. (from c. July/Aug 1949) [SEE FOLLOWS, Isabel]

Greatwood, (Mrs.) Ethel Mary (Great Britain/South Africa) [1877-30 June 1942] [Married to Arthur Ernest Greatwood; maiden name unknown] [Active c. 1900-14] [SEE ???]

GREEF, Mary (United States) [1910-19 April 2002] [Mrs. John W. Harris, by Aug 1934] [Active c. 1928-1936]

Green, Mrs. H. S. (from 13 Nov 1913) [SEE BROWNING, Adelaide Scott]

GREEN, Barbara (United States) [28 Aug 1926-12 Aug 2007] [Mrs. Weigandt, by 1959] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Green, Mrs. N. N. P. (from 2 Oct 1915) [SEE HARTGILL, (Constance) Nancy]

GREEN, Dorothy Scott (United States) [31 March 1887-Dec 1964] [Mrs. Benjamin Franklin Briggs, from 6 Sept 1913] [Active 1907-1927]

GREEN, Ethne Anne (New Zealand) [2 Jan ????- ] [Mrs. John Robert Mitchell, from late 1966 or early 1967] [Active 1960s.]

Green, Mrs. R. T. (from c. May 1898) [SEE CRESSY, Helen Wilkinson "Ellen" / "Ella"

Green, Mrs. M. (by 1965) [SEE TEGLAND, Jacque]

GREEN, Jessie (Great Britain) [c. 1881-????] [Mrs. Frederick Turner Walker, from 18 Oct 1916] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Green, Mrs. K. S. (from June 1898) [SEE WARREN, Katherine "Kate" H.]

GREEN, Marjorie Crissie (United States) [29 Sept 1881-15 Aug 1966] [Mrs. Edwin McCord Mulock, from 1907] [Active 1900s.]

GREEN, Phyllis C. (United States) [18 Jan 1883-17 Dec 1976] [Mrs. Clifford Spence Anderson, from 15 Oct 1908] [Active 1900s.]

GREENE, Helen Peterson (United States) [14 May 1881-12 July 1943] [Mrs. Kern Dodge, from 16 Nov 1904] [Active 1900s.]

GREENBERG, Tobia "Toby" (United States) [7 Jan 1933- ] [Active c. 1945-1952]

GREENE, Alice Norah Gertrude “Angela” (Great Britain) [15 Oct 1879-26 Oct 1956] [Active 1900s.]

Greenhalgh, Mrs. B. R. (from c. early 1914) [SEE DREYER, Gladys Irene]

Greenhill, Mrs. A. (by 1948) [SEE STOKES, Margaret Irene]

GREENSLADE, Paquita (Australia) [1936-24 Feb 2006] [Active 1950s.]

GREENSPAN, Clara (United States) [19 Sept 1908-9 Oct 1992] [Mrs. Irving Glaser] [Active c. 1926-1937]

Greenwall, Mrs. E. (from 1933) [SEE SANDGROUND, Ruby(Ruth?) Estelle]

GREENWOOD, Dorothy Winifred "Dot" (Australia) [21 March 1916- ] [Mrs. James Hector Melville, from 24 March 1939] [Active 1930s.]

GREENWOOD, Marilyn E. (Great Britain) [4 Feb 1946- ] [Married to Alan Oppenheimer, 22 March 1984-1990] [Active c. 1963-1972]

GREENWOOD, Olga Mary (Great Britain) [11 April 1904-c. Oct 1984] [Mrs. Charles Frederick Day, from 15 Sept 1933] [Active ???]

GREER, Sally (United States) [25 March 1955- ] [Married to ???, 1981-c. 2005] [Active c. 1972-1978]

GREGERTSEN (or GREGGERSON?), Ruth (Norway) [14 Nov 1926- ] [Mrs. Haukenes, by 1950] [Active late 1940s-1963]

Gregg, Mrs. (before 1974) [SEE COLEMAN, Patricia "Patti"]

Gregory, Mrs. W. H. (from 1898) [SEE HODGSON, Constance]

GREGORY, Fannie K. (United States) [Oct 1869-????] [Active 1887-1892]

Greig, Mrs. H. M. (from 21 June 1938(39?)) [SEE VARLEY, Gwendoline "Gwen"]

GREISS, Georgina (Egypt?) [Active 1950s.]

Grelle, Mrs. E. C. [SEE HESS, Virginia L.]

GRENGEL, Judy (Australia) [Mrs. Purdy] [Active 1950s.]

GRENIER, Joyce (Great Britain) [Mrs. Reginald Rudolph Childers Carter, before Sept 1939-????; Mrs. Douglas Cecil Andrew Fraser, from 1946] [Active 1930s-50s.]

GRENIER, Marcelle (France) [Active 1930s.]

GRENIER, Phyllis (Great Britain) [Mrs. C.A. Whitchurch, after July 1933] [Active ???]

GRENZ, Margarete (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

Greville, Mrs. T. G. P. (from 18 September 1899) [SEE AUSTIN, Edith Lucy]

Greville-Collins, Mrs. W. D. (before July 1966- before c. 1971) [SEE CORNELL, Lorna M.]

GREY, Katherine Mary (Great Britain) [c. 1875-27 March 1950] [Active 1890s.]

Grey-Smith, Mrs. R. (from 14 Jan 1932) [SEE FAIRBURN, Bettina "Betty" Alberta]

GRIEVE, Jessie Marie (United States) [11 April 1895-15 Sept 1967] [Mrs. George D. Horton] [Active c. 1913-30]

Grieveson, Mrs. R. E. (by 1949) [SEE PATON, (Helen) Elizabeth]

GRIFFIN, Joan (United States) [c. 1941- ] [Active 1950s-60s.]

GRIFFIN, Sheila (Great Britain) [Mrs. Peter Bramley, from May 1956] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Griffith, Mrs. R. H. [SEE MEARNS, Ida]

Griffith, Janet (from c. 1974) [SEE THOMAS, Janet]

GRIFFITHS, B. (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

GRIFFITHS, Barbara (Great Britain) [20 May 1972- ] [Active 1990s.]

GRIFFITHS, Gwenyth Bernice "Gwen" (Australia) [21 March 1916- ] [Mrs. Max Stewart Field, from 4 Feb 1937] [Active 1930s.]

GRIFFITHS, I. (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

GRIFFITHS, Jo (Ireland) [3 Nov 1962- ] [Active 1980s.]

GRIFFITHS, L. (Australia) [Active 1960s-70s.]

Grigg, Mrs. (from c. 1956) [SEE BRADFIELD, Betty]

GRILLE, Helga (Uruguay) [13 Jan 1973- ] [Active 1990s.]

GRIMES, Elizabeth "Betty" (United States) [c. 1923- ] [Mrs. Stokum; Mrs. Tesman] [Active 1940s.]

GRIMES, Frances Fortune (United States) [7 Oct 1914-27 March 1944] [Active 1930s.]

