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Are Venus and Serena respected more today by fellow players?

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Is it me or does it seem like the sisters are more respected by fellow players today more than ever?

Watching them over the last two weeks, there seemed to be a lot of smiles, classy gestures and genuine handshakes by their opponents than I have ever seen in tournaments past. Even the commentators seemed rather positive.

Am I seeing things or are Venus and Serena finally getting the respect they deserve by at least the tour?
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They are respected more and it's not a good thing IMO. These girls today don't have the self-belief to beat Serena, although I can't blame them, after all it is called generation SUCK for a reason. I think most of them have seen Serena beat down Sharapova 1 to many times in the last 8 years, dating back to when they were just spectators at 13 years old. Kids are highly impressionable.

Now players like Graf, Hingis etc. truly believed (and with good reason) that they were the better player, so while they respected them as rivals, the fear wasn't there at all...
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