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FERNANDEZ, "GIGI" (Beatriz Fernandez)
United States (Puerto Rico)
Born 22 February 1964 in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Height: 1.70 M (5; 7")
Plays Right-handed (two handed-backhand)
[Active 1983-1997]

One of the greatest ever in doubles. Gigi 14 of 17 slams in doubles won with Nataha Zvereva. Together they were the dominant pair of the 1990s.
Fernandez also won the Olympic gold medal doubles twice, in 1992 and 1996. Both times her partner was Mary Joe Fernandez.

The feisty Fernandez won a doubles major 8 consecutive years from 1990 to 1997.

After a two tear stint of college tennis at Clemson Gigi hit the tour full time when she turned pro in 1983.

[From the International Hall of Fame site]

In October 2014, espnW voted Gigi Fernández the 10th-most-influencial Hispanic athlete in history. The big-serving and hard-hitting native of San Juan, Puerto Rico was the first female athlete from her country to become a professional in any sport, and she carved out a legacy, largely based on astounding doubles success, a scant few in the sport have ever achieved.

Fernández, who was fiery, tenacious, exuberant, and displayed her emotions on the court freely – both a blessing and a curse at times – won 17 major doubles titles with four different partners. Fourteen of those titles were shared with Natasha Zverera, who complimented her spirited partner perfectly. While the duo weren’t complete opposites, Zvereva’s all-court game balanced her partner’s aggressive mantra and while Fernández was fire, Zvereva was ice. Appropriately, the pair entered the Hall of Fame together in 2010.
Their fun sense of humor and antics on and off court earned Fernandez and Zvereva a reputation for being entertainers par excellence. Fun or not, they were a deadly combo. They won 6 consecutive majors from the 1992 French through Wimbledon 1993. Only Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver (with 8 consecutive slams) can top that. Gigi and Natasha won 14 of 18 major finals.

The biggest dissapointment for the dynamic duo came at the 1993 US Open where, having won the other 3 majors that year, they were chasing the Grand Slam. They fell in the semifinals to Arantxa Sanchez Vicario and Helena Sukova 1-6 6-3 6-4.

Tagged as a future Martina Navratilova in her youth, Gigi never developed as her early idol had. Some put it down to a lack of work ethic or discipline. For others it was mental. "Her grace at net was overshadowed at times by her trigger temper." (Crouse) As she matured with years on tour the mental lapses lessened, Gigi also cited relaxation techniques learned from the Deepak Chopra Center in 1992.

Though her tennis was primarily geared towards doubles the flashy Fernandez could make inroads in singles on faster surfaces. 1994 saw the most success in slams, as Gigi made the semifinals at Wimbledon losing 6-4 7-6 to Martina Navratilova) and the quarters at the US Open a couple of months later.

Fernandez retired in 1997 at age 33. That same year Gigi met former pro golfer Jane Geddes, who became her life partner. After many months of trying, Gigi bore twins after a friend donated eggs. Carson and Madison Fernandez-Geddes were born in April 2009.

Fernández was named Puerto Rico's "Female Athlete of the Century" in 1999. In 2010 she entered the International Tennis Hall of Fame next to her former double partner Natasha Zvereva.


Career record 664–184
Career titles 69
Highest ranking No. 1 (March 4, 1991)

Grand Slam Doubles results

Australian Open W (1993, 1994)
French Open W (1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997)
Wimbledon W (1992, 1993, 1994, 1997)
US Open W (1988, 1990, 1992, 1995, 1996)

WTA Finals W (1993, 1994)


Career record 270–232
Career titles 2
Highest ranking No. 17 (October 6, 1991)

Grand Slam Singles results

Australian Open 4R (1990, 1993)
French Open 2R (1986, 1987, 1991)
Wimbledon SF (1994)
US Open QF (1991, 1994)

Olympic gold with Mary Joe Fernandez


What about Gigi? - [A Blast thread]

Crouse, Karen. "A Dream Deferred, almost Too Long." New York Times (1923-Current file), Aug 30, 2010, pp. 2, ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times with Index,

[Thanks to Rollo for this information]

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SZAPARY, "GABRIELE" (Maria Gabrielle Christiane Ferdinandine Wilhelmine Mathilde Antonia Agnes Martina Szapary de Muraszombath)
Born 28 January 1913 in Vienna, Austria
Died 30 November 2007
[Active in 1934-1935]

Countess Szapary was from a noble family of Hungarian origins. She represented Austria however, being born and raised in Vienna. Her father played a notable role in setting off the powder keg we know today as World War I, being the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador to Imperial Russia in 1914.

