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SHERRIFF, GAIL (Gail Vivian Sherriff)
Australia (NSW)/France
Born 3 April 1945 in Bondi, New South Wales, Australia
Married (1) Jean-Baptiste Chanfreau, 17 December 1968, in Sydney, Australia
Married (2) Jean-Joseph Lovera 12 February 1976, in Champagnier, Isère, France
Married (3) Jean-Philippe Benedetti on 29 September 2005 in Ville-di-Pierrabugno, Corsica
Height: 5' 5"
[Active 1962-1981]

Best known for her French doubles victories and many marriages. In the words of Rex Bellamy Gail, "contested the the [French doubles] final six times with four partners--and, after two marriages, under three different names."

Originally from Australia, she was French by marriage to 3 successive husbands. Gail's two children (born before 1979) were Carol Ann and David.

Gail Sherriff, as she was in 1966, met and defeated her sister Carol in the second round 2R at Wimbledon. This was the first singles meeting between sisters in ladies singles since Lilian and Maud Watson in 1884. Serena and Venus Williams became the 3rd sisters to face off at imbledon in 2000.

Gail was a consistent top 20 singles player. She had wins over the greats of her era: Margaret Court, Billie Jean King, Evonne Goolagong, Virginia Wade-all were her victims at one point or another.

Her biggest title came in 1969 at the US Clay Courts. In the semis Chanfreau upset Nancy Richey, who had won for 6 years in a row. Gail went on to beat Linda Tuero in the final.

Gail's most significant victory in singles was at the 1971 French Open. Using her forehand as a weapon Mme Chanfreau stunned Margaret Court in the 3rd round. Considered the magnitude of her victory. Court had won 6 consecutive slams, and indeed the Grand Slam in 1970.

Years later Gail recalled the victory

I decided I was going to get to the net before she did,” she said. “I hit everything long and then raced to the net. She didn’t know what to do because her game was about going to the net herself.
Grand Slam Doubles results

Australian Open SF (1968, 1972)
French Open W (1967, 1970, 1971, 1976); RU (1974, 1978)
Wimbledon SF (1971, 1975)
US Open SF (1966, 1970)

Grand Slam Singles results

Australian Open QF (1967, 1972)
French Open QF (1968, 1971)

Titles (at least 44)

1965: Adelaide
1969: US Clay Courts
1978: Ellesse Rome
1980: Nice

Her forehand was struck with heavy topspin, rare in her era. Hit with a western grip and high follow-through, the ball dive-bombs into the court laden with spin. It’s a coach’s dream – and, Benedetti notes, a result of the foresight of her father, Ross Sherriff, who coached the likes of Phil Dent and Tony Roche during his career.

“I picked the racquet up when I was little and played like that – and my father didn’t change me,” she recalls. “He had the intelligence not to change me. My father never told me what to do – he showed me tactically how to play. I remember still to this day his advice for when I serve at 30-30 or 30-40. ‘You will achieve, if you do it,’ he’d say, and I’m still achieving. He was a great coach and a great mentor – and he was living in my house!”

In later years Gail helped Amelie Mauresmo, who credits Benedetti with developing her blistering backhand.

Durr and Gail Sherriff after winning the Western Australian title in Perth, 1967. They won numerous French doubles titles together.


1979 World of Tennis, page 34.
1980 WTA Media Guide, pages 161-162
Archive - Draws Archive : Gail Lovera (Sherriff) - 2015 Wimbledon Championships Website - Official Site by IBM


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LAMME, AGNES (nee Agnes Sherwood)
United States
Died ???? [alive in 1971-deceased by 2016]
Married Ary Johannes Lamme (1900-1971), by July 1928
[Active 1922-1941]

1935 Eastern Grass Courts champion.

Also active in squash. A member of the Apawamis Club, for many years Mr and Mrs Lamme lived in Rye, New York.

Daughter Judith S. and son Ary J Lamme III (1940-2016). His obituary mentions his father was a stockbroker and his mother a Christian Scientist.


ARY LAMME Obituary - Gainesville, FL | Gainesville Sun

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SHILCOCK, ANNE (Jacqueline Anne Shilcock)
United Kingdom
Born 13 June 1932 in Hartford, Sussex, England
Died late April 2019 in South Africa
Married John Keith Spann in Chichester,Sussex on 6 August 1960.
[Active 1950-1960]

A formidable doubles player. In 1955 she won the doubles title at Wimbledon with Angela Mortimer. They are the last all British female team to win at The Championships. Shilcock was toughest indoors or on grass.

She lived in South Africa for the last 40 years of her life, as her son Mark identifies as South African. Anne was active as a tennis coach for many of those years.

