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AMORIM, MARIA (Maria Helena Amorim)
Born 1938 in Rio de Janiero
Died 2009
[Active 1952-at least 1959]

Maria is best known for a dubious record. She served a record 17 consecutive double faults in 1957 at Wimbledon in losing to Bertha Thung 6-3 4-6 6-1 on Court 6. Bertha Thung also had trouble holding serve, which explains the deceptively close score.

Her start in the sport came as a matter of course; her father Paul Amorim was President of the Brazilian Tennis Federation.

Her name is often rendered as Mara de Amorim (or even Amorin!). The Brazilian link below provides newspaper clippings indicating it was simply Amorim, without the "de".

Brazilian Rankings (when known)

1955: #3
1958: #2
1959: #3


Seddon, Peter. Tennis's Strangest Matches: Extraordinary but true stories from over five centuries of tennis. 2016.

marciofonsecatenis: Maria Helena Amorim

[Thanks to Jimbo for this information]

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AMOURETTI, JOSETTE (nee Josette Suzanne Marie Marguerite Astraud)
Born 05 March 1914 in Guise, France
Died ????
Married Marcel Gabriel Jean Marie Amouretti (born 1903) in 1932.
[Active 1942 to 1958]

1954 French quarterfinalist and 1956 doubles semifinalist.

Mme Amouretti's best run at her native French title came in 1954, when she was beaten by fellow Frenchwoman Ginette Bucaille, who went on to reach the final. In 1956 Joseete and partner Vera Puzejova reached the semifinals at Roland Garros in the doubles. Eventual champs Angela Buxton and Althea Gibson won 7-5 3-6 6-2.

Josette entered Wimbledon only once, reaching the third round in 1950.

French record (entered 1946 to 1956 and 1958)

Singles: 5-11 (QF in 1954)
Doubles: 10-8 (SF in 1956)
Mixed: 5-7 (*incomplete as results for some years missing)


Archive - Draws Archive : Josette Amouretti - 2015 Wimbledon Championships Website - Official Site by IBM

Bernadette AMOURETTI - Arbre généalogique ileavallon - Geneanet

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ANDERSON, DOROTHY (Dorothy Emily Anderson)
United Kingdom
Born 15 June 1908 in Birkenhead, Cheshire
Died ????
[Active 1928 to 1933]

Dorothy was never able to win a match at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon record (entered every year from 1928 to 1933)

Singles: 0-6
Doubles: 0-3
Mixed: 0=2


[Thanks to Newmark for information on this player]

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ANDERSON, MARY (Mary Ellen Murdoch Anderson)
South Africa/Great Britain
Born 25 December 1898 in South Africa
Married John Seymour Heagerty (1896-1982) circa June 1926

Her husband was shot down by the famous Red Baron of Germany in World War 1 and later went on to work in Churchill's secret "War Room" in World War II. The couple had 3 children.

Sources: [it notes she was South African]

[Thanks to Rollo for this information]

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MELODY, “MYRTLE” (nee Gladys Myrtle Anderson)
South Africa/New Zealand
Born in 1892
Died 17 August 1964 in Karori, Wellington
Married William John 'Bill' Melody in 1916
[Active from at least 1920-1930]

Often listed as Mrs WJ Melody. Often listed as Mrs WJ Melody. Bill was also a tennis player. The pair played at Wimbledon in 1925.

She won the 1925 New Zealand Championships and was RU in 1930.


[Thanks to Rollo and Newmark for this information]

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ANDERSON, PENELOPE (Penelope Weddell Anderson)
United States
Born 29 November 1902 in Virginia
Died 27 April 1993 in Englewood, Florida
Married Frederick Bennett McBride (1889-1971), 07 May 1932 in Richmond, Virginia
[Active: 1919-1937]

Penelope Anderson McBride’s love affair with the game of tennis began at the age of eight. She started hitting a tennis ball against the back of the house in Richmond, Virginia, where she began to blossom into one of the best women tennis players Virginia ever produced.

She captured the National Girl’s Doubles championship in 1919 (18 and under) with her Richmond friend and partner, Elizabeth Warren. By 1926, McBride ranked 12th in the nation and rose to the #8 spot by winning the championship of Mexico in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. Her ranking reached as high as #7 in 1927, when McBride became a member of the United States Wightman Cup Squad. She became a full member of the team in 1928.

