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Australia (NSW)
Born 17 May 1950 in New South Wales
Married John Paish on 16 November 1972 in London
[Active 1966-76]

Titles: Casablanca (1971), Port Washington (1974), Austin (1975) and Sheffield (1976).

From "The Milwaukee Journal", 19 November 1972: "1-day Bride Loses At Tennis. London, England - A.P. Wendy Gilchrist Paish of Australia spent her wedding day Thursday being beaten in tennis by her countrywoman, Margaret Court. Mrs Paish was married to British Davis Cup player John Paish shortly before her match, and had to hurry from the ceremony to the Royal Albert Hall, where she lost, 7-5, 6-1, in the women's round robin Dewar Cup competition."

Are Beris and William her parents?

[Thanks to Newmark for this information]

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United States
Born 27 December 1896
Died ????

Married Clifford J Lockhorn, circa July 1923
[Active 1917-1931]

Won: Connecticut State and Nyack 1921; Connecticut State 1922; North and South Tournament-1923; and Connecticut State in 1926.

Ranked in the top ten of the US in 1919 (#7) 1921 (#6 1922 (#7) and 1923 (#5).

Helen had a 5-2 singles record in her 2 known US Nationals. She made the QF in 1921, losing there to May Sutton Bundy 6-1 6-2. She was Mrs Lockhorn when she played the US Nationals again in 1923, falling in the 3R.

The Times wrote, "She is a baseline player, but a particularly steady one." (NYT, 23 Oct 1921, page 97). Combined with her speediness about the court it made her impregnable against all but the best players.

Husband also played tennis-they were mixed partners in 1922. According to the 1930 census the couple resided in Mamaroneck with her parents and had no children. Cliff was a rubber broker.

Picture dated July 1 1922

[Thanks to Rollo for this biography]

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GILLOU, ANTOINETTE (Antoinette Marie Jeanne Gillou)
Born 19 January 1883
Died 16 February 1949
Married Paul Gentien on 3 May 1904
Son Antoine (“Coco”) born 1905, tennis player and good friend of Suzanne Lenglen.
[Active as early as 1901]

Was the sister of Antoinette and Coco Gentien’s mother. The book Truly Wilde called her a socialite and suggested Antoinette was the lover of Dolly Wilde, Oscar Wilde’s Niece.

Antoine Gentien later wrote Aventures D'un Joueur De Tennis (1929)

Mlle Antoinette in a mixed doubles-1901 (image on lower left)

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GILLOU, “KATIE” (Catherine Marie Blanche Gillou)
Born 19 February 1887
Died 01 January 1964
Married René Francis Fenwick (1876-1917), 19 March 1906 in Paris.
Other nicknames: "Kate or "Katy"
[Active 1900-1914]

4 time winner of the French Nationals (1904, 1905, 1906 and 1908).

Antoine "Coco" Gentien was her nephew. "Towards the end of the century,my maternal grandmother had fallen in love with the new game at first sight and had an English architect build a court for her in her garden at Auteuil. It must have been one of the first ones in France... (Clerici, p 110).

From the magazine Femina in 1908

Gentien went on to recount a doubles final on the Ile de Puteaux. It was a romantic and isolated setting, for to reach it one had to come across by a boat or canoe. "My grandmother... told me about a women's doubles final. They began at two in the afternoon, and by seven o'clock the score was tied at 5 in the third set. Then one of the young women playing against Kate broke up the proceedings by calmly coming over to the net and stating that she had a dinner engagement in the city and would have to leave. (Clerici, p 116)

Note that the English translation uses "grandmother", an error in translation. Coco was the son of her sister Antoinette.

The daughter of Albert Gillou, she wed Rene Fenwick on 19 March 1906 in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame at Auteuil. Fenwick was a Lieutenant in the 31st Dragoons. A son named Robert was born in 1909.

Mme Fenwick in 1913, well past her prime. Decugis is on the left and Gobert on the right.


Clerici, Gianni, The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Tennis, 1975. Page 110 and 116.

Gentien, Coco. Aventures d'un jouer de Tennis.