“For winning, I think she won something equivalent to about a $12 coupon,” [son Mark]Spann said with a laugh. “I think she bought a tennis outfit with it.”
At Wimbledon in 1955.


Archive - Draws Archive : Anne Shilcock - 2015 Wimbledon Championships Website - Official Site by IBM

Mortimer, Angela. My Waiting Game. [as Anne's most regular doubles partner there is quite a lot of info in this book on her]

[Thanks to Jmax and Rollo for information on this player]

Shilcock is on the right. To her left is Angela Mortimer.


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Born 7 January 1909 in Brussels
Died 20 August 1999 in Brussels
Married Jean Marie Léon Émile de Meulemeester,(Born 28 May 1905-died 14 June 1969)on 07 October 1933

They had four children: Guy (1934), Claudine (1937), Evelyne (1943) and Brigitte (1949).
Josane's grave:

The De Meulemeester family had an ancient brewery, no more in existence.

During World War II, Josane, her husband, her brothers-in-law and her sisters-in-law, helped Jews in hiding Jewish children. In gratitude they were honored by Yad Vashem as "Righteous Among the Nations" : in 1999 two Josane's sisters-in-law, in 2001 Josane, her husband, and two her brothers-in-law.

In last pic she is on left, with Kerkhoff

[Thanks to Jimbo for this biography]

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Born 27 November 1956 in Tigru Neamt, Romania
Married (1) Björn Borg, 24 July 1980, divorced, 1984
Married (2) J. P. Marsan
[Active 1973-1980]

Most famous as the wife of tennis legend Bjorn Borg, the Romanian was quite a good player in in her own right.

In 1974 she was the French Open junior champion.

1975: ranked #79. finalist at Orange.
1976: Won Scottish Open. Considers seeking political asylum in Cleveland but in the end opts to return to Communist Romania.
1977: career high #36; 4th round of Wimbledon and RU at 3 lower level events in Monte Carlo, Barcelona, and Madrid

1978: RU in Madrid
1980: Won Japan Open. Married to Bjotn Borg-she retired to assist in his career.

Mariana with Ilie Nastase and Bjorn Borg

After a second marriage ended in divorce Mariana took up with race driver Jean-Louis_Schlesser. They did not marry, but had a son named Anthony.


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SIMPSON, "RENE" (Noreen Simpson)
Born 14 January 1966
Died 17 October 2013
Married (1) Barry Alter, 15 September 1990
Married (2) Jason Collins, after March 2005
Height 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Left-handed with a two-handed backhand
Active 1988-1998.

Played as Simpson-Alter after marriage. From Sarnia, Ontario. She went to college at Texas Chrstain University.

She was a member Canada’s Fed Cup Team from 1988 to 1998, coach 1998–2000, and captain 2001–2011.

Rene’s best singles result in a slam was the 3R at the 1989 French Open. She was RU at the Guruja event in late 1988. Rene was more of a success in doubles, amking the QF at the 1996 US Open and winning 3 tout level events.

Career singles record: 161–133 Career titles 0 WTA, 4 ITF Highest ranking No. 70 (10 April 1989)
Career doubles record: 99–119 Career titles 3 WTA, 3 ITF Highest ranking No. 32 (21 August 1995)


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MANLEY-SIMS, MARGARET (Margaret Alice Manley-Sims)
Great Britain
Born 1877 in London, England
Died in 1961
Married (1) Major Henry Sanderson “Harry” Laverton (1873-1958) 30 May 1899, Divorced in October 1913-1 daughter.
Married (2) Sir Francis Gordon Lowe (1884-1972) on (4 May 1914). Divorced circa 1924.
[Active 1895-1914]

Margaret was active as a lawn tennis player in the years circa 1895-1914. Her first husband was a member of the 3rd (The King's Own) Hussars, a cavalry regiment in the British Army. He was also a noted cricket player.

An article exists in the 1908 Bystander with her photo-she saved a child in India from drowning.

The article suggests the pair were in India until 1908-when they moved to South Africa.

(Francis) Gordon (later Sir Gordon) Lowe was one of the top British lawn tennis players of his era. He and Mrs Laverton were often mixed partners on court and also involved off court. When Mr Laverton sued for divorce in 1913 he named Gordon Lowe as co-respondent. Margaret lost custody of her daughter in this suit.

Mrs Lowe was embroiled in another scandal on the French Riviera in 1921 when she was stealing cash from other player’s bags and lockers. The scandal was diverted when her husband paid back all the money. Her excuse was gambling debts she wanted to hide from her spouse.

After 1921 we hear little to nothing of her.

Margaret had one younger sister, Jessie, who also took part in some lawn tennis tournaments.

