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Australian Women

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Australia is one of the greatest tennis nations in the history of the sport. The men AND women dominated the tennis world from 1950-1975. Pat Cash broke through in the 80s to win Wimbledon and reach a few Aussie Open finals, and Pat Rafter and Mark Philippousis (among a few other good men) have done very well in the 90s and early part of this decade. So where are all the great Australian Women prospects? The last really great Aussie female was Evonne Goolagong!
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sam stosur imo has all the shots and the power to be a top 10 player but she needs to get consistent, get more mentally tough and maybe do some physical conditioning. her groundies could use some work but they'll get better over time. she has the basics that could someday get her to or near the top of the game but she has a lot of work ahead of her and australian's don't always pull things off these days in the tennis world. imo she is our best prospect alicia is good but not really all that good.
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