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RENDALL, “DOT” (Dorothy Ellen Rendall)
Australia (Victoria)
Born in 1897 in Melbourne
Died ????
Married Albert Edward Middleton on 15 February 1927 in Christ Church, South Yarra
[Active circa 1920-1926]

Competed in 1924 Aussie (doubles only) making SF w/Molesworth.

In the early 1920s Dorothy Rendall enjoyed a good deal of success in doubles events in particular. Her titles included the women's doubles event at the Victorian Championships in 1921 (w. Esna Boyd), the same event at the South Australian Championships in 1922 (w. Marjorie Mountain) and the mixed doubles at the New South Wales Championships in 1922 (w. Dr Leonard Darby).

The following biographical piece is available to view at:

Dorothy Rendall, Haileybury’s First Girl Student

Nearly a century before the introduction of parallel education, Dorothy Rendall was enrolled as the first girl to attend Haileybury College [Melbourne]. Daughter of the first Head, Charles Rendall, she lived on site with her family, and was eased into the School over two years. She attended classes with the boys. She also had a governess but basically received all of her education at Haileybury. She and her family ate with the resident staff and students at meal times. Students could have butter or jam on their bread but not both. Some would butter the bread, turn it over, and put jam on the other side, hoping not to be observed.

In 1905, when she was eight, she commenced Preparatory classes. Class sizes ranged from 14 to 18. In 1908, at 11 years of age, she studied Ancient Greek, a demanding subject. Class sizes were smaller as she reached the upper grade levels. At this time, Haileybury’s total enrollment hovered around or under 100. Dorothy indicated that it wasn’t easy being the Head’s daughter.

In 1907 her father’s comments on her work were more severe than those of her classroom teachers, her Maths described as “poor”. While a capable academic, her real passion was sport. For Christmas in 1908, her father’s Christmas present to her was a cricket bat! She excelled at state-level tennis for Victoria and loved gymnastic activities. It’s likely she participated informally in many boys’ sports over her school years. She later became an A grade golfer and lawn bowler.

Dorothy was completing her Senior Certificate in 1914 when tragedy struck. Her mother Fanny died in a tragic motoring accident. Charles Rendall, heartbroken, retired at the end of the year. Dorothy went to live with him in nearby Haileybury Street.

In a further link with the School, she later married Albert Middleton, a pre-war Haileybury teacher who served in WWI and went on to a career in law.

[Thanks to Newmark for this information]

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REYES, "ROSIE" (Rosa Maria Delgado Reyes)
Mexico / France
Born 23 March 1939 in Mexico City
Married Pierre Darmon (b. 1934), 28 January 1960
[Active 1956 to 1975 in singles-doubles til 1980]

The second best Mexican ever-surpassed only by her good friend and doubles partner Yola Ramirez. She was French doubles champion with Yola in 1959. The tiny Latin American charmed audiences world-wide with her lively expressions, ever ready smile, and saucer-like eyes.

In singles Reyes also shone best at the French-making the semifinals there in 1959. She also reached the quarterfinals at the US Championships in 1957 and the French in 1959.

Retiring from singles in 1975, she entered the doubles at the French as late as 1980.

Rosie played for France after wedding French Davis Cupper Pierre Darmon. Pierre was later the tournament director for the French Open. The couple have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Rosie with husband Pierre Darmon


Pierre Darmon - The Frenchman Who Helped Tennis Grow Into The Open Era | World Tennis Magazine

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South Africa
Born 4 March 1939 in Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa
Married Lowell Eldred Grant Price (1942-2015) in Bloemfontein on 28 October 1961
Nickname: "Sandy", "The Tennis Twins" (with doubles partner Renee Schuurman), "Grace Kelly of South African Tennis"
[Active 1957 to 1963]

Slight of build, Sandra delivered a walloping forehand of tremendous pace-by far the biggest of her era. With Renee Schuurman she won the first two legs on a doubles grand slam in 1959 by capturing the Australian and French titles. They would add two more French crowns to that tally.

Reynolds was slightly superior to her doubles partner, mainly due to her having a howitzer like weapon in her forehand.

World Tennis-p 24 of July 1961 issue--Her daintiness belies the fury of her forehand
In 1960 Reynolds became the only South African to reach the final at Wimbledon. After a tough opening set she easily went down to #1 seed and defending champion Maria Bueno 8-6 6-0. Reynolds came close the next year, making the semifinals. It was the third year in a row Reynolds made the semis or better.

Married in 1961 to Lowell Price, motherhood beckoned with the birth of her daughter Dessie. When she hung up her racquets Mrs Price had competed in only 18 majors in singles-making the quarterfinals or better 9 times.

Slam titles

Australian Doubles champion in 1959.
French Doubles champion in 1959 and 1961 to 1963. Mixed winner in 1959.