GRIMOND, Gwyn Mervyn (Great Britain) [1899-14 Sept 1971] [Married to Thomas Godfrey Polson Corbett, (2nd Baron Rowallan, from 19 March 1933), from 14 August 1918] [Active 1920s-1939]

GRIMOND, Monica Bowman "Nancie" (Great Britain) [1902-????] [Mrs. William C. Gordon Black, from 9 Aug 1933] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Grinda, Mme L. (from 1932) [SEE FRANKE, Jeanne]

GRINDVOLD, Ellen Louise (Norway) [30 July 1946- ] [Active 1964-1986]

GRIONI, Giuliana (Italy) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Grisar, Mme Robert (Belgium) [maiden name unknown] [Active c. 1919-1923] [SEE ???]

Griswold, Mrs. R. W. (from 12 Sept 1914) [SEE TURNURE, Mary Mildred]

GROAT, Marianne (Canada) [5 June 1965- ] [Active 1980s.]

GROENMAN, Gertruida Johanna "Trudy" (Netherlands) [14(15?) Jan 1944- ] [Married to: Christiaan Gerrit Walhof, 12 Dec 1969-????; Marinus Anton Hoolboom, from 7 Sept 1987] [Active c. 1960-75]

Grogan, (Mrs.) Pat (Great Britain) [Married to C. W. Grogan; maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.]

GROGAN, Pearl Josephine (Australia) [Mrs. Albert John "Bert" Felan, from 1944] [Active ???]

GRONEFELD (Grönefeld), Anna-Lena (Germany) [4 June 1985- ][Active 2001- ]

GROOME, Agnes Roberts (United States) [9 February 1885-after 1943] [Mrs. George Dallas Dixon, Jr., from 1 Oct 1908] [Active 1900s.]

GROOME, Martha (United States) [10 March 1886-Sept 1974] [Mrs. William Leland Thompson, from 6 Jan 1909] [Active 1900s.]

Grosbois, (Mme) Geneviève (France) [maiden name unknown; married by 1938] [Active 1930s-40s.] [SEE ???]

Gross, Mrs. L. W. (from 1911/12) [SEE MYER(MEYER?), Golda]

GROSSI, Marzia (Italy) [2 Sept 1970- ] [Active 1987-99]

Großschupf, (Frau) Lilly (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

GROSSMAN, Ann (United States) [13 Oct 1970- ] [Married to Eric Wunderlich] [Active 1980s-90s.]

GROSSNICKLE, Frances (United States) [Active 1930s.]

GROSSNICKLE, Jessie (United States) [Active 1930s.]

GROSVENOR, Rose Phinney (United States) [13 Oct 1888-2 July 1986] [Mrs. George "Peabo" Peabody Gardner, from Jan 1913] [Active 1920s.]

GROSZ, Medy (Hungary) [Married to Tihanyi] [Active ???]

Grote, Mrs. G. C. [SEE DEAN, Eunice]

GROVER, Phyllis Clara (Great Britain) [1 Nov 1907-1974] [Mrs. George Lowe, from 1948] [Active 1929-1948]

GRUBB, Barbara (United States) [????-2002] [Married to Robert "Butch" May, Jr.] [Active 1960s.]

GRUBB, Elizabeth "Betty" Ann (United States) [26 Feb 1950- ] [Mrs. Guy Hansen, 17 July 1970-????; Mrs. Kenneth "Ken" Stuart, by 1973-????; Mrs. Philip "Phil" C. Dent, by June 1980-????; Mrs. Grout, from ????] [Active c. 1967-1981]

GRUCHALLA, Helen Margaret (United States) [26 Aug 1911-20 June 2009] [Active c. 1930-41]

GRUNFELD, Amanda "Mandy" (Great Britain) [3 March 1967- ] [Married to Peter Rosenfield, from July 1996] [Active 1985-1993]

GRZYBOWSKA, Magdalena (Poland) [22 Nov 1978- ] [Active 1994-2002]

Guays, Mrs. F. L. (from 1920) [SEE FISON, Madeleine Lucy]

GUEDY (Guédy), Florence (France) [7 Dec 1954- ] [Active c. 1971-1980]

Guerrant, Mona (from 25 Oct 1975) [SEE SCHALLAU, Ramona Anne "Mona"]

Guild, Mrs. H. R. (from 1927) [SEE BAYARD, Martha Pintard]

GUILLIER, Paulette (France) [c. 1908- ] [Mme Viel, by 1953] [Active 1920s-50s.]

Guiney, Mrs. L. (from 1962) [SEE NETTLETON, Patricia "Pat" Margaret]

GULLBRANDSSON, Birgit "Bibbi" (Sweden) [22 Aug 1916-6 Jan 2006] [Mrs. Sandén, from c. 1949/50] [Active c. 1938-1958]

Gumpertz, Mrs. D. P. C. (from 1929) [SEE PURDON, Daphne Doris]

Gundelfingen, Mrs. (from 28 Feb 1911) [SEE SZERVITZKY (SZERVITZKY / SZERVICZKY), Gabriella Erzsébet]

GUNDERSON, Belmar (United States) [7 Sept 1934- ] [Active c. 1953-65]

Gunn, Mrs. B. C. E. F. (from 1888) [SEE WINCKWORTH, Florence Mary]

Gunter, Mrs. K. S. (15 Dec 1970- 28 Dec 1976) [SEE RICHEY, Nancy Ann]

GUNZBERGER, Johanna Rosalie (United States) [18 Feb 1901- 15 June 1985] [Mrs. Albert Julius Gilbert, from 14 Feb 1930] [Active c. 1918-28]

GURDAL, Michèle (Belgium) [30 Nov 1952- ] [Active c. 1970-1981]

GURI, Alicia (Spain) [28 July 1932- ] [Married to Flo Salomo, from 1960] [Active c. 1949-1960]

GURLEY, Helen (United States) [18 Aug 1922- ] [Mrs. John MacDonald Wynne, from 1942] [Active 1930s-60s.]

GURNEY, Edith (Great Britain) [Active 1884-1889]

GURNEY, Melissa (United States) [24 June 1969- ] [Married to Van Ness, by March 2012] [Active 1984-1989, 1994-1995]

GUSHEVA, Maria (Bulgaria / Germany) [13 March 1977- ] [Married to Guestan Geznenge] [Active 1993-2006]

GUSSEROW, Paula Clara Margarete (Germany) [14 Oct 1881-28 May 1967] [Active c. 1900-14]

GUTHRIE, Agnes Ethel (Australia) [2 Feb 1875-????] [Mrs. Norman Holme Johnson, from 14 March 1910] [Active c. 1890-95]

GUTHRIE, Martha Louise (United States) [Jan 1895-17 Aug 1941] [Mrs. Felix Brunot Snowden, 1917-1937; Mrs. Edwin S. Hingst, from 1937] [Active 1910s.-1936]

Guy, Hana (from 19 Dec 1991) [SEE ADAMKOVA, Hana]

Guyer, Mrs. A. K. (from 22 Jan 1921) [SEE RHODES, Mildred]

Guyot, Mme E. (from 2 May 1922) [SEE COGELS, Anne-Antoinette "Anne" / "Annette"]

GUZMAN, Maria (Ecuador) [Active 1960s.]

Gwatkin, Denise [SEE STANISZEWSKI, Denise]

GYTON, Lorna Gray (Australia) [1884-10 Nov 1953] [Mrs. Gladstone Askew, from 10 Nov 1917] [Active 1900s.]

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Haake, Veronika [SEE KOCH, Veronika]

HAARMANN, Annemarie (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HAAS, Janet (United States) [28 June 1953- ] [Married to Steven Harris Fermaglich, from 9 May 1987] [Active 1970s.]