[An article from 1904 dealing with the Ile de Puteux Internnational-Gillou won the event]

La Vie au grand air : revue illustrée de tous les sports | 1906-04-13 | Gallica

Figaro : journal non politique | 1906-03-20 | Gallica [wedding announcement]

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GIORGI, MONICA (Monica Cerutti Giorgi)
Born 03 January 1946 in Livorno, Italy
Married Ticino Cerutti after 1979
[Active in late 1967-1979]

Her father's passion for tennis got her started in the sport.
"A tomboy type who used to play soccer for a boy's team and has also played professionally. Small and excitable with a real flair for her shots.Graduate in Pedagogy from Leghorn" --from 1975 World of Tennis
Monica played serve and volley tennis-unheard of for an Italian in the 1960s She used speed and tactics to break up opponents rhythm. Slight of build, Monica lacked power to go beyond a certain level in singles. Skinny and quick, her tactical abilities were best exhibited in doubles, where angles and tactics trumped power. Her idol was the daring Maria Bueno.

Represented Italy in the 1972 Federation Cup, played that year in South Africa. Monica created quite a stir there by demonstrating her disdain for apartheid.

At a flea market I found a provocative t-shirt with two white and two bunk blacks standing in the position of two making love and I wore this on court. At the stadium, viewers were largely predominantly white, and raised a loud buzz when they saw me. On my return, following a complaint of the Federation of South Africa, I was disqualified from the Italian Federation and could not compete in international tournaments for a while.
In all she won about 10 Italian Nationals titles, mostly in doubles.

In the late 1970s she was accused of being a member of Azione Rivoluzionaria, a Tuscan anarchist group. Accused of murder and jailed for two years, she was defended in court by Paolo Galgani, a man she won the Italian National Mixed doubles title with. A court eventually decided she was guilty of participating in an armed gang but innocent of murder and released. Many in the Italian tennis community came to her defense, including Adriano Panatta.

After retirement Giorgi wrote a book about Simone Weil.


1975 World of Tennis, page 251.
google Monica Giorgi- Spazio Tennis article 21st May 2014 in Italian
Campioni da non dimenticare ? Monica Giorgi | SPAZIO TENNISSPAZIO TENNIS

MONICA GIORGI Tennis, studio e anarchia - Nazione Indiana | Nazione Indiana


[Thanks to Rosamund for this information]

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GLADMAN, "MIDGE" (Marjorie Kathleen Gladman)
United States
Born 23 June 1908, York, Ontario, Canada
Died 9 November 1999
Married (1) John William Van Ryn, 22 October 1930, later divorced
Married (2) Richard Albin Buck, 1 March 1947
[Active 1928-1958]

Canadian birth records indicate she was born in York, Canada. Her parents were born in England, and were most likely recent immigrants from Great Britian. The 1930 US census lists her twice--the first record (where she is called Marjorie) indicated the Gladman family immigrated to California in 1921. The other record, which lists her as "Midge", indicates the family immigrated to the in 1910.

Gladman didn't even pick up a racquet until she was 14. Under the guidance of famed coach Mercer Beasley she won the US National Girl's title in 1928.

Most noted for her doubles play, she won the US Nationals Doubles titles with Carolin Babcock in 1936 and reached the finals (again with Babcock) in 1937 and 1938. Very good with net play and half volleys in general, her backhand volley was the best of her generation and especially deadly. Off the ground her backhand was the stronger wing.

Midge was the first American female to play the Australian Championships. Her husband John Van Ryn was part of the visiting Davis cup team, so she tagged along. With Ellsworth Vines she barely lost in the mixed doubles final to Marjorie Crawford and Jack Crawford 3-6 7-5 13-11.

After divorcing Van Ryn she rewed Buck; playing doubles well into the 1950s with success.

