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Bad news for Anna fans: ANNA is out of the top 100!

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for the first time since whenever.... :eek: :eek: :eek:
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Which, ironically, will make the player who is supposed to be the most overrated in the world... the most underrated.
She will recover her ranking soon.. at least Top 30.
She can play any event she wants, due to the Golden Exempt rule.

Go Anna! :kiss:
Bad news for Anna fans..Anna is out of the top 100

Lots of time to "primp" for the doubles matches Anna!! We are not surprised in your losing to Justine...she not only was a tough draw but also is an up and coming young are unfortunately just a "pretty face"...!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Anna's not just a pretty face, she's a very talented player coming back from injury.

It was rotten luck drawing Henin in the 1st round, hopefully she'll have a better draw next time.

Thank goodness for the Gold Exempt rule...
Anna will be back, but it won't be this year. Even though Anna has the Gold Exempt rule that guarantees her as many wildcards as she wants, it is very likely that she is going to meet a top ten player early on in most tournaments, most likely the first or second round. Anna is a player that needs a lot of matches in order to get into playing shape and if she would continue to exit in the first or second round of tournaments it will be that much harder for her to achieve a higher ranking.

The girl is a fighter. There is no doubt about that. I think you'll possibly see Anna back in the top 20 sometime in 2003.

Good luck to Anna in doubles!
In order to get her ranking up...I think Anna should higher a coach that can help her with a game plan etc. and she needs to enter more Tier 3/4/5 events to get her ranking on earth is she meant to get her ranking up if she plays in Tier 1/2 if she draws a Top 10 player & loses in the first round. How long does the Gold Exempt Wildcard last for? Is it till the end of this year??? It just occurred to me that she may have to play challengers (that's what happened to Goran Ivanisavich when he dropped out of the top 100).

Anna just swallow your pride & do what you have to do to get your ranking up.

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

It's too bad that she's out of the top 100, but she'll rebound. She's too good not to.

barmaid, "plenty of time to 'primp'"? That's classic, never heard THAT one before. It takes real class to come in and slam a player who's in the doldrums right now. And, of course, a pretty face WILL take you to Number 8 in the world! I know it sounds crazy, but it's TRUE! Gimme a break, barmaid.
Its ok Anna!She'll definately be back in the top 20!Maybe this year!Close matches between Serena and Justine!
I also think she needs to enter lower events, specially to build up some confidence (like she did in Auckland). If she keeps entering the big ones, even though she has the possibility to do so, it's not the better option for her.

She played very nervous today, specially in the first set. Still, I loved to see her dominating the net ;)

Imogen: The Golden Exempt players are changed every year, but
I doubt very much Anna will be ever out of the list. Any tournament director would like her playing on their homes ;)
to start with: this thread was for Anna fans, not Anna haters...


Anna plyaed very well up until the last 4 points on her serve and the last game of the match. It was just bad luck to draw Justine who is a better player (at least at the moment0

Anna, I know you'll be back!
i kinda knew this from the minute i saw that she drew henin...
thank goodness she doesn't have so many points to defend after...february and that's it....

the Golden Exempt Rule will get her wildcards for this year ofcourse...but i also think she's gonna be in the list next year as well...

since anna's ranking has dropped to triple digits, i think she can play on challengers....but im not very positive...i think you have to have a lower ranking still....
Wishing the best for Anna and her fans, but she has a long road to go to get back. Good luck!
Anna's showed some good tennis in her match against Henin. It's pretty obvious she's completely underrated out of the top 100. She'll be back.
Anna needs a few good draws in the next tournaments and then she will be back in the top 50 in no time.
As a seeded player at a tournament, how would you like to draw the number 105 in the world A.Kournikova...Not me.
Hope she plays some good tennis in the coming months to give her rankings a boost...
Exactly Adrian! I mean, I doubt Serena was over-joyed in Sydney.

It will take Anna time, but the route back must surely lie in a coach willing to stand up to Alla, coupled with a some lower-tiered runs.

I think has belief enough in herself, to push on from where she is now.
Anna's problem is..

that she doesn't need to win anything. Giving her that
gold card into any tournament she wants isn't exactly helping
to get that act together. What's the difference if she's 10 or
320 in the rankings. There's no real fight or insentive; if
everything is given on a platter. IMHO
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