She was active as a tennis player on the French Riviera in the 1934 and 1935 seasons. Her lone entry at Wimbledon was in 1934, where she lost opening matches in singles and doubles but got to the 3R in mixed.

The Countess was no easy out on the Riviera, reaching many quarter and semifinals, where she often pushed quality players to long three set matches.

Author Morris Wright was in Vienna in 1933 and writes about a Countess Maria Szapary. Gabriele's first name was actually Maria, and it is tempting to connect his Countess to Gabriele.

From Writing My Life, An Autobiography, page 163

"The Countess Maria Szapary was also a scholar, taking her doctorate in history at the university. She was a heavy, powerful woman with frizzly orange hair, a broad flat face with small features. Her eyes were so far apart I looked at just one at a time. ...Though she was built like a fullback, she was not unattractive. . Her English was pretty good for the usual sort of talk, but she was crazy to talk about religion. ..She was Countess Szapary, from Abony near Pest, and everybody at the club kowtowed to her. ...She took me to watch her play tennis at a club, where she served and volley like a cannon. She either double faulted or served an ace."

Gabriele as an infant with her mother in St Petersburg, 1914


Descendants of Ct. Ferenc Szapary de Muraszombath (1804-1875)


Archive - Draws Archive : Gabriele Szapary - 2015 Wimbledon Championships Website - Official Site by IBM szapary tennis&f=false
[Author Wright Morris mentions a Countess Maria Szapary who plays tennis. Could this person and Gabriele be one and the same?]

[Thanks to Rollo for this information]

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KELLY, "MAY" (nee Marion Elinor Farr)
Great Britain
Born 1874 in Ceylon (modern Sri Lanka)
Died 1958
Married to Douglas Edmund Kelly (1877-1967) by 1903
Possible nickname: "Margaret'
[Active from at least 1904 to 1907]

Daughter of Tom Farr, a tea planter in Ceylon (modern Sri Lanka). Farr planted North Cove (Bogo) and built Farr Inn at Horton Plains. Though born in Ceylon, in 1891 she was in an English boarding school located in Colchester.

In 1907 the husband and wife pair of D. E. Kelly & Mrs. D. E. Kelly won the Ceylanese Championships. Her husband was 6 times winner of the event. He was a tea Planter in Killarney, Ceylon.

She had 3 children, Wilfred (1903-1986), Elizabeth (1912-1990) and Elinor Margaret ("Peggy") born circa 1914.

Though the 1904 lady champion is listed as Mrs D. K. Kelly, this person and Mrs D. E. Kelly are almost certainly one and the same or at least related by marriage.

Douglas and his wife lived on the Killarney estate in Bogawantalawa. Moira Colin-Thome’s article on the Kelly’s of Killarney mentions "Douglas and Margaret" when Moira visited in 1954. It goes on to state she died in 1958 and buried at the St Mary’s Church cemetery.


1891 Census of England

Print Page - The Kellys of Killarney

Family Tree - The Cobbold Family History Trust

The Kellys of Killarney Moira Colin Thome | History of Ceylon Tea [which calls her "May Elizabeth" but cites no solid sources]

[Thanks to Rollo for this information]

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VONDROUSOVA, MARKETA (Markéta Vondroušová)
Czech Republic
Born 27 June 1999 in Sokolev, Czech Republic
Height: 1.72 m
Plays: Lefthanded with two-handed backhand
[Active 2014 to present]

2019 French Open semifinalist
2019 Australian Open doubles semifinalist

Out of the blue Marketa made the finals at the French Open. This made her the first teenage finalist at the French since Ana Ivanovic in 2007. Unfortunately the nervous Czech was outclassed by Ashleigh Barty 6-1 6-3. Only weeks later she had to end her season when she was forced to undergo a wrist surgery.

Born in Sokolov, Czech Republic, now lives and trains in Prague...Won first WTA title at 17-years-old in Biel as a qualifier, in just her second WTA main draw appearance....Favorite surface is clay because she grew up on it, but believes her game is more suited for hard courts....Began playing tennis at 4 years old with her father, and by 10-years-old she was practicing in Prague....Moved to Prague by herself at 15-years-old to train....Chose tennis over soccer because she prefers the individual nature of the sport....Tennis idol is Roger Federer....Describes herself as "quiet" and "calm".

