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I'm sorry, lelu, but i just don't see all these people everywhere talking excitedly about the ATP tour finals. If 1% of the population even know the finals are upcoming, I'd be very surprised. Generally it is the women tennis players who are household names rather than the men.

Of course the newspapers give mens tennis greater prominence, but they do that for all sports except gymnastics - its tradition. As for the crowds, the Eurosport commentators said that a new event, which the Chase in Germany effectively is, doesn't begin to prove itself until the 2nd or 3rd year.

Actually, I think a Round-Robin style event would suit this better - since it would make the event special, and different from a normal tournament.

I agree with GoDominique that the Champions Race in the ATP only becomes relevant at the end of the year. In three months time who will care who is leader in the Champions Race? The WTa does need to do a better job in projecting the Women's Game though. The web site is slow and often unhelpful. We all know about the boards, and very little is done to publicise and explain the excellent ranking system. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
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