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Bali Wismilak's print ad!!!

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Yay, Bali Wismilak's print ad is out today!!! :bounce:

Welcome to Bali - INDONESIA!!! ;) :cool: :wavey:

SELAMAT DATANG!!! :) :wavey:


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Back 2 u with thanks!

doloresc said:
that's very nice! thanks! "selamat datang" sounds so pretty. :)
SELAMAT DATANG means WELCOME in our national language - Indonesian which is derived from Malay...I remember when I went to Empire State Building back in 1987 inside the elevator there are all kind of languages inside and it says Welcome!!! ;)

"Selamat" literally means safe or congrats and "datang" means arrive or come!!! :wavey:
Hahaha...Indonesian lesson!

doloresc said:
thanks. what is "selamat tingal"? i remember hearing many years ago from these malayasian students who lived in my bldg when i lived in the city.
It means Good Bye...tinggal literally means to stay or to live... ;)

I guess, now u don't live in the city...I used to visit NYC while I was there for 5 years - every summer for sure! :wavey:
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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