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Just re-posting a post from a contact on MTF:

By the way, anybody planning to go to qualies tomorrow or Thursday, they have introduced some new security – spectators must have photo ID!

A big surprise to those of us who have been going for years and are used to just wandering on in. Probably also a surprise to first-timers, since why would you expect such a thing without it being publicised? I believe they sent out an email about it to their club members. I got the feeling they weren't exactly encouraging "outsiders" to go along.

Seems very odd – it's the only Slam where qualifying is played off-site, and the players do suffer for it, in various ways. I know they appreciate having spectator support, and I'm always encouraging other tennis fans to go along and swell the numbers.

...Just bring some photo ID.

As she says, it has always been possible just to "wander in", so this is a change. Don't get caught out!
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