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Still pissed that Maria lost in Aus Open R4 to Barty :ras:

And so close. 4-6 in 3rd set. That match was so winnable ...

Maria's serve became pathetic bad in 2nd set and 3rd set too :help:
That was the biggest difference. Maria should have won the match !

Fighting hard is not enough when your serve is SHIT for 2 sets and you make stupid UEs.
Some UEs from Maria on Barty slices were really embarrassing ...

The serve was a HUGE difference.
HORRIBLE serving from Maria in last 2 sets :eek:

The serve is very important. I really hope Maria improves her serve ...
Maria's shaky serve is a huge problem. I want her old strong reliable serve back !

Barty was solid, served better and moved better than Maria.
She's been really unreliable on serve lately but a good Australian Open for her all things considered.
Knocked out defending champion
341 - 341 of 341 Posts