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Look dispo- whats your point?? are you trying to say that kim derserves the no.1 spot or that kim is the best tennis player in the world??
As far as most sane people are concerned kim derserves the no.1 ranking- she's played the system the best this year and has been the most consistant player with a alot luck- players injurys- if venus and serena were fit this summer kim wouldn't have won the tournaments she has done becuase look at last year as an example- who defeated her- yep a williams...

Now the question concerning weather she is the best tennis player- well again its quite abovious to sane people that she isn't the best player in the world- i mean when is it the last time she won a tournament with one of the other really top 3 players in draw (henin/venus/serena)??? the grass tournament in holland when henin retired whilst leading lol!!! what was the result of her last meating with venus/serena/justine?? loss/loss/loss! Now you can harp on about how great kims achievements are but your not going to convince any sane person that kim is a better player than venus/serena/henin- just face it- no great stat about her consistancy is going to prove that...only beating these players when it matters will....
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