Last 8 in majors

Australian: QF (1959)
French: SF (1959, 1960)
Wimbledon RU (1960);SF (1959, 1961); QF (1957)
US: QF (1959, 1962)

Significant Singles titles

South African Champion in 1959 and 1961
German Champion from 1960 to 1962
US Clay Court Champion in 1959.

World Top Ten Rankings

1959: #5
1960: #3
1961: #5
1962: #6

(left to right) Bernice Carr, Jean Forbes, Renee, and​
Sandra on the far right.


The South African Tennis Twins (A Blast Thread)

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REZNICEK, PAULA VON (nee Paula Heimann)
Born 17 October 1895 in Breslau, Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland)
Died 12 October 1976 in Munich, Germany
Married (1) Burghard Freiherr von Reznicek (1896-1971), circa 1925/26
Married (2) Hans Stuck (1900-1978) in 1932; divorced 1948
[Active 1923-1938]

1929 German International champion, feminist writer, and often controversial figure in German tennis; Paula von Reznicek was the best known female of the Weimar Republic until overshadowed by Cilly Aussem.

Paula was the daughter of a wealthy Jewish banker Georg Friedrich Julius Max Heimann. He converted to Christianity in the 1880s, marrying the Catholic Valesca (Vally) Molinari.

From Breslau, she was ranked German #8 in 1923 as Fraulein Heimann. Married around 1925 to sportwriter Burghard Freiherr von Reznicek, she was known as Frau von Reznicek in the late 1920s and early 1930s. These were her best tennis years. Literary ambitions paired with tennis helped make her a household name. Paula wrote about women's emancipation, heralding the "new" liberated women of the liberal Weimar period before Adolf Hitler. She also wrote several romance novels and co-wrote books with von Reznicek. Her writings were a heady mixture of sport, women's lib, and the scandals of the rich and famous.

A natural storyteller, Paula was often the subject of gossip as well as a person who passed it along. An obituary from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung called her "A sharp woman with a sharp tongue." Separating the personality from the tennis player was nearly impossible.

"Haven't you sometimes felt the sweet excitements of tender eroticism during or after athletic exertion?"-Paula, from her book Resurrection of the Lady.
Paula's tennis suffered from the general ban on German players in international events after World War I. It wasn't until 1926 that Germans could compete abroad, too late for Reznicke to benefit at the age of 31. Indeed, 1928 was the only year she competed at Wimbledon.

At the same time a younger rival arrived in Cilly Aussem. Their rivalry became especially bitter. Aussem was destined to be a grand slam winner at Wimbledon and France in 1931. Early on Reznicek was able to defeat Aussem. Cilly's mother made the ridiculous charge that Paula won by "hypnotizing" Aussem. Mrs Aussem talked loudly about her suspicions and even wrote a letter to the German Tennis Federation. Paula heard it, confronted Mrs Aussem courtside at a tennis club, and after words were exchanged she slapped or punched Cilly's mother in the face. In the parlance of the day, Paula "boxed her ears". This slap heard round the world of German tennis entertained tennis circles for months in 1928. Cilly soon eclipsed Reznicek as German #1, and the famous incident gradually faded from view.

2nd husband Hans Stuck was a famous sportsman, best known for race car driving. Her tennis in decline, Paula devoted more time to writing and her husband's career. During much of the 1930s Paula concocted gimmicks and promotional stunts to keep Hans in the news. Hans also knew Adolf Hitler. According to wikipedia, "The fact that she had a Jewish grandfather caused Stuck some problems with the rise of the nazis, but his personal relationship with Hitler saved him from serious trouble." This connection may well have saved Paula's life. In 1939, he met Christa Thielmann, at that point engaged to Paula's youngest brother. Stuck and Paula divorced in 1948, and he married Christa that year.

Paula moved to Munich in 1945 and continued to write. In 1949 she completed a book about tennis legend Gottfried von Cramm. Paula died in Munich in 1976. Despite her two marriages she was quite content to never have children.

German Top Ten Rankings

1923: #8
1924: #8
1925: [missing]
1926: #5
1927: [missing]
1928: #4
1929: #2 (highest rank. German Champion)
1930: [missing]
1931: [missing]
1932: #3
1933: #4

Her books include (all in German)

Resurrection of the Lady, 1928
The perfect lady, 1928
The completed Adam, 1928 (together with Burghard von Reznicek)
What do you want to know, Madame, 1931
4 x love, 1937
Women are funny, 1938
1: 0 for him ?, 1947
Love in the Square, 1948
Gottfried von Gramm. The gentleman of Wimbledon, 1949
You too are beautiful. A manual for the neat lady, 1953
Love at Lido, 1963
Tennis Fascination, 1969
King Legend
War Legend
God and the heart
Vienna Chronicle
Lost home
Collected Works

Sources: [A Blast Thread]

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
: October 14, 1976, page 19 (her obituary)

Jensen, Erik N. Body by Weimar: Athletes, Gender, and German Modernity.

