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croat123 said:
Likhovtseva in the first round

and if Iva somehow wins that (and her chances are like 5%)

Rubin in the second


Iva lost 1:6 1:6.
I don´t get it...Likhovtseva isn´t really that unbeatable overmighty opponent.
Maybe its really better, if Iva quits with tennis. :rolleyes:

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wasted talent

xcrtbckhnd said:
Very sad. I hope Iva still has a few good tennis matches left in her!
I saw Iva play in person and I can still remember what a fabulous
player she was. Her demeanor on court was impressive, too.
What happened to this kid? She was such a pleasure
to watch.

Winning the French seems
to have been the start of a terrible slide.

There are so many examples of young women tennis
players crashing out. It seems to be an unhealthy
occupation for so many of them. And, so many of
them just look like they are in misery on the court.

At any rate, I hope Majoli has a happy life but
I think she will regret squandering her tennis

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I just noticed that no-one has posted on Iva's threads since August, so I thought I would get it going again, as she will be playing in Poitiers in the coming week.

After she won the French Open, oh, six years ago now, I actually saw her playing her next match. It was at Eastbourne. She got a bit agitated about various things, and lost in straight sets to Natasha Zvereva.

She slid down the rankings a couple of years after that, but then got back into the top 30 or so a year or two back. Let's hope she can get back there again. GOOD LUCK IVA!!! We would all miss you if you gave up now!
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