It was in that year that she and the great Helen Wills traveled together to Europe. They played as partners in exhibition double matches. They went on to play together in the Wightman Cup, The French Championship, and at Wimbledon. McBride was a singles quarterfinalist in the U.S. Nationals 5 times.

One match she will never forget: That was the June afternoon that she and Helen Wills stepped out on the lush turf of the center court at Wimbledon for the doubles match that was to decide the home of the 1928 Wightman Cup. Twenty thousand silent tennis worshipers were In the spacious stands. The matches Were all square at three-all, when Penelope and Helen Wills took the court for the decisive match against England's peerless duo, Eileen Bennett and Mrs. M. Holcroft Watson. The American pair were blasted off the scene in decisive fashion, 6—2, 6—1. But it wasn't Penelope's fault. Carping London critics claimed that she had never played better, but Queen Helen was far off her game. Weary and worn after her singles triumph of the morning, the Californian was unable to help her partner stem the softdropping, tantalizing top-spinners of Mrs. Watson, or the blazing power drives of Miss Bennett.

Her name lives on in the Richmond Tennis Tournament known as the “Anderson Cup”. This is an annual affair between the Country Club of Virginia, Farmington Country Club, Princess Anne Country Club, and The Norfolk Yacht and Country Club. The tournament is named after Penelope and her sister, Margaret Anderson Duval, who was also an avid and acclaimed tennis player. In addition, The Penelope Anderson McBride Ladies Doubles Cup is given annually at the Short Hills Club, in Short Hills, New Jersey where she and her husband were residents for over 50 years.

After retiring from major tennis events in 1937 Mrs McBride continued tennis in veteran's events (such as the 1940 US Nationals) and locally in doubles at New Jersey tournaments. In 1959, aged 56, she won the New Jersey State doubles title.

Had two daughters, Penelope Weddell and Mary Anderson.

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ANDRUS, DOROTHY (Dorothy Bourne Andrus)
United States
Born 14 June 1908 in New York City, New York
Died 29 September 1989 Sarasota, Florida
Married (1) Walter Anthony Burke (1904-1980) on 31 August 1931 in Tuxedo Park, New York. Divorced 13 November 1933 in Reno, Nevada.
Married (2) Charles Edmund Voorhees (1909-1992) on 14 June 1941 in New York City, New York.
[Active 1925-1940]

3 times a grand slam doubles finalist-failing to take the last step and garner a slam.

1933 French quarterfinalist.
1934 Wimbledon doubles finalist with Sylvia Henrotin, also SF in 1936, 1937, and 1938.
1934 US doubles finalist with Carolin Babcock, also SF in 1932 and 1939.
1934 US Nationals singles semifinalist.
1935 Wightman Cup team (doubles only)
1937 French doubles finalist.

United States Top Ten Singles rankings

1931: #10 (as Mrs Dorothy Andrus Burke)
1934: #4 (as Mrs Dorothy Andrus)
1935: #9
1937: #7

Most notable singles titles

1932-Alassio (in Italy) and London Grass (England)

According to the New York Times she inherited “a fortune” (estimated at 1 million dollars) on turning 21 on June 14, 1929. Her father was William L Andrus. Her grandfather John Emery Andrus was known as “the millionaire straphanger of Yonkers" and was briefly a member of the US congress.

"Let the money wait. I can get my million any time."--Dorothy Andrus on not running to sign papers for her inheritance. She was busy playing a tennis tournament.
She attended Smith College in 1931, but did not graduate. This was her first real year as a notable player, winning the prestigious Longwood event by upsetting Sarah Palfrey. This win moved her from #22 in the US in 1930 to #10 for 1931.

Much was made of her marital history with Walter Anthony Burke. Burke was a wealthy Yale graduate. The pair eloped in August of 1931 at Tuxedo Park, two other public ceremonies in Stamford and Midleton were held later in the fall. Only the October 30 1931 ceremony was announced to the public. The three separate ceremonies are mentioned in her divorce suit on November 13 1933. As was usual for that time she obtained the divorce in Reno, Nevada.

Her marriage was effectively over by the time she played the Riviera in early 1934, where she asked to be called Andrus rather than Mrs Burke.