Sarah Colvin, Peter J. Davies (editors); Edinburgh German Yearbook, Volume 2: Masculinities in German Culture, 2008. page 193-200.

History of Formula 1 - Die Silberpfeile - Hans Stuck

GHDI - Image

Paula Von Reznicek Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty Images [search for Paula von Reznicek in the Getty Archives]

[Thanks to Rollo for this information]

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RIBA, “JOSEFA” de (Maria-Josefa de Riba)
Born 20 July 1913
Died 07 March 2008.
Nickname: "Pepa"
[Active 1944 to at least 1957]

Spanish #1 for the 1940s and the early 1950s-she was from Barcelona. She won other titles in Estoril, Lisbon and Oporto (Portugal), Zermatt (Switzerland) and Flins (Austria)

7 time Spanish National champion in singles (1944-1950, and 1953); she also won the doubles 6 times and the mixed 4 times. Pepa also won 13 Catalan titles, 9 in singles, 4 in doubles, and 1 in mixed.


La ex tenista Pepa Riba fallece a los 94 años | Tenis | deportes |

[Thanks to Rollo and Rosamund for this information]

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Born circa 1913
Married Gaviraghi, circa 1940
[Active 1928-1948-doubles til 1964]

Winner: 1930- Graz; 1932- Rome; 1940- Milao;

Finalist: 1928- Venezia; 1931- Bolzano, Tripoli; 1932- Cannes Carlton; 1938- Graz.

Active in singles until at least 1948, when she was ranked #3 in Italy

Elsa played doubles a few times until the 60s. In the Menton doubles final of 1964 she is listed under her maiden name - a mistake or is was divorced now?

Italian Ranking

1930: #6
1931: #4
1932: #3
1933: #2
1934: #3
1938: #8
1940: #4
1941: #3
1946: #2
1947: #3
1948: #3

[Thanks to Jimbo for this information and Peter for noting the doubles]

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RICE, ARGYLL (Argyll Pryor Rice)
United Statesvirgio
Born 23 November 1915 in Norfolk, Virginia
Died 03 December 2000 in New London, Connecticut
[Active 1937-1949]

According to WT she became the first full-time female faculty member at Harvard in 1959. Argyll taught Spanish. She was the daughter of the late Theodorick P. and Argyll Campbell Rice. Professor Rice was the author of a book on the Cuban poet Emilio Ballagas and numerous scholarly articles. She undertook research in Cuba during the initial period of the Castro regime.

Beginning her career as an amateur tennis player, she was ranked 16th nationally and played at Wimbledon and Roland Garros in 1948. Both a Sears Cup player and captain, she led the way for women players in Connecticut. In 1993 she was elected to the New England Tennis Hall of Fame.

Professor Rice left a successful career in tennis in favor of academic pursuits. She was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Smith College and took her M.A. and Ph.D degree at Yale. She was the first women to have taught undergraduates, in the Spanish Dept. at Yale. Joining the faculty of Connecticut College in 1964, she attained the rank of professor and was for many years chairperson of the Spanish Dept.

[Thanks to Rollo for this information]

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RICE, VIRGINIA (Virginia Bingham Rice)
United States
Born 14 March 1911 in Winchester, Massachuesetts
Died 22 January 2008
Married Melvin "Mel" Maynard Johnson, Jr., (1909-1965), 10 October 1934 in Brookline, Mass.
[Active 1920s-at least 1942]

Triple Champion of Bermuda in 1933.
She had 4 children (Melvin M. 3rd., Edward R., Byron B., and a daughter Gail V. Johnson), returning to play between pregnancies.

Virginia entered Forest Hills numerous times, but only entered Wimbledon in 1933 and 1934.

Favourite stroke: backhand.
Other recreations: badminton,golf,table tennis.

Melvin M. Johnson - Biography

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RICHARDS, MARY (nee Mary Elise Pilliard)
United States
Born 28 April, 1918 in Placer, California
Died 20 August 1997
Married (1) Arklay Seymour Richards (1898-1972) by 1956
Married (2) James Johnston
[Active 1954-1966]

Usually listed as Mrs Arklay Richards. Active at least from 1956 to 1966, which was the last year she was in the US National Doubles.

Listed as being from Newton, Mass. There was an Arklay Richards born in 1898, died 1972-this seems too old, though his address in 1948 is Newton. This Mr Richards manufacted temperature related products from 1938.

