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First round matches of the Belgians:

Els Callens - Pavlina Nola (10)
Reginald Willems - Jeff Salzenstein
Olivier Rochus (3) - Alessio Di Mauro
Dick Norman - Chris Woodruff (7)
Gilles Elseneer - Amir Hadad

Hope I haven't forgotten someone. I didn't know Olivier has to play quallies :(

Oh well good luck girl and guys!!

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Callens - Nola? That doesn't sounds good...:(
But Willems, Olivier and Elseneer can go through...
Norman - Woodruff:( :( :(
Why does Woodruff has to play quallies?

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Olivier shouldn't haveto play qualies!:(

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Good luck to all of them!
Olli really has to make it to the maindraw so he can finally get his ranking up again. He doesn't belong outside the top100 :(
It's great Gilles will play here, he seems in good form, so I hope he got some confidence from his good results and make it through. :)
Willems should get to the first round, I hope he has good results here!
Norman's draw isn't too good, but maybe he can cause an upset here!
Callens will have it hard too,I'm afraid!

So, all of you: good luck and reach the maindraw please! Only four Belgians in the maindraw isn't much! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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