Haberland, (Frau) Margarete (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

HABICHT, Mary (Brazil/United States) [10 Dec 1943- ] [Active c. 1959-1966]

HABSUDOVA, Karina (Czechoslovakia/Slovakia) [2 Aug 1973- ] [Married to Milan Cilek, from 24 Oct 2003] [Active 1989-2003]

Hack, Mrs. L. W. (from 16 March 1916) [SEE HILL, Adela Gwendoline ”Gwen”]

Hack, Mrs. S. C. [SEE WEISEL, Dorothy Alice]

HACK, Sabine (Germany) [12 July 1969- ] [1983-1997]

Hackett, Mrs. T. N. (from 28 June 1941) [SEE WELCH, Kathryn "Kay" Kuester]

Hackett, Mrs. H. H. (from 26 April 1916) [SEE DEMAREST, Maude Adams]

HACKMAN, Marianne (Finland) [Active 1910s.]

HACKS, Ameli (Germany) [Frau Ring, from c. 1969/70] [Active 1960s.]

HADDAD MAIA, Beatriz (Brazil) [30 May 1996- ] [Active 2010- ]

Haepp, (Frau) Margot (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Hagan, Mrs. J. [SEE DEFINA, Stephanie]

Hagedorn, (Frau) Rheda (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Hagelin, (Frau) Gertrud (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

HAGEMEYER, Lottie (United States) [Active 1920s.]

HAGENAUER, Emmy (Austria/Czechoslovakia) [Frau Weidenhoffer] [Active 1920s-40s.]

HAGER, Edith (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Hager, (Frau) Lilo (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

HAGER, Ruth (United States) [Active 1920s.]

HAGERMAN, Betty Sue (United States) [5 Jan 1948- ] [Married to David A. Welch, from 3 April 1993] [Active in the late 1960s.]

HAGEY, Susan Hoyt (United States) [3 Feb 1958- ] [Married to John J. Wall, from 2 Oct 1985] [Active 1970s.]

Hague, Mrs. A. (from 1930) [SEE FREUDENSTEIN, Edith Mary]

HAGUE, Minnie Hemans (Canada) [c. Oct/Dec 1868-10 Nov 1938] [Active c. 1899-1914]

HAHS, Edith Bushong (United States) [28 Jan 1909-12 March 1992] [Mrs. Ellwood Irwin Beatty Jr., from 25 April 1936] [Active 1930s.]

Haillet, Mme R. (c. 1952/53-by 2009) [SEE PASSET, Annie]

HAINES, Lynn (United States) [17 March 1944- ] [Active 1960s.]

Haitsma Mulier, Mrs. J. E. (by 1905) [SEE VAN LENNEP, Madzy]

HAJI, Khanum (India) [Mrs. Singh] [Active 1940s-50s.]

HAKAMI, Elly (United States) [25 Aug 1969- ] [Married to Polo Cowan] [Active 1986-1997]

HALARD, Julie (France) [10 Sept 1970- ] [Married to Arnaud Decugis, from 22 Sept 1995] [Active 1980s-2000s.]

Halard-Decugis, Julie (from 22 Sept 1995) [SEE HALARD, Julie]

HALDEMAN, Maud (United States) [22 June 1874-21 Nov 1931] [Active 1900s.]

Hale, Mrs. J. F. (from 1 Nov 1944) [SEE STEWARD, Dorothea Mary "Thea"]

HALEP, Simona (Romania) [27 Sept 1991- ] [Active 2006- ]

Hales, Mrs. R. (from 28 Nov 1959) [SEE WARD, Patricia “Pat”]

Halff, Mme [SEE NEUFELD, Arlette]

Halford, Mrs. W. C. J. (from 26 July 1940) [SEE WHITMARSH, Mary Eileen]

HÄLING, Inna (Soviet Union) [31 Jan 1941- ] [Married to Loit, from 1968] [Active ???]

Hall, Mrs. A. A. (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1910s-20s.] [SEE ???]

HALL, Barbara (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

HALL, Colette (Great Britain) [3 July 1973- ] [Married to Stephen C. Caple, from April 1998] [Active 1990s.]

HALL, Eleanor Mary "Nell" (Australia) [19 March 1909-10 Jan 1968] [Mrs. Henry Christian "Harry" Hopman, from 19 March 1934] [1920s-60s.]

HALL, Jessie (Australia) [Mrs. Rupert Pelly] [Active ???]

Hall, Mrs. W. M. (11 April 1925-12 Aug 1940) [SEE CAPE, Mary Story "Vandy"]

HALL, Miriam (United States) [17 Nov 1877-18 June 1954] [Active c. 1896-1910]

Hall, (Mrs) Susie (South Africa) [Married to E. C. Hall, by 1926; maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

Hall, (Mrs.) Tessa (Great Britain) [Mrs. ES Hall; maiden name unknown] [Active 1910s.] [SEE ???]

Hall, Mrs. C. W., Jr. (28 Aug 1964-April 1971) [SEE STONE, Wendy M.]

HALL, Wendy V. (Great Britain) [11 Nov 1944- ] [Active 1960s.]

Hallam, Mrs. A. (by 1941) [SEE SYKES, Gwen]

HALLAM, Kaye (Australia) [24 March 1957- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

HALLARD, Micheline (France) [Active 1930s.]

HALLBAUER, Irmgard (East Germany) [26 July 1923-24 Sept 2016] [Married to Wolfgang Jacke, from 16 June 1951] [Active c. 1949-1955]

HALLEY, Ellen Annie "Nellie" (Australia) [1897-1958] [Mrs. Frank Lascelles, from 1922] [Active 1920s.]

HALLIDAY, Marjorie Jean (Australia) [9 Sept 1897-29 Sept 1982] [Mrs. Alfred Harold Newton, from 2 Dec 1922] [Active c. 1920-30]

Halliday, Mrs. A. S. (from 2 March 1940) [SEE THIEMAYER(Thiemeyer?), Yutha Maud Mary]

HALLORAN, Norma (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

HALLQUIST, Barbara (United States) [1 May 1957- ] [Married to John DeGroot] [Active 1970s-1983]

Halphen, (Mme) Jacqueline (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

HALS, Anne Cathrine (Sweden) [21 Dec 1917-2 Nov 2001] [Mrs. J. Lindholm] [Active ???]

HALS, Benedicte "Lilleba" (Sweden) [26 March 1919-18 Oct 2004] [Mrs. A. Klofsten, after 1943] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Hals, Mrs. H. A. (from 1917) [SEE BJURSTEDT, Valborg]

Hamann, Frau (from c. 1940-41) [SEE ENGER, P. Gisela]

Hamann-Enger, Gisela (from c. 1940-41) [SEE ENGER, P. Gisela]

HAMEL, Thilde (Germany) [13 Oct 1915-early March 1996] [Married to Theo Dietz, from c. 1939] [Active 1930s-50s.]

