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Babsi Schett has got a new coach

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According to Austrian newspapers Babsi Schett won't continue to work with Harald Maier.

Her new coach is another Austrian, Gerald Mandl, who already worked with Anke Huber and with the Austrian Davis Cup Team. They will start the training in November and their goal is to reach the top 10 again.

<br />-eva
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I'm a bit worried about the goal. It seems a little tame.

Babsi needs to aim for a place in the Top 5, and believe in it - then she'd have a better chance of reaching the Top ten
Good Luck Babsi <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
Barbara just needs to be more ruthless and I think Top 10 is easy for her - she is so talented but so complacent on court sometimes.

I hope we see her back in the top ten soon!
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