*Buried in Cedar Hill Cemetary, Hartford, Connecticut. Birth per gravestone given as 23 June 1909. This could be an error by the stonecarver. It's also possible she fudged it.
Link to memorial at: Marjorie Gladman Buck (1909 - 1999) - Find A Grave Memorial

Winner: 1928-Tri-State, Canadian Championships, Western Championships, Southern California Championships, Iowa State, Michigan State, Missouri Valley Championships; 1929-Middle States, Delaware State, Pennsylvania and Eastern States Championships; 1930-Eastern Grass Court Championships, Southern California Championships, Ojai; 1931-Maidstone Invitational, Santa Barbara, Mason & Dixon Championships; 1932-Longwood Tournament, North and South Tournament; 1933-Mason & Dixon Championships, North and South Tournament; 1935-Longwood Tournament; 1936-US Indoors; 1937-Illinois State Championships, Longwood Tournament, River Oaks International; 1938-River Oaks International; 1942-Texas State; 1948-Coral Beach; 1950-New England Indoor Championships; 1955-Massachusetts State, New England Championships

RU: 1926-Canadian Championships; 1928-Pacific Southwest Championships, Seabright, Ojai; 1929-Maidstone Invitational, Mexican Championships, Ojai; 1930-Essex County Club Invitational; 1931-Florida State, North and South Tournament; 1932-Mason & Dixon Championships, Rhode Island State; 1934-Pennsylvania and Eastern States Championships; 1936-River Oaks International; 1938-Bermuda Championships; 1939-Colorado State; 1948-New England Championships; 1950-Coral Beach; 1956-New England Championships; 1958-Massachusetts State

US Top Ten Rankings: (ranked 9 years in US Top Ten. 6 consecutive years from 1928 to 1933)

1937-#4 (her final and highest Top Ten rank)

Watching a match in New South Wales in 1932

Link to a picture from the 1932 US Indoors at Longwood:

Other pictures

In 1st pic she is on left with Josephine Cruickshank, in 2nd pic she is on right with Marion Williams, in 2 pics she is with her first husband Van Ryn


[Thanks to Jimbo for help with this biography]

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GLASSPOOL, VIVIEN (Vivien Mary Glasspool)
United Kingdom
Born 9 May 1903 in Saint Pancras, London, England
Died 1986 in Pontypool, Wales

Although born in England, Vivien Glasspool had Irish connections on her mother's side of the family.

A pro by 1927, when she was a reserve on the Lenglen pro tour in Britain

Vivien on the right, with Molla Mallory at Chiswick Park in 1926

[Thanks to Mark for infomation on this player and Jimbo for the photo]

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United States
Born circa 1952
Height: 5' 2"
[Active in 1974]

From Shaker Heights in Ohio. Margot played World Team Tennis for the Cleveland Nets in 1974. That same year, her first as a pro, she played on the Virginia Slims satellite circuit. A Jet article calls her "the first black professional since Althea Gibson," but this is untrue.

Starting tennis at 13, Margot was a Physical Education major at California State. She was ambidextrous.

Source: Jet, 01 March 1975, page 50. See the article at:

[Thanks to LKK for this information]

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GODFREE, “KITTY” (nee Kathleen Mckane)
United Kingdom
Born 7 May 1896
Died 19 June 1992
Married Leslie Allison Godfree, 18 January 1926
Other nicknames: “Biddy” to her close friends.
[Active 1919-1927 and 1931-1934]

The first British post war champion at Wimbledon in 1924, she repeated in 1926. A fleet of foot volleyer, Kitty had to contend with Both Suzanne Lenglen and Helen Wills. Her first major victory was in 1924 as Miss McKane. When Suzanne Lenglen defaulted in the semifinals Kitty reached the final to face Helen Wills. Gamely hanging on against the odds, she recovered from a set and 1-4 down for a stirring 4-6 6-4 6-4 victory. The indomitable Brit had been a mere five points from defeat. Helen Wills reportedly cried after the match. Wills would never cry there again the defeat in 1924 was her only loss ever at Wimbledon!

Kitty's 2nd second Wimbledon championship was also a come from behind victory. Now Mrs Godfree, she dug herself out from another deep hole, trailing Spain’s Lil de Alvarez 3-1 and game point in the third set to come back again she won 6-2 4-6 6-3.

Kitty and her husband won the mixed doubles at Wimbledon in 1926. They remain the only married couple to have achieved this feat.

Won at least 41 events from 1919 (Frinton on Sea) to 1928 (Queen's)

World Top Ten Rankings (from 1925)

1925: #3
1926: #2
1927: #5


Kitty Godfree: Lady of a Golden Age by Geoffrey Green.

Wiki entry at:

At the 1925 French Open-Suzanne Lenglen on the left.