Her obit:

JOHNSTON - Mary Richards, 79, passed away August 20, 1997 in Roseville, CA. Born in CA, she later earned a bachelor of arts in 1939 and a master's degree in 1944 at the University of California, Berkeley.
She was a physical education instructor and vice principal at a high school in San Andreas. Mary moved to MA in 1943 to teach at Wellesley College until 1948. She was the 1947 Massachusetts badminton singles and doubles champion, also doubles tennis champion from 1967 to 1971. Mary was inducted in the U.S.T.A./New England Hall of Fame in 1995. Mary loved to travel having made many trips, usually hiking or biking to many countries around the world. She belonged to many clubs including the Badminton and Tennis Club in Boston, University Club in Windsor, Boston and Wabon and the Longwood Cricket Club in MA. The Silver Thatch Tennis Club in Pompano Beach, her residence for the past few years, also the Lighthouse Point Yacht and Racquet Club. Mary was an active member of the Double Sharp Organ and Copy Cat Organ Group clubs in W. Palm Beach. She was past director and vice president of the Arklay S. Richards Co. of MA. Mary was -preceded in death by Arklay Richards and James Johnston. She is survived by relatives in California and Massachusetts, also many friends from South Florida. She will be missed by all of us. Contributions may be made to the Youth Tennis Foundation of New England, 181 Wells Ave., Newton Centre, MA 02159.

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RICHARDSON, MINNIE (Minnie Rose Richardson)
Australia (Tasmania)
Born 22 April 1897
Married Dr James Magner,23 June 1928 in London, Enlgand

Tasmanian player who competed in Victoria during 1920s - Australian SF in 1925 - travelled to England to play tennis and became engaged to the Irish ship's doctor James Magner en route and married him in June 1928 in London. Not at her best in England. After marriage, the couple returned to Tasmania where Mrs Magner mainly concentrated on golf, going on to play in the Australian championships. She did begin to play pennant doubles again in 1932 (to 1946) and, in 1934, she won the Tasmanian Doubles final with Mrs Bond. The Magners returned to London in 1949, where the former Tasmanian champion visited Wimbledon. The official site used “Miranda”. Per GT it is ‘Minnie”.

Tasmanian Champion 1924, 1925, 1926

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RICHEY, NANCY (Nancy Ann Richey)
United States
Born 23 August 1942 in San Angelo, Texas
Married Kenneth S Gunter, 15 December 1970, divorced, 28 December 1976
Trademarks: a visor, or peaked cap. shorts and white eyeshade.
Playing style: An aggressive baseliner with flat groundstrokes hit hard.

Slam Titles

Australian Championships
Singles Champion 1967
Doubles Champion 1966

French Open
Singles Champion 1968

Doubles Champion 1966

US National Championships
Doubles Champion 1965-66

"I guess if looks could kill, I would have killed a number of people." - Nancy Richey, regarding her "matchface" expression of steely resolve worn on court.
1965-with her trophy for winning the South Australian title in Adelaide

With the 1968 French trophy

Nancy Richey Career thread -
Nancy Richey Career thread -

Nancy Richey career singles matches:
Nancy Richey career singles matches -

Nancy Richey pictures:
Nancy Richey Picture Thread -

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RICHTER, TONI (nee Toni Weihermann)
Born 11 September 1895 in Frankfurt-am-Main
Died 1980
Married Paul Richter after 1924.
[Active in the 1920s and 1930s]

Toni is the Frau Richter mentioned in some Continental tennis results in the late 1920s/early 1930s. She was from Frankfurt-am-Main. German #4 in 1924 as a Fraulein

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RIDDELL, "MONA" (Isobel Mona Riddell)
Great Britain (England)
Married Laurence Anthony Wear (1915-1999), October to December 1939 in Hendon, Middlesex
[Active 1933-1939]

Little refers to Mona Riddell as being "of Somerset" when she was on the Riviera in 1934.

Mona entered Wimbledon annually from 1933 to 1938.

Larence Anthony Wear from April to June of 1953. Mona had either died by this point or the couple were divorced.

Wimbledon record:

Singles: 3-5
Doubles: 0-5
Mixed: 1-2


Archive - Draws Archive : Mona Riddell - 2015 Wimbledon Championships Website - Official Site by IBM

Little, Alan. The Golden Days of Tennis on the Riviera. page 258.[Thanks to Rollo for this information]

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DE RIDDER, "NANY" (Janine de Ridder)
Born 16 August 1924
Died 18 October 1998
Married Jean Damster (23.6.1925-20.6.2000) after 1954
Nickname: "Nany"
[Active 1947-1954]

Competed at the 1948 and 1950 French and at Wimbledon in 1952 and 1953.

She was also a star on the women's hockey team who won the Belgian league five times.

Nany was a member of the famous Beerschot Tennis Club.

Belgian National Raking (where known)

1947: #3
1950: #7
1951: #2
1953: #5
1954: #5


The Championships, Wimbledon 2018 - Official Site by IBM
R. Beerschot T.H.C.

[Thanks to Jimbo for this information]
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