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Best Grandslam matches for the year

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Ok the grandslam year is over. First of all what was the best final of the year
My vote would have to go to the Aussie final Venus and Serena
Best grandslam match would have to be Jen and Justine one of the beat matches i have ever seen.

Men side
Best final Wimbledon Federer just put tennis on another level
Best match Wimbledon Agassi and Mark in the 4th round great match :eek:

I enjoyed this year but i have to say i hope the finals pick up next year.
on both the mens and the womens side.

Next year I think Kim will win her first grandslam I put bets on the french.
The Williams sisters will be in the final of Wimbledon agin. And both Serena and Venus will both be pulling to do the golden grandslam. :bounce: :bounce:

James Blake will win the US OPEN next year :hearts: :kiss: i would put my house on it :lol:
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Isnt it funny how everyone...sorry SOME people always shit on how capriati "sucks" nowadays??? yet somehow she always manages to have the best matches out of anyone...against both the belgians and the she must not suck so much.... :lol:

1. Jen vs Justine

2. Jen vs Serena

ALL the slam finals SUCKED
yeah well at least she actually plays at grand slams unlike SOME people (the williams). They get one hang nail and all of a sudden the whole godamn world is cummin apart! And please knizzle Jen can play TENNIS and she ca put on a good show nomatter what but ask either of the william sisters to play one another? and you got yourself a BOREFEST! *yawn*
and another thing to add, those sisters are lucky they havnt been sued for no-showing cause they seriously need to learn the word "commitment" ....basically it means when you COMMIT yourself to a tournement you show the hell up and you put your black ass on the line....but noooo Serena and Venus are too good for that arent theyt??? womens tennis may have gained some media attention from the fact that they are dominating the seen ....or they DID dominate the seen but they have also lost alot of fans for everytime the "sisters" skip all there matches and leave the fans to suffer, cause there selfish!
and im sure your gratefull to see her matches considering your "sisters" couldnt put one on if they had too!
face it, they suck...they squash there opponents and theres no fun in watching there matches unless a woman by the name of "capriati" enters the mix
whatever that was 2 years ago...and i seem to remember serena getting a few "beatdowns" by Jen Jen....hahaha...should i say serena got a "spanking"!
the only thing i know is the fact that your not admitting the truth...Jennifer choked in ALL the matches shes played with against Serena...had NOTHING to do with "serena being better" cause we all know the only difference in them is the serve, so whateva'!
remember wta championships 6-4 in the third last year? Jen choked...shge had the match in the bag and a crusty serena to go with it...were was "dominant serena" in that match huh??? thats what id like to know!
im having fun with this guys know jennifers just as good as the williams and i just love seeing that
almost the same amount of points??? they won EXACTLY the same amount of points....go look at the facts sheet girl! 127 points EACH!
she choked in that match too...well a loss is a loss but you know what im talking about
to be cappy? well you know when Serena lost in Australia in 2001 jennifer won that title same with the french...oooh bo hooo for serena and if jen HAD meet serena or Vee in any of those finnal she would have given then a hard spanking...hehehehe
cause jen was "dominating" serena.... serena was her bitch and Jen had that chocolat poodle on a tight leash..."mush serena" "lie down serena" "sit pretty serena" HAHAHA
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