Divorce didn't prevent good tennis results-to the contrary 1934 was her best year ever. Dorothy reached the doubles finals at Wimbledon and the US Nationals. Sarah Palfrey proved to be Dorothy's nemesis that year, stopping her in both the US Nationals in singles and doubles. In the summer Andrus won the Maidstone title, a big event.

At the US Nationals Andrus upheld her seeding to reach the semifinals. At that stage Sarah Palfrey pounced on her weak serve to win 6-3 6-4. Andrus was ahead in the 2nd set but fell apart after missing an easy overhead that would have given her a 4-1 lead. The next day Andrus and Carolin Babcock lost a close doubles final to Helen Jacobs and Sarah Palfrey. The 4-6 6-3 6-4 defeat was the closest she would ever come to a slam crown.

Andrus ended the year #4 in the US. This was by far her highest singles rank.

Her last opportunity for a major was in 1937. Dorothy and Sylvia got to the French final, losing to Simone Mathieu and Billie Yorke 3-6 6-2 6-2. The New York Times reported they "virtually beat themselves through errors."

In 1937 she shared the Essex singles title with friend and doubles partner Sylvia Andrus after rain washed out the final.

Among her numerous doubles titles with Sylvia Henrotin were the US Indoors and Bermuda (1935); Bermuda, St. George's Hill, London Grass and Maidstone (1936); Bermuda, Maidstone and Essex (1937); Bermuda (1938); London Grass (1939); and Pennsylvania and Eastern States and Hot Springs in 1940. She also won Maidstone in 1934 with Babcock and Seabright in 1937 with Jedrzejowska.

Most effective in doubles, especially her partnership with Frenchwoman Sylvia Henrotin from 1934 to 1940. Andrus provided power with solid net skills,while Henrotin had devastating volleys and lefty guile. Easily among the top five doubles teams of their day, Andrus and Henrotin usually came up short against the likes of Alice Marble and Sarah Palfrey-the later team having more power in serves and overheads.

In the late 1930s Mrs Andrus (as she was styled after her divorce) also entered some golf tournaments. She also played hockey.

Dorothy had two sons by her 2nd marriage in 1941 to Charles Voorhees. Marriage and motherhood effectively ended her tournament tennis days.


John Andrus Voorhees, b. May 31, 1943.
Charles William Voorhees, b. December 19, 1944.

Andrus had a good net game and a forehand that packed some punch. A weak serve and lack of consistency off the ground kept her from moving up the ranks in singles, where she was more a top 20 player at best. Andrus was always top ten in world class in doubles, using an assortment "heady volleys and lobs."

Unusually for the 1930s Andrus competed overseas in Europe every year from 1931 to 1939 and at Wimbledon from 1932-1939.

Queen's Club in 1932 with Jadwiga Jędrzejowska

View attachment 64882


Brookman, Laura Lou (January 29, 1934). "What's Wrong With Marriage?". The Pittsburgh Press. p. 17 – via Google News Archive

Morrill, George P. Multimillionaire Straphanger: A Life of John Emory Andrus. Middletown, Conn.: Wesleyan University Press, 1971.

This is a link to more information on Dorothy's paternal grandfather, John Emory Andrus:

Steven-Kelban - User Trees -

Archive - Draws Archive : Doris Andrus (Burke) - 2015 Wimbledon Championships Website - Official Site by IBM

1980 USTA Encyclopedia of Tennis. Page 490

The New York Times was consulted extensively.

[Thanks to Rollo for this information]

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Australia (South Australia)
Born 1931
Alive as of 2011
Married Graham Polkinghorne, 19 January 1955
[Active 1949-1954]

1952 RU in Australian Chmps and 1952 South Australian Champion

Helen lost the final 6-3 6-2 to Thelma Long. In the semis she shocked multiple champ Nancye Bolton. During the 1952-1953 Australian tour of Maureen Connolly the only set the world champion lost was to Helen. Mo went on to win the Grand Slam in 1953.


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ANTHONY, JULIE (Julie Kathleen Anthony)
United States
Born 13 January 1948 in Santa Monica, California.
Married Richard "Dick" Butera--divorced by 1991
Nickname: “Doc”. Julie attained a Doctorate in Psychology.
[Career Span: 1967-1979]

A promising junior player in Santa Monica, California, Anthony received free lessons from 1904 U.S. champion May Sutton Bundy, whom she called 'Granny.' Awarded academic and tennis scholarships to Westlake School in Los Angeles at age 15, Anthony subsequently entered Stanford University where she and partner Jane Albert claimed the national collegiate doubles crown in 1967.