A rising young star, at only 17 she was aiming for upward mobility in the rankings, as evidenced by her maiden title at Biel in 2017. Biel was only her 2nd WTA tournament-ever. The Daily Telgraph declared her "game is based on creating angles and clever shotmaking rather than brute force", noting that after Biel her ranking "will move up 116 places to 117 in Monday's rankings."

Tennis forum member Tripolis had this to say about her game after her Biel title.:

17 freaking years old and she's already playing well beyond her years. SO clutch under pressure, seems to be mentally strong too, and just gets on with it after every missed shot or bad call. I mean, it's just so refreshing and great to see a talented youngster just playing her game and managing to breakthrough.

2nd WTA main draw, and she wins the title, not even losing a single set in the MD, notching wins over top 20 Strycova in the process.

She's got all the goods needed to be part of the tennis elite, and probably a future GS champ -- great lefty serve, awesome groundstrokes off both the FH and BH as well as exquisite touch on her dropshots and lobs. Her net game seems decent as well. I can't think of any severe weaknesses that may hinder her rise to the top, and since she's still young I'm pretty sure her game will develop even more as she grows older and gains more experience. But, wow. What a journey she has had this week, and I've become a fan
Winner (1): 2017 - Biel/Bienne.
Finalist (3): 2019 - Budapest, Istanbul, Roland Garros.

Czech Fed Cup Team, 2017, 2019.


2019:#16 (Career high #14 on 01 June)
2018: #67
2017: #67
2016: #376
2015: #429


Biel Final (Q)'17 years old' Vondrousova takes 1st WTA title def Kontaveit 6-4 7-6(6) [Her active player forum]

[Thanks to Rollo for this information]

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United States
Born 06 April 1955 in Los Angeles, California
Died 29 January 1982 in Culver City, California.
Married Archie Whitmore-a pro basketball player, by 1979. Divorced in early 1980.
Height: 5' 6"
Played: Righthanded
[Active 1978-1981]

1981 and 1982 Nigerian Open champion.

A promising serve and volley doubles player whose life was tragically cut short by a senseless homicide. Her family was involved in the film industry in Califoirnia.

Began playing at 16 when she discovered tennis in high school. The late start made it tough to progress up the singles rankings in a sport where most girls start before the age of 7 or 8. Luckily for her tennis at Dorsey High School eventually led to professional tennis.

In 1978, Buchanan won the singles, doubles and mixed doubles championships at the U.S. Public Parks tournament in Los Angeles – the first black woman to win all three major titles in the history of the tournament. This encouraged her to make a go of the pro tour at the relatively old age of 23 in the summer of 1978.

Andrea got some help along the way, namely some coaching form former great Alex Olmedo, sponsorship by football star Jim Brown and some guidance from Althea Gibson.

Earned a 22-12 record on the 1979 Avon Futures circuit as Andrea Whitmore. By the summer of 1979 her ranking reached 90-a career high. 1980 was much rougher, as she went through a divorce (her name was back to Buchanan by Wimbledon) and saw her record drop to 6-6.

Buchanan qualified for Wimbledon 3 years running. The 3R at 1981 Wimbledon and 2R at the US Open that year were her best singles results in a major.

In November of 1981 Andrea won the Nigerian Open, repeating as champion. First prize was $5,800. It proved to be her last event. At the time a woman ranked in the 90s and low 100s had a tough time makes ends meet just to pay for living expenses. Demoralized by what she saw as an unfair computer ranking, Buchanan decided to work at a Los Angeles fish market and save money until April of 1982, when she planned to rejoin the tour.

Andrea and her boss Nathaniel Brown were murdered in the early morning hours of 29 January 1982. Both were fatally shot with multiple wounds. Andrea died a short time after arriving at the hospital. While owning the fish shop Brown had also dealt in cocaine. Policie believed Brown was the target with Buchanan being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The crime remains unsolved.

At the time of her death she was ranked #102 on the WTA tour in singles.

