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Jen Cap's Translations

"it was just really hard to breathe" - JC describing the first time she saw Anna K

"*@%#" - "oh sugar, the shot wasn't called the way I thought it should've been, oh well"

"y'know" - cos I don't

"like" - such as...

"I mean" - no, the previous answer wasn't understood by the temp journalists who have never covered tennis before

"had a pretty good chance to pull it out ... she was definitely feeling it also" - ahem :eek:

Serenas' Translations

"it hasn't been the best tournament for me healthwise" - dammit, lost again....

"hypochondriac = me" - shit, need a dictionary

Venus' translations

"my schedule really just mirrors my personality" - what? missing? lacking? limited?

"I enjoy playing against her" - she's piss easy to beat

"She plays more calculated tennis" - with a 70 mph serve :yawn:

"Nortel is a great company..." - ...who just paid me $10m to put in a good word

Martina's translations

"So it's time to put the past behind me" - so it can bite me on the arse, again....

"I would say more " - but I don't understand the question and I don't want to appear stupid

"so it's not like a drama" - you would understand what a drama was if you were Anna's doubles partner

"happy to be through the first round" - Pffff!! The first round ...(!)

"it's always a kind of benefit mentally" - (obviously not talking after the final)

Kim's translations

"The crowd was good, and of course they are going for her because she is the real Aussie" - because I am not fucking Australian!! Please understand this simple fact ... :fiery: :fiery:

"Jennifer, it seems like she's winning, but soon it will be over" - oh no it won't!! Not if I have anything to do with it :hearts:

"I haven't seen her play Singles" - cos she's crap and WAY below me
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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