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Attention all TOP's members.....we need team tennis poker players!

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Hi Guys,

jacs and I are so far 2/5 of a team for team tennis poker, which means we are 3 short of a full team. Like last year we would like members to represent the whole clan.

If you are interested you have to sign up for the singles event, and then myself or jacs can put your name down to Doctor G. Nikki was the third member last time but has not signed up for the singles event this year.

If you still want to take part Nikki, please sign up now and put your name here. The first three to put their names here will be part of the TOP team.

For the record, I think we finished in the TOP 10 this year and have been strong contenders for the TOP 3 the whole year through. I think at one point we were #2, so we are a pretty strong team!

Don't forget though, sign up for singles here:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

you will find links to the rules of the game via this addy. It's not really that complicated as Doctor G takes care of it all. Basically all you have to do is choose 5 WTA players.

Thanks, and don't forget, only the first 3 people to put their names down here who HAVE signed up for singles will be in the team. Please tell me in your post that you have signed up for the singles and post your five players, so I can get an on-going idea of how we are doing.

Again, thanks,<br />-Rachel <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> (RayRob)
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Just to inform you that we now have Janice and bh440 (beth) on our team. So far the team is made up of the following:

jacs<br />RayRob<br />bh440<br />Janice Kersey

We are just waiting for Nikki to say whether or not she is taking part, if not we need another player. If anyone is interested in being a "reserve" if Nikki doesn't take part, could you please put your name here.

Thanks guys,<br />-Rachel <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
ok i do not physically have a clue what tennis poker is about and since i dont exactlky read much ever, i dfont thin k ill be able to get thru doctor g's notes.<br />But i am quite willing to be part of the team or reserve....etc

considder yourself on the team as I've not heard from Nikki.

So now we have a complete team:

Jacs<br />RayRob<br />bh440<br />Janice Kersey<br />beckl

Now we can let this thread die a death <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

bye,<br />-Rachel <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
Sorry I didn't get back sooner. I have had a few problems at home & been busy at work. Anyway you have a team so good luck!
I see you have team for games. But do you meet anywhere at the chatroom? If yes, please give me the address? <br />In the past I love to go and chat a little at net, now I should have some more spare time and would like to meet some of you live. As I know sanex wta chat room also doesn't work, like message board. Or?
I'm in.
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