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Better get your nitpicking in now...

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For those of you who still continue to pooh-pooh Kim's #1 ranking, remember this:

Kim is now holding 9 titles
Serena 7
Justine 6
Venus 2

Four weeks from now Serena will have 6, Venus will have 2 at most, Justine might have as many as 8. Kim will have at least 9. Maybe 11, including a Slam. Then she might go higher yet. Kim still has 4 free events to work with before she actually has to defend a title.
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Ok. Wait a minute. We seem to be forgetting that Serena just won the Grand Slam. Congratulations to Kim and all but I don't have to nitpick. Serena has accomplished something that we have been lucky to witness as fans of tennis. Even if you can't bring yourself to see her as a human being and celebrate with her you can at least be respectful. Kim maybe number 1 for now but she has not done anything to be mentioned in the same breath as Serena.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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