In 1969 Anthony garnered attention for upsetting Francoise Durr at Wimbledon.

Julie's best results in majors was a quarterfinal showing at the 1972 US Open and RU in doubles at the 1975 French with Olga Morozova. The pair fell to Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova in the final 6-3 6-2.

As a professional, Anthony helped to inaugurate World Team Tennis in 1974, leading the league in women's doubles wins with partner Billie Jean King. After receiving her doctorate in clinical psychology from UCLA in 1979, Dr. Anthony combined her athletic and clinical skills as a sports psychologist and author. This earned her the nickname of "Doc" by by tour mates.

As the 70s wore on Anthony played a reduced schedule supplemented by TV commentary.

From 1989 to 1994 she coached doubles player Gigi Fernandez to 11 Grand Slam titles and an Olympic gold medal. Providing wise counsel to amateurs and professionals alike, Dr. Julie Anthony has drawn life lessons from the game of tennis.

Entered the US Open from 1972-1979
Entered Wimbledon 1974-1978
1973 Swiss Open Champion

Author, A Winning Combination (with Nick Bollettiere) 1980

Anthony played under her maiden name even after marriage.

"Doc" Anthony


JULIE ANTHONY | ITA Women's Hall of Fame

Hedges, Martin. A Concise Dictionary of Tennis. 1978. p. 14

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United States
Born 20 January 1959 in West Covina, California
Height: 5' 5"
Married Inouye
Nickname: "Greek Freak"
[Active: 1974-1991]

An aggressive serve and volleyer. 1977 Junior Wimbledon champ. She also made the 4R of the ladies event, her best result in a major. She was one of the firt players to use a steel racquet, the T-2000 being her weapon of choice.

In the early 80s Lea was involved in the WTA on the executive board.

I started playing with the T2000 in late 1975 and used it at both my Junior Wimbledons. It was very heavy (compared to today’s racquets) and powerful. Since I was a serve and volleyer and a pretty flat hitter, it added power to my strokes. It was definitely a big help on the grass.
Note spelling. Not Antopolis or Antonopolis.

Playing Martina Navratilova at Wimbledon in 1976

WTA Year-End Ranking

1975: #082
1976: not ranked in top 138.
1977: #067
1978: #051
1979: #124
1980: #073
1981: #050
1982: #073
1983: #105
1984: #071
1985: #084 [Career high ranking of #66 on 04 February 1985
1986: #176
1987: #163
1988: #151
1989: #210
1990: #608

A photo of Lea at Wimbledon:

1985 World of Tennis, page 294

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Born 27 July 1952 in in Beverwijk, Netherlands
Married Jaap Vessies in 1975--probably divorced
Married Michele Madison
[Active 1973-1983]

Dutch nationals champion in 1977 and 1978.
Won Swedish Open at Bastad in 1978

Appel-Vessies best performance at a slam, in the singles competition, was at the 1975 French Open, when she reached the third round. Her best performance in a doubles tournament at a slam was at the 1976 French Open, when she and Virginia Ruzici reached the quarter-finals.

Elly had wins over Martina Navratilova and Sylvia Hanika.

Played Wimbledon every year from 1973 to 1981 except for 1980.
Wimbledon singles: 2-6
Wimbledon doubles: 5-6

Her last known activity was at a hockey camp in Virginia which she co-ran with her partner Michele Madison.


Elly in 1974 (below)

[Thanks to Rollo and Vinkje83 for this information]

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Born 22 April 1972 in Aalst, East Flanders, Belgium
Married Serge Haubourdin on 20 September 1997
Height: 5' 6"
Played Left Handed with two-handed backhand.
[Active 1988-2000]

Sabine and Dominique Van Roost were at the forefront of reviving Belgian women's tennis in the 1990s. Their influence helped inspire Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters just a few years later.

Started tennis at age 7. Naturally right-handed, she became a lefty because she wanted to learn with her friend.

Won 7 singles and 4 doubles titles. Her highest computer ranking was #16 in 1997, the very same year she made the QF at the Australian Open.

Appelmans was elected as the Belgian Sportswoman of the year 1990 & 1991. She was nominated for the Karen Krantzcke Sportsmanship Award in 1994 & 1995.