HAMELIN, Monique (France) [1 Dec 1917-9 Sept 2014] [Mme Laisné, before 1937-before 1946; Mme Coste before 1952-before 13 May 1963; Mme Bensusan by 1967] [Active c. 1937-1963]

Hamilton, Mrs. S. G. I. (from c. July/Sept 1964) [SEE YATES-BELL, Caroline]

HAMILTON, Christine (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Hamilton, Mrs. J. P. de C. (from 31 July 1936) [SEE OLDFIELD, Elizabeth “Betty” Millicent]

HAMILTON, Elsie M. (Great Britain) [28 Feb 1913-7 Sept 1985] [Mrs. H. R. Phillips, from April/June 1940] [Active 1930s-50s.]

HAMILTON, Ellen "Nellie" (Australia) [Mrs. P. Raymond Begg] [Active ???]

Hamilton, Mrs. I. (from 1942) [SEE CHRYSTAL, Ethyl]

Hamilton, Mrs. E. R. (from 23 August 1941) [SEE BROWN, Nina Borein]

HAMM, Mary K. (United States) [7 Sept 1954- ] [Married to Paul Ridings, from 17 March 1986] [Active 1970s.]

Hammel, Mrs. L. S. (from 27 Dec 1946) [SEE BRADLEY, Ruby Patricia]

HAMMER, Inger Marie (Denmark) [28(22?) July 1884-22(27?) July 1967] [Mrs. Aage Immanuel Tang Barfod, from 15 Sept 1915] [Active 1910s.]

HAMMER, Klara (Germany) [13 June 1908-????] [Frau Beuthner/Beutter?, from c. 1936] [Active 1930s.]

Hammersley, Mrs. S. H. (from 28 July 1938) [SEE JAMES, Winifred Alice "Freda"]

HAMMILL, Meryl "Merrill" Laura (South Africa/Australia) [1 March 1938-16 Sept 2006] [Mrs. Robert "Bob" Mark, from c. late 1960/early 1961] [Active 1950s-60s.]

HAMMOND, Anne (Australia) [Mrs. Barry J. Phillips-Moore] [Active 1960s.]

Hammond, Mrs. (after 1958) [SEE MCEVANS, Gwendolyn "Gwen"]

HAMMOND, Louise (United States) [Mrs. Edward Raymond, by 1916] [Active 1900s-20s.]

Hampton, Mrs. G. C. (from 9 Jan 1914) [SEE ALLEN, Kathleen Margaret]

Hancock, Mrs. P. F. (from 15 Sept 1897) [SEE MEYLER, Jessie Violet]

Hancock, Mrs. C. L. (from 1894) [SEE SWEET-ESCOTT, Louisa Dunn]

HAND, Kaye (Great Britain) [4 Oct 1968- ] [Married to John T. Marfani, from Sept 1998] [Active 1990s.]

Handsombody, Mrs. F. T. (by April 1901) [SEE PAULIN, Nellie Kynaston]

HANDY, Edith B. (United States) [Active 1900s-10s.]

Hane, Diane (before 1982- before 1987) [SEE GILRUTH, Diane]

HANEY, Noreen (United States) [7 Oct 1926-28 Sept 2017] [Mrs. James Koeniger] [Active 1940s.]

HANIKA, Sylvia (Germany) [30 Nov 1959- ] [Married to Harold Holder, from 1989; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1970s.-1990]

HANKS, Carol E. (United States) [2 April 1943- ] [Mrs. Donald C. Aucamp, from c. 1964] [Active 1960s.]

Hanna, Mrs. R. (by Sept 1957) [SEE HURST, Dorothy]

HANNADOUCHE, ??? (France) [Active 1940s.]

HANNAH, Shirley (Great Britian) [c. April/June 1933- ] [Mrs. Winston P. Graham, from c. July/Sept 1968] [Active c. 1953-1964]

Hannam, Mrs. F. J. (from 5 May 1909) [SEE BOUCHER, Edith Margaret]

HANSELL, Ellen Forde "Nellie" (United States) [18 Sept 1869-11 May 1937] [Mrs. Taylor Allerdice] [Active 1890s.]

Hansen, Mrs. F. (29/30 April 1918-1928 or 1936) [SEE SCHEEL, (Countess) Amory Ide Agnes]

Hansen, Mrs. G. (17 July 1970-before 1973) [SEE GRUBB, Elizabeth "Betty" Ann]

HANSEN, Gail (United States) [21 April 1951- ] [Mrs. Mark B. Elliott, from 29 Feb 1972] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Hanson, Mrs. (from c. 1941) [SEE KILLER, Ivy Sarah]

Hanson, (Mrs.) Ivy (India) [30 July 1894-????] [Married to Dr. A. Hanson, by 1920; maiden name unknown] [Active c. 1920-35] [SEE ???]

HANTZE, Karen Janice (United States) [11 Dec 1942- ] [Mrs. James Rodney "Rod" Susman, from 12 Sept 1961] [Active c. 1958-1962, 1964-1965, 1976-1981]

HAPPONEN, Anne (Finland) [2 Nov 1962- ] [Active 1980s.]

HARAN, Hélène (France) [Active 1930s.]

Harbula, Mrs. W. (from 1954) [SEE PURDY, Eleanor]

HARD, Darlene Ruth (United States) [6 Jan 1936- ] [Mrs. Richard Harold Waggoner, from 20 Aug 1977] [1950s-70s.]

HARDCASTLE, Margaret May [May] (Australia) [6 May 1913-2 Aug 2002] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HARDGRAVE, Penny A. (Great Britain) [Active c. 1966-1972]

HARDIE, Marie Christabel "Cristobel" (Great Britain) [16 Sept 1903-15 Nov 1971] [Mrs. Irving Horace Wheatcroft, from c. July/Aug 1930] [Active 1920s-30s.]

HARDIN, Elizabeth (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Harding, Mrs. R. W. F. (23 Feb 1913-????) [SEE ALLEN, (Agnes) Dorothy]

HARDING, Inez (United States) [11 Jan 1914-30 Jan 2011] [Mrs. Lander] [Active c. 1932-40]

HARDING, Jessie (United States) [Active 1880s.]

Harding, Mrs. H. (from 17 June 1922) [SEE MASON, Mary Shallcross]

Hardingham, Mrs. R. (by Nov 1950) [SEE KENT, Dawn]

HARDWICK, (Ruth) Mary (Great Britain) [8 Sept 1913-12 Dec 2001] [Mrs. Charles Edgar Hare, from 30 Jan 1943] [Active 1931-1941]

Hardy, Mrs. W. (from 19 Nov 1902) [SEE SYMINGTON, Caroline "Carrie"]

Hardy, Mrs. R. J. (from 1948) [SEE BARRACLOUGH, Sheila]

HARE, Esther Mae (United States) [7 Dec 1901-25 March 1978] [Mrs. Gerald "Jerry" Bartosh, before July 1929-before 1940] [Active 1920s-40s.]

Hare, Mrs. C. E. (from 30 Jan 1943) [SEE HARDWICK, (Ruth) Mary]

HARFORD, Tanya Jane (South Africa) [28 Nov 1958- ] [Married to David Gemmell, 4 Feb 1989-23 March 2001] [Active c. 1976-1982]

HARGREAVES, Aline (France) [Active 1930s.]

