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Jen'sFan said:
she will never be thought of as a great player til she wins a slam. the tournament she just won is an example of the tournaments she;s been winning all yr. good, not great. the slams show her up.
She defeated topplayers, like Capriati, Davenport, Serena, Venus, Henin, or since when the masters and antwerp doesn't count. She is also nr.1 in doubles, and it's not her fault that the other 'topplayers' are injured or don't play or cancel.

I know Serena is better, don't know Justine, (one hardcourt win doesn't say it all, I'm not claiming Kim is better, they're worth each other I think)
So give her some credit, she at least showed what an athlete she is by playing so much and winning so much!
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