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VICKERY, NINA (Nina Fisken Vickery)
Australia (NSW)
Born 14 April 1915 in Sydney
Died 23 September 1995 in Palm Beach, Sydney
Married John Gordon “Jack” Or “Jock” Lobban, 7 February 1940 in Sydney(died in WWII)---Son John
[Active 1933-1940 and 1945-46]

NSW player of 1930s. Recovering from an operation and on the comeback trail in early 1936.

A competent baseliner who was probably more at home on 'chipped' hardcourts, she retired to family duties in 1940 following her marriage to Australian Long Jump champion and record-holder Jock Lobban. Both University 'blues', Nina and Lobban had played in the 1938 Metropolitan Championships together.

During the war, Flying Officer Jock Lobban died in an RAAF air accident, leaving his widow and a three year old son, John.

Once WWII ended, Nina did return to play local tournaments and the NSW Championships in 1945/46.

NSW HC Champion 1938
Killara Champion 1935
Cumberland Champion 1938

[Thanks to GeeTee for this biogtraphy]

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VILLAGRAN, ADRIANA (Adriana Villagrán)
Born 07 August 1956 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Married Jorge Reami on 16 December 1988
[Active 1979-1990]

1980 doubles finalist at the French Open with Ivanna Madruga. The pair of Argentines were unseeded. In the final Kathy Joran and Anne Smith, a crack doubles team, wiped them out in a 6-1 6-0 rout.

Best in doubles, her highest singles ranking was at #78 in 1985. She was a finalist at Rio (1984) and Taipei (1986), both lower level WTA events.


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United States
Born 1918
Died 1975
Md (1) Lawrence Nelson, Joe Hunt's college teammate at USC.
Md (2) Joseph Raphael "Joe" Hunt, after April 1941, (February 17, 1919 – February 2, 1945)
Md (3) Andrew Fischer, circa 1946
Md (4) John Windsor Rowley, 1949

2nd husband died in a plane crash while serving with the armed forces. Her son Pike Rowley married tennis player Laurie Fleming. Name pronounced like “Jackie”.

[Thanks to Pike Rowley for information concerning his mother]

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VLASTO, "DIDDIE" (Penelope Julie Vlasto)
Born 08 August 1903 at Marseille, France
Died 02 February 1985
Married Jean-Baptiste "Johnny" Serpieri (b 1907), 17 February 1927 at Athens, Greece

RU to Helen Wills at the 1924 Olympics in Paris.

Nickname is often rendered as “Diddi” or “Didi". Diddie was used by her family and close friend Suzanne Lenglen. Married at Tour-la-Reine, Athens,Greece. Her parents were Greek. Greek player Helene Contostavlos was her cousin.

From Mark, regarding her name
One of Diddie Vlasto's children told me that her mother was always called Diddie by family and friends, including Suzanne Lenglen, and that her mother always spelled her name Diddie.
Suzanne and Diddie (on right)

Vlasto was a very good friend and frequent doubles partner of the legendary diva Suzanne Lenglen.

World Ranking

1923: #8
1926: #8

Diddie Vlasto

In first pic with Lenglen
In 2nd pic she is at right, with Kitty McKane

At the 1924 Olympics


[Thanks to Jimbo, Newmark, and Rollo for this information]

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VLASTO, Mme REGINE (nee Régine Lidoriki)
Born 21 December 1869 in Athens
Died ????
Married Michael Vlasto (01 February 1874-04 September 1936) on 26 February 1900
[Active circa 1910-14 and 1919-to at least 1922]

This is more than likely the Mme R. Vlasto (Régine, not Regina) who was a singles finalist at the Lyons tournament in 1914 and took part in a number of tournaments in the 1920s, reaching the doubles final at Marseiles in 1922. The fact that she was born in 1869 doesn't mean that she wouldn't have played competitive lawn tennis for a number of years after World War I.

Régine (Lidoriki) Vlasto was indeed the mother of fellow lawn tennis player Diddie Vlasto, a contemporary and friend of Suzanne Lenglen.


Les Pages Tambour - Généalogie de la famille Vlasto

(Georges) and (Pandaleon) were their fathers' names.

[Thanks to Newmark for this information]

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VLOTMAN, “LIZ” (nee Elizabeth Truter)
South Africa
Born 09 November 1954
Married Clive Charles George Vlotman on 15 March 1975
[Active 1975-1978]


1977: East London, Durban and Blomfontein

WTA Rankings

1975: #66

Entered Wimbledon in 1975 and 1976.

Living in Hanley-on-Thames in 2001, when her daughter Tamlyn (born 24 March 1982) committed suicide. Liz and Clive had 3 children. He is a wealthy British businessman.


South African

[Thanks to Rollo for this infirmation]

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VOGLER, INGE (nee Inge Reh)
Married (1) J. P. Vogler (by 1952)
Married Weayn (or Wayn or Wayne)
[Actve 1954-1958]

In the 1953 Dunlop annual for the German rankings at the end of 1952 she is shown as Mrs I.Vogler.

