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Bloggers have larger avatars enabled, as do all premium members.

Premium members are also allowed to have pictures in their signatures.

Please notice these rules when changing your signature or avatar:
  • No bigger textsize than size 5 in signatures
  • Signatures not over 8 lines (a picture counts as a line)
  • Avatars not over 100kb for premium members
And for our premium members also:
  • No animated sigpics
  • Sigpics should not exceed a total height of 200 pixels
  • Sigpics should not exceed a total width of 800 pixels
  • No 2 banners on top of each other
  • An exception for the 2 rules above is made for having text in a special font in your signature (which is officially a picture). However, the total size of your sigpic+the text should not exceed 250 pixels in height.
If your signature or avatar does not match these rules, you will be asked to change it.

If you repeatedly or knowingly contravene the above restrictions, you risk your avatar / signature picture being removed without notice.

If you see a signature or avatar that is too big, feel free to report it using the report button.

Thank you for your cooperation.
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Not open for further replies.