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GODWIN, "MARYNA" (L. Maryna Godwin)
South Africa
Born 9 September 1944
Married Mike J Procter (15 September 1946) a prominent cricket player, April to June of 1969.
[Active 1966-1969]

Apparently she went by her middle name of "Maryna." She was listed more formally as Miss L. M. Godwin. Her best result was the QF of the 1968 US Open ,where she gave top seed and world #1 Billie Jean King a three set tussle 6-3 3-6 6-3.

She wed a Procter, not “Proctor”. They wed just 3 months after first meeting in 1969. Her last Wimbledon was played as Mrs Procter. Maryna then retired to be the mother of 3 children. From the 1980s until at least 2012 the Procters settled in Durban, South Africa.

Known South African rankings

1968: #3
1969: #2 (as Mrs Procter)


Dallas and La Jolla (both in 1968)


1969 BP Yearbook of World Tennis, page 172.

Catching up with Proccie - Famous Publishing

Archive - Draws Archive : Maryna Procter (Godwin) - 2015 Wimbledon Championships Website - Official Site by IBM

[Thanks to Rollo for this information]

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GOLDING, "GERMAINE" (nee A. Germaine Regnier)
Born 1887
Died ????
Married Golding by 1914
[Active from as early as 1910 to 1933]

Mademoiselle Regnier's first spotlight came in the 1910 French Nationals final. She lost a lost a close final to Jeanne Matthey 1-6 6-1 9-7.

In 1914 Germaine, now Madame Golding, was the finalist at the World Hard Court Championships, the biggest clay court event of her era. She lost to 15 year old Suzanne Lenglen 6-2 6-1-a player she was never destined to defeat. Golding tried to dictate play with her forehand, but usually made an error after 3 or 4 shots.

War from 1914 to 1918 interrupted her tennis, though perhaps not totally, for we know she played a tournament at Gstaad in 1917.

Partnering with Suzanne Lenglen, Germaine captured the 1921 World Hard Court in doubles. This was her 2nd World Hardcourt Championship, having won the Mixed with William Laurentz in 1920.

Her biggest title was the 1922 World Covered Court Championships in St Moritz, Switzerland. Victories in the doubles and mixed doubles gave her a a rare "triple crown". There were 3 "World" Championships-Covered Courts (Indoors), Hard Courts (on clay) and on Grass (Wimbledon).

She has to settle for being second in France behind Suzanne Lenglen. In fact Germaine lost three consecutive finals at the French Nationals to Lenglen from 1921 to 1923. The 1923 final was the most intriguing. Golding actually led 4-0 in the second set when Lenglen righted herself and swept the next 6 games. The crowd believed that Golding had been robbed on a line call. As a result they actually booed Suzanne, something unheard of in France. The diva looked to be considering default until Papa ordered her to continue.

She was still good enough in 1924 to win the bronze medal at the Paris Olympics, and this at the age of 37. Germaine last known title came in 1931 at Paris. She would soldier on until 1933.

Golding limited her tennis to continental Europe for the most part; entering Wimbledon only once (in 1923)-she defaulted without striking a ball.

Some sources suggest she is English. There is no evidence for this, not in her name, nor in the fact that her tennis was almost exclusively on the continent. There is a chance her husband may have been George Golding, an Englishman who entered Wimbledon from 1921 to 1926. At present there is no direct evidence for this theory.

A competent baseliner with a strong forehand, Golding's serve had a large "cut", or slice, that made a strange bounce on impact and tok some getting used to. By contrast her backhand was a weakness the better of player could exploit.

At the World Hard Court Championships-circa 1914

Germaine Golding Bio, Stats, and Results | Olympics at (Which indicates that Germaine was her middle name)

Swiss Open Gstaad

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Born 16 February 1912 in Paris, France
Died 12 March 2000 in New York City, New York, United States
Married Milton H. Wallach (1902-1981) between 1941 and 1949
[Active 1931-1941]

French quarterfinalist in 1933 and 1938.

Lost 1933 QF to Helen Jacobs 1-6 6-1 6-3
Lost 1938 QF to Madzy Couquerque 6-2 6-1


1934: London Grass at Queen's Club
1937: French and British Indoors

Jacqueline was a mainstay of the French top ten in 1930s without being able to break through to the upper echelons. Goldschmidt's biggest title was on grass at the Queen's Club in 1934.

