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Belgium Fed Cup team...

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I understand Kim's unhappiness about the fact that it will be played in front of 200 people and that in Belgium, the stadium would have been full. But don't you think that she should still play, for her country's honor. I would... I mean, it's the last last last tournament of the season. The champs are over. It's the last thing. They know they are the HUGE favorites, because two of the players she chokes against are down and out for the rest of the year and the other one is in her team... Belgium has a great chance to win a second Fed Cup title. I say, f*ck the ITF's decisions ! Justine and Kim : PLay this thing, Let's do it for our country, the Black yellow and red. For you incults, that was a Grease 2 song!! :haha: I think I'm the only one who knows these songs ;)
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i think Fed Cup is no more than an exhibition for her,
since she already won once, otherwise, she wouldnt care,

why would she want to waste out energies taking
on us team and then possible russian team,
that's like 4 straight hard fought matches for her,
and she gets no points, and probably no money...
That's exactly what I'm talking about. Honor... Honor has nothing to do with money, points or anything. Just play for your flag. Am I the only patriot here ?
Hey, I know that song. That movie was absolutely camp-alicious. I mean, Michelle Pfeiffer dancing up a storm, cooing "Cool, cool, cool, cool RI----DER." Tough to beat that.
who'll be competing for Belgium? Callens-Flipkens-Maes?
The problem is we'll have to get back to how it's organized on the men's side. Isn't it logical the present system triggers little interest?
The final should be interesting to players but with the present system you have to motivate 4 teams: Only 1 will win, the other 3 will leave emptyhanded, second only 1 team can obviously play at home. So deep into t he season this is hardly motivating.

If the semi's would be earlier in the season, a loss wouldn't be considered a loss of extra holiday, 2 countries would have home ties and actually reaching the final would be considered a much bigger thing than it will be now if you do not go on to actually win it.
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