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It is extremely unlikely that anyone requesting information on why another poster is banned will get an answer.

The administration considers such matters to be between them, the banned poster involved and no one else.

That does not stop the involved poster from telling other posters or bringing it up when / if they return from a suspension. However you will only ever hear their side of the story and, as has been demonstrated numerous times in the Bug/Errors Reporting Forum, when confronted with actual facts such stories invariably seem much less dramatic and less injust.

Almost all posters that are banned permanently from the site have been approached by the moderators and asked to stop contravening forum rules prior to a final ban.

1. Typically, a poster will have been warned or infracted first.

2. If they continue to break forum rules they are then suspended.

3. If they continue to break forum rules on their return, they may or may not be served with a final warning. We consider it common sense that a poster returning from a suspension knows he or she is running out of chances so generally consider a final warning to be unnecessary in most cases.

4. If they continue to break forum rules, they will be banned permanently.

There is a lot of scope for flexibility in the above steps depending on the nature of the offence.

For example:

- Step 1 may be repeated several times if the poster breaks site rules for different (minor) reasons. We try not to hold infractions against posters forever so if you were warned a year or so ago, it is unlikely that anyone will hold that against you if you've been well behaved since then. That said, if you break exactly the same rule again twelve months later we may not be as understanding given you will have explicitly been directed not to previously. For this reason, we no longer remove poster infractions even after they've 'expired.'

- If someone breaks forum rules in a major way that is obviously not allowed - eg. posting explicit nudity or spamming multiple forums with advertising messages - we may move straight to a suspension of permenant ban depending on the nature of the offence.

- Step 3 as I mentioned above is considered unnecessary by many and thought to represent common sense so may or may not occur depending on the situation.

- We may proceed to step 4 immediately on discovering users to have multiple accounts.

- A poster that has been suspended long ago may be suspended again rather than proceeding to a permanent ban if it's felt they have respected forum rules significantly in between occasions. We do try to make some allowance for posters losing their temper on emotive subjects etc - it happens to all of us at times.

- On occasion, a poster's (usually new creation) behaviour is so flagrant and offensive that they do earn an instant permanent ban but this is rare.

Contrary to public belief, premium members are subject to the same forum rules as any other member. They can be banned just like anyone else and this fact has been reiterated by the webmaster. We do give plenty of chances to posters that are well established, regular contributors to this forum to modify their posting / behaviour but, having said that, if someone is clearly disregarding polite requests, we do not waste time trying to convince with them with words beyond what is considered reasonable.

The above is just some information about the banning process written mainly to alleviate poster concerns and confront some of the regular mistruths that are spread on the forum (particularly recently.)

All user profiles have the facilities for us to record previous infractions - visible only to the moderators - and we have multiple discussion threads available in the moderator forum for us to revisit old incidents in detail and comments at the time before making a decision on whether to ban someone or not.

One thing to reiterate is that a permanent ban is final. The only channel open for appeal is a direct email to the webmaster. Re-registering to cry injustice is not acceptable.

The webmaster can be contacted via email: [email protected]

Kindly avoid disturbing him except when absolutely necessary as he covers multiple websites.

Posters cannot demand the return of a particular poster and threads opened in such a manner to garner public support will have no effect other than for those threads to be closed or deleted.

As outlined above, we consider each case individually and carefully and a poster that gets banned will have been offered the warning signs. If they choose to ignore them then that is their choice and they do so at the risk of their account being terminated.
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