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Not many Aussie left playing overseas, here are the following commitments

Alicia Molik -

6-12th Oct - Filderstadt Tier II - Qualifying Draw (6th seed, Suarez in her quarter though!)

13-19th Oct - Swisscom Challenge Tier I - Qualifying Draw

20-26th Oct - Linz Tier II (Main Draw only) - 6 places out atm! so most likely playing Luxembourg Tier IIIA - Main Draw

27-2nd Nov - Bell Challenge Tier III - Main Draw (Top Seed! :eek: )

Nicole Pratt -

20-26th Oct - Luxembourg Tier IIIA - Main Draw

3-9th Nov - Pattaya City - Main Draw (4-5th Seed expected)

Evie Dominikovic - Possibly 8 more events this year! :eek:

6-12th Oct - Tashkent Tier IV - Main Draw (I think/hope!)

20-26th Oct - Luxembourg Tier IIIA - Qualifying Draw

Then Aussie Challengers

Other Aussies

Christina Wheeler -Sedona $75K -Qualifying Draw (1st seed) 13-20th Oct
Lauren Breadmore - Jersey $25K - Qualifying Draw (7th Seed) 7-12th Oct
Nicole Sewell - Sedona $75K - Alternate List (13-20th Oct)
Lucy Ikic - Bari $10K Qualifying 7-12th Oct
Berveine Mohammed - Jakarta 2 $10K Qualifying Draw 7-12th Oct
Rebecca Turner - Juarez $50K -Alternate list and $75K Dubai Challenger - Alternate list.

Any other Aussies overseas?????

Jana Cabak??

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NO thats about right

i think its good Evie is playing so much - cause she needs the points bad and no offence but she isnt in danger of burnout cause she keeps drawing the seeds when she gets in the main draws

Great to see alot of younger aussies overseas aswell

Lets hope in occasions where players are alternates or just in qualifies a few poull out so they can get main draw

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