Billie Jean King remembered Buchanan as one of the friendliest players on the tour, a view shared by many other pros:

"She was outgoing with everyone, from the promoter to the ball kids," said Leslie Allen, whose close friendship with Buchanan began on the Avon Futures circuit in 1979. "I was used to being dry and dull. Andrea ; made me loosen up and have fun." "She was the one person on the tour who could deal with everybody," said Diane Morrison, a former; tour player and a distant cousin of Andrea's. "I never saw her depressed, and everybody is depressed on the tennis circuit. Tennis was not going to change her personality. -from an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Andrea playing an Avon Futures event


1980 Avon Media Guide, page 154.
1980 WTA Media Guide, page 148.

"Buchanan: A blooming life and career, cut short" Philadelphia Inquirer, 22 March 1982)

Tennis player killed on coast (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 30 January 1982)
Blacks at the net (p. 192)

Grave Spotlight

Archive - Draws Archive : Andrea Whitmore - 2015 Wimbledon Championships Website - Official Site by IBM
Archive - Draws Archive : Andrea Buchanan - 2015 Wimbledon Championships Website - Official Site by IBM

[Thanks to Rollo and Wolbo for this information]

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United States
Born 05 June 1961 in Oakland, California
Married Phlip Gammon (born 04 January 1957) 16 February 1985 at Alameda California
Height: 5' 9"
Played: Righthanded with two-handed backhand
[Active 1978-1980]

Attractive Californian who caused a sensation when she literally popped out of her dress versus Billie Jean King at Wimbledon in 1979. Turned pro in August 1979 after having some success on the tour.

"Although slender, she has a devastating flat forehand and lobs well with her two-handed backhand."

Siegel was the 1978 US Open junior girls champ. She was a finalist at the South African Open in November that yeat, her first final outside the juniors.

Her final 1979 computer ranking was #60. She entered the French, Wimbledon, and the US Open. Those ended up being her only 3 majors in the main draw. Midway through a lackluster 1980 she dropped off the tour.

For better or worse it is the Wimbledon wardrobe malfunction she is most remembered for:

Linda Siegel, a shapely 18-year-old Californian, made her Wimbledon debut in 1979. After a first-round bye, she lost in straight sets to seventh-seed Billie Jean King 6-1, 6-3 in the second round--but her photograph made the front pages of the British tabloids. Why? Following one of her serves, Siegel 'fell out' of her low-cut dress, much to the delight of the courtside photographers. Among the cheeky headlines in the next day's British newspapers was 'Thanks For The Mammary.' Siegel never played at Wimbledon again.
At Wimbledon in 1979 before full exposure.


1979 World of Tennis, page 343.

1980 WTA Media Guide,
page 173.

YouRememberThat.Com - Taking You Back In Time... - Linda Siegel Tennis Dress Accident

Wimbledon's top 10 controversial fashion moments | Metro News

[Thanks to Rollo for this information and to Rosamund for the date of her marriage]

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Born 25 February 1967 in Melbourne
Height: 5' 5"
Plays: Righthanded
[Active 1983-1995]

Entered the main draw at the Australian Open each year from 1984 to 1994. Her loss at the 1995 Aussie in qualifying was her last event on tour. Better at doubles.

In singles her slam highlight came in 1989, when she reached the 3rd round, upsetting world #5 Zina Garrison along the way. This was her only time to reach the 3R of a major. "A player sometimes guilty of trying too hard in matches..." Her defeat of Garrison was typical, as Louise blew a 5-1 lead in the third set due to nerves. Field finally won at 7-5 when Garrison herself choked.

According to respected poster Louloubelle she had a " Nice all round game but no huge weapons". Filed liked to serve and volley.

Field later became an osteopath.


Career record 183–210
Highest ranking #96 (28 August 1989)
Highest year end ranking #100 (1989)

Finalist at Auckland in 1985


Career record 168–171
Highest ranking 48th (22 October 1990)
Won Geneva and Bayonne in 1990.


1988 World of Tennis
, pages 308-309

[Thanks to Rollo for this information and to Postcard for a thread on her]

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JANKOVIC, JELENA (Jelena Janković (Serbian Cyrillic: Јелена Јанковић)
Born 28 February 1985 in Belgrade, Serbia
Height 1.77 m (5 ft 10 in
Plays: Right-handed (two-handed backhand)
Nicknames: "JJ" ,"Queen Chaos"; "Glitter"; "Drama Queen."
[Active 2000-2017]

1st Serbian to win a Grand slam representing that nation when she won the Wimbledon mixed title with Jaimie Murray. Year End world computer #1 in 2008. 5 years in world top ten rankings. Together with Ana Ivanovic and Novak Djokovic she sparked a Serbian "Golden Age" in tennis in the first decade of the 21st century.

Jankovic started tennis at the age of 9, being introduced to the sport by her brother Marko, whom she still considers her coach. Her mother Snežana is another constant in Jelena's life on circuit, often accompanying her daughter to tournaments.

