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Au Revoir, Amélie !!!
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Here's a small description of the main posters (in alphabetical order of their usernames :p) who posts in this thread and has helped this thread to become the largest chat thread of WTAWorld :umbrella:

Ashi - Real name Ashitha, but mostly goes by Ashi. She is also from India like Barbie. Ashitha is a teacher in a school. She is a huge fan of Marat Safin and Dinara Safina. She is also a fan of Liverpool Football Club. Oh, and Phil is head over heels in love with her (as if there is any girl left with whom he isn't) and has also asked her to marry him and it seems that the next time she will visit her family in Toronto, they are gonna get married. She met Barbie once when she went to her city. And according to Intel, she has amazing light brown eyes.

BARBIE - Her real name is also Barbie. She is from India and is a die-hard fan of Amelie Mauresmo. She was a student of Physics and has finished her studies. Now she teaches some students privately. Earlier she used to remain very busy with her studies and college during the day, so she used to post at night. She couldn't leave this habit, so she still posts here only during the night.

Barrie_Dude - His real name is Phil, he's a Canadian and works in Toronto. He loves Barbie a lot and his best friend here is Frode. He loves to tease everybody here and even calls Danielle "Mommy", but he's a nice guy. He likes Ana Ivanovic and Elena Vesnina like his friend and even said once that "Every shower which Ana takes should be shown live on TV" :spit: He is one of the two "The Dirty Men" of this thread.

bavaria86 - Hi real name is Alex. He's a German but he was born in Belarus. He's a nice guy, currently studying in university to become a teacher. He loves skiing and also plays tennis in a club. His family resides in another city, so sometimes he drives over there to meet his family. He is a fan of Anabel Medina Garrigues and also likes all the German players.

שמש וירח - Her real name is BeAtriz, she is from Israel, is a university student and always remains busy with her studies, so sometimes she disappears for quite some days and then appears again. She is the virtual niece of another poster Frode and virtual sister of Nick. She never bets on anyone, not even on Amelie Mauresmo of whom she is a big fan. She supports Maccabi Tel Aviv in both football and basketball. She is called the "Superwoman" of this thread as she can do many things at a time and can also remain awake for about 40 hrs :bolt:

Cage - His real name is Kiz and he's from Australia. He supports all the Australian players. He loves to call Barbie as "Bubbles" and Barbie loves to call him as "Dori". He's a very cute looking guy (Barbie has seen his picture), he always have peculiar sentences written in his signature but he's a nice guy.

Dave Robertson - His real name is almost the same as his username and he's from the US. He is married to Mrs. Robertson and has two kids. A nice guy from Michigan, he is most of the time online only when he is at his office, because he doesn't gets to touch the computer at home for his kids. This is why we don't see him during the weekends, which is quite sad. Sometimes when at home he dozes off on his couch, which is probably the signs of aging.

Demska - His real name is Ollie. He is from England and is a college student. He is famous for his betting addiction. He is a notorious gambler, he bets a lot on everybody and loves to take risks, that's the reason why he lost lots and lots of credits not once but many times. He mostly likes the Russian players and also a few others including Virginie Razzano of France. He doesn't like Serena Williams. He also plays tennis. Unfortunately he has been permanently banned now from this site.

DJ Nicky - His real name is Nick and he's from the USA. He's in school now. He also plays tennis. He does awesome anime drawings and graphics. His favourite player is someone between Maria Sharapova and Daniela Hantuchova, "someone" because he himself cannot decide he's a fan more of whom between the two. He likes to change his username a lot. He is the virtual nephew of Frode and the virtual younger brother of BeAtriz. His current favourite video games are Call Of Duty 4 and Dead Or Alive 4. His favourite video game character is Tina and he also has long hairs.

