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Femke Bol run 53,79 in 400m hurdles in Papendal beating a Dutch NR from 1998. That's 4th fastest U23 time by an European in history (and she only turned 20 in February).

That time would have been good enough for 4th at last year's Doha World Champs.

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Miller-Uibo 10,98 in Clermont 100m. First woman after Koch, Brisco-Hooks and Perec to break 11/22/49.

And earlier in the week Michael Norman clocked 9,85 and joined Van Niekerk in sub 10/20/44 club. Though in his case not everyone is convinced that the wind indeed was only +1,6m/sec.

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It's gonna be interested how the break affects athletes for the Olympics next year, if it happens.
Also... how many will be left after all the missed tests :LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL:

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Russia has avoided an immediate expulsion from World Athletics after the country’s Sports Minister guaranteed the fine for doping offenses would be paid by 15th August.

The payment was initially due on 1st July but was not paid meaning that Russia faced expulsion from World Athletics but they have now been given until 15t August to pay the fine or be excluded, this would result in all Russian athletes, including those allowed to compete as neutrals, being barred from international athletics competitions.

Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin stepped in at the last minute by sending a letter to the World Athletics taskforce that is responsible for ensuring Russian athletics has been adequately reformed before returning to international competition, the letter promised the fine would be paid and the country has been given until 15th August to pay the fine at which point the ban will begin with immediate effect if no payment is received.

World Athletics said it was a “breakthrough” but outlined that there needed to be adequate reform as well as the payment of the fine. Rune Anderson who leads the taskforce said he had seen “very little in terms of changing the culture of Russian athletics” and that the taskforce has spent “an enormous amount of time and effort trying to help RusAf reform itself and Russian athletics, for the benefit of all clean Russian athletes.”

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Kuortane GP Finland

JT men

Johannes Vetter GER 86,94
Kim Amb SWE 85,68
Gatis Cakss LAT 82,92

JT ladies

Lina Muze LAT 62,75
Nikola Ogrodnikova CZE 60,61
Asdis Hjamsdottir-Annerud ISL 58,68

100 mh ladies

Annimari Korte FIN 12,88
Nooralotta Neziri FIN 12,96
Lotta Harala FIN 13,17

DT men

Daniel Ståhl SWE 68,48
Simon Pettersson SWE 66,11

PV ladies

Holly Bradshaw GBR 473
Sophie Cook GBR 440
Elina Lampela FIN 430

1500 m men

Ismael Debjani BEL 3.38,57
Topi Raitanen FIN 3.38,88
Mats Hauge NOR 3.40,01

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Espoo GP Finland

100m ladies +1,2
1. Gina Luckenkemper GER 11,37
2. Lotta Kemppinen FIN 11,45

3000m sc ladies
1. Michelle Finn IRL 9.41,62
2. Martina Merlo ITA 9.48,62
3. Isabel Mattuzzi ITA 9.54,09

DT ladies
1. Salla Sipponen FIN 59,52
2. Daisy Osakue ITA 57,75

100mh ladies +2,6
1. Annimari Korte FIN 12,77
2. Lotta Harala FIN 13,04

800m ladies
1. Nadia Power IRL 2:03.29
2. Sara Kuivisto FIN 2:03.79
3. Gaia Sabbatini ITA 2:04.12

400mh ladies
1. Line Kloster NOR 57.96
2. Viivi Lehikoinen FIN 58.48
3. Agata Zupin SLO 58.53
TJ ladies
1. Kristiina Mäkelä FIN 14.17 (+1.1)
2. Dovilé Kilty LTU 13.87 (+1.6)
3. Janne Nielsen DEN 13.69 (+2.3)


110mh (2.6)
1. Vladimir Vukicevic NOR 13.48
2. Elmo Lakka FIN 13.70
3. Koen Smet NED 13.89

1. Ramsey Angela NED 49.76
2. Maksims Sinkuvocs LAT 49.95

1. Aaron Kangas FIN 79.05
2. Eivind Henriksen NOR 76.13
3. Marco Lingua ITA 72.36

1. Tommi Holttinen FIN 5.51
2. Mareks Arents LAT 5.46
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