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Around this time last year kim was only seen as playing great and having a great run

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how quick things change. now she is expected to be winning all these things not just having a grea run.

last year when she had the great run did you guys expect kim to still be playing so great this year or did you only see it as a 'run'?

to be honest i'm not sure what i thought, i was cheering for players like davenport, myskina, hantuchova and dementieva so kim was more of an opponent to my players than someone i wanted to do well so i didn't really think ahead with her.
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Kim has always looked on the brink of greatness. Personally I thought it would be Mauresmo to make a huge statement this year. She had the power, variety and was growing in mental strength, unfortunately injury has stopped her.
Justine surely surprised many people.
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