HARGREAVES, Manon G. “Molly” (Great Britain) [Mrs. J. Selwyn James, from c. 1936/37] [Active c. 1928-1948]

Harker, Mrs. T. R. (from 4 April 1907) [SEE SCOTT, Lucy Millicent]

HARKLEROAD, Ashley (United States) [2 May 1985- ] [Married to: Alex Bogomolov, Jr., Dec 2004-Oct 2006; Chuck Adams, from 19 Sept 2009; didn’t play under married names?] [Active 1999-2008, 2010]

HARLAN, Rachel Baker (United States) [June 1878-????] [Mrs. (Dr) James Wilson Hunter, from 4 June 1912] [Active c. 1897-1907]

HARLIN, Maire (Finland) [1920- ] [Married to Kaarle Paavo Armas Arni, from 1948/49] [Active 1940s-50s.]

HARMAN, Dora Prendersgast (New Zealand) [1875-1961] [Active c. 1893-1903]

HARMAN, Emma Kate (New Zealand) [1857-1941] [Mrs. George Edward Way, from 11 March 1880] [Active c. 1886-90]

HARMAN, Eveleen Jane (New Zealand) [1866-1940] [Mrs. (Reverend) Frank Mayne, from 11 Feb 1896] [Active 1888-1896]

HARMAN, Josephine (Great Britain / Ireland) [3 Oct 1914- ] [Mrs. Peters] [Active late 1930s-1940s]

Harmer, Mrs. R. (from 12 June 1937) [SEE WARD, Betty J.]

HARPELL, Winnifred "Winnie" (Canada) [Oct 1929- ] [Mrs. Richard Bocking, from 1953 [Active 1940s.]

Harper, Mrs. (Australia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Harper, Mrs. L. A. (from 7 July 1925) [SEE MCCUNE, Anna Virginia]

Harper, Mrs. P. A. (from 1938) [SEE EDWARDS, Cornelia Esther]

Harper, Peanut (from 3 May 1986) [SEE LOUIE, Mareen "Peanut"]

Harper, Mrs. R. R. (from 28 May 1924) [SEE LANCE, Sylvia]

Harper, Mrs Frank W. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Harrigan, Mrs. F. E. (from 12 Aug 1907) [SEE BILL, Frances Myrtle]

Harriman, Rewa [SEE HUDSON, Rewa]

HARRINGTON, Julie (United States) [5 Feb 1962- ] [Active c. 1979-1984]

Harris, Mrs. J. C. (after Sept 1937-Dec 1968) [SEE KESTING, Elizabeth Coriine]

HARRIS, Felicity (Australia) [c. 1942/43- ] [Active 1960s.]

Harris, Mrs. A. H. (from c. 1876) [SEE DAY, Helen Marie]

HARRIS, Kerry (Australia) [19 Sept 1949- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

HARRIS, Margaret O. (Australia) [16 March 1945- ] [Mrs. David Stickney, from 1968] [Active c. 1964-1968]

Harris, Mrs. J. W. (by Aug 1934) [SEE GREEF, Mary]

HARRIS, Muriel I. (Great Britain) [Mrs. René C. Boucher, from c. Aug 1942] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HARRIS, Robin M. (United States) [13 April 1956- ] [Married to David Stewart, from 13 Jan 1979] [Active 1970s.]

HARRISON, Alice Rosamond (South Africa) [16 Sept 1906-16 Sept 1971] [Mrs. Walter Blaikie Hathorn, from 27 Aug 1930] [Active c. 1925-35]

HARRISON, Alison R. (United States) [Active 1930s.]

HARRISON, Anne (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Harrison, Mrs. A. J. C. (19 June 1950-before 19 Sept 1973) [SEE CLEMENTS, Elizabeth "Betty" Evelyn]

HARRISON, Leanne (Australia) [10 April 1958- ] [Married to John Austin, ????-????] [Active c. 1976-1980]

Harrison, Mrs. A. E. (from 12 April 1899) [SEE SNOOK, Mabel Louise]

Harrison, Mrs. R. I. C. (from 1941) [SEE MORGAN, Marjory Thelma]

HARRISON, Mary Patricia "Pat" (Great Britain) [c. 1925- ] [Mrs. James Hugh Brown, from 1955] [Active 1940s-50s.]

HARRY, Edna (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

HARRY, Gethyn Wareham (Great Britain) [15 Dec 1908-April 1996] [Mrs. Brown] [Active 1920s.]

HARRY, Janice Floyd (Great Britain) [4 Oct 1907-1978] [Mrs. David Alexander Kayll, from 26 Aug 1933] [Active ???]

HARSHAW, Jean Chute (United States) [Mrs. Lesko] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HARSHAW, Madge "Bunny" (United States) [15 Aug 1919-24 Oct 1999] [Mrs. Francis A. C. Vosters, from 1941] [Active 1930s-60s.]

HART, Doris Jane (United States) [20 June 1925-29 May 2015] [Active 1930s-1955]

Hart, Mrs. W. P. (from 1894) [SEE KINDERSLEY, Katherine Mary]

HART, Margaret (United States) [Active 1930s.]

HART, Mary Melinda (Great Britain) [10 Sept 1901-24 Oct 1968] [Mrs. Clinton Gilbert McIlquham, 5 April 1923-????; Mrs. Lawrence Corbrick, from ????] [Active 1920s.]

Hart, Mrs. H. R. (from June 1957) [SEE BRALOWER, Susan "Sue"]

HART-COX, Elizabeth "Betty" Kathleen (Great Britain) [20 March 1914-2005] [Active 1930s.]

Harte, Mrs. R. (from 27 June 1945) [SEE SEYBURN, Isabel Dorothy]

HARTELT, Inge (Germany) [c. 1921/22-26 Jan 2005] [Married to Pohmann, from between 1943 and 1947] [Active 1940s-50s.]

HARTER, Kathleen Marie "Kathy" (United States) [27 Oct 1946- ] [Married to: Michael Phillips Marcus, 27 June 1980-????; Steven Allen Shubin, from 19 June 1995] [Active 1960s-1978]

HARTGILL, (Constance) Nancy (New Zealand) [1891-1987] [Mrs. Norman Nicholas Pennefeather Green, from 2 Oct 1915] [Active c. 1910-14]

HARTIGAN, Gwen (Australia) [Active ???]

HARTIGAN, Joan Marcia (Australia) [6 June 1912-31 Aug 2000] [Mrs. Hugh Moxon Bathurst, from 13 April 1947] [Active 1930s-40s.]

HARTLEY, Cecily Mary Brindley (Great Britain) [1894-1972] [Mrs. George A. Marriott, from 1916] [Active ???]

Hartley Graham, Mrs. (from 23 June 1906) [SEE RIMINGTON, Alice Margaret Emma]

Hartman, Mrs. (from c. 1965) [SEE CHRISTER, Alice]

HARTMAN, Joy Viola (United States) [Mrs. Loyal Melvin Liken, from between Sept 1941 and April 1942] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Hartwig, Mrs. R. (from 19 April 1952) [SEE EXELBY, Madge Irene]

Harvey, Mrs. E. (from 29 April 1903) [SEE GOSLING, Bessie]

Harvey, Mrs. (by 1936) [SEE ROGERS, Dolly]

HARVEY, Ermyntrude Hilda (Great Britain) [1896-1973] [Active 1920s.-1939]

Harvey, Mrs. G. A. (from 4 Sept 1900) [SEE BROWN, Flora Headley]

HARVEY, Linda [SEE HARVEY-WILD, Linda Marie]

Harvey, Mrs. [SEE MACFARLANE, Heather Marguerite]

HARVEY-JOHNSTON, Hyacinth Emmeline (India/Great Britain) [11 June 1911-1981] [Mrs. Cecil Edwin Cargin, from 6 April 1940] [Active c. 1930-50]

HARVEY-WILD, Linda Marie (United States) [Married to Brian Frederick Secord, from 11 Oct 2003] [Active 1987-1997, 1999-2000]

Harvie, Mrs. K. D. (from 12/13? Dec 1931) [SEE PATERSON, Grace C.]