It took the Serb several years to put together her unique brand of tennis that propelled her out of the pack. These apprentice years (2000-2005) were unspectacular. From 2006 to 2010 Jankovic could said to be at her peak.

During this 5 year run she reached 1 final (the 2008 US Open), 5 semifinals, and 1 quarterfinal. Despite being a tour veteran many fans were attracted to her freshness; here was a smiling presence on court who kept up an amusing running commentary during matches. To top it off she exhibited a never say die spirit, a laser like backhand down the line, and defensive skills bar none.

2006 was her first year inside the top twenty powered by a US Open semifinal.

2007 ended with a #3 ranking, another slam semi (the French), and most surprising of all, a Wimbledon mixed doubles trophy

"I was motivating him [partner Jamie Murray] every time. When it was break point I was telling him 'hit a good return because you know you are gonna get many more kisses". -Jelena on how she movivated her mixed partner in wining Wimbledon in 2007. This quote is typical of her funny and offbeat humor
2008 was the apex of a storied career with many highlights. 1st came the semis at the Australia (where Sharapova destroyed her), then the French semi (in a close loss to Ivanovic); and finally a 6-4 7-5 defeat to Serena Williams in the US Open final. In all 3 of these she lost to the eventual champion. Jelena was also the only woman to reach semis or better in the slams that year. To cap it she went on a streak in the late fall with tournament victories at Beijing, Stuttgart, and Moscow. This earned her the year end #1 ranking despite not winning a major.

After 2010 the quality results stopped coming aside from a brief revival in 2013, when Jankovic was a French quarterfinal and reached the semis at the WTA finals. Perhaps the grind of the tour was finally taking it's toll. Like many East Europeans she has always competed in many events per season. Injuries cropped up, and as losses have mounted antics and arguments on court once seen as cute are now perceived more often as gamesmanship.

2017 ended with her worst ranking in years. She has not played at all in 2018-fueling speculation that the former world #1 is about to hang up her racquets for good.

“When I step on the court it’s like I turn into a totally different person. It’s like I become, I don’t know how to say, the dragon that spits fire every time."-Jelena on herself
One of the great characters of the sport, as of 2017 at age 32 Jankovic seems likely to follow Ana Inanovic into retirement soon. With over 600 singles match wins, a #1 ranking, and 15 WTA titles the Serb will be well remembered.

In head to head rivalries Jelena comes up short vs fellow Serb Ana Ivanovic with 3 wins to 12 defeats. Their most significant match was the semifinals at the French Open in 2008. Ana won in 4 sets and went on to claim the title and the world #1 ranking two days later. While Jelena did obtain the #1 ranking in 2008 (even finishing #1 that year, something Ana could not do) she never did win a major in singles. Like many rivals from the same nation it has usually been more frosty than friendly.

Jankovic has had relative success against Serena Williams (4 wins vs 10 defeats) and utter failure vs Justine Henin (losing all 10 encounters). During at least 3 matches with Serena the snappy Serb exchanged comments and words with her foe on court.

Playing style

At heart a counterpuncher, the lanky Serb has a clever arsenal of shots and the tactical sense to knoe when to employ them. This was a direct contrast to fellow Serb Ana Ivanovic, who lived or died by her forehand.

Janković has very consistent groundstrokes and prefers to go down the line more often than crosscourt. Her biggest weapons are her two-handed backhand and drop shot. Her main weakness is her serve, which goes a long way to explaining why Wimbledon is the only slam she failed to reach the quarters or better in singles. She is wiling to seek the net even if not totally at home there.

Quality Grand Slam singles results (1 final, 5 semifinals, 2 quarterfinals)

Australian Open: SF (2008)
French Open: SF (2007, 2008, 2010); QF (2013)
US Open: Finalist (2008); SF (2006); QF (2007)

*never reached the quarters at Wimbledon


Career titles 15 WTA, 2 ITF
Highest ranking #1 (11 August 2008)


Career record 104–124 (45.61%)
Career titles 2 WTA, 0 ITF
Highest ranking # 19 (9 June 2014

Mixed Doubles

2007 Wimbledon title with Jaimie Murray

Year End WTA Singles Ranking

2017: 159
2016: 55
2015: 21
2014: 16
2013: 8
2012: 22
2011: 14
2010: 8
2009: 8
2008: 1
2007: 3
2006: 12
2005: 22
2004: 28
2003: 85
2002: 194
2001: 361

Sources:ćć_career_statistics (Jelena's World, a 2008 doucmentary in Serbian)

[video of Jankovic vs Serena with drama]

[joking with Jamie Murray, her Wimbledon 2007 co champion]

[Thanks to Rollo for this information]

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PETROVA, "NADIA" (Nadezhda Viktorovna Petrova: Russian: Надежда Викторовна Петрова)
Born 08 June 1982 in Mosocw, Russia
Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Plays Right-handed (two-handed backhand)
[Active: 1996-2014]--Announced official retirement on 11 January 2017

Powerful ball striker who might have achieved more had she had stronger self-belief. Petrova was often emotionally volatile and vulnerable on court. At her best many felt she had a major title in her. This never came to fruition, but the Russian has a resume most would envy.

