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Battle of the #1's. (current and former)

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I was currious about the head-to-head records of ten of the last number one ranked players of the WTA (all against one another). While finding the numbers I found some interesting facts. For example the only number one player to have a winning record over Serena is Aranxta, Aranxta has the most lopsided win-lost ratio against the group, and Steffi is the only one in the group that has played everyone on the list and and at the same time no one on the list has a winning record over her.

(First set of numbers is the win lost ratio against the entire group) (The second set of numbers is the over all head-to-head against the group, win-lost-tie):
Steffi- 77 wins 34 loses (she's beaten 7 players- lost to zero- and tied with 2)

Steffi- (77-34) 7-0-2
Hingis- (70-49) 5-3
Lindsay- (62-61) 3-6
Monica- (55-63) 4-5
Venus- (52-36) 5-3
Serena- (43-23) 6-1-1
Araxta- (36-101) 3-6
Martina N-(30-23) 2-1-2
Jennifer- (25-55) 1-8-1
Kim- (19-27) 2-6-1

Martina N has only played 5 of the last 9 number ones Seles is the only player listed here to have a winning record over her, she's tied with Graf in their head to heads.

This was done for pure enjoyment, these numbers don't really mean all that much, but it's very interesting- I thought so anyway.
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So even by the numbers Kim´s the worst no.1 in tennis history? Damn...
Wow...look at Serena´s record. Damn the girl´s good, only Graf´s a better record. Too bad, ASV retired otherwise I´m sure she would have set that record straight too.
Willow said:
...Jennifers' stats look worse than Kims'... :)
Yeah but GS´s are the tie-breakers and Jen´s got three and Kim ain´t gotten none.
rikvanlooy said:
Well, Justine has won this year as many slams as did Hingis in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 together.

Five wins doesn't seem so much.

How many slams do you think Justine will win the next 10 years and how many times will she win RG ? :angel:
7 slams, huh?! hmmm....yeah seems probably, if she can keep her clay-play up, but she will get a stern challenge from the sisters/ amelie, and Kim ain´t like she was DOMINATING at the French.
Jen'sFan said:
If the Williams sisters are fit and focused no-one will get near them apart from possibly Mauresmo but not likely. As crazy as it might sound i think Clijsters provides more of a threat to the WS than Henin really. Justine did win two GS this yr but she didnt win fairly at
RG did she? She got outplayed at the US open semi until her opponent choked. Kim has taken Serena all the way in the AO and outplayed Venus in large parts at Wimbeldon until she starting bottling it. Henin got outplayed at the AO and Wimby and was very lucky at the French.
Good one....but Kim´s get a whole lot mentally stronger to really challenge the sisters. Justine´s only a threat on clay, no matter how her fans rail about the new Justine.
Stefwhit said:
It seems to me that tennis, more than any other sport, is filled with people with extremely short term memmories- except when it comes to Venus and Serena. All year long every time Kim was playing and the topic of Serena and Venus came up, commentators would be quick to remind everyone that Kim did beat both of them last year at the Championships- always failing to mention her record against them since then. I guess the commentators are trying to build up the sport by constantly claiming, "now this player will be a real challenge- the one." As mentioned in a post here, Kim was originally supposed to be the "one" to dethrone Serena at Oz. Then after Amelie beat them both during the clay season she was supposed to be the "one". Well when that never came to be, next in line to dethrone "the strangle hold" was and currently is- Justine. I won't even dispute that Justine won't be a challenge, I'll give her the bennifit of the doubt, but I think if history has taught us anything then we shouldn't be so premature in giving the title of "the next one" until the "next one" has stepped up to the plate and as Da Forehand said, "let their racquet do the talking" try as you may, you can't dispute bottom line results.
The girls sure are good at stopping the challenger talk. Jen,came and went,Kim came and went, amelie came and went, and I´m sure Justine is already gone too...
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