Of Jewish descent, she and her family were in grave danger under the German Nazis, who occupied France in May of 1940. Jacqueline "arrived with a special permit from the French government" to enter the 1940 US Nationals. Her hometown was Juan-Les-Pins, in the Riviera. This area was in Vichy, France, and sot under the direct control of the Nazis. She sailed on the Exochorda out of Lisbon in Portugal, arriving in New York just days before the 1940 US Nationals.

Wisely she decided to stay in the United States rather than return to France.

Goldschmidt was active in US tennis throughout 1941. Her last known tennis event was the US Nationals, where she lost in the first round.

Her father Jean-Jacques was in commerce, being the President of the Chambre Syndicae de Commerce Francaise.

Goldschmidt married Milton H. Wallach and two children. Eric was born about 1947 and Marina was born on 09 July 1949.

French Ranking:

1932: #5
1933: #4
1934: #3
1935: unknown. Not in top 4
1936: #5
1937: #8
1938: #6

[Obituary from the New York Times]

WALLACH - Jacqueline Goldschmidt. March 12, 2000. Beloved mother of Eric and Marina, devoted grandmother of Katie, Emily, Jacqueline, Tory and Peter. Loving mother-in-law to Miriam and Daniel. As a former French national tennis champion, Jacqueline Wallach inspired her children and grandchildren to excel at the sport. Her courage and independent spirit served as a model for her family and allowed her to escape the Nazis and establish herself in the United States. As a longtime sales executive at Van Cleef & Arpels, Jacqueline Wallach assisted countless jewelry lovers acquire priceless gems. Her sense of taste and her eye for excellence were flawless. After retirement in 1992, Jacqueline Wallach was delighted to serve as a senior volunteer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A private memorial service will be held at noon on Wednesday, March 15, 2000, at Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home, 1076 Madison Ave., New York City. In lieu of flowers donations to the United States Holocaust Museum, 100 Raoul Wallenberg Place, Washington, DC 20005.


New York Times, 13 March 2000.

"Miss Wallach Sets Wedding." New York Times, December 15, 1969, pp. 6]9.

"Exochorda Here With 166 Aboard." New York Times, September 01, 1940, pp. 13

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GOLDSWORTH, EVELYN (Evelyn Annie Goldsworth)
United Kingdom
Born 11 September 1902 in Chiswick, London
Did 31 July 1977 in Redhill, London
Married George Gordon Honeyman, 28 December 1933 in Southport.
[Active from at least 1928-1936]

It appears that Evelyn was born in London, but grew up in the Lancashire town of Southport where she also married. Her husband was Scottish.

A third round in 1930 was Evelyn's best showing at Wimbledon. She lost this match to the #1 seed Helen Wills Moody. In covering this match the New York Times called her "Elsie" and described her as 'a widely known hockey player.'


by FERDINAND KUHN JR Special Cable to THE NEW,YORK TIMES. "FIVE U.S. STARS GAIN IN WIMBLEDON PLAY." New York Times (1923-Current file): 24. Jun 26 1930. ProQuest. Web. 15 May 2016 .

Archive - Draws Archive : Evelyn Honeyman (Goldsworth) - 2015 Wimbledon Championships Website - Official Site by IBM

[Thanks to Newmark and Rollo for this information]

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GONZALEZ, VIVIANA (Viviana Gonzalez-Locicero)
Born 22 April 1958 in Rosario, Argentina
Married Fernando Segal, 09 February 1980
[Active 1976-1980 and 1983-1984]

Usually listed only as Gonzalez in English sources. She was the Argentine #1 in the late 1970s until Madruga took over that spot.

In 1978 Gonzalez was a surprise finalist of the United States Clay Court Championships. She also made the quarterfinals at the German and Canadian Opens. Married in 1980, injuries that year effectively took her off the international circuit. A brief return in 1983 and 1984 was limited to Argentina and did not pan out. After retirement she taught tennis.

Career High: #22 in the summer of 1978.

Year End Rankings

1977: #75
1978: #40

At the 1978 US Clay Courts


1981 WTA media guide

Film of Viviana from 1984:

[Thanks to Rollo and Rosamund for this information]
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