Petrova ended up with 37 WTA level titles: 13 in singles and 24 in doubles. In grand slam singles Nadia got to 2 semis (both at the French) and 7 quarterfinals, spread out over all 4 majors.

''I like to take control of the match, dictate the points and put pressure on my opponent. I'm an all-court player who can mix it up. I can play the base line but come in if necessary. My signature shot is probably my serve because of both my height and my power.'' --Describing her playing style

Petrova hit 306 aces in 2006-a WTA tour record. It was her main weapon, but she had others at her disposal, including a deadly backhand and good hands at net. The forehand had power too, but was prone to errors. Nadia was a tad slow in covering court for being a top player. Lapses in consistency and confidence were all too common.


Career record 533–303 (63.76%)
Career titles 13 WTA, 4 ITF
Highest ranking # 3 on 15 May 2006
Top ten year end ranking in 2005 (#9) and 2006 (#6)


Career record 384–175
Career titles 24 WTA, 1 ITF
Highest ranking No. 3 (21 March 2005)
Top ten year end ranking in 2004 (#7); 2010 (#8) and 2013 (#8)

[Thanks to Rollo for this information]

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United States
Born 27 November 1959 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Height: 5' 7"
[Active 1977-1985]

Coached in her youth by Robert Lansdop, better known for later mentoring Tracy Austin. Living in San Pedro, California in 1981. Her father was a professor at USC. Her ranking, usually outside the top 50, peaked at #35 in March of 1980. She eventually chooose finishing her degree over tennis.

Won a minor event on St Simons in 1979.
RU at the Avon of Ogden (1980) Ginny of Pittsburgh in both 1983 and 1984.

WTA Year End Ranking

1981: #94
1982: #157


1982 World of Tennis,
page 316.

Robin White et Trey Lewis - Le blog des archives du tennis feminin

[Thanks to Rollo for this infromation]

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Born 15 December 1978 in Nove Zamsky, Slovakia
Height: 5' 10" (1.77 m)
Plays: Right-handed (two-handed-backhand)
[Active 1994-2006 and 2011]

Started tennis at age 5.

In 1996 Henrietta won Warsaw, ITF Cali. ITS Bratislava. This was her breakout year.

She became a sort of Queen of lower tier events-winning 9 and a finalist in 5 others. Nagyova never did get to the finals of a high tier event, nor coould she reach a quarterfinal of a grand slam despite reaching the round of 16 on three occasions.

A brief comeback attempt in 2011 lasted for only 3 events. She gave birth to a daughter named Valentine on October 8, 2013.

Her WTA profile: Enjoys watching movies, listening to music and working out. An avid fan of NHL hockey. Likes fashion and poses for photo shoots. Henrietta is also a player and sponsor of polo.

Year-End WTA Rankings:


2006: 201-----235
2005: 163-----164
2004: 154-----102
2003: 91-------58
2002: 59------ 52
2001: 28------ 52
2000: 41
1999: 34
1998: 28
1997: 35
1996: 42
1995: 137
1994: 379


Career record 366–234
Career titles 9 WTA, 9 ITF
Highest ranking # 21 (17 September 2001)

WTA tour level titles:

1996: Warsaw
1997: Pattaya
1998: Sopot, Istanbul
1999: Prostejov
2000: Warsaw, Palermo, Kuala Lumpur
2003: Pattaya


Career record 156–134
Career titles 4 WTA, 5 ITF
Highest ranking No. 37 (13 May 2002)


1997 Corel WTA Media Guide. (page 177)á

Henrieta Nagyová | reprezentantka a tenisová trénerka [sk]

Henrieta Nagyová profesionálna tenistka | Nové Zámky Fotoalbum

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WRIGHT, CLODAGH (nee Clodagh Annys Shelton Wright)
Ceylon (modern Sri Lanka)
Born 16 October 1909
Died in June 1999 in Worthing, West Sussex, England
Married Frederick Herbert Keun (17 August 1907-1982), 16 September 1933
Name pronunciation: "Clo-da"
[Active from at least 1932 to 1955]

Winner: Ceylon Championships 1932 '33
RU: Ceylon Championships 1955

[From Tennis in Sri Lanka]

The best lady players in the years 1930 to 1940 were Gertrude Steiger, Clodagh Wright, Nedra Obeyesekera, Doreen Sansoni and Amy Rock, who was a finalist in 1934 and 1935.
Her spouse was a tea planter.