Harwood, Mrs. E. E. M. [SEE KUYS, Hester Susanna Jacoba]

Haslam, Mrs. L. H. (from 4 Sept 1916) [SEE SMITH, Alice Irene]

Hasler, Holly (from 22 June 2002) [SEE PARKINSON, Holly]

Hasler, Mrs. H. J. (from 14 April 1918) [SEE MANGIN, Margaret Amy Etienne]

Hasluck, Mrs. R. (from 22 April 1899) [SEE SMYTHE, Helen Pulteney Dumville]

HASSMANN, Monika (Austria) [Active 1960s.]

HASTINGS, Sue (Australia) [Active 1970s.]

HATANAKA, Kimiyo (Japan) [16 April 1944- ] [Mrs. Yagahara] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Hatch, Mrs. H. (from 12 Oct 1893) [SEE MCKINLAY, Adeline Maud]

Hatchard, Mrs. D. P. (from 6 June 1916) [SEE BAWDEN, Amy Eva Terdrey]

Hatherley, Mrs. (from c. 1939/40) [SEE POOLE, Irene]

Hathorn, Mrs. W. B. (from 27 Aug 1930) [SEE HARRISON, Alice Rosamond]

HATT, Ethel Mary (Canada) [13 July 1876-20 Aug 1969] [Mrs. Harold R. Babbitt, by 1905] [Active 1908-1927]

Hatt, Mrs. D. [SEE BRAND, Pamela]

HATTERSLEY, Alison C. (Australia) [18 May 1909-9 May 2000] [Active 1920s-50s.]

HATTERSLEY-SMITH, Dorothy Mary (Great Britain) [1878-1961] [Active c. 1906-1925]

HATTERSLEY-SMITH, Marjory Pell (Great Britain) [1886-28 May 1965] [Active c. 1906-1925]

Haude, Mrs. R. H. (after Nov 1961) [SEE MARTIN, Ruth]

Hauducoeur, (Mme) Marie-Magdeleine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

HAUGHTON, Margaret Wilhelmina (Ireland) [19 Sept 1893-12 Dec 1968] [Active 1920s.]

Haukenes, Mrs. (by 1950) [SEE GREGERTSEN (or GREGGERSON?), Ruth]

Hausburg, Mrs. L. L. R. (17 April 1895-21 Nov 1921) [SEE RISELEY, Phoebe Beatrice "Trissie"]

HAUSELT, Edna C. (United States) [25 May 1898-22 March 1987] [Mrs. Frederick V. Roeser, from Jan/Feb 1924] [Active 1920s.]

HAVERSTICK, Mary (United States) [Active 1980s.]

HAWCROFT, Barbara (Australia) [13 Oct 1950- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Hawk, Mrs. P. B. (from c. 1923) [SEE TAYLOR, Gladys]

Hawker, Mrs. E. B. (from 27 Jan 1898) [SEE SCHLESINGER, Emily Beryl]

Hawker, Mrs. R. (from 1910) [SEE PUTNAM, Lois]

HAWTHORN, Alice Marguerite (Australia) [1883-1950] [Mrs. Norman Edward Kent, from 7 June 1910] [Active c. 1905-14]

HAWTHORN, Dorothy (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Hawthorne, Mrs. B. (from 15 Dec 1956) [SEE FARRER, Margaret]

Hawton, Mrs. K. E. (from 16 Oct 1948) [SEE BEVIS, Mary Renetta]

HAXBY, Marion Isobel (Great Britain) [1904-????] [Mrs. William Brown, from 1929] [Active 1920s.]

HAY, Ebba (Sweden) [11 Dec 1866-26 May 1954] [Active c. 1907-1913]

Hay, Mrs. A. S. (from 23 Aug 1909) [SEE LYSAGHT, Mary Louisa]

HAYCRAFT, Olga (Great Britain) [Active 1930s.]

HAYDON, Adrianne Shirley "Ann" (Great Britain) [17 Oct 1938- ] [Mrs. Philip Francis "Pip" Jones, from 30 Aug 1962] [Active 1950s-70s.]

HAYDON, Dorothy Maude (Great Britain) [1900-????] [Mrs. Leslie Pittock Crouch, 1928-before 1945] [Active 1920s-30s.]

HAYES, Kathleen "Kath" (Australia) [Mrs. Roderick McLennan] [Active 1930s.]

Haygarth, Mrs. P. (29 May 1964-before 1977) [SEE SCHUURMAN, Renée]

Haylock, Mrs. R. E. (from 14 April 1924) [SEE MCALPIN, Elsa Maude]

HAYMEN, Emily Dawson (Australia) [6 Oct 1895-after 1980] [Mrs. Arthur Stanley Roe, from 22 Jan 1917] [Active c. 1915-25]

HAYMEN, Margaret Granville (Australia) [9 Dec 1903-????] [Mrs. Charles Clark, from 12 Dec 1928] [Active c. 1920-28]

HAYMEN, Nell Catherine Granville (Australia) [11 June 1912-2005] [Mrs. Timothy Patrick Honnor, from 11 July 1937] [Active 1920s-30s.]

HAYNIE, Janie (or Jaynie) Rice (United States) [c. 1938- ] [Mrs. James Paget Hentz, from summer 1960] [Active 1950s.]

Hayward, Mrs. D. A. (4 Oct 1958-May 1975) [SEE SAMPSON, Julia Ann "Julie"]

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HEAD, (Alice) Dorothy "Dottie" (United States) [4 July 1925-late Oct or early Nov 2015] [Mrs. Donald P. Knode, 16 Oct 1952-????] [Active 1940s-70s.]

HEAD, Enid Muriel (Great Britain) [12 April 1893-1974] [Mrs. Harold G. Broadbridge, from 20 Aug 1925] [Active ???]

Heagerty, Mrs. J. S. (from c. June 1926) [SEE ANDERSON, Mary Ellen Murdoch]

HEARD, Patsy (United States) [24 Oct 1933-3 Nov 1992] [Active 1950s.]

Heath, Mrs. C. R. W. (from 1900) [SEE KING-CHURCH, Frances Annie]

HEATH, Nancy Gertrude Byron (Australia) [1896-27 July 1968] [Active c. 1925-30]

Heathcote, Mrs. L. H. M. (from 2 March 1912) [SEE LATHAM, Edith Hilda]

Heatley, Mrs. H. T. (from 7 Feb 1884) [SEE LUNT, Elizabeth]

Heaton, Mrs. F. [SEE PERREN, Edna]

HECKMAN, Kathleen (United States) [1964- ] [Married to Jon R. Winegardner, from 27 Jan 1989] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Hector, Mrs. D. (from 1945) [SEE GRASSICK, Hazel Joan]

HEDBERG, Lucy Jane (United States) [4 July 1912-26 Sept 1996] [Active c. 1925-30]

HEDLEY, Hazel (Canada) [1880-????] [Active c. 1900-10]

HEDLUND, Louise (United States) [10 Feb 1917-9 March 2002] [Mrs. Charles S. Mercer] [Active 1930s.]

