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Battle of the #1's. (current and former)

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I was currious about the head-to-head records of ten of the last number one ranked players of the WTA (all against one another). While finding the numbers I found some interesting facts. For example the only number one player to have a winning record over Serena is Aranxta, Aranxta has the most lopsided win-lost ratio against the group, and Steffi is the only one in the group that has played everyone on the list and and at the same time no one on the list has a winning record over her.

(First set of numbers is the win lost ratio against the entire group) (The second set of numbers is the over all head-to-head against the group, win-lost-tie):
Steffi- 77 wins 34 loses (she's beaten 7 players- lost to zero- and tied with 2)

Steffi- (77-34) 7-0-2
Hingis- (70-49) 5-3
Lindsay- (62-61) 3-6
Monica- (55-63) 4-5
Venus- (52-36) 5-3
Serena- (43-23) 6-1-1
Araxta- (36-101) 3-6
Martina N-(30-23) 2-1-2
Jennifer- (25-55) 1-8-1
Kim- (19-27) 2-6-1

Martina N has only played 5 of the last 9 number ones Seles is the only player listed here to have a winning record over her, she's tied with Graf in their head to heads.

This was done for pure enjoyment, these numbers don't really mean all that much, but it's very interesting- I thought so anyway.
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Stefwhit said:
2001 Hopman Cup (Perth) Qualification 7-6 (7-4), 6-0 Monica Seles
2002 Hopman Cup (Perth) Qualification 4-6, 6-4, 6-2 Monica Seles
2002 Nasdaq-100 Open Quarterfinal 4-6, 6-3, 6-3 Monica Seles

The Hopman Cup doesn't count only regular WTA tour events, what is the Hopman Cup anyway and why is Seles playing Qualifacation rounds? I left those off because I didn't know what that was. How on earth did you know that I left those two matches off??!?! All I have is the tally and I didn't list the matches that I counted so that's amazing that you knew that.
It's not a qualification tournament it's an exhibition tournament in January just before Sydney.
rikvanlooy said:
I begin to have the sneaky suspicion that the 5 slams of Hingis will be surpassed by Justine and not in a small way (who will be able to beat Justine the next 7 years at RG ?)

Justine is lucky to have fans as believing in her as you - if she believes in herself half as much as you do she's got that base covered totally ;).
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