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Lori Michelle McNeil
Born: December 18, 1963, San Diego, CA
Height: 5'7" (1.70m)
Weight: 135 lbs (61kg)
Highest Singles Ranking: 9
Career Titles: Singles- 11; Doubles- 32; Grand Slam-1 (Mixed).
Career W/L: 434-308

Other: US Fed Cup team- 1988-89, 92-93; US Wightman Cup Team- 1987-89; US Junior Fed Cup Team- 1983.
Fed Cup W/L: Singles- 4-4, Doubles- 2-0.

Singles: 1998- ITF/Rochester,MINN; 1994- Birmingham; 1993- Birmingham; 1992- Eastbourne; 1991- Denver, Japan Open; 1989- Albuquerque; 1988- Oklahoma City, Newport; 1986- Tulsa, Tampa.
Doubles: 2001- Oklahoma City, Bahia; 1998- Quebec City; 1995- Oakland, Philadelphia; 1994- Hilton Head, Strasbourg; 1993- Birmingham; 1992- Oklahoma City, Birmingham, Canadian Open; 1991- Strasbourg, Milan; 1989- Oklahoma City, Newport, Indianapolis, Brighton, European Open; 1988- Chicago, Dallas, US Hardcourts, Hilton Head, Brighton; 1987- Canadian Open, New Orleans, Mahwah, Newport, US Indoors; 1986- Argentinian Open, Indianapolis, Puerto Rico; 1983- Bakersfield.
Mixed: 1988- Roland Garros.

Year End Rankings
1983-131 1984-97 1985-93 1986-14
1987-11 1988-13 1989-37 1990-52
1991-19 1992-15 1993-25 1994-17
1995-34 1996-80 1997-305 1998-91

Career Slam Results

Year Aus RG Wim US
1983 2r - - -
1984 - 2r 1r 4r
1985 1r 2r 1r 1r
1986 - 1r QF 1r
1987 QF 1r 2r SF
1988 4r 3r 3r 3r
1989 1r 2r 4r 1r
1990 1r 1r 3r 2r
1991 3r 1r 3r 2r
1992 1r 3r 3r 3r
1993 2r 2r 2r 2r
1994 - 3r SF 1r
1995 3r 1r 1r 2r
1996 2r - 3r 1r
1997 1r 1r 1r 1r
1998 - 1r 3r 2r

  • Has won doubles titles with 16 different partners.
  • Was 21st woman to reach 400 wins in Open Era.
  • Ended Steffi Graf's streak of reaching at least the quarterfinals of 100 straight tournaments at the 1992 VS Championships.
  • Was first player to defeat a defending Wimbledon women's champ in the first round, in 1994.
  • Attended Oklahoma St. University.
  • Coach and doubles partner of Amanda Coetzer.
  • Tied the then-record (WTA) of 35 straight grand slams played at the 1993 US Open. Was in Australia in January of 1994, and would have broken the record, but her father passed away on the eve of the Australian Open, and she flew home for the funeral.

An interesting side note on the 1994 Wimbledon 1st round victory over Graf: just to show they haven't lost their touch, during the rain delay, when the players went in to change clothes, the AELTC insisted that Lori change from the Tourqoise tennis panties she had been wearing to white ones.

Anyone have any interesting Lori stories?

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Brian, thanks for yet another great write-up!

I can't think of anything to add except that Lori made the final 8 at the Sanex year-end Championships last year in doubles with Amanda at the age of 37 which was just terrific. She played her first Championship in 1986 (Nov) in singles and her first doubles was in 1987.

Really happy she is still around today in the doubles. Great lady, excellent player.

R.I.P. Thank you!
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Lori came awfully close in her two slam semis. In 1987 she missed a sitter volley vs. Graf which would have got her within a game of victory. And I rarely see it mentioned that she was two points from beating Conchita Martinez the year the Spaniard won Wimbledon.
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