[Thanks to Jimbo for this information]

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United States
Born 14th December 1964 in Pasadena, California
Married a Mr. Baxter
[Active 1982-1989]

Educated at Stanford University.
Turned pro June 1987.
Played 6 Grand Slam singles main draws between 1982 and 1989, best being 3rd round 1988 Australian Championships. Her first was the 1982 US Open.
Best show on WTA Tour was semi finals Wellington 1989.
Highest ranking was 112 on 24th April 1989.
Not ranked after 1989, her last match being in November of that year.


1990 WTA Media guide

[Thanks to Rosamund for this information]

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United States
Born 03 February 1976 in Los Angeles, California
[Active 1991-1994]

In only Grand Slam singles qualified for 1992 US Open and reached 2nd round.

Won US Open Junior doubles with Lindsay Davenport in 1992 and with Julie Steven in 1993.

Began tennis at the age of 5. Educated at USC.
Per article written in July 2011 she had been teaching at Mira Catalina since 2001.

The article also recounts a serious leg injury she suffered whilst hiking at Montezuma's Waterfalls.

London's Lessons | Torrance Memorial Medical Center

[Thanks to Rosamund for this information]

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United States
Born 27 August 1959 Norwalk, Connecticut, United States
Married James R. McDonald 15th September 1990 at Darien, Fairfield, Connecticut.
[Active 1983-1987]

Graduated Princeton University 1981 in English.

Played in 5 Grand Slam singles between 1984 and 1986, best being 3rd round of Wimbledon 1986 losing to Martina Navratilova.

Later career is selling real estate in Boca Raton, Florida.
2016 living in Boynton Beach Florida

She was never able to crack the top 100. Her highest computer ranking was at #117 on 19 January 1987.


1987 WTA Media Guide

[Thanks to Rosamund for this information]

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United States
Born 31 July 1962 San Francisco, California
Married Joseph Bernardo Montero
[Active 1986-1991]

Mostly active in USTA Circuit tournaments between 1986 and 1988. Only Grand Slam singles was the 1988 Australian Open where she reached the 2nd round. Highest singles ranking was 175 on 25th April 1988.

In doubles reached the finals of Cincinnati in 1988 with Helen Kelesi.

Is now an elite professional coaching at the Pacific Athletic Club in Redwood City California.


1989 Media Guide

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Born 24 April 1996 in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
Height 166 cm (5 ft 5 1⁄2 in)
Plays Right Handed with a two-handed Backhand)
Nicknames: "Ash", "the next Goolagong".
[Active 2010-2014, 2016-present]

2019 French and WTA Finals Champion.

Took up tennis at the age of 5 when her parents introduced her to the sport.

Until recently Ah was best known for her doubles partnership with Casey Dellacqua. The two were finalists in 3 majors in 2013-being runner-ups at the Australian, Wimbledon, and the United States Open. The result was a career high #12 doubles ranking.

Ash and Casey found renewed success in 2017 as finalists at the French Open. She now partners with Coco Vandeweghe due to Caseys retirement.

Evonne Goolagong Cawley had this to say on the newest Aussie prospect: ''She's very well rounded in her game. These days, they have the big topspin on the forehand. But she also has slice. She volleys well. It's good to see someone who knows how to volley. I was very impressed with her.''

The press has been eager to draw comparisons with Evonne, both having an indigenous heritage. Ashleigh's father is part Aboriginal, her mother an English immigrant. The press often called her "the next Evonne Goolagong." Hopes increased when she was the 2011 Wimbledon junior champion.

Is it any wonder she failed to live up to the crushing expectations put upon her?

Without citing a specific reason or cause she dropped the sport in September of 2014 and took up other pursuits such as cricket. In February of 2016 Barty returned to tennis, renewed and refreshed

Barty on her break:

"I needed some time to refresh mentally more than anything. It became a bit of a slog for me and I wasn’t enjoying my tennis as much as I would have liked to."