HEELEY, (Gertrude) Mary Cartwright (Great Britain) [30 March 1911-14 Aug 2002] [Mrs. David Frederick Cartwright, 3 Dec 1938-????; Mrs. Claude Richard Bosomworth, from 9(19?) April 1969] [Active c. 1928-1939]

Heher, Mrs. E. (from 1935) [SEE THEW, Gwen]

HEIDENREICH, Marie (Norway) [Active 1930s.]

Heidensleben, Mrs. P. F. (from c. 1933) [SEE MEYER, Ebba Alexandrine]

HEIDTMANN, Ursula "Ushi" (Germany) [24 June 1917- ] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Heilman, Mrs. H. (from c. 1924) [SEE KUSER, Theresa Rosalie]

Heim, Mrs. W. [SEE MOORE, Ann]

HEIMANN, Anita (Germany) [Frau Lent] [Active 1920s.]

HEIMANN, Paula (Germany) [17 Oct 1895-12 Oct 1976] [Married to: Burghard Freiherr von Reznicek, c. 1925/26-????; Hans Stuck, 1932-1948] [Active 1920s.-1938]

HEINE, Esther Annie Laurie "Bobbie" (South Africa) [5 Dec 1909-31 July 2016] [Mrs. James Henry Knipe Miller, 6 April 1931-????; Mrs. William Ritchie Davie, from 19 Sept 1948] [Active 1920s-1940s.]

Heinicke, Mrs. N. (from 16 May 1964) [SEE PALMER, Victoria "Vicky"]

HEINOVÁ, Gerda "Mini"(Minni?) (Czechoslovakia/Germany) [12 Dec 1910-????] [Married to: Müller, 1933-????; Burkhardt, after 1951] [Active c. 1932-1954]

Heinová-Müllerová, Frau (1933-????) [SEE HEINOVÁ, Gerda "Mini"(Minni?)]

HEISE, Gertrude (United States/Argentina?) [6 Oct 1913-10 Aug 2004] [Mrs. Robert Henry Easton, by 1940] [Active c. 1949-1960]

Heisecke, (Frau) Wally (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Heitler, Mrs. E. (from 21 Feb 1932) [SEE SHWAYDER, Dorothy "Dot"]

HEITSHU, Amy Lunt (United States) [25 Nov 1880-19 Jan 1972] [Mrs. (Dr) Edward Cecil Sewall, from 27 Jan 1910] [Active c. 1900-09]

HEITZMANN, Lydia Cecilia (Great Britain) [1873-27 Jan 1958] [Married to (Major) George Hubert Cary Wilkins, from 1901] [Active early 1890s.]

HEITZMANN, Sophia Marie (Great Britain) [15 Aug 1871-21 Sept 1932] [Mrs. Kenneth Ramsden Marley, from 1896] [Active early 1890s.]

HELDMAN, Carrie (United States) [5 Aug 1944- ] [Active 1960s.]

Heldman, Mrs. J. (from 1942) [SEE MEDALIE, Gladys]

HELDMAN, Julie (United States) [8 Dec 1945- ] [Married to Bernard L. Weiss, from 30 May 1981] [Active 1960s-1975]

HELGESON, Ginger (United States) [14 Sept 1968- ] [Married to Todd Nielsen, from Sept 1994] [Active 1984-1998]

Helgeson-Nielsen, Ginger (from Sept 1994) [SEE HELGESON, Ginger]

HELLER, Elselore (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HELLSTRÖM, Marianne (Finland) [Active 1940s.]

HELLWEG, Ruth (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HELLWIG, Helena "Helen" Rebecca (United States) [4 March 1874-26 Nov 1960] [Mrs. William "Billy" H. Pouch, from 8 Nov 1897] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

HELLYER, Margaret Batten (Australia) [19(29?) July 1937- ] [Mrs. Kenneth John Burston, from 17 May 1963] [Active c. 1953-1962]

HELMER, Helga (Austria/Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HELMHOLZ, Margaret (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Helms, Mrs. G. W. [SEE JOSEPHI, Rachel Frances]

HELY-HUTCHINSON, (Lady) Doreen Clare (Great Britain) [3 April 1905-2 Aug 1942] [Mrs. (Major Hon.) Bartholomew Pleydell-Bouverie, from 11 July 1927] [Active ???]

HEMMANT, Euphemia "Effie" Mill (Great Britain) [April 1901-11 Jan 1988] [Mrs. Eric Conrad Peters, from c. Jan/March 1932] [Active c. 1927-1953]

Hemmes, Mrs. R. W. [SEE WEURMAN, Madeleine]

Hemp, Frau (10 Jan 1921-????) [SEE WEIHERMANN, Anna]

Hempel, (Frau) Margarete (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Hempel, (Frau) Martha (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

HEMSI, Miko (United States) [25 Feb 1974- ] [Married to Ando, by 1994] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Hemsi-Ando, Miko (by 1994) [SEE HEMSI, Miko]

Hemsted, Mrs. E. S. (from 1906) [SEE STAWELL-BROWN, Ellen Mary]

HEMSTED, (Evelyn) Susan (Great Britain) [16 March 1911-31 Oct 2006] [Mrs. (Captain) Geoffrey Sheppard, 1935-6 Jan 1944; Mrs. Henry Billington, from 7 Jan 1944] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Henderson, Mrs. R. E. (by 1931) [SEE CROCKER, Jeanne Adeline]

Hendrick, Mrs. J. W. (by 1880) [SEE WARD, Anna H.]

HENDRICK, Mayme E. (United States) [Aug 1881-????] [Active c. 1900-10]

HENIE, Sonja (Norway) [8 April 1912-12 Oct 1969] [Mrs. Daniel Reid "Dan" Topping, 4 July 1940-13 Feb 1946; Mrs. Winthrop Gardiner Jr., 15 Sept 1949-14 May 1956; Mrs. Niels Onstad, from 6 June 1956] [Active 1930s.]

HÉNIN, Justine (Belgium) [1 June 1982- ] [Married to: Pierre-Yves Hardenne, 16 Nov 2002-c. late 2007; Benoit Bertuzzo, from 25 Oct 2014] [Active 1996-2008, 2010-2011]

Henin-Hardenne, Justine (16 Nov 2002- c. late 2007) [SEE HENIN, Justine]

Henman, Mrs. A. J. S. (from 1968) [SEE BILLINGTON, Susan Jane]

HENREID, Mimi (United States) [24 March 1945- ] [Mrs. Russell J. Abbott, 28 Nov 1970-March 1971; Mrs. Duncan] [Active 1960s.]

