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Through the years i have followed serena's career, and there is no doubt that what she brings to the tennis world is something unique and completely contagious.

Wheather you love her or hate her, you find that most tennis enthuasiasts watch, and follow her progress as thats what great athletes promote.There is always heated debate as to what is going on with Serena.

The one thing that Serena has proved over and over again is that regardless of what people may think, and in spite of what the media may have constantly scribbled and overwritten terms such as "HAS BEEN", "OVERWEIGHT" or past it.Serena has constantly amazed both supporters and haters alike.

I have always been a fan for what she has brought to the game of tennis, and even more so for what she has done in the last few months.

In the present era of womans tennis, no other player has the gram slam results she has achieved, and no other player bring out passion from fans or haters as serena does.

Tennis without serena is just not the same, it loses its spice.
I have respect for many players on the tour but only one can makle me wake up at 3 am in the morning.Guess who? The catsuit is your first clue.
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