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spiceboy said:
I've been wondering the same question...sometimes ITF allows finalists to take the spot in MD if the winner is already in (see feed ups in challengers), sometimes not (see Junior GS finalists) so we'll see... although I believe they would give it to Sania as there's actually a so called 'Asian WC' so if Na makes it this WC should go to someone else and who better than a promising junior who happens to be the beaten finalist in the Asian Championships? :)

Although it depends how much Na Li is eager to play this season now that she has secured her place in Australia but probably she will get into the top 110 with points from Guangzhou and both $50K tournaments at the end of the year in China she surely will play (and probably Tashkent too)
I'm pretty sure if she wins Guangzhou, she will clinch a spot in the MD.
I do think Sania will get a wc as well, it'll be great if she partners with Paes for mixed in Melbourne:).
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