She played at Wimbledon 1954, 1957, 1958

In the relevant Wimbledon programmes Under Maiden names of Lady Competitors she is shown:-

1954 Mrs J.P.Vogler-
1957 Mrs I Vogler- Miss I. Reh
1958 Mrs P.I.Vogler- Miss I.Reh

Winner: 1954 Dortmund, Istanbul, 1956 Ceylon Championships

RU: 1956 All-India Hard Court Championships, Central India Championships, Western India Championships

[Thanks to Rollo and Rosamund for this information]

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VOLLMER, ERIKA (nee Erika Obst)
Born circa 1925 in Graz, Austria
Married (1) Johannes Vollmer, before June 1950, in Hamburg, Germany
Married (2) a Mr Launert by June 1959
[Active 1940s-1959]

Son Marius. Won German National Chmpionships in 1952.

Obst was definitely her maiden name. As a girl she was a member of the Bund Deutscher Mädel or League of German Girls [Maidens], the girls' section of the Nazi party youth movement, the Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend). Erika Obst's name first appears in the early 1940s in ranking lists for tennis players who were part of the Bund Deutscher Mädel. She is also in the 1959 Wimbledon draw as Mrs Launert.

[Per Mark] from

I'm not sure of the source of the article below, which was originally published in German towards the end of 1952:

Erika Vollmer-Obst is a native of Graz [in Austria] and became a citizen of Hamburg-Altersdorf through her marriage to Dr Johannes Vollmer. Before her marriage she had studied art history, literary history and the theatre in Hamburg, where she had also received training in music and drawing. Her marriage produced a son, Marius, who spends a large part of his young life in the care of his grandmother in Graz when his mother is travelling to international tennis tournaments in Europe.

Erika Obst was three times junior champion of Hamburg; in 1942 she became European Junior Champion in doubles; and, in 1947, high school champion of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the German ranking list of 1950, Frau Vollmer-Obst occupied, with Frau von Ladiges (Hamburg) and Anne Schneider-Peitz (Dusseldorf), positions 14 to 16, and, at the German National Championships of 1950, did not even reach the last 16. All the more surprising were her performances at the German National Championships of 1952, where she reached the final by beating the more reliable player Totta Zehden, before defeating the titleholder, Inge Pohmann. Thus did she become German National Champion for 1952.

[Thanks to Mark for information on this player]

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VORMANN, “DOLLY” (nee Lilly Dolly Müller)
Born circa 1894
Died ????
Married Vormann by 1920
[Active 1910s to 1930s]

Active before World War I and again in the immediate post-war years. Popularly known as Dolly, this player was notably runner-up in both the women's singles event and, with Luis-Maria Heyden, the mixed doubles event at the German Championships in 1920. She did not subsequently build on this success.

[Thanks to Newmark for this information]

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VOSTERS, “BUNNY” (nee Madge Harshaw)
United States
Born 15 August 1919
Died 24 October 1999
Married Francis A. C. Vosters, 1941
[Active 1939-1953]

Daughter Nina also a player

[From the ITA site]

Unmatched in her will to win, Madge Vosters (1919-1999) combined grace and athleticism with unparalleled sportsmanship in a tennis career that spanned a lifetime. A nationally ranked junior player from Pennsylvania, Vosters went on to play three sports at Ursinus College — field hockey, basketball and tennis. Possessing great accuracy and “a nearly unretrievable drop shot,” Vosters broke into the USTA Top 10 in 1942, impressing the crowds at Forest Hills with a beautifully fought match against Patricia Todd. In 1949 Vosters was awarded the prestigious USTA Service Bowl.

Vosters shared her love of the game with her family, and teamed with daughters Gretchen and Nina to win a record 26 national mother-daughter titles. A pioneering competitor on the USTA senior circuit, she dominated the national grass court championships throughout the 1980s. Further demonstrating her racket wizardry, she also won 14 national squash titles. Celebrated for her tireless dedication to promoting tennis on all levels, particularly through the Delaware Foundation for Physical Education, Vosters is remembered as one of the game s most gracious ambassadors.

