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Asian race to YEC 2012

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Guangzhou MD out. R1 vs Q/LL.

Schedule :
- Guangzhou
- Tokyo
- Beijing
- Moscow
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we saw some promising stuff from her at the US . If she plays at the level she did in the last 2 sets against petra and most of the match against maria she should be able to storm through this field in a similar fashion as she did in osaka last year
i am disappointed in last week but the comfort is that it wasnt marion's play itself that caused the loss , she was sick

hopefully she's okay now and can take advantage of this draw
yeah but she surprised us with what she pulled out at the US open against maria and petra after looking like crap most of the time so maybe she'll do the same thing here
yeah, agree the return of the double faults is concerning but she was solid otherwise
i might be being over optimistic here but i could see her winning this. Vika would be very difficult in the semi final but the benefit is that maria, aga, and na-the 3 other biggest obstacles all have to take each other out, she only has to worry about one of them
fantastic first set but average in second and 3rd.

if she can maintain the first set level against vika sh has a shot
how far does wozniacki need to go in moscow to knock her out of the top 10?
Great post. I would also add making over $1.2 million as a high point.

Despite all the low points, it was a good season overall, certainly better than 08 and 10. I'm so happy she completed the career QF slam. Would've loved it if she had won that Paris final, but it was a very good match at least. She fought so hard.

I have mixed feelings about losing the top 10 spot right at the end. One on hand, she can play unlimited internationals (as mentioned that could serve her well in the clay season next year) but then she doesn't have the prestige of finishing the season in the top 10. I guess she's done it twice before anyway :p

Regarding 2013- I would love if she could have another good season and gain direct entry into the YEC next year for a change. She's come so close so many times- Just pipped to the post by Hantuchova in 07, Radwanska last year and was the second alternate this year, but she needs to stop having these horrible slumps.
well she's inconsistent as you said. Always has been and probably always will be. My main thing for her next year is to do better at the slams and notably wimbledon

it sucks that she's not finishing top 10 but she's only like 25 points out so she could easily get back in next season if she can out perform caroline early on
1 - 11 of 88 Posts
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