Dorien. - Her real name is also Dorien. She's a Flemish speaking Belgian. She is a fan of Amelie Mauresmo, Yanina Yickmayer and of all other Belgian players. She has two sisters, but one of them is a twin of her. She is now working in a secretarial job in Antwerp. She also likes to play tennis.

eck - His real name is Patrick. Although he is Malaysian but is currently living in Australia and is studying Biomedical Science in Melbourne. He's a fan of Justine Henin. He recently started to bet and is enjoying it a lot. He met Barbie through Gigi on his chat thread. He plays both badminton and tennis and loves Pokemon a lot.

Escape - His real name is Matt and he's from England. He works in a university. He supports Southampton in football. His favourite players are Elena Dementieva, Flavia Pennetta, etc. He went to New York and Prague on holidays.

Frode - His real name is Frode and he's from Norway. He's favourite players are all of them who are pretty :)secret: Well, there are one or two exceptions ;)) He is called "The Dirty Man". He works as a night watchman on every alternate weeks. He plays on his PS3 a lot when he's at home. He has a virtual nephew (Nick) and a niece (BeAtriz) here. He likes to listen to rock music and often attends concerts. Oh, and he was the one who named Elena Vesnina as "The Body" and Anastasia Pivovarova as "Dumbo". He has recently been promoted to an administrator. Sadly, he doesn't post in this thread anymore.

GSM-Schruff - His real name is Moritz and he's German. Barbie likes to call him as "M" and Frode calls him "Wolf" as his surname is Wolf. He supports all the German players but his most favourite among them is Julia Schruff. He's still in school. He has long hairs (almost everybody here has seen his pictures) Earlier he used to post here a lot, but now he comes here only sometimes, that's why he's been missed a lot here.

hankqq - His real name is George and he is from the USA, Boston to be precise. He has finished his studies and is now currently working in a laboratory. He is an extremely funny person and good looking too. Almost everyday he likes to have something with chicken, since chicken is his favourite. He also cooks sometimes. He also likes to tease BARBIE a lot. He obviously supports the Boston teams in any sport. He loves learning about other countries, cultures and languages. His favourite players are the Williams sisters, Ana Ivanovic, Amelie Mauresmo, Agnes Szavay, Sorana Cirstea and Svetlana Kuznetsova. Almost all the time he visits this thread for a very short period and so he leaves us all quite dissatisfied.

Hashim. - His real name is Hashim and he's from Pakistan. He goes to school. He's favourite players are the now retired Kim Clijsters, Jelena Jankovic and Maria Sharapova. He has his own game in the Games section. Earlier he used to postwhore a lot in this thread but now he doesn't come here that often and so he is missed a lot.

heart - Her real name is Kristin. She goes to college. She is also a Momosapien. Although she is a Filipino, but she lives in Qatar, but now she has moved to Manila to study in college. In 2008 during the Qatar Open, she just missed getting Amelie Mauresmo's wristband which she threw at her. She also runs the TT games. Barbie knew her from Mauresmo's official site's forum.

Hugo24 - Her name is Danielle. Although she is from the USA but she has lived in Monaco for studies. Currently she is back in the US and is working as a chef. She is also a Momosapien. She and Barbie are LLBFFs (Life Long Best Friends Forever). She has three little nieces and a little nephew, they are so cute (Barbie has seen their pictures :D) She gets angry whenever Phil calls her Mommy. She saw some weird things in Monaco, once she saw one of the Princess of Monaco on an elephant on the road, another time she ran into a particular person more than once.

Јована - Her real name is Jovana and she's Serbian, but is now living in the Serbian part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She's in school now. Her favourite player is Maria Sharapova. She also likes to listen to rock music a lot like Frode. She opened her own chat thread and it was doing very good. She has been appointed as a moderator of this site. Now she has almost stopped coming to the site.

Karat0589 - His real name is Andrew. He's from the USA but has Filipino roots. He lives in New York. He loves to play tennis. Currently he's trying to not get dropped out of his school team. His brother is also a member of WTAWorld. He comes to this thread like once in 3 months, that's why he's been missed a lot.

liverpoolshivank - His real name is Shivank and he is also Indian and lives in the same city as that of Ashi. Barbie met him once when his flight stopped in her city for an hour. He is a student and sometimes gets help from Barbie about physics problems. He is a fan of Maria Sharapova and Dinara Safina. He is also a fan of Liverpool Football Club (you can get it from his username only) just like Ashi. He wants to become an engineer someday.

