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Around this time last year kim was only seen as playing great and having a great run

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how quick things change. now she is expected to be winning all these things not just having a grea run.

last year when she had the great run did you guys expect kim to still be playing so great this year or did you only see it as a 'run'?

to be honest i'm not sure what i thought, i was cheering for players like davenport, myskina, hantuchova and dementieva so kim was more of an opponent to my players than someone i wanted to do well so i didn't really think ahead with her.
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I expect Kim to start playing really well, coz we know the reason Kim was so low last year is only coz of the injury. But when Kim start beating Mauresmo in indoor and winning titles, we all know Kim will be good this year. But still what kim did this year exceed what I thought she would do, hope she can win a single slam soon to reaasure her place as one of the greats.

I have to say Justine is the most surprising, this time last year, I expect her to be a permanent fixture in top 10 but with no breakthorugh coz of her size, how wrong can I be.
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