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SINGH, KHANUM (nee Khanum Haji)
Married Singh by 1946.
[Active from at least 1946 to 1957]

As the War ended, the National championship, traditionally played on grass courts, and the National Hard Court championship, were instituted by the All India Tennis Association in 1946. The first woman National Champion was Khanum Singh [nee Haji] in 1946 which was played on the grass courts of South Club, Calcutta. Khanum Haji, who had a powerful service and a graceful all-round game, was a National Champion for three successive years [1946-48]. Two renowned foreigners who visited India in this period were Pat Todd, and Althea Gibson.

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BELFIELD, CONSTANCE (Eveline Constance Belfield)
United Kingdom
Born 1860 in Paignton, Devon
Died 8 February 1942 in Exeter, Devon
Did not marry.
Active early 1880s.

Eveline Belfield was runner-up to Lilian Cole in the women's singles event at the Exmouth tournament in 1881. Eveline's brother Henry also took part in some lawn tennis tournaments.

[Thanks to Newmark for this biography]

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Australia (Queensland)
Born 25 April 1918 in Queensland
Married Noel Mills 21 March 1940
[Active 1937-circa 1952]

In 1937 Aussie draw in Sydney (as Singleton) and 1947 draw (as Mrs Mills).

Five-time Queensland Champion-winning every year from 1948 to 1952. She hailed from Ipswich.

Lavinia learned her game at the feet of her mother Mrs Sam Singleton, a former winner of the Ipswich title.

Her sons Neville (born c 1942) and Lester (born c 1945) didn't keep her from tennis. In an article from 1948 Mills said she kept fit for tournament play by doing housework and gardening.


"Came Long Way", The Queensland Times, Saturday 27 November 1948, page 5. singleton mills tennis&searchLimits=

[Marriage Announcement with photo] singleton mills tennis&searchLimits=

[Thanks to Gee Tee, Jimbo, and Rollo for this information]

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CHAKVETADZE, ANNA (Anna Djambuliovna Chakvetadze (Russian: Анна Джамбулиевна Чакветадзе
Born 05 March 1987 in Moscow, Russia
Height: 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)
Played: Righthanded with two-handed backhand
[Active 2001-2012]


World #6 in 2007. This was her golden year. Anna made the quarters at the Austrlian Open, Wimbledon; the semis of the US open, and then the semis at the WTA Championships.

Anna possessed a strong baseline game with deep guile, court craft, and all-court skills that convince many she could be the next Martina Hingis.
Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Amelie Mauresmo, and Jelena Jankovic were some of her famous victims in an all-too short career.

On 18 December 2007, Chakvetadze's home was robbed. She was tied by six invaders who also beat her father, Djambuli. The six men left with over $306,000 worth of goods and cash. Chakvetadze was the target of the robbery, as the men demanded a Rolex watch she had recently won in an exhibition and told her as they left, "Keep playing. We'll come again. Deeply shaken by this incident, after 2007 she was never the same confident player. 2008 was decent as she remained a top 20 player. After that her ranking fell off the cliff. Injuries didn't help. In 2013 she officially retired at only 25.

“I thought that my life was over, at times, during that night,” she said in a recent phone interview. “They had weapons, and we didn’t know what they were going to do.”-Anna on surviving a violent home invasion by thieves
[WTA profile]

Parents are Djambuli and Natalia; younger brother is Roman ... Introduced to tennis at age 8 by mother ... Speaks Russian and English ... Favorite movie is One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest ... Also enjoys romance novels, all types of music, soccer ... Relaxes by spending time with friends ... Before tennis, hobbies included playing piano.


Winner (8): 2010 - Portoroz; 2008 - Paris [Indoors]; 2007 - Hobart, 's-Hertogenbosch, Cincinnati, Stanford; 2006 - Guangzhou, Moscow.
Finalist (1): 2008 - New Haven.

Finalist (6): 2012 - Tashkent (w/Dolonc); 2010 - Pattaya City (w/Pervak), Portoroz (w/Erakovic); 2007 - Stanford, San Diego (both w/Azarenka); 2006 - Beijing (w/Vesnina).

Russian Fed Cup Team, 2006-09.

Year-End World Rankings:

2013: Announced retirement due to back injury on 11 September 2013
2012: #222 [her last match was in 2012]
2011: #230
2010: #56
2009: #70
2008: #18
2007: #6 Career high # 5 (10 September 2007)
2006: #13
2005: #33
2004: #83
2003: #374


Anna Chakvetadze - Wikipedia

Russian tennis star Chakvetadze robbed by thieves at home - [Article about the home invasion]

How Anna Chakvetadze, Rising Star at 20, Became a Retiree at 26 (Published 2013) [An excellent New York Times article]

[Thanks to Rollo for this information]
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