2019 Becomes a Barty Party

A big win at Miami was her biggest title to date. Bigger still was her French title. The win at Roland Garros rocketed her to #1 and made Barty the firsr female Aussie to win a major since 1980. The ret of the year saw ups and downs-the big highlight being the WTA Finals title, which locked up her #1 year-end ranking. Ash couldn't quite save the Fed Cup for Australia at years end.

The quiet Aussie is dating Gary Kissick, a pro golfer. A slam title would be a dream come true for all Aussies and Ash.

Career Highlights:

Winner (7): 2019 - Miami, Roland Garros, Birmingham, WTA Finals; 2018 - Nottingham, Zhuhai; 2017 - Kuala Lumpur.
Finalist (5): 2019 - Sydney, Beijing; 2018 - Sydney; 2017 - Birmingham, Wuhan.

Winner (10): 2019 - Rome (w/Azarenka); 2018 - Miami, US Open (both w/Vandeweghe), Rome, Montréal (both w/Schuurs); 2017 - Birmingham, Strasbourg, Kuala Lumpur (all w/Dellacqua); 2014 - Strasbourg (w/Dellacqua); 2013 - Birmingham (w/Dellacqua).
Finalist (8): 2019 - US Open (w/Azarenka); 2017 - Roland Garros, Eastbourne, New haven (all w/Dellacqua); 2014 - Birmingham (w/Dellacqua); 2013 - Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open (all w/Dellacqua).

Australian Fed Cup Team, 2013-14, 2017-19.

Career high singles: #01 on 24 June 2019
Career high doubles: #6 on 02 April 2018

WTA Rankings Inside Top 100

2019: #01
2018: #15
2017: #17


2018 WTA Media Guide, page 42.

Rising stars of tennis: Meet Ashleigh Barty - the Aussie youngster back on the WTA tour after season playing Big Bash cricket*

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United States
Born 17 March 1963 in Highland Park, Illinois, United States
Married Allan Kassirer in 1989.
[Active 1980-1988]

Started tennis at the age of 12 after her family moved to Florida. Coached by Gar Mulloy in her youth. Studied business at University of South Carolina, where she was the #1 player in 1982-1983.

Played singles in 5 Grand slam tournaments between 1982 and 1985, winning 1 match at the 1983 US Open. Played mainly on USTA circuit and retired in 1988. Her last tour level event was at Singapore in 1986. Her highest rank was around #110.

After marriage and two children she stayed away from the sport for a decade until 1997.

Founded the Youth Tennis League.

In 2016 living in Woodland Hills, California


1987 WTA Media Guide

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BRAMBLETT, "BARBIE" (Barbara Christine Branblett)
United StatesBorn 14 September 1964 in Jacksonville, Florida
Married Jesus Mayor 8th March 2005 Harris Texas. This was a short marriage as they were divorced 11th September 2005.
[Active 1982-1985]

Educated at Duchesne Academy and University of Houston.

Orange Bowl 16- Winner 1980.
Tennis career was from 1982-85 where she played singles in 7 Grand Slams without winning a match. Highest ranking was 60 in 1983. She had wins over Lori McNeil, Diane Fromholtz, and Helena Sukova.

In 1982 she was 1st Recipient of World WTA Tour The Karen Krantzcke Sportsmanship Award.

Most famous tennis match was in a qualifying match at the 1983 US Open against Ann Hulbert where she lost the 1st set 0-6 and was 0-5, 0-40 in the 2nd set and went onto win the match saving 18 match points.

The Hulbert win got her into the main draw, where she lost to Jean Hepner after a marathon match lasting 3 hrs 49 minutes:

"I lost in three sets. We played a 30-minute tiebreak in the second set, and I almost passed out from the heat. But I kept playing. My vision kept blacking out on me. I thought I was having heat stroke. I didn't quit fighting, though. We didn't know about quitting in those days," Bramblett said.
In 1984 Barbi topped her incredible feat of saving 18 match points in staging another massive comeback. Down 6-1 5-0 to Kathy Holton in the qualies at Nashville, Bramblett saved 20 match points in victory, a record number of match points saved. Shw won 1-6 7-5 6-0.

On retirement from playing tennis she has been very versatile being a tennis instructor in Houston, painter, author and website designer.


Her website index.html is very detailed about her activities.
1985-86 WTA media guide
Marriage from


Barbie Bramblett remembers her tennis comeback - Houston Chronicle (lists her incorrectly as "Barbi")

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