McPie - The famous Thai girl of this site, Piyadhorn Suvarnvasi, or as fondly called "Piyu" by Barbie, is the most craziest person from Thailand. Well, she might be crazy but she is a good friend. She is well loved by everybody here. She has an endless list of actresses and players that she likes and changes her themes almost everyday. She lives in Bangkok and is currently working as a part-time translator. She loved to play Football Manager while continuing to chat with us.

Meelis - His real name is Meelis and is from Estonia. He's a very funny guy. He is himself an encyclopedia, there isn't anything about whom he doesn't knows. He is often called as "Smiley King". He works. He is currently an administrator of this site. He has a cat as his pet. He likes to cycle to his work and sometimes goes for a run. He has a little niece who drives him nuts. He has a very unusual choice of players whom he supports/likes, and of course, he supports the Estonian players and he often gives unusual nicknames to the players.

Michael! - His real name is Michael, he is from Germany, he supports Venus Williams the most, in football he supports VfB Stuttgart, he plays both tennis and table-tennis, he loves both his bike and his car, he also likes some other sports like, winter sports, swimming, athletics, etc.

Nervenbuendel - His real name is Gerhard and he is from Germany. He has an awesome knowledge of the language English. He is one of the older posters of this site. He likes all the pretty players and of course the Germans. He is quite weight conscious. He loves skiing in winter and doing gardening (or shall I say farming) in summer. He used to play field hockey when he was a teenager. He also loves travelling a lot. And he has a fetish for bathroom items.

NIKKO84 - His real name is Nicolas and is from France, he's working now, he supports almost all the French players and also the ones who are pretty, he and Nick share the same birth date, he's a very good looking guy (Barbie has seen his pictures) and he's still single.

Oizo - His real name is Leonard and he's from Germany, but he was born in Romania and also knows the language. He went to London and Dubai with his family on holidays. He is a nice guy and is also very funny. His favourite players are Steffi Graf, Jennifer Capriati, Kim Clijsters and Maria Sharapova.

Punky - Real name is Inbar in Israeli which is pronounced as "Amber", so we call her Amber in simplified English. She has served the Israeli army but now she's working as a banker. She's a fan of Roger Federer. She has so many cousins from both her parents' sides that they can easily make up an army. As per our knowledge she has at least 40 cousins !!! Out of them a handful are gays and lesbians. One of those cousins, who's a lesbian, is extremely close to her and Amber describes her as her soul mate and that cousin always flirts with Barbie. Amber supports a lot of rights, such as LGBT and human rights, although only recently she got to know from us what LGBT actually stands for. She's also studying in her spare time and wishes to resign from her job as a banker in the future. She's also a vegetarian.

Shadowcat - Her name is Juliana and she is from Singapore. She has learned the technique of how to increase the number of posts quite well from Barbie. She has a lot of things in common with Barbie. As usual, Phil flirts with her also and she doesn't discourage him. She likes to cycle around on her cycle and is crazy about cycles. She bought a skateboard for her birthday and is currently trying to get used to riding it so that she can make a video and show us some tricks with her skateboard that we are eagerly waiting to see. Oh, and she likes to go on a run mostly when she eats junk food.

StunnaLights - His real name is Gigi and was a Georgian living in Romania, but now he has shifted to his home country, he supports all the Georgian players but his most favourite is Margalita Chakhnashvili, he even has a fan site on her, he is still in school, he does awesome graphics, everyday in the morning he comes to say hi and bye to Barbie before going to school, he is one of the great gamblers of this thread.

svetaisthebest - Her real name is Anushka, although she's an Australian but she has Sri Lankan roots, she is still in school, she is a big fan of Svetlana Kuznetsova, she can be found always doing her homework, recently when she went to India during her holidays, there when she was walking through the streets, a guy became so impressed with her beauty that he bought a rose from the flower seller on the road-side and then came up to her and gave her the rose.

