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Q. You must be very excited about that?

A. Yeah. It's unbelievable feeling. I never won the Grand Slam, so it's my first Grand Slam.

Q. Do you think she was a little nervous at the beginning, that the occasion was a bit much for her?

A. Before I make the Quarter-finals I was nervous; but when I had a match point I was nervous.

Q. So how did you prepare for the Final? Did you just tell yourself to go for it, or before the match were you thinking - -

A. I was thinking about winning, and that's all.

Q. It worked. And now that you are Australian Open Champion, we ought to know how to say your name properly. So can you just say - there are three different ways of saying it going round, can you just say - - -

A. "Streeksova".

Q. "Streeksova"?

A. But in English you say "Strikova".

Q. So you are fine with "Strikova"?

A. Yes.

Q. Just checking.

Q. What do you think was the difference between the two of you out there today?

A. Can you tell me again?

Q. What do you think was the difference out there, between the two of you, on court today?

A. I think Maria was nervous before the match, so I won the first set easy, 6-0. And second set, she was much better than first set, and it was so hard to win the second set.

Q. Have you played her very much?

A. Yeah, I played her in, three times, and two times I won, and last time I lost in 7-6 in the third set.

Q. So what tournaments are you planning to play this year?

A. After Australian Open, I have to do some school, rest, and I'm going to South America to do Banana Bowl, in Brazil, and then French Open.

Q. And are you going to play the other two Grand Slams at all?

A. Yeah, I will.

Q. And do you like school, or are you thinking - - -

A. I hate school.

Q. You hate school?

A. Yeah.

Q. You just don't like being in a classroom?

A. Yeah.

Q. What are your dreams for your whole, your dreams for your career? Have you got something you want or - - -??

A. I want to be professional player, be maybe top 20, yeah.

Q. But if you could pick between being No. 1 in the world and winning a Grand Slam, what you would choose?

A. I want to win Wimbledon.

Q. Yes?

A. And then every Grand Slam, every one.

Q. And then you would be No. 1 in world?

A. Yeah.

Q. So how are you going do celebrate tonight?

A. My celebrate?

Q. Yeah?

A. What is my "celebrate"?

Q. How are you going to celebrate your win today?

A. I don't understand in "celebrate".
I don't know. At home, something, and with friends.

Q. Do you have many friends with you?

A. Yeah, I do: family, and a boy, girls.
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Thanks EggY! She hates school just like me!;)

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Well seeing Maria has beaten Barbora before , we know she had the ability to win this slam......which is a great thing at such a young age!

Better luck at the French where the power will be neautralised and Maria can use her precise groundies to good effect.....:)
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