Belgian Fed cup captain (2007-2011)

Year-End WTA Rankings:

2000: #50
1999: #30
1998: #49
1997: #16
1996: #21
1995: #31
1994: #26
1993: #36 (Won Porto Challenger, RU Budapest)
1992: #26 (Won Pattaya, RU Japan Open)
1991: #18 (Won Phoeni, Nashville, and RU Japan Open)
1990: #22 (RU at Auckland)
1989: #149
1988: #215
1987: #283


Barrett, John. 2000 World of Tennis, page 370.

Sabine Appelmans | WTA Tennis

[Thanks to Rollo for this information]

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Born 04 July 1955
Married Romani
[Active 1968-1977]

A young phenom who never quite reached the heights expected of her. Unbeaten in South American team competitions in 1969 at the age of only 14. Some regarded her as a potential heiress to the legacy of Maria Bueno.

Won South American Open in 1974 and finalist in 1975. Winner of the River Plate Championships in 1969, 1970, and 1973.

[Thanks to Jimbo for two pictures found at: - View Single Post - Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players ]

Beatriz with the impressive River Plate trophy


Archive - Draws Archive : Beatriz Araujo - 2015 Wimbledon Championships Website - Official Site by IBM

1977 World of Tennis. page 281.

Hedges, Martin. The Concise Dictionary of Tennis. 1978. p 14

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ARBUTHNOT, ALICE (Alice Marion Caroline Arbuthnot)
Great Britain
Born 08 November 1869
Died ????
Married Edward Herbert Fox on 18 April 1900 in Thatcham, Berkshire

Sometimes listed as Ann, but Alice appears to be the correct name. Sister of Ivy and May.

[Thanks to Newmark for this information]

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ASCHNER, MARILYN (Marilyn Jane Aschner)
United Staters
Born 08 March 1948
Married (1) Alan Rachleff, 27 January 1974, divorced 1974 or 1975
Married (2) Leonard Katz (d 5.5.2011), 1977
Plays: Lefthanded
[Active in the 1960s and early 1970s]

Played primarily on the East Coast in her heydey during the 1960s.

A teaching pro at Port Washington. Sociology degree from Queens Univ. Ranked 3rd in the Eastern US at one point.

In 2014 Marilyn was induced into the USTA Eastern Hall of Fame

[From the Eastern Hall of Fame site]

She played for Queens College and also broke into the world Top 30 by the end of the ‘60s, playing events both nationally and internationally. Marilyn considers her first time competing at the Orange Bowl Junior Championships in 1964 a junior career highlight. Eastern supported her trip, which gave her the self-belief to win. “I was so proud that Eastern had the confidence in me to fly me to the Orange Bowl,” she said. She made the most of the experience, finishing as the runner-up in singles for the 16s. Marilyn also finished as a finalist in 1966 and claimed the doubles title in the 18s.

She went on to play eight US Opens, two Wimbledons, and the French Open. Marilyn advanced to a career-best third round at the US Open and traveled to play in France, Italy, Colombia, Venezuela, and other countries around the world. Playing at Wimbledon, however, was one of her proudest moments as an athlete. “The history behind Wimbledon is what makes it extraordinary,” she said.


Marilyn Aschner, 2014 Eastern Hall of Fame Inductee | General News - News | | USTA Eastern

"Marilyn Aschner to be Wed Jan. 27." New York Times (1923-Current file): 93. Dec 09 1973. ProQuest. Web. 8 Oct. 2016 .

[Thanks to Jimbo and LKK for this biography]

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ARBUTHNOT," IVY" (Rosa Margaret Ivy Florence)
Great Britain
Born 30 January 1871 in Sunningdale, Berkshire, England
Died 15 December 1938 in Kilbery-by-Tarbert, Argyllshire, Scotland
[Active in the early 1890s]

Sister of Alice and May. Played in the early 1890s. Ivy never married.

[Thanks to Newmark for this infrmation]

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ARBUTHNOT, MAY (Adolphine Mary Arbuthnot)
Great Britain
Born 12 January 1868
Died 18 December 1904
Married Charles Edward Brownrigg, 22 December 1897

Sister of Alice and Ivy. Played in the early 1890s RU 1893 British Indoors

[Thank you to Newmark for digging up information on the Arbuthnot sisters]
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