SVK - His real name is Erik and he is from Slovakia. He was in high school but soon he will get admitted to an uni for studying geography. He likes to play tennis but unfortunately he often doesn't gets a partner to play with him. So he has to play against the wall. From what we have known about him till now, it seems that he is a very nice boy. His favourite past time is to look out from his window. He often bets real money on matches and sometimes wins them. His favourite players are the Estonians, some of the Czechs, French and German players and of course the Slovaks. Oh, and he also likes the bagel girls.

Tennislover23 - Her real name is Myriam, but likes to be called as Myr. She is an American but was born in Haiti, so she can also speak French. She looks exactly like her mother. She is a fan of Amelie Mauresmo, Justine Henin and Ana Ivanovic. She is a very naughty but nice girl. She currently works in the accounting department of a hotel. She is also quite funny and is loved a lot by everybody because of her nice nature. She is definitely one of the top postwhores of this site. She loves to read books, in fact she love it so much that she totally forget about eating or sleeping while reading

Uranium - His real name is Casey, he's from the USA, he is still in school, he's favourite player is Venus Williams, he also plays tennis, till now he has won 3 USTA tournaments and his dream is to win 4 of them, he also has a finalist trophy, his brother is also a member of WTAWorld. He likes to call Barbie as Barbzilla and Barbie likes to call him Caseyzilla

Vlad Tepes - He is from Romania and his real name is . . . well . . . Vlad, the Dracula. Well, not exactly the "Dracula" part, but whatever. Sometimes he is fondly called "Dracula" by Barbie. He lives in Bucharest and works with the law, so it is suggested to not try to outsmart him. He is an old friend of Barbie. He likes hot and humid weather, the more hot it is the more better for him. That's crazy I guess, but whatever. He likes to travel a lot. He loves drinking malt, any type of malt. You can say that he is a maltwhore. He basically has two dinners every night, but that doesn't mean he is overweight. He is actually quite smart and has a good knowledge in a lot of fields. He also has a good sense of humour. His favourite tennis players are Justine, Hingis, Kuznetsova, Roddick, Djokovic and obviously he supports all the Romanian players

Yazoo.C - Her real name is Sehrene. She is from Scotland but has Asian roots. Among male tennis players, she supports Andrew Murray and is also a big supporter of Rafael Nadal, just like Barbie. Recently she fainted when she saw Rafael's pics in a photo shoot for Armani's underwear. And among female tennis players, Maria Sharapova is her ultimate favourite. She is currently studying Pharmacy in the university, which will hopefully help the old men of this thread in the long run by getting free medicines from her. BTW, she and Leonard are big fans of Cheryl Cole

* Special Mention : Ceze - His real name is Cyrille and he's from France, he is a nice guy, he is also a Momosapien, he is an administrator as well as the richest user of WTAW, he sometimes comes here to chat with us, and also hosts his game "How much credits does Ceze has in his bank ?" and he gives credits as prizes to not only the winner or the top 3 but to everybody who participates in the game, till now he has hosted his game twice and Ollie and Patrick has emerged as the winners, he is a very generous man when it comes to donating credits, till now he has donated a lot to all the posters of this thread

To Summarize The Thread:

Hmm, I wonder which part of Frode I will eat first :hehehe: :hehehe: :hehehe:
Yup, you guessed it right, Frode ;)

I will eat that part first :hehehe: :hehehe: :hehehe:
I am afraid your cucumber will be cut first :haha:
Hey, she would be doing me a favor. :haha:


Welcome to volume 72 !!!

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Re: BARBIE And Her Friends' Chatthread - The Ultimate Rack of God !!!

New vol after more than 18 months. :eek:h:

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Re: BARBIE And Her Friends' Chatthread - The Ultimate Rack of God !!!

New thread:cool:

Off to work:wavey:

Bye Barbie & Meelis:wavey:

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Re: BARBIE And Her Friends' Chatthread - The Ultimate Rack of God !!!

Definitely not a postwhore.
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