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BIG DISS: Evie Dominikovic says "I'd rather smell Serena's farts than Venus'" !!!

Look at this interview excerpt from yesterday that I lifted off the RG site right before the editors took it out of the posted interview.

Q: Evie, she appeared to struggle out there today. You've played her sister before. Is there any difference in the way they play?

Dominikovic: Well yes. Serena does everything much, much better. And I'll tell you what else. Serena even smells better. Right down to her gas emissions.

Q: Her gas emissions?

Dominikovic: Yes. Her breaking of wind, her methane escape, her farts.

Q: Oh my. Well, in what way do they differ?

Dominikovic: I'd say that Serena's farts are much more pleasant-smelling. They almost give off a rosy mist kind of aroma.

Q: So you're saying that Serena's farts are easier to inhale?

Dominikovic: Yes. I'd rather smell Serena's farts than Venus'

Q: OK. This interview's over. Let's pack it up boys.

The nerve of that Evie chick dissing Venus' farts like that. I'd say that's the height of disrespect.

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LOL Marcus!
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