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Best Grandslam matches for the year

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Ok the grandslam year is over. First of all what was the best final of the year
My vote would have to go to the Aussie final Venus and Serena
Best grandslam match would have to be Jen and Justine one of the beat matches i have ever seen.

Men side
Best final Wimbledon Federer just put tennis on another level
Best match Wimbledon Agassi and Mark in the 4th round great match :eek:

I enjoyed this year but i have to say i hope the finals pick up next year.
on both the mens and the womens side.

Next year I think Kim will win her first grandslam I put bets on the french.
The Williams sisters will be in the final of Wimbledon agin. And both Serena and Venus will both be pulling to do the golden grandslam. :bounce: :bounce:

James Blake will win the US OPEN next year :hearts: :kiss: i would put my house on it :lol:
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"Isnt it funny how everyone...sorry SOME people always shit on how capriati "sucks" nowadays??? yet somehow she always manages to have the best matches out of anyone...against both the belgians and the she must not suck so much...."

Jenns a good punching bag, she's very consistant and hits a hard clean ball.

trish, I'm sure Jenn is happy just to show up.
Trish101 said:
whatever that was 2 years ago...and i seem to remember serena getting a few "beatdowns" by Jen Jen....hahaha...should i say serena got a "spanking"!
Wow only two years ago? Time flies when you're kicking ass.
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