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I just saw T3 and came home an hour ago. I heard of that and thought 'omg sweeping mankind began' ... :D ;)

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im surprised they kept on playing the matches... :sad: Daniela... :sad:

Good Job girl! you did the best you can!!!! still supporting you!!!!!

anyone went?

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yes I was there in centre court watching dani get frustrated by people walking was during the first game of her match against Paola.

the scoreboard froze @ 30-40 . there was a loud explosion sound from the speakers and the umpire had to shout the scores. people were pissed. it took a while for them to get a megaphone working.

i thought it was only at the tennis centre at the time until word came that it was the whole of toronto and then parts of the united fact the entire easern seaboard! how crazy.

so after all the matches for the day were complete i went to see Nadia Petrova practice for her match against Justine that night.

some guy informed people that they were starting the match 15 minutes early.

justine killed nadia in straight sets. the doubles with mary pierce and nadia VS Elena Likhovtseva and ?? was cancelled.

They closed up the place early even though the lights worked after they announced they postphonement of the final match of the night.

that was a day/NIGHT to remember!
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