HENRICKSSON, Ann (United States) [31 Oct 1959- ] [Active c. 1980-1994]

HENRIQUES, Louisa Augusta (Australia) [1874-????] [Mrs. Frederick William Eggleston, from 1904] [Active c. 1894-1904]

HENROTIN, Doris Marguerite (France/Great Britain) [2 Aug 1894-4 June 1971] [Mrs. Andre Cecil Wolfson, from 17 June 1914] [Active c. 1919-1930]

Henrotin, Mme C. F. (22 March 1930-????) [SEE JUNG, Sylvia]

Henry, Mrs. W. M. (from 9 Sept 1914) [SEE STANTON, Corinne]

HENRY, Elizabeth Wolcott (United States) [28 Aug 1894-16 July 1973] [Mrs. Albert Hayden Chatfield, from 1916] [Active 1910s.]

HENRY, Gertrude Houston (United States) [2 Sept 1891-????] [Mrs. Donald D. Dodge, from 1920] [Active 1910s.]

HENRY, Gilberte (France) [30 May 1907- ] [Active in 1940s.]

HENRY, Kelly C. (United States) [18 April 1962- ] [Active c. 1979-1982]

Henry, Mrs. (Dr) C. (from 27 Sept 1919) [SEE BEEGLING, Marie Ethel Blanche]

HENRY, Patricia "Pat" (United States) [31 May 1917-13 March 2013] [Mrs. Edgar Yeomans, from 1938] [Active 1930s-????]

Hensch, Mrs. [SEE SOMOGYI, Klára]

HENSCHKE, Claudia I. (United States) [3 March 1941- ] [Active 1960s.]

HENSEL, Edwina Cavel (United States) [2 Dec 1891-8 March 1991] [Mrs. Daniel Clark Wharton-Smith, after June 1916] [Active 1910s.]

HENSHALL, Dorothy M. (Great Britain) [Mrs. Roy Cooper, from c. April/June 1949] [Active 1950s.]

HENSON, Laura L. (United States) [30 Aug 1872-4 April 1961] [Mrs. William Gustavus Fischer, Oct 1899-????; Mrs. Francis M. Brooks, from 1921] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

Hentz, Mrs. J. P. (from summer 1960) [SEE HAYNIE, Janie (or Jaynie) Rice]

Hepburn, Mrs. E. (from 4 Aug 1892) [SEE SHACKLE, Alice Mary]

Heppenstall, Mrs. (by June 1946) [SEE DAVISON, Doris]

HERBERT, Myrtle (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

HERBERT, Phyllis May (Australia) [Mrs. Alfred "Alf" George Strachan] [Active ???]

HERBST, Dorrit "Dorli" Ruth (Czechoslovakia/Great Britain) [7 Jan 1926-13 Feb 1978] [Mrs. Cecil E.P. Mills, from c. July/Sept 1954] [Active c. 1946-54]

Herbst, Frau/Mrs. (by 1926) [SEE WESTREICH, Liesl "Lisa"]

HERBST, Ulrike (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

HERDY, Edda (Austria) [13 April 1940- ] [Frau Bergmann] [Active 1960s.]

HERICH, Karin (Germany) [19 Oct 1940- ] [Married to de Laporte (or de la Porte), from c. 1966/1967] [Active c. 1957-1969]

Hermann, (Frau) Gertrud (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

HERMSEN, Petronella F. "Nel" (Netherlands) [c. 1925- ] [Mrs. Van der Storm, from c. 1953] [Active 1940s-60s.]

HERNANDEZ, Marta (Mexico/United States) [13 July 1933-6 July 2000] [Married to Samuel "Sam" Burchers, from 1959] [Active 1950s-60s.]


Hernandez de Burchers, Senora (from 1959) [SEE HERNANDEZ, Marta]

HERNANDO, Mary (United States) [Active 1940s-50s.]

Herold, Mrs. R. (from 26 March 1911) [SEE KINSLER, Ethel Carline]

HERON, Margaret (Australia) [Active ???]

HERR, Elizabeth "Beth" (United States) [28 May 1964- ] [Married to Steven (Steve) Bellamy] [Active 1981-1990]

HERR, Suzanne "Susie" (United States) [c. 1935-3 March 1990] [Mrs. Marvin Feldman, from 1960] [Active 1950s.]

HERREMAN, Nathalie (France) [28 March 1966- ] [Married to D. Bagby] [Active 1980s-90s.]

HERRERO, Pilar (Cuba) [Active c. 1953-1961]

Herrick, Mrs. P. F., jr. (from 1967) [SEE LOOP, Carol(Carole?) Ann]

HERRING, Coela Elizabeth Le Strange (Great Britain) [22 April 1885-7 Feb 1975] [Mrs. Arthur Howarth Pryce-Harrison, from 18 Sept 1907] [Active c. 1905-25]

Herring, Mrs. C. M. P. (from 1917) [SEE MAULE, Ella Virginia]

Herring, Mrs. E. F. (from 6 April 1922) [SEE LYLE, Mary Rankin]

Herriot, Mrs. T. (from 1910) [SEE FERGUSON, Winifred Maxwell]

HERRON, Frances (United States) [Mrs. Luis Regino Del Amo, 25 Jan 1936-Dec 1938] [Active 1930s.]

Herron, (Mrs.) Rhoda J. (United States) [1921- ] [Married to David P. Herron, by 1960; maiden name unknown] [Active ???] [SEE ???]

HERSCHELL, Ghetal Angelita Emmerson (Great Britain) [26 Nov 1910-2003] [Mrs. George C. Lightfoot, from 1935] [Active 1930s.]

HERSKIND, Mary Agnes (Denmark) [29 May 1879-15 May 1964] [Mrs. Madsen] [Active 1910s.]

HERTZ, Lili (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

HERZOG, Margit (Hungary) [Married to Stern] [Active ???]

Hesford, Mrs. M. (from 13 Sept 1950) [SEE RYAN, Rona Gwendoline Rose]

HESLOP, Hazel Carrie (Jamaica) [11 April 1885-????] [Mrs. John Bertram Kilburn, from 17 Oct 1906] [Active ???]

HESS, Virginia L. (United States) [17 Sept 1912-10 July 1985] [Mrs. Edward Christopher Grelle] [Active 1930s.]

Hester, Mrs. W. V., Jr. (from 6 Aug 1924) [SEE SCHARMAN, Lilian]

HETHERINGTON, Jill Margaret (Canada) [27 Oct 1964- ] [Married to Richard "Rich" Alan Hultquist)Hulquist?), from 23 Sept 2000] [Active 1980s-1997]

Heubner, Mrs. A. T. (from 1950) [SEE NOVELLO, Lucille]

Hewitt, Mrs. R. A. J. (from 1964) [SEE NICHOLAS, Dalaille]

HEWITT, Sheila Kathleen Walker (Great Britain) [27 Aug 1914- ] [Active 1930s.]

HEXTALL, Joan Margaret (Great Britain) [9 Feb 1900-c. April/June 1972] [Mrs. John B. Barrett, c. Jan/March 1924-????; Mrs. Philip J. Ashton, from c. Jan/March 1934] [Active ???]

Hextall, Mrs. H. C. (from c. May/June 1913) [SEE LEDGER, Muriel Vera]

HEYL, Delphine (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Heymann, (Mme) Jacqueline (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Heynemann, Mrs. (????- c. 1919) [SEE LACAZE, Florence]

HEYROTH, Elsa (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

Heywood, Mrs. J. (from c. March 1959) [SEE LOVE, Gwendolyn "Gwendy" Helen]
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