Career Highlights

  • Middle States Girls’ Singles Champion 1935
  • 3-sport athlete at Ursinus College (basketball, field hockey, tennis) 1936-40; All-American reserve in field hockey
  • Eastern States Clay Court Singles Champion 1939, 1940; Finalist 1941
  • Ranked in Middle States Top 10 (No. 3) 1940
  • Philadelphia and District Women’s Grass Court Champion 1941, 1942
  • Ranked No.1 in USTA Middle States 1942
  • Ranked in USTA Top 10 1942 (No. 9)
  • U.S. National Championship Quarterfinalist 1948
  • Chair, Junior Wightman Cup Committee, USTA Middle Atlantic Section 1948
  • USTA Service Bowl Award 1949
  • Captain, U.S. Federation Cup Team 1964: Billie Jean King, Nancy Richey, Karen Susman and Rosie Casals
  • Represented the USTA/Middle States in Sears Cup competition for over 30 years
  • U.S. Grass Court Champion Women’s 40 Doubles 1974
  • U.S. Grass Court Champion Women’s 50 1975
  • U.S. Grass Court Champion Women’s 55 Singles 1981; Doubles 1981-2, 1984, 1986
  • U.S. Grass Court Champion Women’s 60 Singles 1984-5, 1988; Doubles 1987-8
  • U.S. Grass Court Champion Women’s 65 Singles 1985-6, 1988-9; Doubles 1989, 1991-2
  • Won a record 26 national mother-daughter titles with daughters Gretchen and Nina
  • U.S. Grass Court Mother-Daughter Champion 1967-71; 1973-75, 1977-86
  • U.S. Clay Court Mother-Daughter Champion 1976-1980, 1983, 1984
  • U.S. Hardcourt Mother-Daughter Champion 1977
  • 14 national doubles and senior doubles squash titles
  • USTA Family of the Year 1964, 1988; Middle States Family of the Year 1965
  • Inducted into the Ursinus College Hall of Fame 1974
  • Inducted into the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame 1980
  • Inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame/Delaware County 1989
  • Inducted into the USTA/Middle States Hall of Fame 1994 (inaugural year)

At the 1941 Eastern Clay Court Championships


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VOSTERS, NINA (Nina Madge Vosters)
United States
Born 09 January 1944 in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
Married Leland Lyon Moyer (c. 1941-6 January 2011); divorced; they had 3 sons
[Active in 1962]

Active in 1962, when she played the Middle States dubs with her mom Bunny.
Source for date of birth is the USLTA Yearbook And Tennis Guide 1963.

Her husband's obituary:

[Thanks to Lkk and Rosamund]

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WADE, OLIVE (OLive Grace Wade)
Born 24 March 1912 in York district, Toronto, Ontario
Died 16 November 1997 in Broward County, Florida, United States
Married (1) George Worsley in October 1932
Married (2) a Mr Robbins by November 1992
[Active 1928-1932 and 1936-37]

Major Accomplishments:

The No. 1 female player in Canada in 1930 and 1931.
She captured the singles crown at the Canadian Championships in 1929, 1930 and 1932.
Won two doubles crowns at the Canadian.
1929 Ontario champion
1931 Western Canadian champion


Olive Wade was the leading Canadian woman player in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. She was ranked No. 1 in 1930 and 1931 the first two years that women’s rankings were published.

Olive Wade won the Canadian Open singles title in 1929 as she defeated Ruth Riese of the United States 6-0, 1-6, 6-1. She was still a teen, young enough to also win the junior girls Canadian event in 1929.

She came back the following year and won the title again, this time defeating fellow Canadian, Marjorie Leeming in the final 6-4, 2-6, 6-3. The New York Times reports the 1930 event was Wade's first after "a recovery from a severe illness."

Leeming was the finalist the following year and again in 1932 when Wade won the title for a third time.

The same year that Wade won her first singles title (1929) she also won the women’s doubles title with partner Mrs O.E. Gray. Mrs Gray happened to be her older sister. She captured the Mixed Doubles crown with G. McLean in 1932.

In 1932 Miss Wade represented Canada at Wimbledon, a rarity for Canadian women at the time. Closer to home she competed in the 1929 US Championships.

She married George Worsley secretly in October 1932. Her marriage was revealed 2 months later. Olive dropped out of the tennis tour, only to resurface at #4 in the 1936 Canadian rankings as Mrs Olive Worsley of Toronto. Her last known showing was reaching the quarters at the 1937 Canadian Championships.

Later in life she emigrated to Florida in the United States. She was named Olive Robbins when she applied for Social Security in Florida in November of 1992.


Wright and Ditson Lawn Tennis Guide for 1930
. Page 170

Olive Wade - Tennis Canada

Olive Wade -

"CANADIAN NET TITLE IS WON BY ROGERS." New York Times (1923-Current file), Jul 27, 1930, pp. 124, ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times with Index.

[Thanks to LKK and Rollo for this information]

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WADE, “VIRGINIA” (Sarah Virginia Wade)
Great Britain
Born 10 July 1945 in Bournemouth,Dorset, England
Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Played: Right-handed (one-handed backhand)
[Active: 1962-1985]

The diva Queen of British tennis will forever be associated with her great victory at Wimbledon in 1977. By luck or fate it coincided with the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

3 time Grand slam singles winner:

1968 US Open
1972 Australian Open
1977 Wimbledon

From the Hall of Fame:

Wade was a lithe 5-foot-8 steady stroke machine who had a beautiful all-court game built on a smooth slice backhand and a forehand that she could hit with topspin or flat. Wade was a thinker between the lines; her shots were patient and calculated. She was adept at controlling tempo and wouldn’t be forced into foolish shots. She would pause a minimum of five seconds before releasing her serve after getting into the ready position and hopped into position to move laterally or take a short ball and attack the net.


Wade, Virginia (with Mary Lou Mellace). Courting Triumph. 1978 [Wade's autobiography]

Official Website of Virginia Wade O.B.E - Last British Women's Wimbledon Tennis Singles Champion, 1977
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